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Posted Queries for March 2000


BOONE, CULBERTSON, MELLOR, SADLER posted by Susan Elaine Varner on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

I am searching for the parents and siblings of Jesse MELLOR. I'm not sure if he was born in the USA or England. One of his sisters married a SADLER. Jesse married Mary Harper CULBERTSON before 1879, in Philadelphia. They had two daughters, Margaret Eva and Jessie Bradbury. Margaret was born November 1879. Jessie was born July 11, 1881 and married David Boone, from N. Ireland, on July 11, 1919. Jesse died April 1881 in Philadelphia, before his daughter Jessie was born.

GARDINER, GAUNT, GERKES, RICHARDS, YOCUM posted by Berni Shriver Hebrock on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Searching for ancestors of and information about Thomas Gaunt who married Elizabeth Gardiner, daughter of Peter and Sarah Gardiner, about 1743 in Philadelphia, PA. They had three daughters, Jane who married Henry Richards on February 4, 1762 in Philadelphia, PA; Elizabeth who married William Gerkes I, and Sarah who married _______ Yocum.

CEASER posted by Theresa M Mosby on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

I am looking for any information on Leonard Ceaser or Henry Ceaser. Leonard Ceaser lived in philly during the 1900s and comitted "suicide" in 1953. I am looking for any information about this, I believe it was more than a suicide. Leonard's son was Henry Ceaser who lived on W. Erie ave during the early 1950s and he lived on 1718 south 18th st during the 60s. Leonard is my great grandfather and Henry is my grandfather. Thank you for any information.

FROHSIN, NEUSTADT, ROSENBAUM, SNELLENBURG posted by Sidney Salinger on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Searching for information on my grandmother, AMANDA FROHSIN, born in 1867, probably in Philadelphia. She WAS married in Philadelphia on December 25, 1888, to my grandfather, Louis ROSENBAUM, and lived all of her married life in Kalamazoo, Michigan until her death in 1944. Her marriage certificate was witnessed by her brother, JONAS Frohsin, and by Samuel SNELLENBURG. (Amanda's second brother, SAMUEL Frohsin, was married to Luella Snellenburg...believed to be the sister of Samuel Snellenburg.) Amanda was the daughter of LOUIS FROHSIN (born in Germany; may or may not have come to America) and HELENE NEUSTADT. Nothing further is known of this family or descendants...other than Amands's descendants. There is a fairly large family of Frohsins currently living in the U.S., mostly in the South; I have been in contact with many of then. Most or all of them seem to be related to one another...however, we have not been able to establish a connection with my family. That family's contemporary ancestor to my great-grandfather, Louis Frohsin, was an Abraham Frohsin, who was born in Brakel, Germany He had three sons, Isaac ("Ike"), born in 1865 (who came to the U.S. in 1887, and is known to have honeymooned in Philadelphia); Abe (who went into the wholesale liquor business in Philadelphia); and Jonas (who went into the mercantile business in Atlanta). The coincidences of the name Jonas in the same generation, the Germany and Philadelphia connections, and the concurrence of dates strongly suggest a relationship - perhaps that my great-grandfather, Louis Frohsin, and the progenitor of the current U.S. family, Abraham Frohsin, were brothers. However, we have been unable to ascertain that. Any assistance or information available toward the "closing of the loop" will be greatly appreciated...both by myself and my maternal relatives, and by the current Frohsin family.
21 Oct 1998, Sidney B. Salinger, Jr.

HOLLINGSWORTH, RITTER, WINDSOR posted by Linda Paul on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

I am searching for any informaiton on my ggrandmother. Her name was Anna (Annie) June Windsor. She was born to Albert and Annie Windsor on 12/24/1903 in Philadelphia. It is said that she had approx 12-13 siblings some which died in a flu epidemic. It is possible that her father died when she was very young and her mother remarried a Hollingsworth. the only names she ever mentioned was a brother Sam and a stepbrother Arthur Hollingsworth. She was taken out of school in the sixth grade and made to work in her aunts boarding house ( assumably in Philadelphia) until she was 17 When she met and married my ggrandfather William Ritter on 07/17/1920. If any of this sounds familiar or if you have any information please email me.

HILL, KEEN, PHILLIPS, YOUNG posted by Mark McHugh on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

My mother, Elaine KEEN, was born in Phil. 24 Sep 1920. He parents were Harold F. KEEN and Edith YOUNG. Harold was an executive with Kraft Cheese/Foods. Edith's original maiden name was HILL, but for some reason she took her mother's maiden name of YOUNG. Edith's sister Mae (or Ida Mae) married Arthur W. PHILLIPS, M.D. Dr. Phillips practiced in Phil. and taught clinical medicine at Penn from 1945-1955. Dr. and Mrs. PHILLIPS lived on Walnut and their house was torn down in the1970's to make way for a parking lot or building for Penn. Edith and Ida Mae Young's parents were Alexander HILL and Mary YOUNG, who lived in Philadelphia. Edith was born in Atlantic City, NJ 22 Apr 1893. I think Ida Mae was born in Phil. 5 Jun 1889. Can anyone provide more info?

KRINER posted by Pam Currie on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

KRINER, Mabel and Grace. Sisters, born in the late 1800s. Grace married but was widowed and moved back to Philly to live with her sister. I believe Mabel was a school teacher probably in the city. Mother's name was Clara. Thank you for any info.

CARRELL, CHAMBERLAIN, GILBERT posted by Mike Howerton on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

JOHN GILBERT SR 1645-1701?, JOHN GILBERT JR 1671- (father & son both born in Cornwall England); SAMUEL GILBERT 1688-1750 his wife ELIZABETH CARRELL. My understanding is that John Gilbert SR & JR were successful merchants in Philadelphia around 1690-1702. They owned property in Bucks County as well as Philadelphia. They were also associated with the PETER CHAMBERLAIN family of the same era who was one of the original landowners receiving a grant from William Penn. Can anyone help me with this family?

KEAN, KEANE, KEEN, KEENE posted by Shannon Clyde on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

William Charles Keen [also Keene], aka General William C. Keen, was born in Berk's County, Pennsylvania near Shoutts' Church above Womelsdorfe moved to Crawford County, Pennsylvania. Womelsdorfe is a recognized and remembered community, but unfortunately Shoutt's Church has long since passed into oblivion. No records of a preacher or church by that name have been found. After adventures at Lake Erie with Perry, he moved to Switzerland County, Indiana where he was a pioneer newspaper man, politician, militiaman, and judge. He visited PA and married a women in Philadelpha circa 1836/37, returnin to IN shortly tehreafter. He returned to Philadelphia circa 1844 to settle a much contested estate. He was paid $5000 for this work and passed away soon after. He died in Germantown, PA. His resting place is unknown. I am looking for information on the Church where he was born, the women he married, and his burial location. Any other information would beappreciated.

CLEMENTS, GERTRUDE posted by Kathy Weil on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

We are in search of our history which started with a GERTRUDE CLEMENTS who lived in Philadelphia in March of 1933. She gave birth to ROLAND WILLIAM CLEMENTS on 3-31-1933 at Miseracordia Hospital. She was born in the early 1900's. The attending physician was a J. Webb Vaugh. If anyone can be of assistance in helping us find our CLEMENTS history please reply.

MARKLEY posted by Joan Krotz on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

I would like to hear from any one who might have a Stephen MARKLEY b. 10/18/1838 and his son Jonah J. MARKLEY both lived in Phila. They are descendants of Jonah MARKLEY who as a young man worked for a Dr. Thomas in Phila. Would like to know if anyone is working on the family line of a Jonah MARKLEY B. 7/1/1800 or his descendants Stephen and Jonah J. Would like to hear from anyone in Phila w/ the MARKLEY surname, there might be a connection.

DAVIS posted by Kay Peters on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Looking for any information on William Davis born in Byberry Pa. Had brother Henry, sisters Elizabeth and Jennet who married her cousin Jonas Davis.

SCHOEN, SCHULZE posted by Susan Walters on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

I am looking for information on August SCHOEN who lived in Philadelphia. He married Augusta SCHULZE in 1883 in Philadephia. August lived at several locations in Philadelphia and had several jobs. I am looking for his parents or any siblings. Willing to share what I have with others.

DETTER, DETTERA, DETTERE, DETTERER, DETTERY, DETTRA, DETTRE posted by Susan Prettyman on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Looking for any information about the parents of Christian Detter (born 1747 in Franconia) and his wife Elizabeth Harley (born 1750). There were 7 children born to this couple: Mary, Abraham, Christian, John Elizabeth, Zachariah, & Isaac. Am looking for information on Zachariah and Isaac. Also looking to find out who the parents of Christian were.

MCCAY, ZEPFEL posted by Carol Zepfel on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Would like info about ZEPFEL, MCCAY families who lived in Philadelphia in early 1900's. ZEPFEL's moved to Atlantic County, NJ and lost track of MCCAY'S. ZEPFEL children Charles, Edward, James, Catherine & Mary all now deceased.

LYNCH, MCMAHON posted by Kathleen Ross on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

My ancestors are Michael Lynch born in Ireland April 1826. He immigrated to the USA in 1852. In 1855 he married Margaret McMahon also born in Ireland June 1830. Margaret's date of immigration is 1850. Their address at the 1900 census is 1731 Howard Street. They list five children on this census. They are Mary b. 1858, John J. b. 16 Jun 1860 (my grandfather), Charles b. 1862, Edward b. 1865 and Julia b. 1868. Michael's occupation is laborer and Margaret is houskeeper. On the 1900 census they indicate that two grandchildren are living with them: Annie Tolan b. August 1888 and William Tolan b. July 1894.

STROUP, TAPPER posted by Merle Lundy on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Seeking information on Tapper family of Philadelphia. Have Lydia born c. 1786 in Holland. Spouse was a Mr. Tapper. 5 sons all born in PA: John N., William N., Charles M., Thomas F.B., Philip N. William married Sarah Louisa Stroup of Germantown and Lydia was buried in Germantown, so I believe Tapper family may have originated there and may be buried there. Any connections to this family would be appreciated.

JONES, SEENEY posted by Aurelia Brooks on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

I am searching for information regarding SARAH (SADIE) SEENEY born in Va in 1863 and lived in Philadelphia as late as 1931. She worked for the Dupont Family in Wilmington, Del. for many years, 1900-1930. Would appreciate any information regarding her death date. Also any information on Cecil Jones (b. 1880 Va.) or wife Louise Jones, formerly of DC. Cecil is the brother of Sarah Seeney and also lived in Phila. I want to know if there were children of Cecil and Louise.

DAVIS posted by Kay Peters on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

I am looking for any info on William Davis born Oct. 27, 1756 in Byberry,Pa. He had a brother Henry and two sisters Elizabeth and Jennet who married her cousin Jonas Davis. There may be other children, I think his father was William. His father was born in Pa, his mother was from Scotland. Any help wold be appreciated. Thanks Kay

ARCHAMBAULT, HART, JENKINS posted by Pat Powers Schlesinger on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Looking for following, all born & died in Philadelphia: 1 Gavin HART c1845-?) m Virginia ARCHAMBAULT. 2 Madeline Hart (1887-1965) m Theodore Finlay JENKINS, Judge (1847-1940). Also looking for HART connect to POWERS.

DEALY, DOYLE, MCGEE posted by Ann Dealy Winkler on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Searching for info on Hugh DOYLE, wife Frances MC GEE, members of St. Joseph's Catholic Church 1770s-1800. Daughter Sarah DOYLE married Dennis DEALY/DALY circa 1796. Son James DEALY married Jane MC GEE 29 NOV 1828 at St. Joseph's, with witnesses John MCDADE, Mary LEFOURGE.

ABBOTT, BILLBROUGH, PRESTON, STILLMAN posted by Frank Billbrough on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

I am searching for any information on these families in the Phila Pa. area.

PATTERSON, WALKER posted by Dian Walker on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Looking for info about my grandfather's family. Name Lewis Ward Walker. He was born in the 2400 block of Tulip Street, Philadelphia on Oct. 31, 1889. His parents were Lewis Taylor Walker and Ida Forrest Patterson Walker. Ida died in 1897. Ida's brother Ward L. Patterson dob August 14, 1872 lived at 1936 East Ontario St., Philadelphia on Sep. 23, 1940. Lewis Taylor Walker's niece Anna Walker dob May 26, 1876 lived at 1938 East Pacific St., Philadelphia on Sep. 26, 1940. Her father's name was Passmore Walker.

GEORGE, JOHNSTON posted by Beverly Austin on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Searching for information on George Brinton McClellan Johnston, born May 1862 in Philadelphia. Parents were Peter Hunter Johnston & Jeanne Hosie. Peter was a sailmaker in Philadelphia. George married Laura Virginia Wheeler, lived in Washington DC about 1886 and was an upholsterer for the Whitehouse.

FAULKNER, WHIPPLE posted by John Robbins on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

I have information that says Annie Whipple and her sister Tillie Faulkner both lived in the Philadelphia area in 1923. They were the sisters of my ggrandmother, Margaret (Jennie) Bercaw Wiseman. Jennie died in 1923 and both Annie & Tillie were mentioned in her obituary. I'm at a dead end on Jennie; therefore I hope someone can help me find either the Whipple family or the Faulkner family in Philadelphia. Can anyone look up a census record and find either one of these families for me. I am assuming they would be on the 1920 census since they lived there in 1923.

NATICHIA, WHITE posted by Jo Davis on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Joseph WHITE born ca 1777.was said too live on a farn in the Philadelphia area. Need his parents,birth, death dates etc. Anything I can get. Joseph was in Jefferson co Tennessee in 1806, where his third son John was born. Joseph married a Indian Princess named NATICHIA. Do not know where but first child born in 1796.

JONES, UPPERMAN, WOOD posted by Virginia Sacristano on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

I am researching my grandmother IDA VIRGINIA JONES, daughter of THOMAS JONES and CATHERINE WOOD. She had a brother HERTINE RANIERI JONES who served in the US Navy. They grew up in PHILADELPHIA. I found IDA and HERTINE with an EDWARD UPPERMAN in the 1880 Philadelphia census.

GILCH, HOLT posted by Pat Colquette on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Looking for info on William Henry Holt born in the 1860's to Harriet A. Carr and William Henry Holt. He married Catherine Gilch and had Mark, William Henry Jr. Leslie, Florence, Fred and Elsie. Catherine and William Henry Sr. lived in Philadelphia at the time of William Henry Jr.s birth May 18, 1887 when William Sr. was listed as a painter. When did they die? I have no info on Catherine Gilch.

SCHWEIZER, SEISSLER, THOMAS posted by Pat Colquette on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

William Thomas, his wife Caroline Schweizer Thomas and mother (?) Bridget are listed in the 1880 Philadelphia census. Bridget is shown as born in Ireland, as are both parents of William. He was born in Philadelphia August 8, 1852 and died there February 10, 1920. Caroline was born December 5, 1863 in either Philadelphia or Baltimore the daughter of Christian Schwiezer and Caroline Seissler, both born in Germany. She died in Philly May 15, 1916. Christian and Caroline's other children were Rose, Jewel (or Julia), Frances and Becky (Rebecca). Am looking for any info on the Thomas, Schweizer or Seissler lines.

CARROLL, FODY posted by Thomas Carroll Diehl on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

I am searching for any information about my gr-gr-grandparents, Patrick and Sarah (FODY) CARROLL. They lived in Philadelphia in the mid-late 1800's, at or near to Centre St. Their son, Thomas Joseph Carroll, listed his residence at the time of his marriage, as 3806 Centre St. (His parents lived nearby according to an account by my great aunt, Maria Carroll.) Patrick and Sarah (Fody) Carroll emigrated from County Mayo, Ireland. I do not know what year that happened. Thomas was the 3rd. of 7 children, and was born in 1868. He later married Catherine Little in York, PA. in April of 1892.

ADAMS, CARNEY posted by Francis P. Young on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Based on Civil War records, my ancestor Samuel Brooks ADAMS was born in Chester county, PA on 27 dec 1832. He married Margaretta CARNEY and had 5 children (Anna, William H, Josephine, Jennie, Samuel Rueben). Samuel spent most of his adult life in Philadelphia and near Baltimore Maryland. He died and was buried in Phila on 28 Dec 1903. Worked on railroad and fought in Civil war. Looking for parents or siblings of Samuel Brooks Adams

GRAFF, HIGGENS, KRISTAN, RODY, TREFT posted by Joseph Edward Graff, Jr. on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Edward Graff and Katherine Higgens Graff lived in Philadelphia as early as the 1890s and had four children: Elizabeth Graff Rody Kristan (1st married to Bernard Rody; 2nd marriage to Lou Kristan); Florie Graff Treft; Thomas Joseph Graff (later may have resided in Brooklyn, NY) and Joseph Thomas Graff (my grandfather). Katherine Higgens Graff lived at 1309 Marston Street in "Brewerytown" section of Philadelphia in the 1920s. Would like to exchange information with descendants of Joseph Thomas Graff's siblings and others.

DAVIS, MOERK, STEWART posted by Joseph Edward Graff, Jr. on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Edward Ernst Moerk and Jenny "Davis" Moerk lived in Philadelphia during the first 30 years of the 1900s. They resided at 2733 Jefferson St. in "Brewerytown" and had three children. Their names and those of their spouses are: (1) Edward J. Moerk (wife - Emma M. (maiden name not known)), (2) Marie Moerk Stewart (husband - William Stewart), and (3) Emma K. Moerk Graham (my paternal grandmother, husbands - 1st..Joseph Thomas Graff, 2nd..Benjamin Archibald Graham). Jenny Davis was originally from Darlington (Westminster County), PA. Would like to exchange information about the Moerk family.

HARTMAN posted by William Hughes Hartman on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Information requested on ancestors, wife & family of Frederick Rudolph HARTMAN: b. c. 1829 (Germany); arrive USA through Philadelphia c. 1830-40s; d. Feb. 16, 1915, lived near end of life at 3116 Westmont St., Philadelphia; buried Fernwood Cemetery, Fernwood, PA 19050. His wife Mary ????? b. c. 1828; d. Mar. 12, 1906, buried ditto. One known child, a son: William Rudolph HARTMAN: b. Aug. ?, 1856 in Philadelphia; d. Aug. 2, 1932 in Flemington, NJ; married Bertha C. Hughes of Flemington, NJ; Aug. 6, 1905.

WALTZ posted by Larry Bosler on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

I am seeking additional information (birthplaces, parents' histories, siblings, occupations, etc.) about the following lady who unknowingly became one of my ancestors. Catherine WALTZ (b:10/18/1816) of Pennsylvania (possibly Philadelphia), who married Alexander Shipley (b:12/10/1815) of Maryland on 12/17/1842) in Maryland. I will, of course, reimburse anyone for any expenses involved.

BOSLER posted by Larry Bosler on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Would appreciate any additional information on the following: On August 15, 1820, John Bosler (9/15/1793 - 2/5/1863), a butcher who lived in Heidenheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany,arrived at the Port of Philadelphia via Amsterdam with his wife Mary (1781 - 8/1/1866). There is a possibility that John was born in Switzerland but there is little corroboration of this. In Philadelphia they gave birth to the first American-born Bosler, a son named John, born circa 1824 or thereabouts. They had two more sons after John, Charles C., born circa 1831 or thereabouts, and Joseph A. (1/8/1842 - 1923), and two daughters, Catherine W. born circa 1837 or thereabouts, and Sarah, born circa 1844 or thereabouts.

TOWNSEND posted by Tony Townsend on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Looking for information on Henry and Frank Townsend, living in Philadelphia, 1870 to 1880. Frank and his wife Elenor had two sons born 1875 and1877.

CASTOR, DORSAY, DORSEY posted by Douglas H. Good on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

William & Louisa Ann lived on Coates St. in 1845-46. Moved to Reading, PA in 1846. Need parents and/or church records of marriage about 1844.

JUSTICE, LINNARD, MORTON posted by Nellie Sparrow on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

I am seeking information on the parents of CHARLES JUSTICE. Family records state that my ancestor Charles Justice was born 1761, and died December 12, 1841, Philadelphia, PA, 474 Race Street. He married Rebecca Linnard who died April 01, 1843 at same address. They are both buried at Old Swedes Church in Philadelphia. They had children: Harriet Rebecca Justice (my line), Charles, John, Lydia, Linard, Mary Emerina, and Rebecca. Family records state that the parents of Charles Justice were John Justice and Amy Lawrence, but I am not sure this is correct, as other records I've found state that their son Charles Justice was born July 28, 1751, and married Mary Morton. If anyone knows information on my Charles Justice, I would like to hear from you.

WYNNE posted by Nancy M. Walls on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Am looking for information on the Dr. Thomas Wynne home in Philadelphia that would have been on Second st. between Chestnut and High Sts. This would have been around the time that William Penn settled Philadelphia.

NORBURY posted by Julia Benson on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

I am trying to identify the parents of Joseph Norbury b. 1816-1817,d. 04-30-1890, m. 04-05-1840 to Mary A. Weidner b. 07-21-1817, d. 06-01-1912. They had the following children: Sallie, Charles, Charles H., Conrad, Benjamin Franklin and J. Wesley. Jacob Levering was the 2nd Great Grandfather of Mary A. Weidner.

MIKENAS posted by KerryAnne Tremblay on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

I am searching for two obits which the search on SSDI indicates both last place of residence was Philadelphia. As follows: JONAS MIKENAS 13 Sep 1888 Apr 1975 19142 (Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA) (none specified) 179-09-4725 SALLY MIKENAS 25 Dec 1887 Nov 1968 19142 (Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA) (none specified) 186-03-5148. I am also looking for someone who has access to the FTM CD 354, Passenger and Immigration List Index 1538-1940. From doing a search on the FTM site it shows a Martin Mikenas listed on this CD. Unsure of what info is contained on the CD, does it just give the ship name, port of departure and arrival...that kind of stuff? I know that there weere at least 5 Mikenas' who came from Lithuania leaving from what ever port and arrived in the US. Anything at all that is listed on this CD concerning the Mikenas surname would be most appreciated.

BEHAN posted by Susan Kennedy on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Louis J. Behan. My grandfather (son of Frank BEHAN and Kate Coffin) was born in Philadelphia 3-10-1876. His mother was sent there to relatives because of illness in New Orleans. Any inf about Behans or Coffin, Kate(daughter of Albert Coffin,Jr and Mary McIntyre)

WINEMORE, WINNEMORE, WYNHAMER posted by Ronald Groll on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Researching the names WINNEMORE, WINEMORE, AND WYNHAMER, all believed to be variations of each other. This family has been living in the Philadelphia area since 1732. Please contact me with any information you might have on these names.

CONRAD, WEAVER posted by Richard C. Fluck on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Seeking information on ancestry and siblings of Joseph Conrad, born July 11, 1791, perhaps in or near Philadelphia, PA, and died May 6, 1873 in Lexington, NC, and his first wife, Catharine Weaver, born April 1, 1798 in or near Philadelphia, PA and died November 16, 1837 in Lexington, NC. They were married May 21, 1814 in First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. They moved to Lexington, NC about 1820. He was a cabinetmaker and instrumental in the formation of Davidson Co., NC (formed from Rowan Co.) and in founding First Presbyterian Church, Lexington. Their children were Peter, born September 29, 1815 and died September 25, 1842; William, born May 31, 1817 and died December 2, 1850; Susan, born August 20, 1819 and died September 24, 1843; Joseph William, born June 13, 1820; Joseph T., Jr. (my g-gfather), born January 16, 1836 and died August 7, 1899; and Mary Elizabeth, born October 29, 1837 and died July 31, 1838. Joseph Conrad had a seventh child by Mary Nicholson, his second wife: James N., born April, 1840 and died August 8, 1904. Joseph had three children by his third wife, Elizabeth Nicholson: Catharine, born ca 1842; Mary, born January 7, 1845 and died December 11, 1858; and Edward, born ca 1855. Only James N. Conrad, in addition to Joseph T. Conrad, married and had children of which I am aware. James N. Conrad’s wife’s first names were Mary Ann, and their childrenvwere: Robert, Maggie, and Norman. One of Joseph Conrad’s daughters married W. B. Hamner.

BIRCHALL, BURCHAL, BURCHALL posted by Walter Birtciel on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

I am seeking a connection to other individuals researching these surnames. A John Burchal (presumably from England) was one of the original purchasers of land in the Northern Liberties Section from William Penn on June 10, 1683. Evidence of his land purchase is on record at the PA Historical & Museum Commission in Harrisburg, PA in Survey book D, Volume 66, Page 162. He received a bonus city lot, as each First Purchaser did, in the City of Philadelphia, which was located near the northeast corner of Sassafras and Second Sts., just west of the Delaware River. The city lot was sold on July 25, 1685 to John Songhurst by Thomas Burchall............"brother and next heir and executor of the Last Will and Testament of the said John Burchall." John was not a Welcome passenger but may have come on an earlier ship. He is believed to have been a Quaker.

STEVENS, THATCHER posted by Norma M. Stilwell on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Looking for the family of Sarah Thatcher Stevens. According to a census, Sarah was born in N.J. as were her parents. She married John B. Stevens son of Benjamin Stevens and Sarah Van Horn of Byberry at All Saints Episcopal Church in Torresdale in 1826 and continued to live in Phila. Co. until advancing age forced her to live with her daughter Angeline Stevens Reed in Bensalem, Bucks Co., Pa. I believe that she had Thatcher relatives in Phila. Co. I have been unsuccessful in tracing her ancestry in New Jersey.

BOWER, LENTZ, SCHAFFHAUSER posted by Lori A. Bower on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

I am looking for information regarding, my GG Grandfather, William H. Bower (1843-1914), and his wife, Amelia Lentz. Particularly, from what town in Bavaria he emmigrated from in 1872. He owned the Bower Dye Works at 910-14 Fairmount Ave. and resided at 1744 N. 13th Street in Philadelphia. I would also like to know the name of the church the family attended. I think they were Lutheran. Lastly, I would like to know more about my G Grandfather, William Bower (1875-1938), of Philadelphia, and his wife, Amelia Schaffhauser. I have been told that someone in the family - either a Bower or a Schaffhauser - ran a beer brewery in Philadelphia at one time. Does anyone know where I could find out more on that.

STEVENS, THATCHER posted by Norma M. Stilwell on Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Request information regarding the Thatcher family in Philadelphia Co. My great, great grandmother Sarah Thatcher (1792-1882) married John B. Stevens (1801-1852) son of Benjamin Stevens and Sarah Van Horn in Torresdale, at All Saints Episcopal Church in 1826. She gave her place of birth and that of her parents in a census as New Jersey. I suspect that she lived with relatives in Phila. Co. prior to her marriage in 1826. She remained in Phila. Co. in a town called Pleasantville (also called Turtleburg) until advancing age forced her to live with her daughter Angeline Stevens Reed in Bensalem, Bucks Co. Pa. until her death at age 90. I have been unable to trace her roots in New Jersey and hope someone related to the Thatcher family of Philadelphia Co. can fill in the blanks.


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