Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Posted Queries for February 1999


HEINTZ posted by Chester W. Haines on Monday, February 15, 1999

I would appreciate any information on Michael Heintz who arrived in Philadephia in 1743 from Germany.

HOUCHINS posted by Thomas Houchins on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am searching for information relative to the Houchins family who formerly lived on Walden St near the Presbyterian Hospital. Names of interest Harbour James,, Josephine, Georgis, Francis, Pete, Lennox, Curt, James and Jackie. Any help would be appreciated.

ANDERSON, CAMPBELL posted by Christine Anderson Robinson on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am searching for information about my father Kenneth Anderson's parents, his grandparents and any living relatives. He was put in an orphanage at 12 years old and lost all touch with the Andersons and the Campbells except for his father who he reunited with in the 1950s.
His father was Howard John Anderson b~9/7/96 , d~9/1974 in Philadelphia. He was a butcher with the A&P Tea Company. Howard was supposedly raised by his grandfather, a shoemaker, when his parents died. His parents were Howard John AndersonSr., Mathia/Hannah (no maiden name). I have the following addresses for Howard: 1915- 2952 Aramingo, 1927- 1700 Block E. Hunting Park Avenue,1936 -114 W. Roslyn St.
His mother was Helen Mary Campbell who was born in Phila. Abt. 1894 and d~7/19/27. She was buried in St. Dominic's but services were at St. Joachim's according to death notice in Bulletin. Her parents were Capt. John Dudley Campbell and Mary Ann (no maiden name), possibly from Ireland.
Howard and Helen had 2 children-Kenneth James Anderson, b~ 5/31/1915, d~ 1/29/1982 and Helena Anderson who is 8 years younger. After Helen's death, her children lived for a short time with mother, Mary Ann Campbell. She ran a candy store on Venango or Aramingo. Howard and his mother-in-law were unable to care for them, so Kenneth went to St. Vincent's Home and his sister to a convent.

BERTSCHIN, HILSABECK posted by Joseph K. Hilsabeck on Monday, February 15, 1999

HILSABECK, Jurg Frederick and wife Catharine BERTSCHIN and their children. I have birth information for son Frederick HILSABECK b. Sep 24, 1760 and baptized Nov 04, 1760 in Reformed Church, Germantown, Philadelphia Co., PA. Other records that I'm looking for would be records from the Reform Church on birth and baptismal information for son Jacob Henry HILSABECK b. Jun 09, 1762; daughters: Catharina Anna HILSABECK b. Jul 22, 1766; Elizabeth HILSABECK b. Oct 13, 1768 and Mary Magdalene HILSABECK b. ? I believe Jurg Frederick HILSABECK left the Philadelphia County area between 1770-1771 for Surry Co., NC.

DWART, FOX, KRAFT, MASER, SCHLEMPHS posted by Deborah Lynne Fox on Monday, February 15, 1999


KEMMERER, NEIMEYER, NEIMOYER, NIEMEYER posted by BeckyJean Webster on Monday, February 15, 1999

I'm searching for a specific person, Conrad Neimoyer,II (spelling may also be Neimeyer or Niemeyer) who arrived in Philadelphia, PA on 23 or 24 of September 1752 on board the ship Neptune from Rotterdam, Holland. He was born on board the ship while crossing the Atlantic. He married Christina Kemmerer about 1776. Any information you may provide will help me continue my family search. Thank you.

JUDD posted by Camalia Mann on Monday, February 15, 1999

Rowland JUDD arrived September 15, 1745 in Philadelphia where he was indentured to a Thomas Stam(m)ers for 4 years. Trying to locate information on Rowland's activities during those 4 years in Philadelphia and also, the name of Port in Philadelphia where he arrived. Any leads appreciated.

HERMAN posted by Philip.H.Herman on Monday, February 15, 1999

Searching for the Parents and any siblings of William H. Herman in Philadelphia county. Born 1855 moved to Wyoming or Bradford county before 1877.

CUPPLES posted by Charlotte Powell on Monday, February 15, 1999

John CUPPLES and wife Mary Ann LESLIE were from Co. Antrim, Ireland. Lived in New Jersey in the 1850's. Many of their children lived in Philadelphia after they grew up, Ann Jane m. James FLEMING, William m. Elizabeth KNOX, Margaret m. Thomas McDONALD. John CUPPLES d. in Philadelphia in 1898 and his wife Mary Ann d. there in 1907 at the age of 93. Trying to build a data base of CUPPLES names, any information appreciated.

SHETLINE posted by Glynis Palmisano on Monday, February 15, 1999

SHETLINE, looking for any information whatsoever on Michael Shetline who in the 1830 census lived in Phila. Cty, 7th Ward, N. Liberti P. 211. (I got this info from someone's CD Rom, so any further census info would be greatly appreciated).

DRUMMOND posted by Joanne Drummond on Monday, February 15, 1999

Looking for info on Thomas Drummond who came to Philly in the late 1800's from England. He married my great grandmother Marie Therese Muller or Mueller (b. 3/25/1865). Her children Louis and Justine were adopted and took the Drummond surname. They would have lived in Philadelphia or Upper Darby area. Would like to get his birth date and where he came from in England to research further back. Any other info is helpful.

WESTON posted by Ginger Weston on Monday, February 15, 1999

Trying to find out the parents of John Henry Weston(b)1889 (d)1951, who married Anna Marie Graham (b)1890 (d)1947.They lived in Philadelphia,all children were baptised at St Stephen's and possibly buried at that church Cemetary. We believe that John Henry Westons mother was Rose Trainer-Deviney or Devinny,Devine?Their father was John Weston(d)1934-35. The Weston Family worked at the Hoisery Factory in Philadelphia,can anyone clue me in on it's name? Their son William had his own company before WWII, WESTONS ICE. All the Weston children are: Helen (b)1908 (d) 1991,Anna (b)1910,Elizabeth(b)1912,John (b)1914,Marie (b)1918(d)1994,Rita(b)1920,William(b)1922,Raymond(b)1925,Theresa(b)1928 and Robert(b)1932. The women married: Helen to Joseph Sykes Anna to John Stumps Elizabeth to Archie Depiero Marie to Charles McShain Rita to Robert Hagelin Hopeing that someone can help get some more information.

GREATOREX posted by Mike Greatorex on Monday, February 15, 1999

Looking for any mention of GREATOREX family members in Philadelphia from approx 1880 to the present day. Gt Gt Grandfather William Christopher Greatorex with wife Mary Emma were resident 1048 Frankford Avenue and 159 Church Street, Philadelphia in the late 1880's. Whilst there two sons, William and Frederick Ernest were born. William died in infancy, family later returned to England. Also present in Philadelphia were Charles and William Greatorex described as buttonmakers and George Greatorex described as a Salesman. All three were living/working at Ludlow and Sth 48th Street. An Edward Greatorex described as a Laster living at 2112 North 16th Street. Info required on the above. Additionally any ref to the following believed to be in Philadelphia - (All Greatorex) George William, Lavinia, Joe Walter, John Charles, Laura Lily and Elizabeth.

MCGORMAN, VINCENT posted by Lois Seeligsohn on Monday, February 15, 1999

VINCENT, BRIDGET, b. ca 1839-44, Ireland, d. Phila., PA, 21 Feb 1889; Catholic; m. McGORMAN, WILLIAM, b. 18 Oct 1845 Ireland; d 18 Dec 1915, Phila, PA; children: DAVID McGORMAN (GORMAN), b. ca. 1866; MARY VINCENT McGORMAN, b. 8 May, 1869, Phila., d. 15 Sept. 1934, Camden, NJ; JULIA, b. 1874-1875, Phila., d. Atlantic City, NJ. Any info. on these prople would be appreciated. Happy to share my info.

BLACKWOOD, MCCALL posted by Lois Seeligsohn on Monday, February 15, 1999

McCALL, WILLIAM HENRY, b. Feb 1843, Phila.; a carpenter and inventor, died 26 Sep 1889, Phila., 1034 Tasker St.; also lived at 1342 9th St., Phila., and 411 Main St., Bradley Beach, NJ; fought in Civil War, a Private in Company B, 68th Regiment, Penna. Volunteer Infantry; discharged 13 Oct 1863, service-related back injuriess; married 7 Aug 1878 to PRISCILLA BLACKWOOD; children: HANNAH ANN, b. 28 Dec. 1862, d. 1877; WILLIAM JOHN, b. 27 Jul 1865, d 13 Nov 1947; JOHN JOSEPH, b. 1869, d. 1870; MARTHA JANE, b. 2 Mar 1871, d. 7 Mar 1909; MARY JANE, b. Phila. 3 Jan 1876, d 2 Oct 1962, JAMES ALEXANDER, b. 29 Sep 1878, d. aft. 1962; JOHN JOSEPH, b. 30 Sep 1881, d 5 Dec 1962. Have you any info. on any of these Philadelphia McCalls? I'm happy to share my information. Thanks in advance.

MILDENBERG, MILDENBERGER posted by Lois Seeligsohn on Monday, February 15, 1999

MILDENBERGER (MILDENBERG), CAPT. PETER, b. ca 1765, Hahler or Berman, Germany; d. ca. 1765, Philadelphia Co.; married in NY, USA, to an American, ELIZABETH ______; Capt. Mildenberger was a Man O' War captain; at least one child: HANNAH A. MILDENBERGER, b. NY, 26 Apr 1788, d. NJ, 22 Mar 1897, married WILLIAM CHARD. Have you any info. on any of these people? Happy to share my info.

CASEY, HUGHES, LITTLE posted by Greg Eck on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am searching for the parents of my grandmother, ALICE REGINA HUGHES, who was married to JOHN CASEY. Born Aug.22, 1901, her parents, ANNA LITTLE an JAMES (?) HUGHES died when she was a small girl. We have no information about them except that we think ALICE was baptised at St. Monica's RC Church in South Philadelphia. We have also been told taht ANNA LITTLE was of a Quaker background, but that has not been verified.

FRUMKIN, VOGELSON posted by Marc S. Karlan on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am researching my greatgrandmother. Sarah Frumkin who emigrated here in 1890 when already married to Alexander Vogelson. Alexander Vogelson was a Rabbi in Byelorussia or Lithuania, but in the U.S. worked as a Scribe. Sarah Frumkin, his wife and mother of my grandmother, was from the Frumkin family of Byelorussia. I have found these relatives and we have an extensive family tree with them. The connection is confirmed by my living Aunt as she recalls my grandmother to be first cousin of Gad Frumkin from a jurist in Palestine. However depending on who was Sarah Frumkin's father, the fit in the family tree raises or answers questions about the family's emigration pattern. I know that Alexander Vogelson died before 1909 and that Sarah Frumkin Vogelson died sometime between 1915 and 1919 probably later rather than earlier. Both probably died in Philadelphia. If I can find the year and fine the death certificate, after 1916 parents names and birth places are listed. Anyone know where I should turn first or who might help? Cemetery lists first? or death certificates? or newspaper notices? Are they on computer? Alphabetical by year?

MCNABB, SINKLER posted by Mike Sanders on Monday, February 15, 1999

Anyone have acces to the Philadelphia MM minutes book? In the Bradford MM minutes of Chester Co., Pa. it states; pg. 135 Bradford MM minutes: 21st of 2nd mo., 1748 - John McNabb to Philadelphia 21st 5th mo. certificate prepared for his wife. (not named) pg. 136 Bradford MM minutes: 15th of 10th mo., 1748 - Letter from Philadelpha MM, signed by Samuel Powell and John Bringhurst stating that they did not receive Joh McNabb's certificate and that he and his wife is fallen into poverty and desire Bradford Meeting to provide for them. William Sinklar hath brought home said McNabb's wife and children. Would be interested to see if John MCNABB and/or William SINKLER appear in the Philadelphia MM minutes.

MCGREEVY posted by Kelley J. LaSalle on Monday, February 15, 1999

Searching for McGREEVYs in Philadelphia. A John McGREEVY is listed as my great grandfather's nephew in 1927. McGREEVY's from Philadelphia visited my grandmother through the early 1970's. I think John McGreevy's mother was my ggrandfather's sister. Her maiden name would have been OWENS from CO DOWN in Ireland. Any info greatly appreciated!

MCGEE posted by Gary Rogers on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am researching John McGee, I found a marriage record of a John McGee who married Ann Monc in Philadelphia at Swedes Church on December 8, 1794. I am trying to determine if this is the John McGee who moved to western Pennsylvania and settled in Toby Township, Clarion/Armstrong County in 1803.

SWEETEN posted by Celia Smith on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am seeking for any information on James SWEETEN and Eliza CLARK. James was born about 1825 in Ireland. His daughters were Jane, Anna, and Rachel. His son David was born in 1853 and died in 1925 in Philadelphia, and he married Edith Hinchliffe.

KENNY, KINNEY posted by Geraldine Ames on Monday, February 15, 1999

My great grandmother Ann McGuigan was born in Ireland. She married John KennyKinney of Ireland in Glasgow in 1850. They had Peter 1851 and John there in1852 and then came to the US where my grandfather Henry was born in Troy NY in 1854. The other children were Elizabeth, James, Annie, George, Jane and Helen. They then lived in Yonkers NY and later moved to Philadelphia (1880 census), where I assume that the senior couple died and some of the children remained, ie. Peter and Annie. Thank you,

THOMPSON posted by Ginger Weston on Monday, February 15, 1999

After doing research on my husbands side of the family we came up against a brick wall,you see his grandfather was adopted in Beardstown,Illinois 1889,stories were that his real family died in the Johnstown Flood 1889 and that he may have been adopted by a relative. Most of the infant that survived went to Hurlert House in Philadelphia along with Clara Barton and the Red Cross.I am trying to find a list of all the children at Hurlbert House that were taken by family members and possibly adopted,or sent on an Orphan Train out west. His name was Clifford Thompson,but stories were that his mother was a Duke. I checked the Johnstown Flood Victims List,but no Duke,no Thompsons,just alot of infant and children that went to Hurlbert House. Hope someone can help.

HIDY, HINKLE posted by Cindy Ellis on Monday, February 15, 1999

William HIDY, b. 1796 d. 1/28/1863, m . Barbara HINKLE - lived in Philadelphia co, PA before moving to Fayette co. OH, and then IN. Other descendants moved to NE & KS, where my HIDY line is. I am searching for descendants of this family, and for information about their ancestors. I have no info about Barbara HINKLE except the fact that she m. William HIDY and had 3 boys: Joel, William Jackson, & Jesse B. My line comes down thru Joel.

GOECKLER posted by John Goeckler on Monday, February 15, 1999

Looking for my husband's family in Philadelphia. Father: Frank Edward Goeckler b 9/18/1896 in Philadelphia. d 4/10/1960 in a hospital in Harrisburg. He married Grace Diller Jones of Honeybrook,PA. Frank's father was Frank Henry Goeckler b Nov 8, 1869 in Germany. He arrived in Philadelphia in 1890. He married Johanna Katrina Simon in Philadelphia. She arrived from Germany in 1895. All help greatly appreciated.

BECK, ERVIN posted by June Gautieri on Monday, February 15, 1999

Looking for information on a Isabel Ervin who married Edgar Beck of Philadelphia. They had 8 children. Isabel was the daughter of my greatgrandmother , Eliza Ervin. I would like to find out my greatgrandmothers maiden name. Thank you

GOSS, WORTMAN posted by Susan Wortman on Monday, February 15, 1999

Looking for information on Clarence Howard WORTMAN and Rachel GOSS, living in Philadelphia starting sometime in the 1880's. Clarence Wortman came from Massachusetts around this time and he and Rachel were married around 1884. They had several children born in Philadelphia; Emelus Goss WORTMAN, Clarence Howard WORTMAN, Jr., Lulu WORTMAN, William Cress WORTMAN, Beulah WORTMAN, Louise C. WORTMAN, Thomas N. WORTMAN, Pierce WORTMAN. Rachel GOSS was buried in Mount Peace Cemetary in Philadelphia in 1937 at the age of 76.

IANNUZZI, YANNUZZI posted by Michele Yannuzzi on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am looking for the ancestors and descendants of Nicholas Yannuzzi and his wife, Josephina Iannuzzi. They settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the early 1900's after emigrating from Italy. Their children were Albert, Charles, Mary, Jennie, Tony, Elmer/Rocco, Anna and Carman.

CAVA, ENNICO, INNACO posted by Michele Yannuzzi on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am looking for the ancestors and descendants of Joseph Cava and his wife, Jennie Ennico/Innaco. Their children were Paul, Rose, Idella, Mary, Josie, Louis, Edward and Leonard. This family settled in Philadelphia but Cava's originally settled in Elkton, Maryland and Ennico's originally settled in the Bronx, New York.

CONLON, NAYLOR posted by Michele Yannuzzi on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am looking for the ancestors and descendants of Michael Conlon and his wife, Annie Naylor. They emigrated from Bradford, West Yorkshire, England in 1909/10 settling in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Their children were Agnes, Edna, Mary, Frank, Annie, Edward, James, Catherine and John. Michael Conlon's parents were Thomas Conlon and Ann Fannon/Fanning. Annie Naylor's parents were John Naylor and Sarah Booth.

HELD, KUPPER posted by Michele Yannuzzi on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am looking for the ancestors and descendants of Carolus/Karl Kupper and his wife, Elisabeth Held. They emigrated from Germany settling in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Their children were Adam and Louisa. Karl's parents were Adam Kupper and Barbara Arendt. His siblings include Louis, Louisa and Adam. I understand there were 17 children. Some of the family Americanized the spelling to COOPER. Elisabeth Held's parents were Johannes Held and Regina Nachbauer. Her siblings were Katharina, Maria, Johannes, Peter Philipp and Margaretha. Maria/Mary and Peter also emigrated to Philadelphia.

DONNELLY, KEEGAN posted by Micki Donnelly on Monday, February 15, 1999

William (D.?) DONNELLY b. ca 1801 Ire, m. Bridget KEEGAN (d. 1850 Glebe, Cloone, Co. Leitrim), imm 1859 through NY to Phila, d. 1871 Phila, bur. Cathedral Cem. Known children: Michael bap 1836; Margaret bap 1841, m. Philip Reickenbach; William b. ca 1839, m. Margaret McCarthy; Rose Elizabeth b. ca 1845, m. John F. Hughes, d. 1887; John b. 1842/46 went west with Army, m. Bertha Smith.

PIERCE, SCHOFIELD posted by Gloria Greear on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am looking for information on MARTHA ARPA PIERCE (190? - 198?). She was involved with the DAR in the Roxborough area of Philadelphia. She was married to John Durban Schofield (190?-1963). She had a sister named Georgette. She also spoke of the family name Dengis (sp).

NYZIO, SZYMANIK posted by Judy Fudala Clauss on Monday, February 15, 1999

My husband's grandparents: Alexander SZYMANIK, and Pauline NYZIO, lived at 4352 Milnor Street, Phila. According to 1920 census, he immigrated to U.S. from Poland in 1912 and became Naturalized in 1919. Does anyone have any idea where I should look for Naturalization record. I sent request to NARA, and they said they checked for his Naturalization papers in the Federal District and Circuit Courts in Eastern Dist. of PA 1906-1926 and couldn't find it. They said to check Phila. City Archives, and we had already checked there, to no avail. Any ideas? Also which Roman Catholic Church would be the closest to their address, above? What area of Phila is that? Is it the Bridesburg area? It looks that way on the map. Thanks for your time and help...

CAHILL, CALLAGHAN posted by Judy Fudala Clauss on Monday, February 15, 1999

My gggggrandparents, Thomas CAHILL and Eleanor CALLAGHAN?, were baptizing their children in St. Joseph's church in Philadelphia between 1773 and 1781. They lived in Ringwood and Greenwood Lake, Passaic, NJ, but "Father Farmer," with the Mission of St. Joe's traveled to rural areas and baptized people, according the the book, "Catholic Trails West." I've just written to Phila. Archdiocese for records, but just found you, so thought I'd drop a line, in case anyone else is searching these people...

EYCK, KNIFFIN, SETTLE, TEN posted by Judy Fudala Clauss on Monday, February 15, 1999

My ggrandfather, Wilbert SETTLE, d. 1964 in Phila, Phila, PA. His wife was Melissa TEN EYCK, b. Albany, Albany, NY. Wilbert may have been living with his dau., Flossie SETTLE KNIFFIN, b. 1896, Christian Hollow, Chemung, NY (wife of Lawrence KNIFFIN,) at the time. I understand that she lived in Levittown at one time. I'd like to hear from anyone searching these families, do you have Wilbert's exact date of death? Thank you...

CRAWFORD, EASTBURN, ROUTH, YOUNG posted by Betty Young on Monday, February 15, 1999

Researching PETER YOUNG who served in the 8th PA Regiment 1776-79. Speculated to be the father of JAMES YOUNG (1789-1867) from Philadelphia. Married 3 times. ELIZABETH ROUTH (1792-1850) from Philadelphia. EUNICE EASTBURN (1792-1837) from Philadelphia. JANE CRAWFORD no birth date Died 1862. Revolutionary War discharge papers were found in the family Bible of JAMES YOUNG AND EUNICE EASTBURN. If anyone has a connection or information concerning these people I would love to hear from you.

HERMANN posted by Thomas L. Harman on Monday, February 15, 1999

Searching for information on George Hermann, who came to Philadelphia, in Jan. 1726, with his brothers, Heinrich Adam, Jacob, Valentine, Mathias, Daniel and John Hermann, from Germany, aboard the ship, "Charlotte". They stayed in Philadelphia, until at least 1734, paying quit rents or that is the story I have been told. I would greatly appreciate any information, on these brothers, while they stayed in PA, particularly George Hermann.

NOLAN posted by Francis X. Nolan on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am loking for relatives of James Nolan & Bridget Nolan who came to Philadelphia in 1850 from Kilmacow Catholic Parish, Kilkenny, Ireland. They lived in St. Ann's Parish in Kensington. An adult, Michael came with them. They brought with them the following children (of James & Bridget): Ellen, Mary, Bridget, William, Patrick, Michael, Cztherine While at St. Ann's, three more: John Margaet & James. The younger Michael mrried Mary Gaffney at St. Ann's in 1862 and had the following children: Kate (Katherine), Mary E., Annie, Edward J., William, and Agnes. My direct line is from Edward above (my grandfather).

FIRMAN, LOWNDES, LOWNES, SYERS posted by Jennifer Firman on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am looking for information on a John Syers and his wife, Florence Lownes (or Lowndes). I believe they lived in Philadelphia in the late 1800s before moving to Camden New Jersey. They had two daughters, Florence Syers who married a man named William Wilson Fredericks in 1906 in Princeton Junction, and Katherine Syers who married Matthew Fries Firman. A grandchild, Peter Firman, of Matthew Fries Firman used to live in Philadelphia in the 1980s. If anyone has any information, I'd like to hear from you. I also believe the Syers women are descendents of a sister of Betsy Ross.

ROUND, ROWAND, ROWEN posted by Geri Buss on Monday, February 15, 1999

Am searching for Jacob ROUND (ROWAND). He was born 1746, died 1820 in IA, married Prudence MAROE 19 March 1772 Chester, PA. Prudence MAROE was born i750. Children: (1) Andrew ROUND born 24 Mar 1775 Philadelphia, PA, died 1851-1853 in Washington, IA; (2) Daniel ROUND; (3) JACOB, JR, (ROWAN); (4) Philip ROUND born 1811 Butler Co., OH; (5) ElizabethROUND; (6) Catherine ROUND; (7) Mary, (Polly)ROUND, Marium ROUND born 1808 OH; (8) Sarah ROUND born 1808 married James Clark; (9) Cyrus born 1812; (10) Hannah born 30 Mar 1814 Butler Co. OH, died 27 Feb 1854 Fountain Co., IN married 18 Nov 1831 Vincent M. CRABB; (11) Diana ROUND. My ancester is Andrew ROUND. I am a descendent of his son Elihu ROWEN born 28 April 1820 born Cincinnati, Butler Co., OH died 9 July 1884 in Isadora, Worth Co., MO married Cynthia HATLEY 16 January 1840 in Vermillion Co., IN. Would appreciate any help.

MELBOURNE posted by Ronald Collins on Monday, February 15, 1999

Seeking information on MELBOURNE, Percival Granville, lived in Philadelphia between 1868 and 1874, married Adelia WARBURTON. Percival was barber or hairdresser address was w. 121 & h. 250 S. 3rd St.

WEIRICH posted by Chuck Wirick on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am seeking any and all Info. on JOHANN JACOB WEIRICH, who came to America from Germany on the ship Patience in 1750 and settled in or near the city of Philadelphia thereafter. I believe he attended what was the First Reformed Church of Phialdelphia as I have found a death record for a Jacob Weirich there showing he was buried on Sept. 16, 1793 at age 75. Other entries in these church records include a Christian Weirich (who had a son baptized named John Jacob) and a Nicolaus Weirich (who also had a son named Jacob). Thank You.

REED, RIEDT, RIETH posted by Bob Reed on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am seeking ancestral and family-related info/personal data on a George REED/RIEDT/RIETH (c 1730; PA - 1807;Mont. Co., VA) and an Andrew REED/RIEDT/RIETH (c April, 1750/51; near/in Philadelphia, PA - after 1840; Floyd Co., VA), who were possibly father and son, respectively. I'm also seeking the name and ancestral info for George's wife as well. George, by the way, was likely from the Lancaster Co. area (Swatara? Tulpehocken?) and may have been married twice, with the first marriage taking place before 1750 (near Philadelphia?). The second marriage, however, likely took place around 1754 (in SW VA?) as George had apparently moved there by 1752 (per VA land records), and was most certainly there (on a permanent basis) by 1759. Any genealogical info or data concerning the George or Andrew REED/RIEDT/RIETH alluded to above would be very much appreciated. Thanks very much,

HOLMAN posted by Sherry Horton on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am looking for any information on the A.J. Holman Bible Co. or Andrew Jackson Holman who owned it.

DATZ, DODDS, DOTTS posted by Helen Dotts on Monday, February 15, 1999

Seek names of children of Philip DATZ/DOTTS/DODDS b. 1765 Phildelphia Co., PA m. 1798 Susanna SMITH/SCHMIDT; 1800 census MD, wife & dau. under 10.

CUSHMORE, SILBERHORN posted by Larry Cushmore on Monday, February 15, 1999

Looking for the relatives of one Julia Silberhorn, who is reported to have escaped by boat during the siege of Richmond to Philadelphia where she married a Charles Cushmore and settled in the Fishtown area of the City. I think she was accompanied on the boat by her older sister Maria. Their mother's maiden name was reported to be Walters. Any help would be appreciated.

BRASHARES, HARTSALL, HUMPHREY, LEWIS, OWEN, SCHMETZER posted by Shannon Rathbun on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am looking for any descendants of the Robert Owen family of Philadelpia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Here is my ancestors: 1. Robert OWEN b. abt. 1657 wife: Rebecca HUMPHREY. 2. Owen OWEN b. 12-21-1690 at Merion, Philadelphia, Co., Penn. Wife: Katherine LEWIS. 3. David OWEN b. 03-13-1712 at Philadelphia, Northhampton Co., Penn. wife: Sarah SSHMETZER. 4. Nathan OWEN b. abt. 1771 at Allegany Co., Penn. wife: Leah HARTSALL. 5. Charles OWEN b. 11-22-1803 at Fairfield Co., Oh. wife: Esther BRASHARES. 6. Delila Isabella MITCHELL (OWEN). Husband: Albert Levi Mitchell Jr.

HELWEG posted by Larry Helweg on Monday, February 15, 1999

HELWEG, William (Wilhelm) - I am looking for info on my gggrandfather. B.~1830 D.~1870. Emigrated from Hannover, Ger, in the 1840's or 50's married Catherine Beckmaier (Beckenmaier??) in Phila. about 1860 or '61. He was a custom shoemaker, as was his son William Conrad H. Another son was Harold E. Helweg. Thanks,

BOYD, GRIMES, SCHEERER posted by Bertha Hall on Monday, February 15, 1999

searching for ELLEN BOYD and ancestors. ELLEN BOYD was the grandmother of WILLIAM AGUSTUS GRIMES. His father died when he was young and his mother give him to his maternal grandmother to raise. He was born 2 Dec. 1856, d. 8 Sept. 1939 @ Phila.,PA., m. to ANNA MARY SCHEERER.

EMSLEY, RENTON posted by Bertha Hall on Monday, February 15, 1999

Searching for DAVID EMSLEY and his parents. DAVID EMSLEY b. ?@ England.. Came to USA between the ages of 15 to 25 yrs. d. 1917 ro 1918 @ Phila.Pa.. m. ? to SARAH RENTON b. Spring 1865, d. late 1940's or early 50's @ Norristown, Pa.. Their children: BERTHA MAY b. 16 March 1891 @ Camden,NJ., WILLIAM, JOSEPH, THOMAS b. 5 June 1895, d. Apr. 1975 @ Morrisville, PA., RODNEY b. 19 Dec. 1898, d. May 1966 @ Maple Shade, Burlington, NJ.. Sister that died in childhood.

MILLER posted by Javier Miller on Monday, February 15, 1999

I'm loo king for my ancestors, This is what I knew. My Gran Gran Father Charles Miller born 28-9-1850 Germantown, Philadelphia son of John Miller died 3-1-1879 and Leona Handia? died 4-2-1869 at the same town. Maybe participation on Civil War in the Navy. Probably brothers ans sisters: Abraham, Bella, Benjamin, Fredrick, Ruth, Richard and Sara. First emigrate to Brasil, Uruguay and at last to Argentine. Any information will be good.

BUDD, BUSTILL, FAGEN posted by Shaun Friday on Monday, February 15, 1999

Would like information regarding Edmund FAGEN who married Grace BUSTILL 14-Dec-1758 at Christ Church, Philadelphia by the Reverend William F. Sturgeon. Need his date & place of birth, date & place & cause of death, if and when he immigrated from somewhere else. I know a little bit about his military career, but not much else. Would also be interested in any background on the BUSTILL and BUDD families. Grace BUSTILL who was the daughter of Samuel BUSTILL and Elizabeth BUDD of Burlington, New Jersey. Thanks for your help!!

HULFISH posted by Jeffrey Potter-Watts on Monday, February 15, 1999

HULFISH, Ewin. I am looking for information on my g-g grandfather, Ewin Hulfish b. 1841, Philadelphia. He was an actor, author and painter. A co-founder of the Wheatly Dramatic Society. Any info on his life and his parents would be appreciated.

GLOD posted by Mary Glod Hervey on Monday, February 15, 1999

Seeking information on decendants of Joseph and Mary Glod who immigrated from Poland in the 1880's. Joseph and Mary settled in Fayette County, Uniontown, PA until Joseph's death in 1929. Mary lived in Philadelphia or Plainfield, NJ until her death in 1940. Children from this union: Ignatius (married Victoria) and lived in Philadelphia or NJ and had 6 children (Victoria, Virginia, George, Walter, Edward and Frank). Catherine (married George Zomballis - spelling may be incorrect) lived in Philadelphia and had 3 sons (George, Terry and Edward). John (died at age 12). Caroline (no information known). Frank Charles Glod b. 1906/d. 1979 (my father) lived in Philadelphia until 1968, died in Christiana, PA - Chester Co. (married G. Pauline Ramsey) had 5 children (James, Joseph, Frank, Mary, Diana).

RING posted by Debby Blevins on Monday, February 15, 1999

Looking for information on a George W. Ring who was married to a Margaret Ellen Flanders he lived in Philadelphia whit his folks Jacob Ring. would like any information on them

COONEY posted by Frank Mack on Monday, February 15, 1999

Looking for information on orphanages in the immediate Philadelphia area during the 1880-90's. Need information on Walter COONEY 1878-1933. His fathers name is Thomas. Possibly had two other brothers. All three were said to have been put into an orphanage at young ages. They were adopted and resided in Schuylkill County.

CARLILE, THORP posted by James R. Carlile on Monday, February 15, 1999

Samuel CARLILE born in Philadelphia 1791 married in 1812 to Sarah THORP born in Philadelphia about 1792. Lived in Sadsbury township, Chester or Lancaster, Pa. They had 13 children: John born 1813, Elizabeth b. 1814, Richard b. 1815, William b. 1817 (my Grt Grt Grandfather), Wolliston b. 1819, Sarah Ann b. 1823, Samuel b. 1823, Lovina b. 1826, Pinoc b. 1827, Hanna b. 1829, Millison b. 1831, Mary Jane b. 1833 and Martha b. 1836. I'm looking for information on Samuel CARLILE's and Sarah THORP's parents and other ancestors.

WRIGHT posted by Cara Crowell on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am searching for any information regarding DAVID S. WRIGHT, born in Philadelphia around the 1920's. He was married to Ida V. Murphy. Any information would be appreciated.

LOEHR, REUKAUFF, ROYKOUFF posted by Barbara Ballard on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am trying to find records on the family name of ROYKOUFF (REUKAUFF) and LOEHR. In one of the genealogy sights it states that to receive naturalization papers when coming to Pennsylvania they had to live in Philadelphia for at least 7 years. I have very little information to go on. I do not know if my great-grandfather GEORGE W. ROYKOUFF and his wife ELIZABETH LOEHR were the first Roykouffs to come to the states or even if they were married in the States or before they arrived here. I do know that they were living in Scranton, PA when my grandmother was born and later moved to Buffalo, NY. My grandmother told me she thought the name of the ship was Hope. I have only found one ship list for Hope and they were not listed. Possible name change or misspelling when they came to the States. Where would the records be kept in Philadelphia for those waiting for naturalization? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

SWAIN posted by Christina Murat on Monday, February 15, 1999

I need siblings/parents for Henry C. SWAIN, born 1814 Philadelphia. He was in Florida from 1843-1875 and died there, but I think he may have married wife Bridget (Unknown but born in Ireland) in PA around 1840. Anything appreciated.

ORTLIEB posted by Jack Sterling on Monday, February 15, 1999

Looking for info on the old ORTLIEB Brewing Co. of Philadelphia. When was this company founded, who was the founder? Was Hugo ORTLIEB, brewmaster, born Germany about 1875, connected to the company?

BELSTERLING posted by Jack Sterling on Monday, February 15, 1999

George and Elizabeth (nee CAMPSIE, born about 1874 in Mauch Chunk) BELSTERLING lived in Roxborough circa 1926. I would like to find out more about this branch of my family tree, and hear from any descendants. I'd appreciate any info on their children, etc. I'd gladly share my info on the CAMPSIE/SMITH/STERLING background of Elizabeth BELSTERLING.

KEILHOLTZ posted by Dia L. Utterback on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am searching any information on surname KEILHOLTZ. My grandfather, Ralph Butler KEILHOLTZ, was born 19 Feb. 1904 in Philadelphia. His parents were George M. KEILHOLTZ b. Jan. 1868 in Baltimore and Mary BUTLER b. May 1868 in London. Ralph had one brother George B. born 24 Jan. 1894, Phil. and sister Ruth W. born June 1898 also in Phil. I'd appreciate any KEILHOLTZ information. Thank you.

SHELEY posted by David Simonds on Monday, February 15, 1999

Seeking the ancestry of Martin SHELEY, born 1756 in Philadelphia, PA. According to his Revolutionary War pension file, he enlisted at Albany, NY in April 1778 in Capt. James Dixon's Co., Col. Hay's Regt. He also served in Capt. DeGraff's Co., Col. Yates' regiment for one year. He was discharged 1 Jan 1781. Martin SHELEY went from Philadelphia, PA to New York and then to Albany and to Danube, Herkimer Co., NY, finally going to Town of Alexandria (Jefferson), NY. His wife's name is unknown, but a list of his children is given in his pension application: Jane WHITMAN, Brownville, NY, aged 50 years, 28 Feb 1833 John, Alexandria Twp, aged 48 years 1 June 1833 James, Theresa, NY Katherine, Springfield, Otsego Co., NY Martin, Orleans Twp, NY Fanny, Alexandria Twp, NY Richard, Alexandria Twp, NY There is a cemetery marker for Martin SHELEY in Oakwood Cemetery, Theresa, Jefferson Co., NY. However, it is doubtful he is actually buried there, as he died 12 Mar 1840 in Theresa, NY, well before the Oakwood cemetery was started there.

OWEN posted by Shannon Rathbun on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am looking for descendants of the OWEN family of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here is my Owen line of descenency: 1. Owen Ap Evan, wife: Gainor John. 2. Robert Owen b. 1657 at Fron Goch, Merionethshire, Wales, wife: Rebecca (HHUMPHREY?) 3. Owen Owen b. December 21, 1690 at Merion, Philadephia Co., Penn. wife: Katherine LEWIS. 4. David OWEN b. March 13, 1712 at Philadelphia, Northhampton Co. Penn. wife: Sarah SCHMETZER 5. Nathan Owen b. 1771 at Allegany County, Penn. wife: Leah HARRSALL 6. Charles Owen b. November 22, 1803 at Fairfield Co., Ohio wife: Esther BRASHARES. 7. Delilah Isabella OWEN b. March 2, 1827 at Fairfield Co., Oh. Husband: Albet A. Mitchell Sr.

BACIGALUPO, MACCULLEN, MCCULLEN posted by Emily Iland on Monday, February 15, 1999

Ida MAC CULLEN lived in Philadelphia in 1941. She is the only "child" in the BACIGALUPO family of twelve unaccounted for. She was baptised Julia Regina Bacigalupo in Memphis Tennessee, 3 Oct 1874. She was the daughter of Vincent Bacigalupo and Mary Brizzolara of the Borzonasca area near Genoa, Italy. Ida was mentioned in a 1941 Memphis obituary as Mrs. Ida MacCullen, suriving sister of Lee Bacigalupo. Any information about Ida and her descendants, if any, is most welcome. Even just a date of death would be tremendously helpful.

SPENCER posted by Bill Orr on Monday, February 15, 1999

My great greandfather's brother, Tenant R. SPENCER, died at the West Philadelphia Military Hospital, on November 15, 1862 from Dysentery. He came down with it during the Penisula campaign of the spring of 1862, serving with the Fourth Michigan Infantry. Is there a map available of Mount Moriah Cemetery where he was buried? I know the location of his grave but would like a map to put with my records.

HARRIS posted by Brett David Moyer on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am looking for information concerning ENON MAJOR HARRIS. He came from a wealthy family that owned a large horse farm in Philadelphia and Collingdale, Pa. He was a member of the Philadelphia Grays, a local militia during the Civil War, and then a Lieutenant in the 8th regiment U.S. Colored Infantrty. His children were Enon Major Harris, II, James Major Harris, and Margaret Brisbane Harris.

DYCH posted by Rebecca Sue Dych on Monday, February 15, 1999

Searching for information on a Walter Frank DYCH born in Philadelphia around February 2, 1889. Parents names unknown. Lived in New Jersey. Married in Philadelphia in 1909.

KEECH, LEVENS posted by Yvonne Keech on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am looking for information on my husbands grandfather. We have been told that he was a police officer in Philadelphia in the early 1900s. He married Maria Levens and had 4 children. May, Mildred, Elsie, and Robert. He died when Robert was about 3 years old. We have no other information on him, and are beginning to doubt the information that we do have. The 1920 census lists Maria and the 3 girls living in Montgomery County on Hamel Ave. We have always been told that they lived in Pennsylvania county. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

MCINTOSH posted by Robert E. McIntosh on Monday, February 15, 1999

Alex MCINTOSH left Storoway Scottland on the July 13 1775 for Philidelphia. He was 21 yrs old and a servant. Master Patrick Brown on the Clemintina. Can anyone find his indenture papers? I would like to know who he was bound to and where that person lived.

MCGUIGAN posted by Robyn O'Neill on Monday, February 15, 1999

Searching for Bernard McGUIGAN and Ellen CORRIGAN McGUIGAN who immigrated from Ireland in 1862 and 1886, respectively. They settled in Philadelphia and had five children: Mary, Margaret, Catherine, Nellie and Thomas. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

HUFNAGEL posted by Wendilyn Emrys on Monday, February 15, 1999

Hello, I am looking for any information on my paternal Grandfather, George William Hufnagel, II and his ancestors. Sometime, before 1929 he was married to Edith Raven of Riverside, New Jersey. My father, George William Hufnagel, III was born on 28 Dec. 1929 in Philadelphia. His father and mother divorced soon after. We never had any contact with that side of the family, but I believe that my Grandfather relocated and remarried in Atlantic City, NJ. I thought perhaps there would be records of other Hufnagels in the Philadelphia area. I would appreciate any information anyone can provide.

JENSEN posted by Joan E Brandt on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am hoping to find any record in Philadelphia area in reference to NIELS THEODORE JENSEN, wife JOSEPHINE EBNER after 1846, his birth in Denmark, through 1931 his death. Internment was handled through the HAROLD MULLIGAN Funeral Home, whom I have contacted and received no response. There are 2 locations listed and I have also called them. Please help me find an obit, marriage, burial, anything that will give me a start on this quest. Thankyou in advance for anything that you can locate or suggest in regards to this mystery.

CLOSSMEIER, CLOSSMEYER posted by John R Glassmire on Monday, February 15, 1999

Seeking any information which may be available on Johannes Peter CLOSSMEYER (CLOSSMEIER). Believed to have imigrated from Germany in the early 1750s

CAMPBELL, STEWART posted by J. S. Poetker on Monday, February 15, 1999

WILLIAM CAMPBELL AND ANN STEWART came to Philadephia in about 1840 or 1841 from Co. Cavan, Ireland. Their children were Wm. Thomas, Robert S. b. 1847, Ralph, James, Anna, and Sarah. All were Presbyterian and all lived in Philadephia except Robert who ran away to live in Ohio. The father, William died in ca. 1854 and his wife Ann died ca 1885.

SMITH posted by Edie Dees on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am searching for any information on a VIRGINIA W. SMITH born Dec 1851 in Philadelphia. The only other thing I know is she married GEORGE W. FLOWERS. Thank you

REYLE posted by Stanley P. Reyle on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am looking for the birth and death dates for my great grandfather John REYLE. He was born in Philadelphia of German parentage in 1840-41 and was a tailor. He appears in the 1870 and 1880 Philadelphia census. He was married to Agnes Schimpf and had a daughter Mary and two sons, Jacob and John C. REYLE.

GILMORE, MCFADDEN posted by Patricia Kostelnik on Monday, February 15, 1999

The family of Hugh GILMORE appears on the 1880 Census of Philadelphia in the 21st Ward [Manayunk]. He is listed as 55; a laborer and born in Ireland. His wife is listed as Ann; 50; born in Ireland. Their children are John, James and Kate. My question is, can anyone tell me Ann's maiden name? I'm hoping it is McFADDEN.

SPROEHNLE posted by Wilson Leonard Sproehnle III on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am interested in any information about my grandfather, Wilson Leonard Sproehnle Sr, born in 1890, and his siblings and parents living in Philadelphia. I think his father's name was George Washington Sproehnle and his mother's maiden name was Wilson. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

CLEMMER posted by James A. Maish on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am looking for information about the parents of Anna Matilda Clemmer Maish, born in Philadelphia on August 23, 1820, married Andrew Maish in 1840, died in Cincinnati, OH in 1892.

TEES posted by Barbara DeAngelo on Monday, February 15, 1999

Searching for CATHARINE TEES; my GGGM; DOB @ 1808; married @ 1826 to John H. Labbree of Philadelphia; she may have been from NJ; They had 8 or 9 children; any info on her would be appreciated; happy to share my info.

DAVY posted by Roderick James Craig on Monday, February 15, 1999

Shearching for information about William DAVY (ca. 1759-1827) and his descendants. Born in Crediton, Devon, England, in ca. 1759. He was the son of John Cadlick DAVY, a presbyterian merchant of that town. William DAVY married a woman whose Christian name was Susanna and had several children before moving to the U.S.A. He landed, with his family, in Philadelphia and was naturalized in 1796. He became a merchant in Philadelphia, where he remained until ca. 1812. In 1807, he was appointed Principal Agent of the Indian Department in the Jefferson government. Round about 1812, he was appointed Consul of the U.S.A. in Leeds, England, where he stayed until his death in 1827. He had several children while living in Philadelphia (probably all baptized in a presbyterian church): the only one I know of is Albert DAVY (b. ca. 1800), who later succeeded his father as consul in Leeds. I also know that several grandchildren of William Davy were still living in Philadelphia in 1855. I would be very grateful for any further information about these people and their descendants.

BROOKENS, MCNEW posted by Jack Templeton on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am searching for any information on the family of Basil and Clara Emma (BROOKENS) MCNEW. Basil appears in an 1890 Philadelphia City directory living at 1353 Prospect. I believe that both he and his wife came from Franklin Co, PA and I wish to trace their moves. Thank you,

APKER posted by Diane Apker on Monday, February 15, 1999

found a Apker,Henry in the 1790 census.(Phil.PA) Would anyone have any information on any Apker? Thank you

HAINES, RANCKS, RANKS posted by Elizabeth Laura Haines on Monday, February 15, 1999

I am seeking information about William Clair (Clare?) HAINES b. ca 1860 and Elizabeth RANCKS HAINES (wife). Any information would be most appreciated.

NAYLOR posted by Kathleen Whelihan on Monday, February 15, 1999

I'm trying to find any information on Harold Steelman NAYLOR born 01/15/1883, son of John S. and Julia Steelman NAYLOR. Information from the 1880 census shows that John and Julia in Phildelphia, with son Charles, daughter Florence, also living with them was Julia's sister Bella Steelman. Harold NAYLOR was killed in Ft. Sill, OK.on 05/07/1916 from death certificate signed by Mrs. Jonh S. NAYLOR, his 2nd. wife. On witness list on wedding of Harold S. NAYLOR and Elizabeth P. Simpson on 11/10/1909 was signed by John S. and Anna A. NAYLOR, the 2nd. wife, half sister's Ansie, Marian, and Alice NAYLOR, also Charles and Florence. Jonh and Anna NAYLOR lived in Chestnut Hill, Phildelphia, PA. Any information on anyone would be great!

CONNOLLY posted by John D. Connolly on Monday, February 15, 1999

My Great-grandfather left London for Philadelphia. He arrived Nov 30, 1852. This information has been taken from a Family Record that he wrote. Happarently left Philadelphia to return to London in 1853 to get he wife and sister and then returned to Philadelphia sometime in 1853. This family is the only information I have for my family in Philadelphia. I am under the impression that at a later time the family relocated to New York (Queens apparently) or (posibbly woodbury, Long Island) Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

CALDWELL, JOBE posted by Lorelei Whitfill on Monday, February 15, 1999

Searching for any info on AARON JOBE or JOSEPH CALDWELL. Both lived in Phil. in 1890. Looking for any info regarding when they came to US from either Scotland or Ireland. Aaron Jobe's son Thomas married Joseph Caldwell's daughter Gertrude approx. 1933-34.

CAMPBELL posted by Joe White on Monday, February 15, 1999

James and William Campbell. They came over to the USA from Co Donegal IRE in the mid to late 1800's And took residence in Philadelphia,PA James married a Mary Barrett, and William Married her sister Bridgett Barrett.... Any info would be appreciated!


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