Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Posted Queries for September 1998


BICKER posted by Frank Bicker on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Seeking info on Charles F. BICKER, came to Phila. from Germany aprox. 1851. Sons include Francis J. BICKER and William B. BICKER.

NUGENT posted by Thomas J. Kerr on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I have an old photograph that was probably taken in the 1860 - 1870 period. A message on the back side reads "Address her letters to her son, James Nugent, Creson Street, Manayunk, Pa." The photographer was G. Entrekin, 4384 Main Street, Manayunk. This photo was found with papers from my family. If anyone has information concerning this Nugent family I would appreciate hearing from them as I have no other source for locating this family. Thank you very much for your effort.

FOULKROD, FUCKERODT, FULKROD, HOLT posted by Lee Stradle on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Looking for others researching the surname FOULKROD / FULKROD / FUCKERODT from the Oxford and or Frankford township area. Also looking for HOLT that may be connected to them. Thanks,

MORRISON posted by Joseph W. Kirk on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Seeking inforamtion on James Morrison b. ca 1819-20 and d. 1885-86, wife Sarah R. Leonard. They were living at 434 Federal Street, Philadelphia in 1880. James was a clerk at the post office. Children were: Annie b. 1852-53, Charles E. b. 1855-56, Walter C. b. 1857-58, Edward B. b 1862-63, Essie b. 1867-69 and Jennie b. 1871. Will be happy to share informtion.

KURTH, SCHNELL posted by Lynne Baldwin on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am searching for the parents and siblings of Henry R. Kurth and Magdalena "Lena" Schnell. Their fathers left Germany at the age of 16 to escape the draft. The settled in Pennsylvania, sent for their sweethearts and lived next door to one another as they had done in Germany. Eldest of the 12 Kurth children was Henry, born 3/17/1854. Oldest of the Schnell children was Lena, born 2/6/1856. her mother died after the birth of her sister. Both Henry and Lena were born in Philadelphia. They were married on 9/27/1873. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

COCKERILL, CRAWFORD, KANE, YOUNG posted by Bettiann Young on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Looking for relatives of a James Crawford who came from Ireland 1850 or before and married a Johanna (possibly Feehan) who was also from Ireland. They had four children: Mary Jane, who married a Donahue, Margaret, who married a List, James Marshall, who married Annie Duffy and then Catherine Nevelle, and a John, who I know nothing about. James died in 1859 and Johanna married Thomas Kane a few years later. They then had a Sarah Ann, who married an Owen Morris, William G., and Thomas Leslie, who married an Annie M. Flinn. They also legally adopted Johanna's granddaughter, Johanna List, who married a Charles Gabriel Kelly.
I'm also looking for any connection to Richard Banks Young who married an Elizabeth "Lydi "Cockerill in 1868. Thomas Cockerill, Lydi's father, was a very successful businessman who made his money in tobacco. He came from England before 1846. He and his wife, Elizabeth, had Edward L., Francis S., James P., Elizabeth, Sarah, and Frank.

GREENE, POWERS, WOOD posted by Joan Smyth on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Looking for ancestors of John Manvers GREENE, born Phila 5 April 1858, d . Phila. 1947. First wife Frances Wood, daughter of Geo. Wood, builder from Germantown, second wife,Sarah Wood,her sister. Both died then he married Cecilia Gertrude Powers from Pottsville around 1902. Their daughter Evelyn Greene was my mother. They lived at 6712 Lincoln Drive until abt 1835. His parents were John F. A. Greene and Maria Madden, born 1832 & 1833, both in Phila. I would like more info on them. There were twobrothers, I think.

TOPHAM posted by Joan Smyth on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am looking for information on WILLIAM A. TOPHAM born 1840 in Germantown Phila married to Ellen, last name unknown, born 1842 in England. They had several children, one of which was Sallie, b 1872 at 4504 Miller St in Gtn. who married William Heverin Hobson same area. All Tophams worked in the knitting and weaving mills in Manayunk according to the census 1880 and 1900. There are alot of them and I need help in sorting them out.

DRUDING posted by Elliott F. Dressner on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Searching for Drudings from NW Germany to Philadelphia beginning 1840's. Many remained in and around. Earliest known given names are Anton, Michael, John, Theodore and Frank. Some of the second generation moved to Midwest after Civil War.Will gladdly share information. 5

DIVIS, MORISON, SIMIS, SNYDER posted by Floyd Morrison on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I'm trying to find Eliza Simis b abt 1792 m Andrew Wilson Morison she died onthe 24 March 1879,there was 7 children. looking for Emma Cecelia Divis m Andrew Morison they had 5 Children.George K Snyder m Anne Leslie Morison b abt 1796 Philadelphia.

RODGERS, ROGERS, WEBB posted by Susan Gallen on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am researchihg CATHERINE RODGERS, Born in Phila. March 21 (27,23 ?) copy is bad, 1848. Parents were JOHN RODGERS, and MARY(HOFF). AT least two sisters, MARY( married Jared Pratt, resided in Corning, NY) and SARAH, married BOWEN, resided in Phila. Catherine married Civil War soldier Capt. Ransford B. Webb, of Wellsboro, Pa. in 1865 and lived in that town until her death in Oct 1, 1915. They had two boys, George H. , B. 1868, and JohnR. B. 1870. Any information is greatly appreciated. This was originally submitted with the spelling ROGERS before I had more info on the correct RODGERS version. Thanks,

OGDEN posted by Alta Kaye Ammann on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Ranseller Billings Ogden born in PA. 1805, land papers in Hamilton Co. Il. 1842 state he came from Philadelphia City, Pa. He is not listed in 1840 census. Who were his parents? One sister known Louisa Ogden and may have married Mr. Armour. Any information on the Ogden Families who may have owned or worked with Stage coach lines is of great intrest.

CONLON posted by Michele Yannuzzi on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am looking for information about the ancestors and descendants of Michael CONLON and his wife the former, Annie NAYLOR. They emigrated from Bradford, England to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1909/1910. Their children included Agnes, Mary, Frank, Annie, Edna, Edward, James Catherine, and John.

BACHMAN posted by Loraine Magruder on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am searching for William Bachman husband of Rose. Was living in Philadelphia in 1952, worked as a printer. Was half-brother to Raymond Smalfus. Mother's name was Minna or Minnie Bogar who died around 1915 in New Jersey. Any information will be greatly appreciated

COOPER, FEASTER, FREY, FRY, PFISTER posted by Kay Rockett on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am seeking info on my ancestor Adam COOPER b ca 1760 in Philadelphia, PA and also on his parents Peter COOPER and Margaret FREY/FRY. Adam had a sister Elizabeth (Eve) who married a Mr. STONE, probably in Fairfield Co, SC. After Peter COOPER died, Margaret remarried to Andrew FEASTER/PFISTER also in Philadelphia. Margaret was supposedly born in 1739 in Philadelphia and died in Fairfield Co, SC in either 1823 or 1843 and is buried in the FEASTER-COLEMAN Cemetery, Feasterville, SC. Margaret and Andrew had (at least) a John, Jacob, Margaret, Martha, Susannah, Elice, and an Andrew. Their son John named a daughter Savilla; this name also carried through Peter COOPER's line. Some associated spouse-of-children surnames from the FEASTER kids are: Wm. COLVIN m. 1783 Martha, Drucilla MOBERLEY m. 1789 John. Ms. WOOLEY m Andrew; and Mr. STONE m. Elizabeth (Eve) COOPER.

COUGHENOUR posted by William A. Gochenour Jr. on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Does anyone have any information on William & Elijah Coughenour of the 19th PA Cavalry. I am looking for family info and military info on both.

REED posted by Nancy E. Peace on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am searching for information on my great great grandfather, William Reed. His orbit. of McConnellsburg, Pa. (died July 9, 1921) states that he immigrated to that vicinity from Philadelphia, when about eleven years of age. He was a Civil War veteran of the 20th, Reg. Vol. Company M. and also of the 56th, Red. Pa. Vol. He married Susan McLucas and their children were Ralph E. Reed(1868-1951), Charles F. Reed (1881-1958) and my great grandmother,Emma Edith Reed Bivens (1875-1957). Am wanting any information on his parents,brothers and sisters (if any)and could they have come from Ireland? Many thanks for any information. Sincerely,

PALLATT, TAYLOR, TOMLINSON posted by William Lord Pallatt Jr. on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am Looking for information on Eliza Taylor, she married my GG Grandfather George Lord Pallatt, 5 Feb 1846, Germantown reformed church, Phila., Pa. I am also looking for information on Mary C Tomlinson, She was my GG Grandfathers second wife. Thank You

BROWN posted by Margaret Smith Keigler on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

BROWN, WILLIAM b.25 Dec. 1753 Plymouth Township, Phil.. d. 9 Mar. 1830 Green St. Phil. Pa.; mar. Anne McSweney, Abington Pres. Ch. Looking for names of his parents.

BUCKHALTER, DENN, DORFF, PALLATT posted by William Lord Pallatt Jr. on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am looking for information [marriage, descendants] on MARY LORD PALLATT, b-23 Aug. 1882, Philadelphia, Pa.. Her parents were EDWARD MONTGOMERY PALLATT and SARAH ANNA DORFF both of Phila. Mary had one sister EDITH who married EDWARD DENN and a brother WINFIELD DORFF PALLATT who married MABEL A BUCKHALTER
Thank you for any help

PUCHTA, SEBZDA posted by Kathy Schulberger on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am looking for any information on SYLVESTER SEBZDA,He came from Poland to Philadelphia in 1910. He married ANNA PUCHTA on May 8, 1915, Anna came from Poland with her father in 1908. The witness's to their marriage were Andrew Lusurak and Michalina Cyronak. Sylvester and Anna's children were: Stanley( died 1977), Helen (born and died 1918), Genevieve( Jenny, died 1950), John(living), Bernard( living). Sylvester died on 1/ 9/ 1929 at the age of 36. Anna remarried in 1954 to Jacob Liszkiewicz. Jacob diedin 1973 and Anna died in 1976. Any information is greatly appreciated.

HOOVER, HUBER posted by April Hoover Kline on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Searching for information on the parents/family of Jacob Huber/Hoover, born 1760 in Philadelphia, PA. His father is believed to be Henrich Huber/Henry Hoover, a 1739 or 1749 immigrant from Switzerland or Germany. The family moved to Herkimer County, NY prior to the American Revolution.

DAVIS posted by Leslie Kuhn on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am looking for info on my great grandparents John and Harriet DAVIS. The only info I have is that they were married for a while in the early 1900's and had 5 children together. May, Helen, Ethel, Hannah & William. William is my grandfather and was born in 1922, he is the youngest of the children.
I don not have a date when Harriet died but I do know that she was in a nursing home at the time (possibly in NJ) but was buried at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Trinity (?) cemetery. I have a lot number too.
From what I understand, John either left or was "kicked out" while the children were younger. And Harriet did housecleaning for a living.
I need any info I can get! I keep running into dead ends.

CRYER, DUNCAN posted by Jon Cryer on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am looking for information on William Cryer, born 1819 in England, arrived in Philadelphia ca. 1845-1849. He met and married his wife, Jane Duncan, in PA in 1850. He lived in Northern Liberties Twsp., 1850. Any information on him or his descendants would be greatly appreciated.

COPE posted by Dennis O. Gehris on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am seeking information on the family of Yost Cope, who settled in what is now Montgomery (then Philadelphia County) in the 1700s. I would like to know the names of his sons and the names of their children.

ABRAHMS, ABRAMS posted by Joyce Perdikis on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Seeking the family of Mildred and Louis Abrams (Abrahms). Lived in Philadelphia area about 1948. Louis was a butcher. They had at least 2 children: Alan b. about 1927-28 and Sonya b. (?). I'm told she was younger than Alan.

AUSTIN posted by Delores Kugler on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Looking for descendants of a Charles W. Austin who lived in Philadelphia at one time (probably 1940's). He played piano in a traveling orchestra which played in Philadelphia as well as Hagerstown, Maryland and a place called Social Lake. They also did radio broadcasts through Gimble Bros. Thanks for any help!

ALLEN, BARCLAY, MILES, RUSH posted by Sandra Battiata on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Looking for info on SARAH MILES BARCLAY m. William Magee in Phila. on 11 Nov. 1805.
Looking for a female MILES m. ? Barclay, dau was SARAH MILES BARCLAY, b. abt. 1785.
Looking for info on Elizabeth Allen, Father possibly William Allen. She married Thomas Magee in Phila. on 30 Aug 1774.
Looking for info on SAMUEL RUSH b. abt 1790, dau CATHERINE RUSH b. 1815, m. William Allen Magee.

KEISER, KEYSER, SNYDER posted by Joyce M Haas on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Searching for ancestors of Peter Snyder baptized St Mikes & Zion in 1793- Parents were Jacob and Maria . Peter Married Mary Keiser in 1816 in at St Mikes and Zion. Had 8 children. Daughter Emma married Jacob Engle . Thank you.

LOOS posted by Gary Lewis on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I'm searching for any information on Johann LOOS who may have arrived in Phildelphia abt 1770-1780. Apparently he was indentured to the partners of Willing & Morris..who are they and what did they do????? Sombody must have some type of record!!! I would greatly appreciate any info that would get me off center.

HATFIELD, SUPPLEE posted by Richard Blanton on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

John HATFIELD married Catherine SUPPLEE in First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia in 1736-1738 timeframe. They had numerous children two of which served in Revolutiom. John HATFIELD, Jr. was married three times & served in the Lancaster Asssociators in the area of present day Dauphin County. Andrew Supplee HATFIELD was in Virginia Militia in Montgomery County, VA.
There is a John HATFIELD shown in Philadelphia County are . . . wondering if this was the John that married Catherine SUPPLEE. Also, not much know what became of John & Catherine . . . is it possible they stayed in Philly area . . . possibly 1st Presbyterian area? Any information would be helpful.

ALLEN posted by Anne-Marie Hayes on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

ALLEN, James Samuel, Born July 1, 1875. Parents Listed on Birth Certificate as being George & Sarah ALLEN. Address of birth listed as 2043 Kimball Street. James emigrated to NZ and married there in 1903. As far as I can understand his parents were deceased by that stage but am not sure. On James' death certificate his mother's maiden name is listed as McMutt and it has been listed on the marriage certificate as McNutt. I know that George had other family but details are very very sketchy. Any help would be appreciated.

BOTT, BROWN, FECHETE, MAHAN, SULLIVAN posted by Joe Bott on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Emeil BOTT early b circa 1880s lost wife Mary & Daughter Rose to fire c 1914 in Phila 2 sons Alexander b 1903 d c1965,and Joseph(my father ) b1905 d1987...searching for Emiels Father & Mother ....have no family histroy . Terrance SULLIVAN b 1879 columbia co married Rose MAHAN they lived in Holmesburg section of Phila off Torresdale ave 2 Daughters (Rose FECHETE/BROWN) and my mother Helen BOTT ) Looking for any links

KENNY, KINNEY, MCGUIGAN posted by Geraldine Ames on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

My great grandmother Ann McGuigan was born in Ireland. She married John Kenny of Ireland in Glasgow in 1850. They had Peter 1851 and John 1852 there and then came to the US where my grandfather Henry was born in Troy NY in 1854. The other children were Elizabeth, James, Annie, George, Jane and Helen. They then lived in Yonkers NY and later moved to Philadelphia (1880 censu), where I assume that the senior couple died and some of the children remained, ie. Peter and Annie.

BINGAMAN, BINGEMAN posted by Ann Bingaman Jacobs on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Peter BINGEMAN settled in Oley Twp., Philadelphia County prior to September 1731. Willing to exchange info. Trying to find where he came from.

DEAL, ESENWEIN, HOLBERT posted by Barbara K. Henritze on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Edward Esenwein married Rebecca Deal on 8 March 1850 in Philadelphia. They had at least two children, Harry b. ca. 1850 and Emma b. ca. 1853. They lived in Kensington in 1860. Did Harry marry Caroline Holbert? When? Who did Emma marry? When did Edward and Rebecca die? Where are they buried?

LOCKWOOD posted by Marcia W. Green on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

In the 1790 census for the city there is a business listed under the name of James LOCKWOOD. Does anyone have any further information on this individual?

PRICE posted by Trudi Manley on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

My gr gr fa was Gomer Price, b. 11 May 1858 in upstate PA. He m. Mary Ann Edwards who was b in Wales. They resided in, and died in, Phila. Gomer d. 29 Feb 1938. Would like to know Gomer's birthplace, his wedding date and place, and his parents. Any help provided is deeply appreciated. Many thanks.

THOMAS posted by Wendy Thomas on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Looking for any info. regarding WILLARD THOMAS Sr. He moved to Philadelphia county from Lackawana county. Married an Isabella Henderson and had Willard Jackson Thomas Jr. and Patricia Thomas. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

MOYLAN posted by Doug Fitts on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

any info on this surname.Mary Moylan,b.abt 1809 in Philadelphia,m.Henry Dearborn Bird of Newcastle Co.,DE.around 1832.Possible ancestor of hers would be a Stephen Moylan,Brig.Gen.Continental army 1780's. Buried in St Marys Church Yd,So 4th St,Philadelphia.

FARQUHAR, GOSSLER, HASLETON, OSTERSTOCK, WOLFF posted by Allen B. Farquhar on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Seeking info on Thomas FARQUHAR, b. VA? ca. 1803, d, 20 FEB 1859, Richmond, VA, m. Ann --?--. She d. NOV 1875, Philadelphia, and was interred in Shockoe Hill cemetery, Richmond, VA. The families of Thomas and his chidren lived in Philadelphia in the 1820's, and again after 1860. Children of Thomas and Ann:
Euphroza Antoinette FARQUHAR, b. ca. 1818, d. OCT 1861, Richmond, VA, m. William W. WOLFF, printer.
Elizabeth FARQUHAR, b. ca. 1820.
Thomas W. FARQUHAR, gas fitter, b. ca. 1826, m. Mary Elizabeth GOSSLER.
David Paul FARQUHAR, hatter, b. ca. 1826, d. Phoenix, AZ, 23 NOV 1908, m. Cornelia GOSSLER.
Robert B. FARQUHAR, gas fitter, b. ca. 1829, d. Richmond, VA, 03 JAN 1857, m. Richmond, VA, 26 MAY 1852, Virginia M. HASLETON.
Hannah (Ann) Virginia FARQUHAR, b. ca. 1833, d. Richmond, VA, 15 AUG 1859, m. 14 JUL 1851 to Edward H. OSTERSTOCK of Easton, PA.

CHAMBERS posted by Harry Chambers on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Searching for information on GEORGE K.CHAMBERS,b12-27-1808 in Philadelphia.Married ELIZA BARTLETT abt 1829.Sons JOHN S,b 1830 and JAMES b 1832.

BOND, BUTLER, MILLER, SOLEY, WOOD posted by Susan P. Canney on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Eliza Bond was born Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA on 27 December 1847, married Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA 2 December 1863 to Wesley William Wood of New York State. They were married by Justice of the Peace Brazier at Kern's Hotel, No. 929 Market St. Wesley was in the army at the time. Eliza had two sisters; Julia (Bond) Soley b. 1834/5 and was 84 years old 20 August 1919 when she gave her affadavit for her sister Eliza's government pension, Harriet (Bond) Butler b, Phila., PA 1841, m. Phila., Phila. Co., PA 11 July 1860 to Robert Butler (who later might have worked for the train or trolley cos). Eliza's cousin Mary A. Miller was living at 1103 Spring Garden St. Phila., Phila Co., PA at the time she also signed an affadavit for Eliza's government pension. Eliza died 16 March 1930 Fort Edward, Washington Co., NY. I am looking for the parents of Eliza.

BLAKE, CRILLEY posted by Dennis Blake on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am seeking any information on the above names. T. West Blake married Susan E. Crilley 'about' 1870. Both names appeared in the 1870 and 1880 census' in Penna. They had twins, Addie R. and Charles Townsend, born Oct 10, 1872 in Philadelphia. According to the census' T. West (Thomas?) was born in Penna (1815) and Susan was born in Ireland (either 1835 or 1845).

LOOSELY, LOOSLEY, LUESLEY posted by Jeffrey A Watson on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am looking for the parents of Jacob LOOSLEY, who was born in Philadelphia Co., PA, around 1800. There are 2 LOOSLEYS in Northern Liberties Twp on the 1790 Census. Their names are Jacob and Jonathan. There is also a LOOSELY listed in Thornbury Twp named Jonathan. Is anyone researching this surname that can help me?

SCHNEIDER posted by Eric R. Schneider on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Any help would be appreciated to locate any info regarding my grandparents, who came over from Germany between 1905 and 1920. My Grandmother was from Dresden. Could you also find out which ship they came in on?

MCGUIRE, WISHART posted by Joseph Dougherty on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Looking for Information on Joseph MCGUIRE and Ida WISHART. They lived in Philly on the 100 block of Beck St from 1910 to 1922. They had 10 children, nine lived to adulthood. Would like information on Joseph's parents. Ida's parents were Herman WISHART and Catherine MEYERS.

HIGGINS posted by Kevin J. Higgins Sr. on Tuesday, September 15, 1998


FORDMAN, FOREMAN posted by Lynda S. Foreman on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am looking for the John Foreman family c 1720 from Philadelphia, PA. I know he had two children John Anthony Foreman and Mary 'Polly' Foreman. John Anthony Foreman went to Tennessee abt 1778 and was a trader among the Cherokee Indians, married a Full Blood Cherokee woman and lived in Tennessee until his death in 1817. One of John Anthony Foreman's children stated that John had a sister named Mary or Polly that was married to a Wolfe in the Philadelphia area, asked if someone would look for her. This was in 1863 that Rev. Stephen Foreman made this request to the Princeton Theological Seminary, where he was a graduate. I found a marriage record in Volume 1, Marriage Record of the Swedes' Church for Dec. 13, 1778 of FORDMAN, Mary and WOLFE, Henry. Trying to find John Anthony's sister and family. The Foreman family was of Scotish descent. Thank you for your time.

CLAYTON, FOWLER posted by Peg Fowler Taylor on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

John Fowler married Hannah Clayton in Philadelphia PA in 1759. I am interested in parents and/or siblings of both.

KELLER, KREBS posted by Karen Opp on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

SARAH KELLER, born 11 June 1736 in Philadelphia. Does anyone have any information about her parents. I have her married to Philip Heinrich KREBS (1736). Both Sarah and her husband died at Fallowfield, Washington Co., PA.

FEDER, GOODRICH posted by Lois Saidel on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am researching SARAH FEDER (maiden name unknown) who lived in Philadelphia from app.1920 until her death in 1930. She was the mother of ETHEL FEDER GOODRICH (husband BENJAMIN) who also lived in Phila. I believe she had a second husband from Russia whose name I do not know. Her five other children lived in New York State. Any info would be appreciated.

CLAYPOOLE, GRISCOM, HANNA, PATTERSON, WILSON posted by Jo Dorais on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Looking for information about John HANNA and wife, Elizabeth PATTERSON. John was not born in the US, but possibly came from Ireland or Scotland. He fought in the war of 1812 for the US, however. John and Elizabeth had a son James HANNA on 2 Feb 1806, in Philadelphia.
James HANNA married Clarissa Sidney WILSON (b. 9 Aug 1809, daughter of Jacob WILSON and Clarissa Sidney CLAYPOOLE, granddaughter of Betsy (Elizabeth GRISCOM) ROSS and John CLAYPOOLE). He was an attorney, and served as Pennsylvania state senator, elected in 1835, before relocating to Humboldt Co., CA. They had the following children, all born in Philadelphia, I think:
Elizabeth P. (1831-1919)
Will (I believe this is William Patterson HANNA)
Quill (I think this might be Aquilla)
Florence (1847-)
James C. (1845-1883)

HILL posted by John Chilstone on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Would any person have information on HENRY HILL, dates 1820-1840. There was a reference in Milford Delaware records that his parents were ROBERT and RHONDA HILL and then mention of Henry Hill ( the capitalist ) of Philadelphia. Any information would be appreciated

FREEMAN posted by Louise Panni on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

MARTHA FREEMAN lived at 69 Pastorious Street, Germantown, Philadelphia in June, 1920. I am searching for ANY information about her or any of her descendants.

ROWSON posted by Jamiee Sarah Rowson on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I would like information on any family I may have in the Philadelphia area. My grandfather James married Sarah Wood around 1950-1951. He had four or five brothers. His father was a travelling salesman. That is really all I know of my grandfather's immediate family. If anyone has any information on this surname or the people it belonged to please let me know.

MARTIEN posted by Tony Roberts on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am seeking information on the MARTIEN family, my ggggrandfater was born in Philadelphia (c1780). His name was Medan MARTIEN and his wife was Mary Perry MARTIEN (unknown maiden name)

DAWSON, DOOLEY, DUHADWAY, SMITH posted by Linda Eichhorn Burke on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Searching for SMITH, John & Bridget DOOLEY Smith; James & Mary Mervina DAWSON Smith. Also DAWSON, Robert & Mary DUHADWAY Dawson; James & Rebecca l/n/u. Thanks.

FARLEY, FURLEY, MEYER, MEYERS, MYERS posted by Gregory Myers on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Seeking info on a Jacob MYERS/MEYERS/MEYER who was born in February 1831/33 in Philadelphia, PA and maried a Mary FURLEY/FARLEY (born in Ireland approx. 1839). They had one child in Philadelphia on 05 DEC 1858/60 named James J. Myers, then the family moved to St. Louis, MO and had 4 more children, George W. Myers (B. Oct 1863), William Myers (B. 1869), Frederick J. Myers (B. Feb 1877) and Annie Myers (B. 1875). I believe Jacobs parents came from Maryland. Any info at all would help ... I'm brick walled here and am desperately seeking help from fellow genealogist in your town and county.
thank you in advance,

WOLF posted by Gregory Myers on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Seeking info. on a Eberhard Ludwig Wolf (B. 06 DEC 1835 in Germany) immigrated to U.S. around 1853 and resided in Philadelphia from that time until approx. 1859. He married a Louise ???? probably in Philadelphia around 1854. They had 3 children in Philadelphia prior to moving to St. Louis, MO. The children are: Frederick Wolf (B. 1854/53 in Philadelphia), Charles Gustav Wolf (B. 02 June 1854/55 in Philadelphia and a Wilhelm (William) Wolf (B. 1857 in Piladelphia) then they moved to St. Louis, MO and had a Louise Wolf in approx 1859/60. Any help at all would be appreciated.
Thank You in Advance....

KLETT posted by Mary Jorens on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Researching the name KLETT. My 5th great grandfather, Gottlieb Klett, lived in Philadelphia County in 1805. Other KLETTS related to me are Frederick, Emma, Cornelia, and Mary. Cornelia KLETT married a GIBSON. Gottlieb KLETT arrived on the ship The Fair American at the Port of Philadelphia October 26, 1802.

BRATCHER posted by Linda Bratcher McGuire on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I need help in locating the grave of JOHN BRYSON BRATCHER, born 1875-1876 in SC, who lived in Philadelphia on North 9th Street for many years. He was a street car conductor. He was living in 1942, but died within the next 3 or 4 years in Philadelphia & was buried there. His wife was listed in the Philadelphia phone book in 1946 & 1947 at the North 9th Street address. The only death certificate on file with the state of Pennsylvania for a John Bratcher is not for the man for which I'm searching. I live a great distance from Philadelphia & do not have access to any Philadelphia records. Can anyone advise me of cemeteries near the North 9th Street area of Philadelphia or assist me with any information that will help in my search?

PROBASCO, WINGRADE posted by John E. Murphy,Jr. on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am looking for an obituary of Dr. Sidney L. WINGRADE a physician who practiced in Philadelphia about 1930-1955. He died 10 Jul 1963 at Browns Mills,N.J. He married Ada(Betty) PROBASCO b1894 and d1946.

LITTLE, WAGNER posted by Robert Little on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am trying to find out what became of Leonard LITTLE. He was born Feb. 13, 1881, probably in what is known as the Meadows area of South Philly. He supposedly married an Ella M. WAGNER on June 28, 1905. The marriage may have taken place at St. Clements Catholic Church. A relative of mine that is still alive said Leonard LITTLE was a bricklayer by trade, belonged to the union, and that he might have moved to Darby, Pa. She also said Leonard had a large family. If anyone can help me find out what happened to Leonard and Ella, it would be appreciated.

MAMMEL posted by Karen Kircher on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am seeking information on the MAMMEL family of Fishtown, Kensington, Philadelphia.
MAMMEL (first name unknown) started a bakery on Susquehanna Ave subsquently run by his son FRED MAMMEL. probably b. 1830-40 Daughter MARY MAMMEL(married name unknown) was buried at German Lutheran Cemetery.
Fred's daughter ANNIE MAMMEL b. 1865 d. 1957 married EDWARD ZANE

ASHMEAD posted by Scott Ashmead on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I'm trying to determine who ASHMEAD ST. in Phila. was named after and if I'm at all related. My grandfather's name was Samuel Ashmead and he lived in Phila. his entire life.

ROSS posted by Frank Flint Soule, III on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I am just starting my research on my maternal grandfather EDWARD JACKSON ROSS,Jr. who was born in Germantown 22 Sept 1883- died 31 Oct 1972. He was a Mason...Oral family history stated that he was decended from a George Ross who signed the Declaration of Independence, but only proof will tell. Looking for any leads no matter how small the scrap. I do realise that "ROSS" is a fairly common name. If anyone knows of a Society (or Clan) for Ross please let me know. I belong to the Soule Kindred and that organization has speeded my research to a great degree. Thanks,

BENNER, LITTLE, SMITH posted by Sonja K. Killeen on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Seeking info. and ancestry on these three family lines. John C. Little of Md. married Sarah A. Benner of Philadelpha, Pa. on April 1, 1827. Sarah was born Aug. 25, 1807. I believe they resided in the Pennypacker area. Seven children were born of this union. They were Charles M.G.;James Howard; Anna Elizabeth; Mary Jane; Hannah Frances; Albert Benner: and George Washington. The family later moved to Cape May Co., N.J. Hannah Frances married William Henry Smith in Philadelphia, Pa. April 1, 1863. Who were the parents of Sarah A. Benner? Were there any siblings? If you have any info. on these families, please contact me. Thank you.

BICKHAM, SMITH posted by Sonja K. Killeen on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Seeking info. and ancestry on Sophia Bickham born in Philadelphia, Pa. Her parents were from Germany. There may be a possibility that the name was changed or misspelled in a family biography written later on. She had four siblings, Rachel who married ____Zernow, George who married Elizabeth Larance, Christiana who married Nicholas Lenning, and Ann who married_____Ross. Sophia married Thomas Smith born in 1790 (he was from Md.). They were married in 1823. They had three sons, all born in Ohio. Sophia Smith, when widowed, left Ohio with her three young sons and lived in the Philadelphia area until her death in 1847. Who were her parents, and what part of Germany did they come from? Was Bickham the correct spelling of her maiden name? If you have any info. on this person or persons, please contact me. I am willing to share what info. I have on the family lines and decendants. Thank you.

SNYDER posted by Harry E. Burnham, Jr on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

i am looking for walter snyder, son of benjamin snyder, born philadelphia 1881/or 2. he married my grandmother flora belle (mcfarland) burnham in portland, maine 1905. she remarried in boston, 1909, so something must have happened to this young man. if he died, he obvsiouly is not in the social security file. this is the one part of my burnham family i am having trouble with..thanks

CAMPBELL posted by Nancy Howe on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Searching for the family of Charles Clarence Campbell, born August 1885, Philadelphia. Had a younger sister who died before the age of 20. Parents were from Yorkshire and Ireland however, do not know their names.

CHECKLEY posted by George D. Devine on Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Looking for any researcher on same trail. My mother's maiden name was Checkley. Her father, my grandfather, Edwin L. Checkley was born in England in May 1855. He emigrated in 1870 . He married my grandmother, Celina Veronica Dooley, in Brooklyn, New York in 1886 and lived there until 1904. he then moved the family to Philadelphia where he set up a business. In 1890 he published a book that was reviewed by newspapers, medical journals, etc on a worldwide basis. I have a copy of the book which is listed in the Library of Congress. It was entitled "A Natural Method of Physical Training". He had 4 children - Edward, Arthur, Gertrude (my mother) and Celina. I have a record of all the decendants of Gertrude, and some of Celina & Edward. One of Edward's decendants lives in Arizona. I have found the family in the Brooklyn NY 1900 census. However, I have not yet found his exact place of place of birth in England. My mother, Gertrude Checkley, was born in 1893 and married into the Devine surname which has been my primary area of research.


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