Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Posted Queries for December 1997


BARRETT posted by Sharon Otis on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am searching for STEWART BARRETT. The only information I have on him is that he lived in Philadelphia in 1902 when his daughter was born. He is said to have come from a wealthy family.

LAMBEY posted by Bernard Lambey on Monday, December 15, 1997

William Lambey was an english immigrant arriving in Philadelphia about 1770 with his english wife Letitia Palmer. I am so searching to find if it exists lists of immigrants, arriving to Philadelphia harbour in tat time. Thanks.

SNYDER posted by Phyllis Rosley on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am searching for my great grandfather SNYDER. The only information that I have on him is that he served in the Pennsylvania Legislature. According to a list I received from the Archives, there were two Snyders that fit in the time frame I am Interested in. They are David Snyder who served in the House of Rep. and represented Philadelphia. His term of office was 1824-1828. Then there was Michael Snyder who served in the House of Rep. and represented Philadelphia in 1836. If anyone has any background information on these two Snyders, I would greatly appreciate receiving it. Thanks for any help.

DAVIS posted by B. Twist on Monday, December 15, 1997

Am searching for birth record for Ann Davis Dob: 07/02/44 in Philadelphia. Live in Georgia and cannot search the courthouse or archives in Philadelphia. Can anyone help? Thanks.

LEWIS, RAMSEY posted by Robert O. Lewis on Monday, December 15, 1997

My grandfather was ISAAC LAWRENCE LEWIS born in philadelphia in 1861. I am looking for dates and locations of the birth and death of his father JOSEPH LEWIS and his mother SARAH ANN RAMSEY. At the time of Isaac's birth Joseph was janitor of a college.

LAFFERTY posted by Deborah Rupp on Monday, December 15, 1997

LAFFERTY, CATHERINE was born in 1941 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her parents are unknown. Catherine may have served in the U.S. Army prior to 1965. She married Franklin Perry. One of her children was Michelle, who was born in 1965 in Philadelphia, PA in the Naval hospital. I am seeking information regarding the whereabouts of Catherine, on behalf of her daughter, Michelle. Catherine married Benjamin F. Miller sometime after 1971 and was living in New Mexico in 1973. It is unknown what became of her after that time. Catherine may have married again and possibly moved to California. Any help would be appreciated.

BECROFT, COX posted by Dennis E. Cox on Monday, December 15, 1997

Sarah Ann BECROFT bn France 1809, md James H. N. COX , bn NJ in 1815/6 ("N" = Newton) in Northern Liberties District of Philadelphia in 1845 by Rev. John D. Onion (or Onin) at St. John Street Methodist Church. There was an Alexander BECROFT in Phila at the same time. Sarah Ann and James had at least two children: Harvey Maurice COX , bn 1845 and Ann Eliza Cox, bn 1847/8. James' mother was Rachel ( ?? ) , father..?? James and his parents were bn in NJ. James & Sarah Ann moved to Camden, NJ suburbs in 1851. Harvey md Mary Ann GINN, bn 1848 -Phila. They md in Camden in 1868. Ann Eliza 1st md John Williams, bn Delaware, died 1871 ; 2nd md Richard DELICATE, bn British Islands. Both mgs in Camden, NJ. ANY CLUES ???

BEIDERMAN, BRIEN, LANE, WELDON posted by Dennis E. Cox on Monday, December 15, 1997

Dennis O'BRIEN (bn Ireland 1830) md Mary LANE (bn Ireland 1828) in Philadelphia c.1858 (?). Ch: John, William and my g,grandfather Thomas B. O'BRIEN bn 1863 in Philadelphia (brothers also bn in Phila). Thomas md Elvira WELDON, bn in Phila c.1867. Her parents were Michael WELDON and Mary BEIDERMAN. Michael was son of Casper WELDON, bn Phila and Sarah ( ?? ), bn NJ. The WELDONS are ship caulkers from Fishtown/Port Richmond/Bridesburg section of Phila at least prior to 1840 and probably 1700's. Dennis & Mary had a Patrick LANE (bn Ireland 1835) enumerated with them in 1860 in Phila, apparent brother to Mary. Thomas & Elvira had several ch: Thomas M., Edna, Mary, Marguerite A., Elvira, and John J. ANY CONNECTIONS??

GEIGER posted by Shirley Geiger on Monday, December 15, 1997

Looking for Philadelphis GEIGER'S- descendants of Martin Geiger and Barbara Arnold from Grunsfeldhausen, Baden, Germany. One son, Philip Geiger arrived in Phila. aprox 1883. He had a brother, Joseph, born 13 Oct 1871. Looking for any info .

EWAN, MCCARTHY posted by Ron Ewan on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am searching for information on Cora McCarthy and Edward M. Ewan. Cora was a widow of a man named Grey when she married Edward Ewan in 1907/08. They had one son named Raymond Joseph Ewan born in 1909. Any information would be appreciated.

HALLMAN, HEIZER, HOWE posted by Stephen C. Emery on Monday, December 15, 1997

Valentine HEIZER (also spelled Heyser, Heiser, Hesser, Hiser, Hayser, or Hyser) emigrated from Rotterdam by way of Plymouth, England on the British THISTLE, arriving in Philadelphia on 19 Sep 1738. He was born prior to 1722. He died in 1753, and was buried on August 7th. His father was Johannes Heiser and his mother was Dorthea HALLMAN. Johannes came to America before 1727. Valentine had three children, John, Samuel, and Marie. John was born by Valentine's first wife (unknown). The other two children were born by the second wife, Anna HOWE. Valentine and Anna were married on 26 May 1747. Looking for information on Johannes and Dorthea's ancestors. Also trying to find the name of Valentine's first wife and her ancestors. I have a wealth of information on the descendants of John and Samuel and would like to share information. Johannes and Valentine are listed in records of Philadelphia County.

SIMON posted by Pat Tanner on Monday, December 15, 1997

Looking for information about persons in the following obituary. The obit was found in my Grandmother's Bible. Her mother-in-law was a Mary Simon. I think the obituary may be for Mary Simon's father. Unfortunately, there is no year mentioned. I am guessing it may have been about 1920, but that's just a guess. My grandmother left a short family history which has this to say about the SIMON family: My mother-in-law, Mary Ann Simon (called Mazie) was born in what was known as "down the neck", Phila. Her parents had a farm there. SIMON
Feb. 28, JOHN, husband of Mary M. Simon, and son of late John and Pernelia Simon, aged 93. Relatives and friends invited to funeral, Sun., 2 P.M., 830 Jackson st. Int. Arlington Cem.. Friends may call Sat. eve. Auto funeral. Questions I have are: Is there an Arlington Cemetery in the Philadelphia area? Where is the area located that was called "down the neck"? Does anyone have any information about this family?

PARKER posted by Bonnie Rathjen on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am looking for information on my grandfather, JAMES PARKER, of Philadelphia. About all I know is that he was a merchant seaman. He and my grandmother were divorced in the 1920s. I understand he remained in Philadelphia and raised another family. If anyone knows any information on him please contact me. Thanks.

MCKAY posted by Brain McKay on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am presently drawing up a Family Tree and have discovered three brothers at least two of whom were in Philadelphia in 1848.Whether these brothers stayed there I cannot be sure,but I can find no trace of them ever being back in Ireland.The names of the two brothers were Arch.Stuart McKay and James Stuart McKay.A third brother may also have gone to America at a later date as I can find no trace of him in Ireland after the above date.His name was Henry Irwin Stuart McKay.These brothers would have been well educated and fairly well off.Philadelphia was a common place of settlement for Emigrants from their locality at this time.This may be a wild goose chase and I appreciate your interest.Please excuse my lack of communication skills on the Internet-I am completely ignorant of modern Technology.Once again many thanks.

SCHEW, SCHEWEY, SCHUEY, SCHUHY, SCHUY, SCHWE, SHUEY posted by John E. Shuey on Monday, December 15, 1997

Our family patriarch, Daniel Jouy...recorded SCHWE by the ship's clerk and then transposed to SCHEW when he took the loyalty oath, arrived in Philadelphia in 1732 aboard the Johnson. He subsequently migrated to what is now northwest Lebanon County, where the first written records of his presence are from the early 1740s. My question is this: Are there records or sources in Philadelphia to help me ascertain where he was and what he was doing during the first decade after his arrival?

KEYSER, MCCURDY posted by T.M.Albert on Monday, December 15, 1997

Searching for information or relatives of Allen Lester McCurdy and Lavern Keyser who lived at 2033 E. Orleans Street in Nov. 1979. If you know these people or you are related to them please e-mail me for further information and details. Thanks You.

MOULDER posted by Kenneth Max Warren on Monday, December 15, 1997

Sometime around 1750, John, Lewis and Valentine Moulder immigrated to Philadelphia. I'm searching for information about their nationality and any family that came with them. I believe they were born in the 1730s. I believe a Sarah Moulder was married in 1757 in Philadelphia, and she may have been a Quaker.

EDWARDS, MCQUISTON posted by Edward L. Davis on Monday, December 15, 1997

Looking for Edward EDWARDS, a Welsh or English immigrant who I believe lived in Philadelphia. He was married to Dorothy Elizabeth MCQUISTON about 1880. He was a railroad engineer and was killed in a train accident in January of 1883, perhaps the one on Jan. 8, 1883 in Chester County, PA. His wife was 7 months pregnant and went to Kansas with her brothers. One brother was Joseph McQuiston, born abt. 1860 in PA. Seeking any information on the Edwards or McQuistons or the train accident.

NUMBERS posted by Sandy Read on Monday, December 15, 1997

Searching for Lillie Irene Numbers (b.28 March 186?) married William Long (b. 29 October 1864) on 8 June 1887 in Philadelphia, PA. Lillie was the daughter of Sarah and William Numbers, formerly of Aberdeen, MD. Her siblings were Martha, Louise, Alice, Emma, Thomas and William. William was the son of Frances Long Bacon and William Long. His siblings were Emma, Edward, Joseph and Samuel, who died as an infant. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

SPERING, WATKINS posted by Howard Mason on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am searching for any info on WILLIAM STANLEY SPERING. He was born in 1865 and married GEORGIANA LEE WATKINS about 1891. He was a police officer in Philadelphia from 1896 to 1900. He had a brother who was also a police officer at about the same time in Philadelphia. He would be my maternal grandfather. He and Georgiana were divorced about 1910 or 1911. He and Georgiana had five children. My mother, Lillian, was the youngest, born in 1899 in Philadelphia. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

LEIMBACH, MERKER posted by Diana Dungan on Monday, December 15, 1997

LEIMBACH, Ferdinand m. MERKER, Elise W. Oct 18,1865. These are my greatgrandparents. On January 21, 1877 my grandfather LEIMBACH, Ernest Gustav was baptised at the Mt. Zion Church in Philadelphia. A note was added that on the same day my greatgrandparents were witnesses to the baptism of LEIMBACH, Wilhelm Gustav, born January 1, 1876 his parents were listed as LEIMBACH, Eugen. from Holzhausen and HAEGLELE, Catherine, from Wurtemberg. I strongly suspect that Eugen and Wilhelm are related but I don't know how. Eugen is from the same place listed for my greatgrandfather. Anyone have any information on any of these names please help me find out if they are tied together. Thank you,

FISHER, LEGER posted by Michael Fisher on Monday, December 15, 1997

Conrad FISHER b. about 1730 in Germany or Philadelphia. Married Catherine LEGER. They later resided in Antrim Twnshp, Franklin Co., PA. Conrad died in 1792. They had 7 children: Elizabeth, Catherine, John, Martha, Mary, Samuel, and Jacob.

JARVIS, JONES posted by Cindy Siegrist on Monday, December 15, 1997

Researching: William JARVIS, b: 25 Apr 1830; (parents-unknown) married 1851 to Mary JONES, b: 6 Jun 1836. (Daughter of John JONES.) William and Mary were both born and married in Philadelphia.

EBNER, WINTER posted by Sherrie Heyse on Monday, December 15, 1997

Looking for family of Joseph and Barbara ECHERT WINTER who immigrated to Philadelphia from Schwarzach-Baden Germany in the 1870's. They had eight children: Frank, Charles, Rudolph, Annie, Carrie, Albert, Max, and Ida. Some of the children went on to California. Annie born 1865 and married Gottlieb EBNER . They lived in Philadelphia and had four children. Gottlieb was a shoemaker for Wannamakers Store and died in 1912. Gottlieb immigrated from Stuttgart, Germany in the 1880's. Gottlieb and Annie lived at 1747 South 4th st. in 1900. I know Rudolph, Charles, Carrie(GRUBER), and Annie stayed in Philadelphia.

HARRIS posted by Bev Gentry on Monday, December 15, 1997

Searching for the name of a medical school located in Philadelphia in the early 1800s. Would like to know where I can find the student enrollment of this school probably between 1800 and 1830s. Searching for a male HARRIS, given name unknown, who reportedly died while attending medical school. His father was James HARRIS with a brother Thomas E. HARRIS of VA. His mother was Ellen STAPLES HARRIS.

FOX, HEYSE posted by Sherrie Heyse on Monday, December 15, 1997

HEYSE, Fredrich and Alice FOX. Fredrich immigrated from Germany in the 1880's, married Alice Fox, an Irish immigrant. They had six children. Five names are Frederick Aloysius, John, Theodore, Alice, and Alfred. Fredrich was a gardener and by 1910 lived in Montgomery County, Pa. Before that time, they lived in Philadelphia. Son Frederick Aloysius remained in the Philadelphia area of Jenkintown and had four children.

TIMBERMAN, TIMMERMAN, ZIMMERMAN posted by Nel Hatcher on Monday, December 15, 1997

Maria Margaretha Schaal ZIMMERMAN, widow of Johann Jacob, arrived in PhilaCo in 1694 with her 5 children. Members of this family which spread out to TN, OH, IN, and IA, have been found in legal documents with all 3 of the above spellings. Some members of this family were Mennonites with several buried in Skippack Cemetery. Others were or converted to Baptist. We are a group of "cousins" with much to share with anyone possibly connected.. Other connected names are: BIEDERMAN, MILLER, Van FOSSEN, HERSHEY, ENGLE, SUPPLEE.

HALL, HOUSE posted by Jim Patrick on Monday, December 15, 1997

I'm looking for additional information on William HALL (b. 26 Feb 1758 Philadelphia Co PA) who m. Sarah -?- and eventually migrated to Jefferson Co IN. Their son, John HALL (b. 19 DEC 1781 KY) m. Elizabeth House (b. 14 Aug 1785 PA), the dau of William HALL's childhood friend: Levi HOUSE (b. abt 1754 VA) m Sarah Pressley. Both William HALL and Levi HOUSE are listed as partipants in the Revolution. Does anyone know William's forebears or other children? We have mucho HALL information and are happy to share if we can help.

ALT, EBERLY, TWAINGER posted by Sharon Brooks on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am searching for any information which may lead to the parents of John Eberly, Sr. b. 1/1/1812 d. 9/21/1890 married to Elizabeth Twainger. They lived in the Philidelphia area. The only son I am aware of is Peter Cummings Eberly b. 2/21/1838 d. 11/25/1923 m. 2/7/1861 to Eliza Jane Alt. Peter and Eliza moved to Iowa after their marriage. Thanks.

BUCK, ECKERT, MAISER posted by Steve Bushore on Monday, December 15, 1997

I'm searching for any information on MAISER, ECKERT and BUCK. My great-grandfather, Henry August MAISER, born in Philadelphia on 12 Jan 1857. His father's first name is unknown to me, but his mother was Elsie ECKERT. Henry had 2 brothers, Frank and Louis, one sister Minnie and one additional sibling who died very young. Henry became a barber and later went west and married Mary Ellen BUCK from Monterey, California. Information on any of these persons would be greatly appreciated and I have a lot of information to share (after Henry).

DUNLAP posted by Oscar L. Dunlap on Monday, December 15, 1997

Looking for information on three brothers that came from Tyrone, Ireland to Philadelphia CO., James DUNLAP, John DUNLAP b.1747, Robert DUNLAP b.1748. John DUNLAP became a printer for the Congress and put out the Pennsylvania Packet, a newspaper for Philadelphia. Any info would be great. thank you.

CANAVAN, GARVEY posted by Heather D. Schmick on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am researching my family tree , the surnames are Garvey & Canavan. I am trying to find out more info on a William Henry Garvey married to Nora Canavan. William had 13 brothers & sisters. William & Nora divorced he then remarried and the family lost track of him. This is all I know at this time. Thanks so much for your help.

KELLER posted by John Cook on Monday, December 15, 1997

Christopher KELLER - "N. Liberties" (what does that mean?), city of Phila - Taylor - signed a will Dec. 10, 1799, and died the same month. Legatees were daughters Elizabeth (wife of sea captain John Osman), Hannah (wife of capt. Charles Kirby), Frances, Sarah (married to Mr. Stricker) - deceased, Molly - deceased. Does anyone know who this Christopher KELLER is?

GIAMMARIA, GIMARO posted by Chris Gimaro on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am looking for any information on my Great-grandfatherJOSEPH GIMARO he married Grace, he emigrated to Philadelphia around 1900 I believe from Calabria, Italy. They had one son FRANK GIMARO. The entire family lived in Philadelphia, mainly south, but later moved to Northeast Philadelphia. Also any information on any other GIMARO located anywhere in world.

BURMAN posted by Tina Burman on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am looking for a Henry BURMAN who lived in the Kennsington area of Phiadelphia. He was married to Mary Emeline Emerick, they had a child in 1856, Harry Davis BURMAN. They lived on Palmer St. Mary Emeline later married John Ritchie and remained on Palmer St. Henry BURMAN later shows up in the city directory in 1882 and 1883 back on Palmer St. Family "stories" say that both Henry and Mary Emeline are burried across the street in the Palmer Burial Grounds. I have been able to confirm this for Mary Emeline but not for Henry. Help me find Henry!!!!!

BRZEZENSKI posted by Mark Bischoff on Monday, December 15, 1997

Searching for information on Julia b.1873- d.1940 and Konstanty b.1890- d.1950. I know they lived in Philadelphia but I dont how long, and they were buried there. As far as I know they had two daughters Florance and Sally, dates of birth ?. Sally is my grandmother and I dont know anyone on her side of the family. I would appreciate any help on this. Thank you

CONNORS posted by Kelly Leksche on Monday, December 15, 1997

hi I am looking for more information on my greatgrandparents lloyd and his parents thomas and lena(cook) connors. I know he passed away july 30 1926 and is buried in the st.patricks cemetery in norristown, pa. I have no idea where his father thomas or lena died at. Both lloyd and thomas were born in haverhill, massachusetts. Lena cook was born in amherst, n.s. canada . I also know that Thomas parents were Timothy O'Connor and Bridget(Doril) O'Connor and they were both born in Ireland.

MARKS posted by Ann O'Hara on Monday, December 15, 1997

Seeking ancestry of Jacob and John MARKS. Old note says they were "River Dutch" from Philadelphia. Jacob was married in 1811, so presumably they were born sometime in the late 1780s or early 1790s. Family tradition says father's name was Daniel. Jacob lived out his life in Damascus PA on the Delaware. Also would appreciate explanation of term "River Dutch."

COLLINS posted by Cynthia Collins on Monday, December 15, 1997

COLLINS, Harry was born January 9, 1899 in the vicinity of Philadelphia, Philadelphia county, Pennsylvania. According to my parents, my grandfather ran away from home when he was thirteen years of age. When anyone asked where his family was or asked questions about them he replied " I never needed them and neither will you." He spoke to my mother once about this, of course she did not realize any significance, but she did remember that he said that he had a sister named Eleanor, and a brother named John. This is what I have to go on (providing everything he did say is truthful), along with a pile of pictures. Among these pictures are pictures of a dark-haired woman, and two children; pictures of cars; construction equipment; a house with an address from California on the back; a gravestone with the names Joseph and Joshua Hollingshead; etc. HELP!

DUFFIELD posted by Joy'e LaBarge Bryan on Monday, December 15, 1997

DUFFIELD, GEORGE (MNU), b. 11/11/1923, d. 11/1973, served in US Army Air Corps during WWII in Knuston, England, last known residence, Philadelphia, PA. This is research I am conducting, by request, for my mother-in-law who resides in Rushden, Northamptonshire, England.

MILLS posted by Todd Fielding on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am searching for information on, or related to CHARLES KARSNER MILLS. He was born December 04, 1845 and married Clara Elizabeth Peale, November 06, 1873. He was born in "Falls of Schuylkill", East Falls. They were members of the Falls Methodist Church. He was a well known neurologist in Philadelphia during the late 1800's and early 1900's, and served twice during the Civil War.

LABBREE posted by Todd Fielding on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am searching for any information on or contacting the relatives of Benjamin Labbree, born abt. 1761 and who married Mary Hewson bef. 1800. She was born February 12, 1773 and was the daughter of Capt. John Hewson, who was a Calico printer in Philadelphia. Benjamin Labbree was a ships captain and sail ships for Philadelphia's Stephen Girard. I am interested in learning the names of the ships he sailed and their destinations.

SLINER, SZLENER posted by Constance O'Neill on Monday, December 15, 1997

Looking for information on Family of August/Boleslav, Katherine and Son Ladislas(Walter) who lived in the Phila./Camden Area c1890-1910. Known Philly address was the 200 Block of Fitzwater St. (near St. Ladislas Church).

BELL posted by Michael X. Bell on Monday, December 15, 1997

Seeking information on a Arthur Bell, lived on Germantown ave, circa 1840's, his occupation was a hatter, and his wife's name was Rose, maiden name unknown. She sold China out of there residence as well

BARRON, KECK posted by Maxine Keck Lewis on Monday, December 15, 1997

Need parents and siblings of John KECK and Maria BARRON. John born 12 July 1783 in PA, died 6 June 1854 in Lancaster, Fairfield Co., Ohio. Maria born 23 August 1795; died 31 March 1877, Cincinnati, Ohio. They were married 8 July 1816 in Roxborough, Philadelphia, PA. Was this John's first or second marriage? John KECK was a carpenter and in 1811 lived at 11 Butlers Court and in 1813-1816 at Sixth near Coats in Philadelphia. He served in War of 1812. While John was working as a carpenter, would he have been a member of the Carpenter's Guild. Did those records survive and can they be searched? Their daughter, Margaret was born in 1819; their son, Barron, was born 1823, both in PA prior to the family's move to Lancaster, Fairfield Co., Ohio. Two more children were born in Ohio - Isaac Church Keck in 1825 (my great-grandfather) and Julia born 1828. We would appreciate any help you can give us. We have been searching for John KECK'S and Maria BARRON'S parents for many years. We need this to help us find our emigrant ancestor. Thank you.

CLEAVER, KURTZ posted by Betty Battreal on Monday, December 15, 1997

Looking for info. on CONRAD KURTZ and ELIZABETH CLEAVER. Conrad came to Philadelphia from Germany in Nov. 1752,on ship PHOENIX.
He was born abt. 1735.
Married Elizabeth ...........,and had 5 children.
He died Oct.27,1811 in Nelson Co. KY.
His children are:
Elizabeth,..Jacob,......Martin,....George,....and Conrad JR.
I beleive them all to be born in PA., and then family moved to Nelson Co. KY.,then on to Harrison Co. IN. Any info. appreciated!!!!

HORN, VAN posted by Wilma Billock on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am looking for information on Garrett Van Horn died 4-26-1778 and was married to Abigail Taylor 6-23-1763 in First Baptist Church, Philadelphia, Pa. They had a son named Bernard Van Horn b. 1-7-1767 in Pa. If you have any information on this person please e-mail me. Thanks

CRAVEN, DYKE, GRANT, SLIFER, VAN, VANDIKE posted by Daryl L. Van Dyke on Monday, December 15, 1997

Jacob VANDIKE (son of Cornelius VANDIKE and Mary GRANT) born 1764 and chr. 1765 in Bucks Co., PA, died 19 Dec 1850, buried at Craven Graveyard, married 31 March 1791 (Neshaminy Presbyterian Church) in Hartsville, Bucks, PA. Jacob's wife, Elsje (Alice) CRAVEN (daughter of William and Alice CRAVEN) of Warminster Twp, Bucks, PA was born 17 May 1773 and chr. 7 Aug 1773 in the Reformed Dutch Church, Churchville, Bucks, PA, died 16 Mar 1834 and buried at the Craven Graveyard. Three known members of a family of nine children are: 1) Archibald, born 10 Jan 1806, Bucks, PA, died 7 Nov 1891 Elmira, Stark, Ill., buried Osceola Grove Cemetery, Stark So., Ill., married Martha SLIFER (daughter of Abram and Martha SLIFER) in 1835 at Northern Liberties, Phil., PA; 2) Charles, born 12 Apr. 1814, Bucks Co., PA, died 9 Feb 1892 Elimira, Stark, Ill., buried Osceola Grove Cemetery, Stark Co., Ill, married Eleanor SLIFER 1836 in PA: 3) Rubin, died 26 Apr 1804, PA and buried at the Craven Graveyard. Any additional information pretaining to these individuals or other family members is most appreciated.

JAMES, SWAIN posted by Bruce Campbell on Monday, December 15, 1997

Looking for decendent information for William Moseley SWAIN (1807-1868) and Sarah JAMES. A son was Charles Mosely SWAIN, looking for siblings. William Moseley SWAIN, my gggrandfather,was co founder of The Public Ledger in 1836. Also interested in ancestors of Sarah JAMES. Thanks for any help.

LESHER, SHAW posted by Sarah Shaw Tatounova on Monday, December 15, 1997

I have one more generation back on my Philadelphia SHAWs and LESHERs: James Marshall SHAW, b. 01 Feb 1828 in the Germantown section of Phil. was the son of Samuel SHAW and Elizabeth MARSHALL. Census records indicate that Samuel was born @1802 in Philadelphia. Other children were Elizabeth, John, Hannah, Wallace and Emma - probably some older children as well who had already left home - may have included a Joseph SHAW. James' wife Margaret LESHER, b. 18 May 1828 in the Manayunk section of Phil. was the daughter of Jacob LESHER Jr. and Elenor Soaly. Jacob Sr. probably had a brother George, from whom the only other Philadelphia Leshers I've found are descended. Eager to share information with anyone connected to either of these families.

HAGAN posted by Dee Jones on Monday, December 15, 1997

I'm looking for a JAMES HAGAN (born in Ireland, don't know town - could be Down) married to a MARGARET HAGAN (born in Ireland, don't know town). I would like to know their parent's names as well as Margaret's maiden name. They attended ST MARY'S CATHOLIC CHURCH IN PHILA. They had children by the names of JOHN, EDWARD, JAMES AND ROSE HAGAN. Their child, JOHN HAGAN, was my dad's grandfather. He was a Phila. policeman. He was born in PHILADELPHIA May 13, 1857 and died June 21, 1932. He lived at 247 S. 6th Street in PHILA when he married JENNIE FINNEY MCCLELLAND (born 27 May 1870 in PHILA) on April 23, 1896. (They were not married in the Catholic Church, I suspect it was an Episcopal Church.) Their children were John, Jean H. Nelson and Adelaide.

CONANT, LUX posted by Kimberly Skinner on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am currently researching the surnames CONANT and LUX. I believe they were residing in Philadelphia around 1908. I am new to genealogy, so please forgive any errors in protocol. Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed any light on the family lines.

WARING posted by Mary Ann Waring Allen on Monday, December 15, 1997

Waring searching for info on William Waring. lived in Philadelphia, Penn. Arrived around 1888, possibly,port at Baltimore. Born in Preimer Hill, Yorkshire, England. Wife, Hannah Lee,and 4 or 6 children, with him. Children- my grandfather, John Waring,also Emma,Ben, Walt.

STORTS posted by Jim Storts on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am searching for ancestors and descendants of John Storts b. October 13, 1791 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylania. Please contact me with any information on this family. I have a data base of over 1000 names and 9 generations related to the STORTS family.

RICHMOND posted by Karen Hucko on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am researching the name Richmond. John Richmond born about 1736, Pa., lived in York County. His sister Esther Richmond, married a Purdy in Philadelphia.I can't find any information about any other Richmonds in either York or Lancaster County. Can anyone help me in the Philadelphia area?

BLOCK, CONNELL posted by Kathy Beals on Monday, December 15, 1997

Searching for the parents of John Connell who was born in Philadelphia about 1802. Also, need marriage info for him. He married prior to 1829, Catherine BLOCK (or possibly BLACK) who was born ca 1808 in Pennsylvania, with parents born in Germany (according to 1880 Census.) Their children were, with birth year: Henry, 1829, Mary Ann 1832, Jane 1835, George W. 1838, Sarah 1841, John 1844, Charles 1846, Washington 1849, and William 1851.

CUTHBERT posted by William Taylor on Monday, December 15, 1997

DR. ROBERT BENNET CUTHBERT practiced medicine in Philadelphia and in Rome, Georgia in late 1800's. Married Gertrude Lombard, settled in Rome, Georgia, but continued to practice medicine in Philadelphia after their marriage. Had four daughers, Marguerite, Florence, Frances and Aurelie, and three boys, Edward, Rosswell, and Robert. Some relatives may still live in Philadelphia area, and there were some 'Nix' relatives in that area. Would appreciate any information on this family. Thank you.

GRUGIN posted by James Grugin on Monday, December 15, 1997

Searching for any information on Charles GRUGIN or Margaret COTTER who was married in Philadelphia Pa on Apr 10th 1810. Charles GRUGIN was also listed in the index of the Pa 1810 census.

CLOTHIER, RIHL, VAUGHAN, WELLS posted by Gregory N. Smith on Monday, December 15, 1997

Seek info on William Clothier who came to America (NJ) in 1760. Son Samuel moved to Philadelphia. Grandson Samuel married a Hannah Rihl (possibly the daughter of a Henry Rihl?). Other Clothier lines tie to William Vaughan/Lydia Ann Wells (married 1797 - daughter of John/Ann Wells).

ROBBINS, SANDERS posted by Gregory N. Smith on Monday, December 15, 1997

Seek info on Thomas Robbins (born in NJ in 1805). Moved to Philadelphia and married a Maria Sanders (born in PA in 1806). Lived in Kensington section of Philadelphia. Need info on parents.

DETWEILER posted by Laura Gauthier on Monday, December 15, 1997

Looking for anything pertaining to: ELIZABETH DETWEILER. She married Benjamin Hallman and they moved to Canada in March, 1883.

HEINS posted by Don Heins on Monday, December 15, 1997

My name is Donald O. Heins (born in N.J.) with family coming over from Germany and settled in the Phil, PA area. However, I can't find any genealogy links (my name) before 1850 in this area. Any assistance, most appreciated.

RUTHERFORD posted by Lynda Rutherford on Monday, December 15, 1997

Am searching the Rutherford fam. of Phila. GrGrGrandfather John Calvin Rutherford b. 1839 d. 1900 was with Phila. Police Force, m. Martha Benson in 1865. Also was member of GAR. His son Robert Alexander Rutherford b. 1866. Any help very much appreciated. Thank you.

HARVEY posted by Charles Heisterkamp, III on Monday, December 15, 1997

CHARLES VINCENT HARVEY, ESTHER HARVEY, JOHN HARVEY, CLEMM HARVEY, CATHERINE HARVEY, and JAMES HARVEY Charles was born in 1895 in England. He & his siblings are the children of (???) Harvey and Catharine MacGregor. They came to the United States in the early 1900's. Charles married Florence Seifert, later he married Mae Boyd. John married, had three children (at least). Catherine married John Donahue. I am interested in further information on this family.

HERMAN posted by Charles Heisterkamp, III on Monday, December 15, 1997

Sam and Florence Herman were born in Germany (about 1860) and immigrated to Roxborough, PA. They had 4 children; Harry August Herman born 1883 in Manyunk. Harry married Elizabeth Hendrie. Florence Herman who married Robert Nichols. Sam Herman (no further info). Irene Herman who married Frank Lester. I am interested in any information about this family.

ARMITAGE posted by David Byron Kimball on Monday, December 15, 1997

ARMITAGE, Thomas Jefferson: b 16 Nov 1808 to parents Shewbart Armitage and Sarah Macomber who resided in Philadelphia Co, PA. He was in that place until at least 1821. Sometime after this he is believed to have migrated to Alexandria, Rapides, LA, where he appears in the 1850 U.S. Census.

POWELL, SCHOOLING posted by Mona E. Bailey O'Gorman on Monday, December 15, 1997

Looking for information on ELASBETH POWEL b u/k d u/k probably in VA. She md FRANCIS SCHOOLING, 21 March 1751 in Providence Twsp which was part of Philadelphia Co. at the time. They moved to VA ca 1760 and they had three sons that we know of. They were JAMES, JOSEPH and FRANCIS. We would appreciate any help we can get on this family. Thank You

GOUCHER, GOUGER, GOUGHER posted by William Searfoss on Monday, December 15, 1997

Searching GOUCHER, GOUGHER, GOUGER. WILLIAM born about 1795. Wife ANNA. given names that run in the family: George, Joseph, James, Henry, Harrison, Mary, ALSO! HENDRICK GOUGER who immigrated on the ship "William and Sarah" that sailed into Philadelphia 18 Sept 1727

GORMAN posted by William Searfoss on Monday, December 15, 1997

Searching PETER GORMAN aka JOHN PETER GORMAN born March 1850. rumored to have come form swden. Had a unknown wife who died April 1885. Moved to Stroudsburg Monroe Co.

MAJOR posted by Walter Smith on Monday, December 15, 1997

MAJOR ,Charles Edward . Wife was Cleora Vey SALSGIVER, but went by Virginia. Brothers: Clifford Nick name Kippy, Alfred n.n. Happy, Thomas and Fredrick. Sisters or half sisters: Lillian Maude ,Maggie or Margret and Estille. Belived to live in the German town area 1920s to the late 40s. Charles father was Rudolph and his mother was Madge BIGNEY. Rudolph owned a candy store in Halifax Canada. There are supposed to be a lot of Majors in the Philly area we're related to.

DWIER, DWYER, FUNK, RUH, SOWDEN posted by Lynda Collings on Monday, December 15, 1997


SUCKLING, SUTLING posted by Marion Clare on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am searching for information about my Great Aunt, Eleanor (Nellie) Sutling or Suckling. Born in England c. 1871 she emigrated to Philadelphia around 1898 to become nanny to a family called Furnival. She worked for the same family through three generations of children and died aged around 90 about 1960-62. I don't know if she married or had children. Any help please would be appreciated.

TAYLOR, TOOLE posted by Gail Zenner on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am looking for information on Robert F. Taylor who lived in Philadelphia during the 1860's and 70's. He was married to Emla Toole also of Philadelphia. He was born in Taylorsville, PA. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you

FOXHILL posted by Kathy Foxhill Robbins on Monday, December 15, 1997

My maiden name is FOXHILL and I would like any information on the FOXHILL family of Philadelphia County. They lived in the Spring Garden ward. Other names of interest are Crosland, Snider and McCracken, all of whom married Foxhills.

COBB, WALKER posted by Hubert F. Cobb on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am looking for any information on Nathan Cobb, who married Mary Ann Walker Feb. 26, 1795, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, PA. Was he the son of Nathan and Jerusha (Harlow) Cobb of Lewis Co., NY. Where did he die?

BERTELS posted by Paul Kivler on Monday, December 15, 1997

Looking for information on Sara B. & Arron BERTELS

HAROLD, SWEENEY posted by Peggy Moffitt on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am looking for information on my grandparents JOHN L/F HAROLD and SARAH CATHERINE SWEENEY. At the archives I've been able to find that John's parents were FRANCIS HAROLD and MARY nee GOWAN - both of whom came over from Ireland. Francis and Mary married in Philadelphia in 1866. John was born in 1869, and Sarah in 1883. John had a furniture store on the 23rd block of Lehigh Avenue in Philadelphia until the depression. Anyone with any information - it'd be greatly appreciated!

ADAM, SARLAT posted by Sharon Miller Williamson on Monday, December 15, 1997

A John ADAMS was my gggg-grandfather. A brief Family History distributed in 1954 states, and I quote, "This young Frenchman was one of the three thousand soldiers who were soon to embark and sail to far away America." It goes on to say that he was a drummer boy. (17 years old) and that after Cornwallis surrendered to General Washington and the French troops went home, John ADAMS hung back and stayed in America. This is where Philadelphia is involved; ( I QUOTE ) "Soon young ADAMS sought the capitol of the new Government which had been established at Philadelphia. Here he was apprenticed to a cabinet maker and for seven years diligently plied his trade." Another source, (Watauga County Heritage - NC Vol. 1) States that his French name was "JEAN ADAM DE SARLAT " and that while in Philadelphia he had his name changed to " JOHN ADAMS" After seven years as an apprentice he left Philadelphia and was on a whaling ship for 2 years and eventually landed on the coast of NC. Rowan County (NC) Census records for 1790 show a John Adams. Marriage records for Rowan County NC show John Adams marrying Esther Hawkins in 1795. Figuring on these time spans loosely works with what I understand was the departure of the French troops which had come over to help General Washington. What I am looking for:
1 - Any record of a name change from JEAN ADAM DE SARLAT to JOHN ADAMS.
2 - Any record of any 1780 - 1788 Philadelphia cabinet maker having an apprentice by either of those names.
3 - Any record of a French soldier drummer who was on one of the 14 frigates carrying French troops and commanded by Count d'Estang and eventually landing on the coast of Rhode Island.
4 - Would also appreciate any link for getting more information about those French Ships and who were the soldiers on them.

WEGERLIN, WEIGLEY posted by Barbara Wegley Anderson on Monday, December 15, 1997

Paulus w/wife, Obtilia and children (under 16) Jacob, Katharina, Anna Clara and Obtilia arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Johnson Galley Sept. 18, 1732. They may have lived in Salford Twp. (now Montgomery Co. PA) until moving to Lancaster Co. prior to 1744. If anyone has any information on this family I would be very grateful. Other children: Adam, John, Philip and Barbara were born in PA; Adam in Lancaster Co. in 1744. Thanks,

GNAP, GNAPP, SUBERLAK posted by Elizabeth Miller on Monday, December 15, 1997

Searching for information regarding Jan (John) Gnapp/Gnap who was born 24 June 1892 in Rokietnica Poland. Emmigrated to USA in 1912. Married Sophia Suberlak (b.29 Sept 1894 in Jaroslaw Poland) on 14 July 1914 in Philadelphia PA. They had the following children while in Philadelphia area. The family lived in the Phillip Street area.
Mary Gnapp b. 1914;
Josephine Gnapp b. 1915;
Helen Gnap b. abt 1916 d. 1918;
Julia Gnap b. 12 Dec 1918;
Jennie Rose Gnap b.4 July 1920
Family moved to Fruitville, Montgomery County, PA sometime between 1920 and 1922. I would like to uncover when & where John and Sophia Gnap came to the USA and uncover where their child Helen is buired. Any assistance would be appreciated.

KEHOE, WEEMS posted by Paul Carr on Monday, December 15, 1997

James and Mary (COLLEN) KEHOE came from Co. Wexford, Ireland abt. 1890. Residence in (South) Phila. They were Catholic. They had one daughter (possibly other children) named Mary KEHOE born 5/4/1878 in Co. Wexford, Ireland She was 12 when they came to USA. Mary (daughter) married William A. WEEMS (b. 2/1/1876 Balt., MD) in 1897. Trying to locate KEHOE FAMILY IN Phila. after their arrival abt. 1890.

DICH, DYCH, MILLER posted by Paul Carr on Monday, December 15, 1997

Albert MILLER born (according to his Phila. PA marriage license application of 1901) October 5, 1877 in Chicago, IL. Albert MILLER married Irene DYCH/DICH (born according to marriage app.) October 9, 1879 in Phila., PA Irene DYCH/DICH fathers name (possibly) Howard. Albert and Irene had several childen, one being my father Albert Henry Miller born November 19, 1905 in (according to available information) Phila., 1900 Phila., PA census lists Albert MILLER living with a Frank MILLER (probably brother) born December 1870 in Germany, as boarder @ 1337 4th st. Phila., PA and working for the railroad as Fireman. Albert MILLER (1877) dissappeared (presumably abandoning his family) about 1908. I am trying to locate more information on Albert MILLER (b. 1877) Albert MILLER (b 1905) and Irene DYCH/DICH (b.1879).

KAERCHER, NESLIE posted by Nancy Kaercher Evans on Monday, December 15, 1997

I am looking for any info on the GEORGE FREDERICK KAERCHER , this was my great grandfather who was from ALSACE-LORRAINE,to Phila. and his son LEROY U. KAERCHER,my grand father.George married SOPHIE NESLIE,who died in Oct.1918 of Influenza.

COUTEAU posted by Robert Couteau on Monday, December 15, 1997

I'm interested in any information concerning the COUTEAU family. They lived in Philadelphia between 1800 and the 1870s. They were listed continuously in the Philadelphia city directories during that time. I'm particularly interested in locating their burial place. Thank you...

BROOKS posted by Sandra McRae on Monday, December 15, 1997

HARVEY K. BROOKS, a native of Philadelphia born ca. 1820. Any info on him or his family would be appreciated.

BANFIELD, BENFIELD, MANDLIN posted by Sharon Sustar on Monday, December 15, 1997

John Banfield's will of Philadelphia Co., PA, 1748 Book G makes mention of wife Mary, son Thomas (who appears to have married Ruth Mandlin), and brother Thomas (who md Mary Hill) and his children. Deed also refers to friend, Ruth Mandlin. Looking for deed or marriage info that would produce names of any other children or maiden name of wife. Seeking info as to when these 2 Banfield/Benfield brother's came to PA. Deed witnessed by George Boone, Tomothy Millard, James Kerner and John Dunckley.


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