Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Posted Queries for March 1997


SHEETS posted by Mary Ann Gould on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am seeking information on my great grandmother's family which was in Philadelphia before the Revolution -one of the early German settlers.

DENNY, GRAHAM, HARDIE, MCCLURE posted by Mary Ann Donohoe on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Richard DENNY landed in Philadelphia in the late 1700s, he may have come from England or Ireland.He married Elizabeth MCCLURE bap.1772, her mother Janet GRAHAM MCCLURE b. 1750 m. her father Samuel MCCLURE 1771 from the Scots Church of Phil PA records in Presbyterian Historical Soc. Elizabeth MCCLURE'S sister Mary m. Robert HARDIE,Jr whose parents were Robert & Marthe HARDIE of Philadelphia. The DENNY'S moved to Richmond VA.

SIMON posted by Cyndy Simon on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Looking for information on Henry SIMON born ca. 1810 in Phila., PA. Resided in Passyunk area in 1850 Census with wife Hannah and 8 children. May have had an earlier marriage. Baptisms of 3 children listed in records of Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Trinity in South Philly - George(b.1846),Rebecca(b.1844) and Louisa(b.1836). Church established in about 1842. Trying to find birth references for other 5 children, earlier than above births. Would be really helpful to find birth reference for Henry and names of his parents. Many earlier church records are evidently in German!!! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

BARTLING, ZUBER posted by Sharla Bertram on Saturday, March 15, 1997

We are searching for information on Dr. BARTLING. What was his full name? When did he arrive in Philadelphia, on what ship? Did he maintain a medical practice in Philadelphia? Was there a will and did it identify his wife? When did he die? Did he have more than two children?
Dr. Bartling emigrated to Philadelphia between 1760 and 1764 from Denmark, via London. Dr. Bartling's daughter, Mary Tureday Bartling, married our 4g-grandfather Abraham ZUBER in Philadelphia in 1764. Abraham met Mary in a Lutheran Church meeting in Philadelphia. The Zubers lived in Lancaster Co. PA until 1786, when they moved to GA.
Dr. Bartling had two children, Mary (b. 1745-1750 in Denmark) and Chrislieb. Chrislieb remained in Philadelphia, and had two sons, Henry and Charles, who were shipmasters.

CAMERER, KAMMERER posted by Gary R Camerer on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am searching the surname CAMERER or KAMMERER for earlier settlers. Johann Camerer, my 5greats grandfather was from? Westmorland county, PA, and his son Henry, my 4greats grandfather was born 16 June 1764 in Philadelphia county, PA. I am interested in any info that may be available, and am willing to do research in St. Louis area for anyone interested.

SACHSE posted by Dick Johnson on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Looking for information on ROBERT SACHSE a Philadelphia Policemen who lived on PARISH ST and had three children,ROBERT , ANNA and LILLIAN German immigrent I have no other information,except buried in Mt Moriah Cemetary Philadelphia,Pa. Thank YOU for any help

DRUCKENMILLER, EVERLY, SILL, THOMPSON posted by Tommy Thompson on Saturday, March 15, 1997

My Father was born of Thomas T. & Emma M. (DRUCKENMILLER) Thompson, He was born in Castle Valley on 5/23/32. My Grandparents lived at 1939 E. Lippincot St. Phila.,(34) Pa. in the 1940's. I am looking for my fathers birth certificate or at least where to write for it.My g-g-grandparents were SILL on my g-grandfathers side and EVERLY on my g-grandmothers side.

KIRCHMANN posted by J.Sherrell McKee on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Searching for any and all Kirchmann information in Philadelphia,Pa. With special interest to Albert George Kirchmann & George Henry Kirchmann. Albert was born in Phila.Pa.July 4, 1877 ...Would like to hear from anyone who has information regarding this surname.

JOYNT posted by Catherine Joynt Labath on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Searching for any info on JOYNT families. Charles JOYNT was listed as being in Ward 3, Philadelphia City, PA in 1820. Edward JOYNT was listed as being in Philadelphia Co. at 20 W. 1d in Philadelphia in 1860. Searching JOYNTs anywhere, anytime.

STACEY posted by Mary-Lew Renninger on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am looking for any information on the Stacey family (gr.father Harry A. and father George Wesley) from Phila, Hatboro, Warminster, Churchville area. for genealogy study of my family. Any clue will help .Thanks

MCGREGOR posted by Nancy Bubeck on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Looking for information on Joseph McGregor. We have a marriage certificate dated June 9, 1887. Married to Mary Hughes in Philadelphia, Pa. Number on marriage certificate is 11487. Information on Joseph's ancestors and possible to links Scotland.

HOLBROOK posted by Florence Lucero on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Jacob Holbrook and wife Amelia (Carmelia) came over from England about 1832 or 1834. Children Joseph Holbrook 1833-1913, Elizabeth Holbrook 1835, Henry Holbrook 1837-1861, James Holbrook 1843-1892, William Holbrook 1842, Frankie Holbrook, 1849, Mary Holbrook, 1849. They are listed in the 1840 Moyamensing S and 1850 Locust Census for Philadelphia. I have not been able to find out where they came from other than England. The first three children were also born in England. I was able to locate Jacob's information on becoming a citizen of the United States, it only states that he came from England. I have information on Joseph Holbrook and James Holbrook. They moved to New Mexico. Any info would be greatly appreaciated.

BOWMAN, BROWER, DECKER, LUCKENS, WARNOCK posted by Jack Bowman on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Searching for further information on James K. BOWMAN born abt 1821 died bfr 1883, married abt 1842 Isabella (possibly) WARNOCK born abt 1821 died abt 1893. All children born in Philadelphia: James K. 1843-1846, Abbie K. 1847-?, James K. 1848-?, William K. 1851-1870, Charles P. 1856-? married Lidie W., Isabella Warnock 1857-? married 1890 John Bunn BROWER, Thomas Snodgrass 1858-? married 1890 Pauline Augusta DECKER, George W. 1862-1937 married 1883 Mary B. LUCKENS. Need any information on any members of this family.

DUFFY, HARKIN, MCCUE posted by Bob Johnson on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Seeking information on the HARKIN family of Philadelphia.
NEAL HARKIN and wife MARY DUFFY HARKIN immigrated from Greenock, Scotland to Philly about 1860. A Catholic family, they had 13 children. Both Neal and Mary apparently died between 1883 and 1888. Neal's parent may have been Hugh Harkin and Rose McFadyn or McGinley; Mary's parents may have been Mary or Jane Murphy and John Duffy, all from Greenock. There is reason to believe they may have ties to County Donegal, Ireland. Mary Duffy had a sister Ellen Duffy.
Children (all born between 1858 and 1883 in Philadelphia):
Huey - NFD
James - reported lived in Dallas, TX
Marie (MAME) - married Barney McCue, children Rose, Eleanor, Grace, Mae
Michael - reportedly lived in York, PA
Neal - NFD
Hannah - married a Hess
Kathryn - married 1)Ed Hill, 2)Turner
Rose Gertrude - b. 1879, married Martin Wilson Johnson, Delaware
Ellen - married an Orr or Gallagher, died Conshohocken, PA
Margaret - b. 1883, married Thomas Smith, lived Trenton, NJ
I would appreciate any information on the family.

UNDERCOFFLER, UNDERKOFFLER posted by Robin Sutherland on Saturday, March 15, 1997

David UNDERKOFFLER (UNDERCOFFLER) born 1755 and d. 1831 in FREDERICK TWP., maried Elizabeth. He was the son of John Jacob UNDERKOFFLER m. 1749 and d. 1789 and Mary Eva SCHNEIDER b. 2-17-1800. Any information would be appreciated .

HAMMAN, HOMAN posted by Robin Sutherland on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Looking for information on Frederick HAMMAN, spouse unknown, who had the following children; Catherine HOMAN b. Dec 25, 1763 in GERMANTOWN, PA. : Susanna HOMAN b. March 15, 1773.

WYNNE posted by Robin Sutherland on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Looking for any information concerning Dr. Thomas WYNNE, who came over from England on the ship WELCOME with William PENN in 1682. He originally had 5,000 acres, including a lot in Philadelphia. His children by his wife Martha BUTTALL were, Mary b. abt 1659, Rebecca b. abt. 1662, Sydney b. 1666, Hannah, Tabitha, and Jonathan Jr. b. 1669. I would like to find the heirs of Jonathan. Jonathan married Sarah GRAVES (Greaves) and had the following male children, Thomas 1695-1757, John b. 1697, and Jonathan Jr. 1704-1788. Any information of the next several generations of male WYNN'S (WYNN, WIN) would be appreciated.

CUSTER, KESTER, KUESTER posted by Tim Kirkham on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am researching the above names and am trying to find any information about the first group of these people that came from Rheiland Germany and into Philadelphia County,PA in the late 1690's and early 1700's and settled into Germantown. I am also trying very hard to find out information on my Isaac Castor born in 1738, place of birth unknown who married Susan Hepon, no information known about. I am very much trying to locate information on this individual trying to establish for certain who is parents where for sure.

GALLOUP, LOVELL posted by Darlena M. McDaniel on Saturday, March 15, 1997

looking for information on margaret LOVELL, wife of john galloup. they lived inphiladelphia 1780-1810. john died poss, around 1830, and his wife moved to catherine- horsehead region of new york, where her family came from. john and margaret had four children, joseph, john, benjamine,and ann.

BRACKIN posted by Wayne Brackin on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Information on the birth of Harry Gustav Brackin, born August 19, 1869 in Philadelphia.

LONSDALE posted by Helen (Roudebush) Lonsdale on Saturday, March 15, 1997

LONSDALE, Robert m. Anna HILL c. 1807 Jenkintown. Two sons born in Philadelphia Co.--John H. (b. 14 March 1809) and Robert (b. 6 April 1811). After father Robert's death, Anna and her two sons returned to Leicester, England (where her husband had also been born). Son John and family returned to Germantown Pa c. 1862. Son Robert and family returned to Pa 1844.

LONG posted by Jules Ohrin-Greipp on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I was born Joseph Long on July 19, 1947 in Abington Memorial Hospital. It is posssible that my mother or father lived in Philadelphia. The adoption by Frank and Jeanette Greipp was finalized in Philadelphia. My uncle, Abbott Koffler, who owned Leader Furniture in Trevose, PA, was instrumental in setting up the adoption. The attorney was George Celain, and the attending physician was Bruce Ambler.
I have a full sister who is about 1 1/2 to 2 years older than I am, which would probably place her year of birth in 1945. She was raised by her maternal grandmother.
I do not know if my mother or father's name was LONG; I am not sure what the practice was at the time. I am told that my father was married and had his own family.
Any information would be appreciated.

GOLDEN posted by Joan Serre on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am researching my grandmother MARY ELIZABETH GOLDEN, who was born in Philadelphia on February 21, 1889. As far as I know, she was a twin but her sister died at birth. Her father, I believe, was WILLIAM GOLDEN. I am trying to find out the name of her mother who died when she was very young. I am not sure whether William was married to her mother as I found a marriage record for him when my grandmother was ten months old. The family moved to New Jersey shortly after December 1889. I am also trying to locate any info on an EDWARD GOLDEN who married JANE FRENCH or a DANIEL GOLDEN who married JANE VAN DEYNE(I'm not sure of the spelling).
Thanks for any help I may get.

CREES, RUPERTUS, TROELLER, WOLFE posted by Ruth Romako on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Looking for information on TROELLER,RUPERTUS,CREES,and WOLFE. These families all lived in the Philadelphia area from mid 1800's on. Any help would be much appreciated.

JUDGE posted by Bob Spottswood on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am looking for information regarding the ancestors and descendants of James Judge, who was born in Ireland circa 1833 and emigrated to Pennsylvania some time prior to 1863, at the time of the 1880 census he was residing in Philadelphia. He was married to Margaret, maiden name unknown. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

GWYNN posted by Bob Spottswood on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am looking for information regarding the ancestors and descendants of Thomas Gwynn, who was born in Ireland circa 1831 and emigrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he was residing with his wife, Rachel, and 4 children at the time of the 1880 census. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

GIBSON, STINSMAN, STINSONMON posted by Robin Campbell on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am researching the ancestors/descendants of Charles STINSMAN (variation STINSONMON) b. 1831 Phila., who m. Amanda GIBSON b. Jan 1831 Phila, they had 5 children all born in Phila: George b. abt 1853, Annie b. abt 1853, Charles S b. 1863, Franklin b. 1865, and Amanda b. 22 Feb 1868 d. 21 Dec 1914 Phila. Is anyone else researching these folks?

LEE, MOORE, STINSMAN posted by Robin Campbell on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am researching the ancestors/descendants of William L LEE b. 1829 Phila, d. 16 Dec 1861 Phila who m. on 12 Aug 1855 Mary E MOORE b. 1835 Phila d. 3 Dec 1905 Phila. They had two sons, both born in Phila: Charles Florence b. 31 May 1857 d. 3 Mar 1879 and Lafayette b. 21 Jan 1859 d. bef 1940...Lafayette LEE married on 6 Feb 1899 Amanda STINSMAN b. 22 Feb 1868 Phila...they had 7 children. Is anyone else researching this family?

MYERS, UBER posted by Sheila Uber Myers on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am looking for any family history of Michael and Sarah (Myers) Uber. Their were 10 children in this family. I am looking for the partens of Michael. I know his falther is Lewis by have nothing on him. Appreciate any help.

REES posted by Michael Baird on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Seeking information on following REES families.Especially interested in William REES's parents and siblings. May have had brothers William and Ashford who relocated with him from Philadelphia to Patterson Creek/ Reese's Mill, VA area in late 1700's. May have first gone to Berkeley Co, VA, then Hampshire/Mineral Co area.
1 William Rees b: November 03, 1761 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
d: May 24, 1838 in Patterson Creek, Hampshire, West Virginia
+Elenor Davis b: June 26, 1769 d: February 23, 1855 in Patterson Creek, Hampshire, West Virginia
2 Thomas Rees b: November 05, 1788 in Patterson Creek, Hampshire, West Virginia
d: June 28, 1832 in Eusebia Cem, Mineral Co, WV
+Margaret Thompson b: June 01, 1790 d: November 06, 1843 in Roseland Cem, Salem Twp, IN
3 William Rees b: March 07, 1818 in Romney, Hampshire, West Virginia
d: November 10, 1880 in Monticello, Indiana
+Louise Evans b: May 03, 1823 d: February 06, 1855
Thank You,

HILGERT, HILLIARD, WECKERLY posted by Gary T. Terwilliger on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am seeking information and/or the descendents of Abraham WECKERLY who was b. 1703 in Switzerland. Arrived Philadelphia aboard the ship Mercury in 1735. He was a member of the Rev. Maurice Goetschy party. He remarried in Philadelphia Catherine? according to will dated 1780. He had the following childred: Verena(Phroney) who arrived with him, Ullery(Ulrick),Peter who married Catherine Kerbach, and Anna who married David Mack(Mock). Am a descendent of John Weckerly Sr. b. 1777, living in Center Co. by 1816. He married MaryAnn?. In the tax lists of Center Co. a Peter Weckerly is listed for 1826 and 1827 when he died. Can anyone supply the mossing link? Is the Peter above mentioned the same Peter mentioned in Abraham's will? Is this John's father? Also would like info on wives surnames. I have the Swiss church records of Abraham's birth, marriage and birth of children by first wife,Catje Meyli. Also church records of direct line back to Mathias WECKERLY who d. 1631. Am willing to share information.
Also seeking information on Johan Franz HILGERT b. 2-1-1722 in Germany, d. 8-18-1797. Married Christine Mohney in Northhampton in 1751. Is thhis the Franz HIHGERT who arrived in Philadelphia 16 Sep, 1751 aboard the ship Edinburg? Am descendent of their son George John Hilgert, also called Guy Hilliard who married Margaret Emmerich.

BURKHARDT, CALVERT posted by Shirley Jones on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Looking for information on BURKHARDT, Bernard F, his father name BURKHARDT, Magnus. Last known address N Croskey St Philadelphia, Pa in 1920. Would like to know name of mother and G-Parents. Bernard had a sister name Clara BURKHARDT and a brother name Frank BURKHARDT or Francis BURKHARDT.
Looking for family of Frederick CALVERT dob abt 1875.

ZIMMERMAN posted by Michael Grube on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am searching for a Anna Zimmerman who immigrated from Germany (Maybe her parents immigrated and she was already born in the U.S.). Last contact was in 1954 on a postcard, last known address of Anna is 1626 W.Fairmont Ave, Philadelphia, PA. She must have died between late 1954 and 1959. I also know there must've been relatives named Kathy, Betty-Jane and Carl as well as Kathy's niece Noel and Betty's boyfriend George. Kathy and Betty must've been around age 14-25 in 1954, Carl and Noel must've been around 5 or 10. Last known address of the latter four is "Benton, PA, R.D.2".

COATE, COATES, COATS posted by Charlotte A. Coats on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am researching Coate. James Coates m Mary Watson. Many Coates were Quakers, but I'm looking for land records or other information that will tell me about this family, their children and if they left any wills etc. James also had a brother by the name of Samuel Coates m Mary Saunders. Any infor on their children, where they went, wills etc. would be most appreciated.

BERGSTR, BERGSTROM posted by Lars Hagstrom on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I will confess that I know this won't be the right place to put questions on. But I did find you on the Net and I'm taking a chans that you can help this question go further on. I'm searching for my mothers grandpa-ma David Bergstrom b. 1855-04-14 in Floda bruk, Skallsjö Sweden and his wife, Emma Sofia Svensdotter, b. 1856-12-29, Bölet, Skallsjö, Sweden. They did left Sweden around 1882. Picuters I got shows that they been in a studio in New England. A cd will tell me they was going to Philadelphia. They got two sons, Carl and Axel and a daughter. That's all I know. My uncles did burn all lettes from the States back home!
Of course I will understand that you're not able to do the work for me. But perhaps you will know the right place for me. It's so frustation knowing my roots back to 1100 and couldn't catch people wich are so cloose to me in time.

HANEY, MATCHINSKY posted by Jerri Matchinsky on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Seek info on marriage of Louis Paul MATCHINSKY (b. 18 Jul 1840 in Prussia, son of August MATCHINSKY) and Agnes T. HANEY (b. 13 Mar 1849 in Philadelphia, daughter of Michael HANEY and Jane). Their son Henry was born 1 Dec 1863 in Philadelphia. Also seek info about from where these families came in Prussia and Ireland. The HANEYs came to Philadelphia from Ireland by way of Canada.

KENNEDY posted by Linda J. Grey on Saturday, March 15, 1997

My great grandfather was William Elliot Kennedy. He was born by the Schuykill River in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 8, 1858. I know his father was an attorney. If anyone has any information on who his parents were and if he had any brothers or sisters please e-mail me. thank you for your help!

SHARP posted by Debbie White on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am trying to find George SHARP. Born in 1834 in Yorkshire England. It is believed he moved to Philadelphia just after he resigned his commission (from the English Army) in 1862 and died in the Civil War. He would have been about 30 years old. His two brothers, Phillip Henry SHARP (age 34) and Herbert SHARP (age 23), came to Phildelphia in 1871. Any information any of the three would be appreciated.

BOND posted by Susan P. Canney on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am looking for the parents of Eliza BOND who was born 27 Dec 1847 Philadelphia, PA, married 2 Dec 1863 Philadelphia to Wesley William WOOD who was stationed in Philadelphia during the Civil War. Eliza had sister Julia b. 1834/5 who married a SOLEY and Harriet b. 1841 Philadelphia who married 11 July 1860 Philadelphia to Robert BUTLER.

WELCH posted by Josephthomas A. Bergen on Saturday, March 15, 1997


CURRY, WALKER posted by Lin Van Buren on Saturday, March 15, 1997

William WALKER arrived in Philadelphia in 1710 and soon thereafter married ELIZABETH CURRY and had a son JOHN WALKER. I have read this, but I'd like to know how I can find the primary documentation to prove this. Was there any CURRY will which names a daughter Elizabeth WALKER? All help/advice is welcome.

SECKEL, SICKEL, SICKELS, SICKLE, SICKLES posted by Rita Hornberger on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Georg Friedrich Seckel of Schwabisch Hall, Germany had 12 children - 6 of which came to the USA - we know that 3 stayed in the Philadelphia area - Johann David Seckel, Johann Wilhelm Seckel, Jurg David Seckel - we can find no trace of Susanna Margarete Seckel, Johann Michael Seckel or Susanne Katherine Seckel - Susanna Margarete and Susanne Katherine may have been married before leaving Germany and that may explain their disappearance but can find no record of Johann Michael after arriving - The name has been spelled Seckel, Sickel, Sickle, Sickles, Sickels over the years and Johann Michael may have gone to New York - any help would be appreciated
Another question is was there some sort of epidemic in 1815 that would wipe out seven close relatives between April and Nov?

ROUTLEDGE, RUTLEDGE posted by Daniel Rutledge on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am seeking information on my anscestor, William Routledge (Rutledge),b. 1654 in Hustanton, England and d. Mar. 30, 1728 in Abington, PA. Married Mary (Last name unk.) of Skipton, Yorkshire, England who died 1726 in Bucks Co. This William is mentioned in the Abstract of Philadelphia Co., PA (Book E, pg.78), and appears to have also resided in Bucks County, PA.
I would like any information on this William Routledge, his wife's maiden name and history, and any information on William's father, John Routledge, b.1616 in England and believed to have landed in Pennsylvania on the good ship, "Merchant's Hope" around 1635. The passenger roll for that voyage shows a "Jo. Rowledge" and I believe this to be William's father, but have never found definitive proof.

HENRY, LAY posted by K. Edward Lay on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Wm HENRY m. Sophia -- and is listed in the 1800 Census, Tyrone Twp, Cumb Co (became Perry Co in 1820). They possibly had children: Eva Margaret HENRY b. bef 1755 who m. John LAY (my 4th GGP), and Nicholas HENRY m. -- MITCHELL? and lived in Mifflin Twp, Cumberland Co, PA.
Nicholas' son allegedly was John HENRY Sr (born 1759 Cresam Twp, Philadelphia Co, PA-died 1841 OH) who was a Revolutionary War soldier (1776-1778) in the Battles of Trenton and Princeton, returned to reside in Rockville, Bucks Co PA after the war, was the first person to build a log house in Henry's Valley in Perry County PA, and then changed his name to McHENRY and moved to Marlborough Twp, Stark Co, OH, sometime after 1828. At the time of his enlishment he was living in Smithfield Twp, Bucks Co, PA (Rev War Pension Claim S.2285).

HIGH, HOCH posted by K. Edward Lay on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Am seeking information on my following descent:
Hans HOCH (b. 1542 Basel, Switzerland) Saddler m. Magdalena ZELLER (my 12th GGP)
Hans Jakob HOCH (b. 1575) Tablemaker m. Barbara PAFF
Peter HOCH (b. 1599) Tablemaker m. Barbara BIRI
Hans Jacob HOCH (b. 1625) Carpenter m. Barbara TSCHUDI
Hans Rudolf HOCH Sr (b. 1661) m. Maria GISI
Rev Melchoir HOCH (b. 1703) (Came to America in 1717) m. Barbara --
Jacob HOCH m. Elizabeth LONGENECKER
Johannes HOCH (1742-1813) Mennonite Minister m. Magdalena SCHWEITZER
Jacob HIGH (d. 1837) m. Magdalena GABEL
Elizabeth HIGH (1793-1870) m. George LANDIS Sr
My 7th GGP were Melchoir and Barbara HOCH of Hanover Tp, Philadelphia Co., PA. Their son, Jacob HIGH, married Elizabeth LONGENECKER, daughter of Rev. Daniel LONGACRE (1666 Switzerland- 1756 Lancaster Co, PA) and Elizabeth -- and granddaughter of David LANGENEGGER (b. 1642) and Madlin GERBER. Jacob HIGH, in turn, had a son, Rev. Johannes HIGH (1742-1813), who married Magdalena SCHWEITZER (1745-1834) (my 5th GGP) and resided in N. Coventry Tp., Chester Co., PA. She was the daughter of Jacob SCHWEITZER (c 1720-1746) and Mary HALDERMAN (c 1720-1806) and the granddaughter of Hans SWEITZER (b. Switzerland-d. c 1748) and wife Elizabeth and Nicholas HALDEMAN, Sr. (b. bef 1686 Switzerland and d. 1762 Coventry Tp, Chester Co, PA) and wife Mary (SURVEY OF IMMIGRANTS OF THE HALDEMAN FAMILY TO MONTGOMERY . . ., v. 21, PA GEN MAG by Rev Carl Thurman Smith). Johannes and Magdalena HIGH's one son, Jacob HIGH, Sr. (1769-1837) 1m. Magdalena GABEL (1772-1797). She was the daughter of Henrich GABEL (1734 Alsace, FR - 1828 Berks Co) and Elizabeth BUTTERWECK (1741-1817) and the granddaughter of Anna SOWERS and her 1st husband John GABEL, Sr. who died on the voyage to America.
Johannes (1742-1813) and Magdalena HIGH (my 5th GGP) had the following known children:
John? HIGH
David HIGH (Phila Tavern owner)
Catharine HIGH (1784-1886) (8th of 11 children & she also had 11 children) m John GABEL (d. 1823), son of Henry GABEL
Jacob HIGH, Sr. (1769-1837) 1m. Magdalena GABEL (1772-1797) (my 4th GGP) She was the daughter of Henrich GABEL (1734 Alsace, FR - 1828 Berks Co) and Elizabeth BUTTERWECK (1741-1817).
This Mennonite family can be found in the Hoch-High Family by Dr. J. Hampton Hoch, 1978.

MACFALL, MCFALL posted by Juanita Stokely on Saturday, March 15, 1997

i have been looking for anything on the john galloup, and so far have been unsuccessful, John Galloup married a MARGARET MACFALL, or MCFALL, so i am going to try to find him thru MARGARET MACFALL or MC FALL, theey were married in penn. or n.y., in est. 1785 1790, they had 4 children, ANN JOHN BENJAMIN and JOSEPH. we believe BENJAMIN our direct ancestor was born in 1795 or 1796. any information i get i would appreciate, and thank you.

MCCRACKEN posted by Becky Adkins on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I'm trying to find the names of the parents of Matthew McCRACKEN, born Philadelphia, APR 1, 1855. His mother died shortly after his birth. His father remarried and had at least one son by his second wife, named James. Matthew and James' grandfather is supposedly a James McCRACKEN who fought in Revolutionary War under McCullin out of PA. Any information is appreciated.

CLIFTON posted by Jack Clifton on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I have information on the Clifton Family that Came from Cornwall England in 1887 , they lived at 1320 Jackson ST. I have traced the family back to 1602.

VANDIKE, VANDYKE posted by Stephen J. Van Dyke on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I'm looking for information about my gggg-grandfather, Henry VANDYKE/VANDIKE. He lived in Fayette Co, Pa around 1800-1820 before moving to Jefferson Co., Ohio. I believe he was born around Philadelphia in 1785. I am also trying to find his father Ferdinand VANDIKE who died around Philadelphia soon after Henry's birth.

SAHLER, SEHLER, SEILER posted by Ken Saylor on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Until 1784, what is now Montgomery County was part of Philadelphia County. I am trying to find information on two Peter "Sehler's" who were buried in the Trappe Lutheran Cemetery in Limerick, Montgomery county. One was buried in 1751 and one in 1757. Hopefully, I will be able to identify which one is my direct ancestor if I can get additional information.
For the information of anyone else researching this line, the direct male descendents from Peter are: Peter, Jr., John, Jacob, Henry, Charles, Lloyd, and Kenneth.
I am quite willing to exchange information.

PEHLERT posted by Georgi L.Otis on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Searching for info on william henry pehlert
born Phila Jan 4,1866
Died Feb 17,1942

MEHRER posted by Daryl Ann Tesar on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Searching for Mehrer relatives who may have came to area in 1850 and after. My great grandmother Rose Mehrer (Katherine Rosina Mehrer) came to New York in 1883 and then went to Philadelphia to visit Mehrer relatives. Her Mother Frederike Karoline Nee Wurst Mehrer and sisters Pauline and Marie came in 1885. Marie married a Carl Vogel from Philadelphia in Chicago in 1886. All of the above settled in Chicago. When Frederika Karoline nee Wurst Mehrer died in 1913, train fare was paid for the Mehrer relatives to attend the funeral. Pauline died in 1892 and was married to a Mr. Maier and then to William Edwards. Mary was married to a Carl Vogel who died in Philadelphia in 1888, she then married a Leon Auer in Chicago, Il. She died in 1953. Rose married a Charles Mueller in Chicago, Il and then married a James Meissner. Rose died in 1950.

BISHOP posted by Daniel George Bishop on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Searching for information on the life of Rev. Gara BISHOP, MD, and family prior to 1827, Family was enumerated in Philadelphia Co., Kensington, by the U.S.Census of 1820. Gara (also found as Gary) b. 18 Oct 1788, in Connecticut (U.S.Census 1850), m. date and place unknown to Sarah/ b. 21 Jun 1799, place unk., who d. 1 Jun 1857 in Brookville, Jefferson, Pa. Gara d. Brookville 17 Oct 1852. Ch. were William E., b. abt. 1820,d. 23 Sep 1878, Venango Co., Pa.; Sarah Ann, d. 1896 in Brookville, Pa.; Samuel Barclay, b. 19 Jul 1815, d. 26 Mar 1856, Brookville, Pa.; Jacob Janeway Jones, d. 1888; Emma, b. abt. 1833, d. 5 Nov 1800, Brookville, Pa.; Ezra Stiles Ely, d. 1888; and Louisa.
Gara's theological training was received in the Philadelphia area in the Presbyterian Church. It has been reported that he also read medicine in conjunction with his studies for the ministry. His first appointment by Presbytery of Philadelphia was to Presbytery of Huntingdon, Pa., which sent him to 1st Presbyterian Church of Clearfield, Clearfield, Pa. There is a fairly substantial body of information available about his life in Clearfield and Jefferson counties, however nothing has been found to date on his life in Philadelphia and earlier. He appears in the minutes of the Gen. Assy., Pres. Ch. of Pa., and two references have been found that state that he received formal academic training at Yale Univ. and Princeton Theological Seminary, but no record of completion found at either institution.
Information sought about this person and his family that would lead to Gara's place of birth and parents; Sarah's date and place of birth and parents. Also, date and place of birth of children.
Will gladly share all information concerning this family in exchange for any of above stated info.

CARTY, LAWLER posted by Anne Carty Adams on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Looking for any info on James CARTY, b. 1866, Co. Wexford, Ire. Imm - abt 1889. Lived at 902 Ogden St. - 1900's - early 1920's, then found at 905 Parrish St. Family - members of Assumption B.V.M. Church. James died 17 Oct 1940. His wife, Mary LAWLER was b. abt 1875, Co. Carlow, Ire and immigrated abt. 1887. She died 31 Dec 1924. Both are buried at Holy Cross cemetery, Yeadon, PA.
These are my paternal grandparents and this is about all I know of them.
Thank you,

KREINBERG posted by Grant Kreinberg on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Looking for any information on Kreinberg families in Philadelphia, beginning about 1850. Have information on other branches and will share information. Appreciate any information.

GLEASON, MCCONNELL posted by Susan B. Fitzgerald on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Looking for any information on Jere(Jeremiah?) Gleason and spouse Katherine McConnell, who were in Philadelphia in 1877. They moved to New Orleans the next year. They had a son Walter Lewis Gleason, b. 1877 and 2 daughters, Etta and Welcome. I don't know the birthdates of the daughters. Any information greatly appreciated.

LUCKENBILL posted by Birke Luckenbill on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Am looking for info on Hendrik & Johann Luckenbill who arrived Philadelphia August 29 1730 aboard the ship Thistle. The next info I have regards the marriage of Christian Luckenbill to Catherine Kline in 1779. I am trying to fill in the 49 year gap between these two events. The ancestors of Hendrik and Johan are believed to have moved to the Schuykill - Berks - Lancaster county area some time after 1730. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

NEILL posted by Jerry Roebke on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am searching for information about Henry Saint John O'Neill of Philadelphia in the 1860's. He may be the father of my GGGfather Henry Saint John Joseph O'Neill who was born there in 1863. Thanks,

SURBER posted by Rose Harnden on Saturday, March 15, 1997

My Henry Surber came to America in about 1734 from Switzerland, he was born 8 Jan 1719 in Steinmaur, Zurick,Swit. he married in Phil. Co,Pa and had five children, Barbara, in 1740, Jacob in 1744, Henry in 1746, Joseph in 1749 and my 5th great grandfather, Adam in 1751 all born in Germantown,Pa. I would like to know who Henry married and I'm sure it was in Phil. Co,PA. He and his family left Pa. and went to Va. where Henry died 28 Sep 1754 in Federick Co. All of his decendants lived in Va. mainly in Washington Co. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

CASTOR, KRAMER, RAYMOND, RIMER, RYMOND posted by Christine E. Johnson on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am searching for information on WILLIAM R(A)YMOND who was born in Bucks County around 1813. I would like to know who his parents were. He eventually moved to Frankford, Philadelphia, PA. were he died on 8 March 1890 at age 77 and was buried in North Cedar Hill Cemetary. He lived on the corner of Penn and Harrison Streets with his daughter Annie Eliza and her husband Lewis Franklin Castor. It states on his death certificate that he was married at the time of his death. I would like to know what his wife's name was. He also served in the 28th and 147th PVVI during the civil war. He may have had a brother named HENRY R(A)YMOND who was married to a HELEN KRAMER. Their daughter MARY JANE R(A)YMOND married THOMAS ELLWOOD CASTOR. It is stated in a CASTOR genealogy that MARY JANE and ANNIE ELIZA RIMER were sisters. I am wondering if they were cousins or sisters? Any information on these families would be deeply appreciated.

CLARK, MACLACHLAN posted by Rob Donaldson-Webster on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Alexander Robertson MACLACHLAN married Margaret CLARK on 19 July 1895 at Wakefield Presbyterian Church, Germantown, Philadelphia. They were my great grandparents. At the time of issue of their marriage license, Margaret gave her residence as Bryn Mawr, Montgomery County Pa., her occupation was housekeeper. Margaret was born in Scotland on 5 Mar 1859 and appears to have entered the USA in 1891. I have no hard information on her before the marriage date, or again until the 1900 US census when she and husband Alex. turn up in Morganton, NC. I am keen to know where Margaret may have been working prior to the marriage, and when and how she entered into the USA. Alexander lived at 4321 Wayne Avenue, Germantown, Pa., prior to the marriage. Alex. was born in Scotland on 15 December 1868, 69 or 70 - I have very little information on him at all prior to the marriage, in particular, I have no place of birth, or parents names which would help me to identify his birthdate/place exactly. Can anyone help me please?
I am located in Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland and have little or no knowledge of how to research in the US.

LEFEVRE posted by Ken Thompson on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Seeking information on ABRAHAM LEFEVRE b.3 Jul 1687, d. 1743 in Skippack twnship and wife MARY PENNOCK. Children were CATHERINE, ELIZABETH, and JOHANNES. The PENNOCK family is reported to have immigrated from England.

WILCOX posted by Ken Thompson on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Seeking information on BARNABUS WILCOX, born early 17th century. Immigrated from England with William Penn or shortly afterwards. By 1685 he was a member of the PA Assembly of Phila and served as Justice of the Court of Common Pleas. quarter session of the Peace and Orphans Court. His daughter was HANNAH who married JOHN RHOADES from DERBYSHIRE ENGLAND.

MAGEE posted by Sandra Battiata on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Looking for family of Robert Irving Magee. Mother, name unknown, owned a fish market on South Street in Philadelphia. Robert supposedly married and abandoned his wife and children. Later married a Mary Moncrief or Montrith and moved to Delaware. He then came to New Jersey with his son George.

BISCHOFF, BISHOP, GRANDSTAFF, KRANTSDORFF posted by Karl J. Grandstaff on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am looking for any information on the above listed names in Philadelphia County between 1730 and 1750. Detrick Krantsdorff gave over from Germany and the name was apparently changed to Grandstaff. There was also a Bischoff family in Philadelphia that apparently adopted a Krantsdorff or Grandstaff. The relationship of Grandstaff and Krantsdorff was found in a LDS file. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

KENSELL, KENSIL posted by Doug Kensell on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am looking for any information on JACOB KENSELL, born arround 1790 in Pennsylvania. Could possibly be the son of JOHN JACOB KENSELL. Fought in the War of 1812 and received bounty land patent in Philadelphia on April 9, 1818. On the land patent, his name was spelled, KENSIL. Also, interested in any with the KENSELL surname living in Pennsylvania in the late 1700's to early 1800's.

RODDEY, RODDY posted by Skippi Memmott on Saturday, March 15, 1997

A source from the family passed on that the RODDY first game through Philadelphia to then migrate on to the central section of PA. There are RODDYs still living in Huntingdon CO. on my lineage. My line does not connect with the other 2 famous lines that went South. What I glean is that this lioneage stayed mostly throughout PA. most of their lives. My GGgrandfather was WILLIAM ? RODDEY/RODDY b; 1797 unknown where. He married SOPHIA COPLAN (COPLAND/KOPLAND) and the settled in Shade Gap, Huntingdon, PA. made some history there and 3 generations stayed in areas. BUt I have nothing on William or who he belonged to before coming to Shade Gap. Was told..the family migrated through Philadelphia area. I am elated to hear from anyone doing research on either of these names. I understand there are very many RODDYs in Philadelphia even today.

BATTERSBY, GIULIANI, SPENCER, STARK posted by John Pierre Campitelli on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I would like to contact anyone looking for the following individuals:
GIULIANI, Giustino
GIULIANI, Domenico
SPENCER, Florence Irene
STARK, William Leucine

HAESELER, HAESLER, HESELER posted by Carl W. Haeseler on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Hermann Heseler (Haesler or Haeseler) emigrated from Germany about 1890-91 and died in Philadelphia in 1924. Since he emigrsted with my grandfather any information about his entrance into and his movement within the U.S.
Thank you for your assistance.

WELLOCK posted by George Wellock on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am searching for any information on Wellock surname. Interested in any information or leads on ancestors. Edward Wellock and Elizabeth Stead Wellock came to Philadelphia around 1868. Interested in birth dates and places, passenger lists, date of US entry, where they originated from in England, and anything else that might be available. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

LINDER posted by Melody Poole on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am Looking for any information on the ship Eilzabeth that arrived in Philadelphia in 1733.Is set out from Rottingham last from Dover. I am also interested in the LINDER family that was abord that voyage.Any info would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

HOPES, MATHEWS posted by Ginny Hope on Saturday, March 15, 1997

My 2nd great-grandparents,Jacob Hopes and Hester Mathews, lived in Philadelphia from abt 1830 to 1868/9. They may have died there for I do not know when or where they died. Their children were born in Philadephia.Their names are:James S.(my great-grandfather),Henry, William, Sarah, Jacob, Sampson, Hannah, and Emmaline.Any information would be appreciated.

SCULL posted by Slue Scull McDermott on Saturday, March 15, 1997

SCULL, Benjamin Franklin b.Nov. 13, 1744 in Philadelphia--d. July 22, 1802 in Philadelphia--m. Elizabeth Be(a)rry 1773 at Christ Church. I think this man was a physician & served in the Revolutionary War. I would like to find a copy of his will. I have written several places in PA with no luck. Any anecdotal information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help.

JOHNSON, KELSO posted by John A. Vice on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Am seeking information about ancestors and also about LABAN JOHNSON and his wife (who is said to have been a KELSO). It is known that Laban Johnson served in the Westmoreland Militia during the Revolutionary War. Their known children (there were probably more than I am listing): (1) JONATHAN , (2) MARY (or POLLY) who married John Buzzard of Harrison County, Kentucky, and (3) WILLIAM. Laban Johnson owned land in an area that is presently the city of Philadelphia and continued to own this land even after their move to Scott County, Kentucky (later moving to Harrison County, Kentucky and then to Nicholas County, Kentucky). It is said by tradition, that Laban and his wife would make yearly trips to Philadelphia county to collect rents. Any information about ancestors, descendants, or about Laban Johnson, and information about the name of his wife & her family will be greatly appreciated. Will be glad to exchange information.

JAHN posted by Debie Blindauer on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Seeking any information on Rudolph Jahn b.October 16, 1899 in Sheboygan Wisconsin. Died August, 1970 in Philadelphia. Married Meta Dechent in Sheboygan. Any information greatly appreciated.

CANNON, FUNK, MCMONIGLE, TINNEY posted by Bernice Koch on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am researching the family of ANDREW A. CANNON, son of PATRICK CANNON and MARIA (MARY) TINNEY.Andrew married SUSAN MC MONIGLE, daughter of BERNARD & SUSAN. A ELLIE CANNON married into the FUNK family. The family settled in Port Richmond and had strong ties to St. Ann's Parish. Andrew was a state representative in the l930s. All help is appreciated

HIESCHBERG, WINKLER posted by James B. Carter on Saturday, March 15, 1997

WINKLER,Charles b 1870
Hieschberg,Gertrude wife.
Any evidence at all of above names in Philadelphia. Thanks.

BLACKSTONE posted by Linda Brooks on Saturday, March 15, 1997

THOMAS BLACKSTONE was,according to letters that I have in my possession addressed from Philadelphia in 1840 and again in November 1860, indeed in Philadelphia. He was reported to have a net worth in 1850 of $247,000. His family had earlier settled in a community called New Philadelphia, Monroe Co, Tennessee. Since he wrote correspondence in 1840 to his family in Tennessee from Philadelphia, it is assumed that he may have returned to his native home from Tennessee and perhaps had gone into some sort of lucrative family business. It appears that he never did return to New Philadelphia, Tennessee. Could anyone help me with the occupation he was engaged in before the Civil War that could have made him wealthy (I assume a net worth of $247,000 in 1850 would indicate that) and any information on his or the BLACKSTONE family?? Thanks in advance.

SHELDREN, SHELDRON posted by Gary Shedron on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am researching the name "Sheldron" or sometimes "Sheldren". I have found it in Delaware CO, Chester CO, and Philadelphia City. PA Archives 2nd Series, Vol. IX 1880 edition, pg 458 shows the marriage of Hannah Sheldren to John Davis March 20, 1775, at St. Pauls Church in Philadelphia City. I have just begun work on the "Sheldron Sheldren" name. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

COLLINS, KEENAN, MARTIN, MCARDLE, MURPHY posted by Irene Horner on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am looking for information to tie all of these names together. Peter Murphy married Rose McArdle in 1887. On Dec 24, 1889 Peter purchased a cemetary plot Dec 26, 1889 [in New Cathedral Cemetery] James Keenan was buried there. Theresa Martin and Jeremiah Collins are also buried there. At the marriage of Peter and Rose a Daniel Keenan was present he was also the god father of one of their children. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

HALLMAN, MCNEIL posted by Janice Case on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Looking for information for a Washington HALLMAN b. abt 1830 ma Susan McNeil b. 1839 ma 1857 in Philadelphia. d/o Robert McNeil and Elizabeth Dillman, or info on any of these names.

HARRIS posted by Janice Case on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Looking for info for Richard Harris b. abt 1865 in Philadelphia. Married Mary Frances ? (Kelly?). children: five girls - Letitia, Madeline, Nellie, ?, ?.

WAER posted by Russ Van Asperen on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am lookig for any information on the below listed names in Philadelpha Co. (Germantown and Pascholville) for the time period 1875-1900.
Joseph Waer
Mary (Van?) Brunt (Joseph's wife)
There Children Were:
Mamie Waer (Married a Brown)
Isabella Agnas Waer (Married George Patchell Schaeffer)
Emma Waer (Married a McGuire)
Maggie Waer (Married a Atwood)
Helen Waer (Married a Hamilton)
Nancy Waer (Married a Bonney)
Evan Waer (Wife Unknown)

BEVANS, GEORGE posted by Jerry Sanner on Saturday, March 15, 1997

These are Welsh tract names - I am interested to contact any one working on these names - Also interrested to collect any histories regarding GEORGE'S Hill in Philadelphia.

RENTFRO posted by Jean Morford on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Searching for information on Peter RENTFRO, filed land claim 1748 in SC stating that he had recently come from Philadelphia. The RENTFROS intermarried with the LOONEY family, also from Philadelphia and the VAN BEBBER family. Thanks for any help.

BENDER posted by Paul Skeens on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Isacc Bender born Lancaster Co, Pa. abt 1794.Was of the Lutheran faith,could be the son of John Bender who died abt 1808 Lancaster CO. Pa. Isacc was in the War of 1812.,enlisted at Phil.Pa. Ithink he is listed as Isacc Painter IN Mont. CO. Hist.

HAGGERTY posted by Mary Warren Jackson on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Seeking information on Catherine Cecile Haggerty b 12 Mar 1870 Philadelphia PA Parents Charles Haggerty b Apr 1830 PA and Mary A Haggerty b Apr 1840 PA Married Charles Joseph Warner 13 Oct 1891 Philadelphia PA. After their marriage Catherine and Charles moved to Jenkintown, Montgomery County PA Thanks for any help or advice.

STINE posted by Sharon Inskip on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Seeking info about Johann Frederick STINE & wife Maria MERCKLEN both born ca 1745 in Germany. Four sons born in Philadelphia -- John STINE b. 17 Dec 1775, Jacob STINE b. 1 Nov. 1779, Henry STINE b. 1 Dec. 1783 & Elias STINE b. 8 Jul 1777. Need research suggestions. Would love to make contact with anyone researching this family.

OWEN posted by Jim Blain on Saturday, March 15, 1997

OWEN, Mary Ann, married BEAN, Dr. Addison, at First Baptist Church, Philadelphia in May 1837. Mary Ann supposedly was born 24 May 1837 in PA. Her parents, however, have eluded my concerted efforts to identify them.

FINACEY, FINACY, MANNING posted by Dan Gargel on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Searching for information on FINACEY/FINACY/MANNING. William H. Finacey and Evelyn Manning lived in Phila with children according to the 1910 census. Have some info on descendants, but cannot get this couples marriage or birth information. Anything would help.

PAYNE posted by Daniel C. Payne on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Searching for Sarah PAYNE and her son John Wesley PAYNE they are Grand Parents of Mine whom lived in Philadelphia. Looking for anyone that might know or who is a relative of Sarah Payne.

BARTON, BOYER, HOLDEN, SMITH, WHITE posted by Wendy White on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Seek info on the parents of John Watson WHITE and his wife Frances Barton BOYER. John's parents were George WHITE and Jane SMITH. George was a native of Pennsylvania; Jane was from Lincolnshire, England. When was George born? Who were his parents? Jane remarried to a James HOLDEN after George's death and is listed with him on the 1850 census in Frankford, Philadelphia County. When did Jane die? Where is she buried? Frances' parents were Samuel BOYER and Letitia BARTON. Both died in 1859 and may be buried in one of the Cedar Hill cemeteries. Are there published records for these cemeteries? Where and when was Samuel BOYER born? Who were his parents?

BROOKS posted by Pete Bennett on Saturday, March 15, 1997

My GGGGrandfather James BROOKS b,? d,13 Nov 1777 was from Tinecum Twp., Bucks Co.I know little about him. His son Benjamin Brooks Sr. Was a Revolutionary War soldier and fought in the battles of Brandywine and Germantown. Founded the Pine Street Church of Sterling Run, PA which he named after and was supported by the Pine Street Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia, PA.Benjamin was a sergent in the Continental Line in the Rev.War per the Patriot Index of the D. A. R. He settled in Gibson Twp.CameronCounty, PA in 1817. I would be interested in corresponding with anyone interested in, or havin info about the Brook's of Bucks County. Benjanin was born in Philadelphia 11 Apr 1753,there he married an Eliizabeth Harkins, (no dates except she died about 1810) Benjamin married 2nd a Mary Wood b,4 Feb 1777, d, 24 Jan 1853 in PA. Benjamin died there on 24 Dec 1838. James his father was of English/Irish decent.
Please contact me if you know of these Brooks. Thanks.

LOVE posted by Jim Heath on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am looking for info on my 3rd great-grandparents. James Love and Barbara Hastings Love and their family.
It appears their families came from Ireland when they were children and they were married in Philadelphia. James died in Philadelphia and Barbara died in Greene County, IN.
They had at least 2 daughters. One, Elizabeth, married John Neal in Miami County OH in 1837. The other, name unknown, married Mahlon or Thomas Neal.
John Neal was born in 1816, so I would guess that Elizabeth was born before 1821. She died in Howesville, IN in 1902.

COPELAND, EVERITT posted by Elizabeth Fisher on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Looking for the place of birth of Mary Polk EVERITT(COPELAND)b. 9 Feb 1868 (possibly Philadelphia, PA or in NJ)died. 3 Dec 1983 in Independence MO. She was the child of John Webster EVERITT, need any information on him. Thank you.

BOUVIER posted by Dave Morris on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am researching my great-great-great grandparents John Bouvier (born 1800) and his wife Margaret (born 1810). Census records show them in Philadelphia in 1850 with 7 children: Margatret born 1830
John born 1832
Mary Ann born 1833, died 1906, married David O. Hunter 1854
Henry born 1837
Eliza born 1841
William born 1843
Matilda born 1847
Philadelphia city directories show that they lived in the area until the last quarter od 1800, however I am unable to establish a death date or place of burial. Any help would be most appreciated.

MORRIS posted by Dave Morris on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am researching my great-great-great grandparents Elias and Martha Morris. Some evidence shows that they lived in Philadelphia in the mid 1800's. Son Henry A. Morris was born in the city in 1835 and died in Camden, NJ in 1899. Any assistance in obtaining additional information on Elias and Martha is apreciated

JORET posted by Dave Morris on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am researching my great-great-great grandparents Francis and catherine Joret. They lived in the Southwark Ward of Philadelphia in the early and mid 1800's. Francis was born 1811, Catherine unknown. They may have been tavern owners. I have established one daughter Annie C. Joret who married Henry A. Morris. Both Annie and Henry are buried in Camden, NJ. Any help with Francis and Catherine would be appreciated.

DUCK posted by Vicki Staufer on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Searching for information on DUCK FAMILY that eventually settled in Central Pennsylvania.

GINGERY posted by Vicki Staufer on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Searching for any information on the DAVID GINGERY family that eventually settled in Central Pennsylvania.

LUCAS posted by Debbie McNutt on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am interested in finding out anything about a James H. LUCAS. The information that I do know is as follows: he was a native of Philadelphia, Pa., born about 1862. I know that he died in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio, in 1939. At some point in time he came to Springfield, and married my great-grandmother, Charlotte Jessie Athey Roach. They would have married sometime after 1895. He was my great-grandmother's second husband. I do know that they are buried together at Enon Cemetery in Enon, Ohio. One other thing that I do know is that he had 2 children by a previous marriage. A son, Guy LUCAS and a daughter.
Any info would be much appreciated.

KAMINSKY posted by E. L. Kaminsky on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am researching the above surname. From family records, I can identify my grandfather Isadore, his brothers Louis, Paul and sister Pauline with the same surname. Have found one report that their parents were named Janet and Samuel and came to Philadelphia in early 1900's. I am trying to confirm their arrival in the US and to gather any information on the family and any extended family that might exist. Your help is greatly appreciated.

SMITH posted by Kate Bowes on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am searching for my brother - William born in Philadelphia sometime in 1952 - 55. My mother's name is Martha K. Smith (maiden name). The family is originally from New Jersey. Thank you.

OLIVER posted by Suzanne Oliver on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Looking for information on Edward R OLIVER. Born in Philadelphia on 23 June 1819. Died in Corpus Christi TX on 11 Feb 1902. Any information on his family is appreciated. Both of his parents were born in PA.

LALLY, MOUGHAN posted by Terry Moughan on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I'm searching for information on MOUGHAN, MICHEAL & LALLY, MARGARET. MICHEAL MOUGHAN (b.1880) came from County Mayo, Ireland early 1900's. He settled in Philly and married MARGARET LALLY (b. 1892 in Scranton, Pa) about 1915. They had 9 children. I believe MICHEAL MOUGHAN was a trolley car operator in Philly. Does anyone know the names of trolley companies operating 1900-1925 in Philly? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

HUNTER posted by Dave Morris on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am searching for my great-great grandfather David Oliver Hunter who was born about 1833 in Lewisburg, PA but lived a good portion of his life in Philadelphia from where he entered the Civil War with the 215th PA Volunteers in 1861 and was discharched 31-july 1865. He married Mary Ann Bouvier of Philadelphia on 2-6-1854 and had 7 children:
Edward B. born 1855 died 1920
John born 1859
David Oliver Jr. born 1859 First 6 born in Philadelphia
Mary A. born 1864
Kate E. born 1870
Ida May born 1875 in Camden NJ
David's parents may be Levie and Loretta although I have no knowledge of were they lived. Any assistance with information would be appreciated

LUKE posted by Minnie Greene on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am looking for information on my great grandparents. James Luke married to Mary MClane. They came to USA in 1790 from Armagh, Ireland. They lived in Armstrong County. Any Information please contact me.

KOLB posted by Deborah Kolb on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am researching Jacob KOLB. He came from Sippersfeld, Germany and was born 01 December 1835 in Germany. He came to U.S. with his sister Elisabetha and brother Johann Phillip Kolb. His brother Johann Phillip Kolb married Margaretha Mayer in Phillidelphia on 11 September 1851 by W.(unreadable) Mann. The certificate is written in German but gives No. 277 North 5th Str, Philidelphia and an address. Any information on Jacob, Elisabetha or Johann Phillip would be appreciated. Also Elisabetha married Johan Lorenz Schonnberger on 15 April 1858. This is recorded in the church in Germany but family history states she was married in PA. Jacob settled in Gibson County, Indiana and became a citizen in 1861;he exchanged letters with Elisabetha but non are in existance now. Thank you for you help.

FABIAN posted by Susan Perry on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am looking for information on Samuel Fabian. He was born in Pennsylvania somewhere around Philadelphia around 1859. He was killed in an accident on a railroad tressel over Bridge St. in July 1892. He is buried at East Cedar Hills Cemetary. He was married to Sarah Clausen Dickson and we believe at the time of his death they had six children. Thanks for your help.

ECKHARDT posted by Susan Perry on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am looking for info on John D. Eckhardt. he was born around 1823 in Germany. He emigrated to the Philadelphia area sometime between then and 1854. His son, Frederick David was born in October 1854 in Philadelphia. John D. died on 3 Aug 1892 in Philadelphia and he is buried in the Knights of Pythias-Greenwood Cemetary in Philadelphia. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

FINLEY, WRAY posted by Barbara (Cleveland) Cofer on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Trying to find info on my g-g grandparents, James WRAY, and Eliza FINLEY. James was born Oct 1798, in Co. Donegal, Ire., and d 4 Nov 1863, in Philadelphia. He married (date?) Eliza FINLEY, b 23 Dec 1806, in Chambersburg, and d 20 July 1884 in Kennebunkport, ME. Their dau. Elizabeth was b 22 Apr 1837 in Philadelphia, and she m Harvey Tourtellotte CLEVELAND 14 Dec 1858, also in Philadelphia. I have an abstract of James' will; he left his wife Eliza "use of the house" at 300 S. 10th St. in Phil. They apparently had 8 children (as do I!) They were: James Finley Wray; Alexander Wray; Edward Henry Wray; Sarah Jane Gosnell; Elisabeth (spelling diff. from above) Cleveland; Adeline Finley Wray; Margaret Gardener Wray; and Albert Gulver Wray (son underage in 1863 when will was made).
The Naturalization Index-Philadelphia Co. Reel #3 lists A James WRAY of Gt. Br. & Ir C.P. (? I don't know what that means) 2 June 1850 2 Nov 1854
Also: James WRAY- Gt.Br. & Ir. Q.S. (??) 5 Oct 1838
I 'm guessing (and it's ONLY a guess!) that the 1838 date is the right one. That's all the info I have on either James or Eliza, and I've been trying since 1985 to find out more. If anyone out there can help me, I would be very appreciative! Thanks.

SAMUELS posted by Harry Pontius on Saturday, March 15, 1997

SAMUELS Family, 1690-1740 any information to include but not limited to Issac, Joseph, and Hugh. Possibly Welsh in origin.

WARNER posted by Douglas V. Smith on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Searching for any information pertaining to Captain William WARNER who came to Philadelphia around 1670, and to his son John WARNER born 1649 who had eight children including sons John born 1689, William, and Isaac born 1696. What happened to these fellows?

EGAN posted by Glenn W Stephens on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Mary EGAN, b.c1858, d.29 Dec 1893 was my great grandmother. The death certificate of her daughter, Frances, says Mary was born in Phila. Her husband was James C ALLAM (6 Sep 1856-7 Nov 1917) of Tinicum Twp, Bucks County (near Pipersville). He was Lutheran/Reformed and family legend says she was Irish. Can anyone provide marriage record or a lead on the EGAN family? Thanks.

SMITH posted by Joseph K. Eddleman Jr. on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Trying to determine the parents of Louisa Smith born cir. 1809 in Penn. Married August 26, 1830 William H. Eddleman at St. Michaels Church in Germantown, Pa. Louisa may have been from Chestnut Hill or Germantown area.

HART posted by Joseph K. Eddleman Jr. on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Trying to determine the parents of William Hart, born December 25, 1787 and died November 28, 1845. William married Anna Eddleman, December 15, 1811 at ST. Michaels Church, Germantown. He is buried in the Chestnut Hill Baptist Church. His wife Anna died the same day. There children: Jacob Hart, born 12/29/1812, Catherine Hart, born 3/1/1818,Christopher Hart, born 1/22/1816, George Hart, born 2/12/1819, Daniel Hart, born 11/28/1821, William Hart, born 9/12/1824, Elizabeth Hart, born 7/12/1827 and Joseph Hart, born 10/22/1830.

NEWMAN posted by Joseph K. Eddleman Jr. on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Would appreciate any information on Henry Newman, born cir.1795. He married Anna Barbara Eddleman 12/12/1817 at St. Michaels Church, Germantown, Pa. Henry was burried in Odd Fellows Cemetary, Phila., Pa.The burial lot was owned by Harriet C. Morrison. Henry's father was Abraham Newman.

BECKMEYER posted by Karen Beckmeyer-Benson on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Seeking Beckmeyer, John Henry married Agnes Walsh in Phila. Children born Edwin born Oct 4,1894 and carolyn born 1899. Thank you

ECKHART, WITTMEYER, WITTMOYER posted by H. Andrew Brown on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Seek parents of Anna Maria WITTMEYER who married George Adam ECKHART: 16DEC1755 PLACE: Indianfield Lutheran, Franconia Twp., Montgomery Co.(then Philadelphia Co.), PA. ..Ludwig Wittmoyer was a sponsor at a baptism at Indianfield Lutheran in 1753 - possible relative of Anna Maria Wittmyer?

DAVIS posted by Georgia S. Whitson on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Samuel L. DAVIS a wagonmaker who lived and worked on Frankford Avenue, was born about 1848 and died 4/29/1886. He married Mary Frances Kimball. Their children were Sarah L., Edwin K., Isaac M., Nathan H., Annie L., Samuel L., and Mabel Bones Davis. I am seeking any info on this family.

STRINGER posted by Georgia S. Whitson on Saturday, March 15, 1997

William Joseph STRINGER emigrated to America from Manchester, England. He apprenticed as a carpenter with Benjamin S. Fenimore in Philadelphia eventually becoming a master carpenter. He was employed by John Wanamaker. He was in charge of building at Wanamaker's country estate "Chelten Hills". He worked on the Wanamaker store at 13th and Market Streets until his death in 1904. HIs workshop was on Olive Street. He married Ella Pauline FENIMORE (Benjamin S.'s daughter). They had thirteen children. I am interested in any descendants.

STEIGER, WANGLER posted by Bob Doerr on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Conrad Wangler (b. Baden, 1796) and his wife, Theresia Steiger, had two children who lived into adulthood. Mary Wangler, the older, was reported born in Philadelphia 13 Feb 1835; can that be verified? They were Catholics. (The other, Joe Wangler, was born 09 Mar 1837 in Pittsburgh.) Supposedly, the family had two other children, a boy and a girl, who died young. So, was Mary Wangler born in Philadelphia? Who were the other Wangler children; when were they born; and when did they die? Did Conrad marry Theresia Steiger in Philadelphia? When? Where was she from? Theresia had some brothers who also emigrated; one was Joseph Steiger.
Thank you.

JACKSON posted by Dick Cavey on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Confirmation of parents of Dr. Elijah Jackson from Philadelphia. He was educated at the College of Philadelphia (later named Univ. of Pa.). Dr. Jackson lived in Maryland in 1790 - 1807 period. He may be one of the 9 children of Dr. David Jackson of Oxford, Pa. and Susan Kemper. Dr, David Jackson died i Philadelphia in 1801.

JAGGER, WOOD posted by Joan Wetzel on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Looking for information on Samuel WOOD b. 1848 in England died 1919 in Germantown, Philadelphia,PA. Married Mary Ann JAGGER b.1853 in NJ d.1927 in Germantown, daughter of Rueben JAGGER and Ann CHAPPELL. Children are: John m.Elsie WILMONT, Russell m.Melvina GREEN, William m. Mary, Ada, Warren m. Alice KILLINGBACK, Rueben, Samuel m Bertha MCCOMB and Bessie m Charles CAMPION.

EVE, MOORE posted by Bet Eve Messmer on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Looking for info on Oswell EVE and his wife Anne MOORE. They married at Christ Church in 1744. She was dissowned for marrying out of unity. He was ship captain and had a gundpowder mill. Looking for parents of Anne and any info on origins of Oswell. Thanks, haplpy to share.

COFFEY, SPENCER posted by Joan Wetzel on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Looking for information on Richard H. COFFEY d. 1910 Phila. PA m. Elizabeth SPENCER daughter of James SPENCER and Jane SMITH. Children William m. Ella LEYRER, Louis, Maud m. EARLY, Anna m. JOHNSTON, Burton, James m. Marion WARFIELD, Richard, Doroth m. Frank BROOKS.

WALMER posted by Deborah Lynn Walmer on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I was born January 30, 1969, Glenside, PA along with my twn brother Thomas Joseph Walmer. Parents are Barry Henry Walmer and Carol Mary Smutnik. Barry was born to Frank J Walmer and Vesta C Walmer on July 7, 1941 in Harrisburg, PA. Carol was born to Charles and Agnes Smutnik in Philadeplphia, PA on April 8, 1946.

DUNLAP posted by Ken Dunlap on Saturday, March 15, 1997

HUGH DUNLAP, my Gr-Gr-Grandfather, arrived in Knoxville, Tenn. in Feb. 1792 with goods from Philly. He was born "at" Londonderry, Ire. 1769, and came to the colonies ca. 1775. He is said to be a son of HARRY DUNLAP of Ireland. I have tried unsucessfully, to determine if he may have been related to printer, JOHN DUNLAP, and/or DR. JAMES DUNLAP, of Philadelphia. I do know that HUGH's son visited Dr. Dunlap's son in Philly in 1840-41. Any hints, or sources of family histories of these early Philadelphians are appreciated.

LEWIS, RUSH posted by Michele Q. Hayes on Saturday, March 15, 1997

LEWIS, ELIZABETH - b: 1706; d: 1768; m: 1726 Phila. WILLIAM RUSH, b: 2-26-1702/03; d: 1768, s/o JOHN RUSH & SARAH CARVER. Children of Elizabeth & Wm.: WILLIAM, b: 1727; d: 10-20-1800, JOHN, HENRY, SARAH, BENJAMIN, and JOSEPH. Need to know the parents and ancestry of ELIZABETH LEWIS. Thank you.

ROSS posted by Michele Q. Hayes on Saturday, March 15, 1997

ROSS, Rev. David - Church of England Missionary b: 1705, s/o Rev. George ROSS and Johanna WILLIAMS. Rev. David ROSS married Sarah ROLFE. Had issue: John, b:1732. Other possible sons: George, Daniel, and James b: circa 1740; d: 1801. Need to know the names and info on ALL the children of Rev. David. Thank you.

BLEILE, CASEY, CURRY, GEIGER posted by Dee Niwinski on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Would love to hear from anyone with information on any of the family names above - all living in the Phila area in 1900's

HERKERT, MIEHE, SHUSTER posted by Deborah Patterson on Saturday, March 15, 1997

I am looking for anyone with information on The HEKERT, MIEHE, SHUSTER familys. My Grandfathers name was WARREN HERKERT, he was born in Philly in 1915 to a woman named ANNA last name and father unknown. H married my grandmother around 1931 or so in Philly, and her name was LYNDA MIEHE, She was brought up by her Aunt, LURA SHUSTER. Her fathers name was GUSTAV MIEHE and her mothers name was LYNDA SHUSTER. I am interested in any information on any of these familys. The SHUSTERS mothers maiden name was CLAIRABELLE (not sure of spelling) HARVERY she married MALCOME SHUSTER. Would like any info that might be helpfull. Thank you

RITTENHOUSE posted by Dennis Rittenhouse on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Looking for the name of the wife of William Rittenhouse who was born in 1691 died ?. His parents were Nicholas (Claus) Rittenhouse (b.1666 d. 1734) and Wilhelmina deWees (b. 1673 d.?) I would also like information on where Michael Rittenhouse (1768-1852) lived prior to immigrating to Canada in 1800. I beleive it was in Bucks County.He was married to Dinah Fretz Also his parents residence, John Rittenhouse (1742-1796) and Marget Conrad (1749-1812).

FOSTER, MILLER, SHEPHERD posted by Wendy Cook on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Jacob Shepherd b. 21 Jun 1807, Where? d. 14 Mar 1857,Phila.,PA. married 5 Jul 1827,Phila.,PA to Mary Miller
Childred all b.Phila.,PA......
Mary Shepherd b. 1840
Theodore B. Shepherd b. 7 Jul 1843 d. 24 Nov 1904 married Emma Foster
George Shepherd b. 1848 married Sarah Carter??
Frank Shepherd b. 1852

DEANER, FIREFILE, FOSTER, SHEARER, SHEPHERD posted by Wendy Cook on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Theodore B. Shepherd b. 7 Jul 1843,Phila.,PA. d. 25 Nov 1904 Phila.,PA. married Emma Foster b. 20 Jan 1848,Phila.,PA. d. 9 Jan 1835,Phila.,PA.
Children all b. Phila.,PA............
Sophia Shepherd b. Jun 1865 married Thomas Shearer
Ella Shepherd b. ca. 1868
Mary Shepherd b.27 Apr 1870 d. 3 Sept 1908
John Foster Shepherd b. 8 Jan 1873 d. 3 Apr 1920 married Mary Deaner
William W. Shepherd b. Sept 1876
Margaret Shepherd b. 1877 married Charles T. Firefile

JACOBS, STUMACHER, WHITENBERG posted by Wendy Cook on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Rae Dorothy Stumacher b. 16 Sept 1895 Phila.,PA daugeter of Abraham Stumacher & Minnie Whitenberg. Rae married Charles Jacobs. Any siblings?

BUMM, FOSTER, SHEPHERD posted by Wendy Cook on Saturday, March 15, 1997

John F. Foster b. 1812,Phila.,PA. d. 4 Jan 1887,Phila.,PA. married Hannah Bumm b. 1815,Phila.,PA. d. 10 Aug 1889,Phila.,PA.
Children all born Phila.,PA..........
Sarah Foster b. ca. 1836
Samuel B. Foster b. May 1838 married Emma
John M. Foster b. May 1845 married Mary E
Emma Foster b. 20 Jan 1848 married Theodore Shepherd

CONNELL, LEWIS, SOHN posted by Wendy Cook on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Jacob Robert Lewis b. 27 Aug 1880, Where? d. 24 Apr 1947,Phila.,PA. married Louisa Della Sohn b. 15 Feb 1876,Germany d. 24 May 1946,Phila.,PA
Only Known Child...... Clara Louisa Lewis b. 21 Jul 1910 d. 28 Mar 1994,Phila.,PA. married Thomas Sylvester O'Connell.

BRANDT, COOK, DOUGHERTY, EWALD, KOCK, MUTTER, NICHOLS, WERNER, WISNER, WOLLER posted by Wendy Cook on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Johannes Ewald b. 4 May 1825,Prussia d. 24 Jan 1909, Phila.,PA Johannes married Catherine Mary Mutter b. Jul 1832, Mafsweiller?, Bavaria d. 2 Aug 1906,Phila.,PA
Children all born in Phila.,PA........
John Ewald,Jr. b.26 May 1850,
Frederick George Ewald b.31 Dec 1851, married Amelia Nichols
Peter Ewald b. 29 Jun 1853, married Emma R.
Catherine Mary Ewald b. 27 Sept 1855, married Henry V. Cook/Koch
Elizabeth Ewald b. 31 Jan 1858, married Joseph Brandt
Joseph Ewald b. 16 Nov 1860, married Clara
Maria Theresia b. 20 Nov 1862 married Harry E. Wisner
Anna Ewald b. 22 Jan 1865, married ???? Woller
Rose Ewald b. ca.1869, married ???? Werner
Clara Ewald b. 24 Jan 1872, married Frank J. Dougherty
Any and all information appreciated.

MUTTER, SCHOTTHOEFER posted by Wendy Cook on Saturday, March 15, 1997

Adam John Mutter, b. Oct 1825,Mafsweiller?, Bavaria d. 27 Aug 1900,Phila.,PA. married Barbara Schotthoefer b. Dec 1836, Otterstadt,Speyer,Bavaria d. 1916,Phila.,PA.
Children all born Phila.,PA.........
Joseph Job. Mutter b. 3 May 1864 married Mary E.
William Mutter b. Mar 1867
Jacob Mutter b. May 1869
George b. Jan 1872
Mary Mutter b. Dec 1875
Charles Mutter b. Feb 1879
Any and all information appreciated.

JONES, MERVINE, MERWINE, WONDERLIN posted by Wendy Cook on Saturday, March 15, 1997

William Mervine b. 1811,Roxborough,Phila.,PA d. 26 Dec 1861,North Penn Village,Phila.,PA. married Juliann Wonderlin b. 1825
Children all born Phila.,PA......
Ann Mervine b. ca. 1856 married ???? Logan?
Elizabeth Mervine b. ca. 1858
Washington Mervine b. ca. 1859
Laura Mervine b. ca.1860
Charles Wonderlin Mervine b. 30 Oct 1861 married Mary E. Jones
Any further information would be appreciated.


Looking for information on the family & children of William John Heenan b. 1842,Co.Armagh,Ire. d. 21 Dec 1895,Phila.,PA William married Rose O'Neill b. May 1834,Ireland.
Catherine Heenan b.1864, married Henry Cassidy, on Dec 1886,Phila.,PA
Margaret Heenan b. 1871, married Joseph Connelly
Annie Heenan b. Jan 1872, married Philipp Coleman
Felix Heenan b.May 1875, married Anna Coll
William "John" Heenan b. 1876, married Catherine Schanley, on 5 Apr 1899,Phila.,PA.
Paul Joseph Heenan b.May 1877 married Ethel Nunemacher
Teresa M. Heenan b. 10 May 1878 married George White on 8 Aug 1909, Phila.,PA.
Elizabeth Mary Heenan b. 10 May 1879 married Bartholomew Spratt on 25 Jan 1899,Phila.,PA


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