Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Posted Queries for October 1996


RAFTER posted by Janice O'Neil on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am researching my family and writing to you in the hope that you may be able to help. My grandparents were Martin Rafter, born in 1882 and Sarah Rafter, born in 1881. They immigrated from Ireland to Philadelphia in the early 1900's and lived at 1410 S. Taylor Street in 1920. They had six children. Their names and approximate birth dates are as follows: Mary 1910, John 1912, Charles 1913, Elizabeth Mary 1914, Eugene 1916 and Catherine 1917. Mary married James Baldino and had two children, Constance (Connie) and James (Little Jimmy). Elizabeth Mary married O'Neil (first name not known) and had two children, Mary and Francis. I am also trying to find the name of the Catholic Church for that parish. If you know of any Rafter's, I would appreciate your giving them this letter.

GRIFFEN posted by Ken Klosinski on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Looking for information on a Raymond Griffen. Born around 1900, assume in the Philadelphia area. Married Mary Johanna (May) Brett. She was born Mar 16, 1899 in Philadelphia. She died June, 1987. No information is available on her husband. They apparently did not live together very long, but there seems to be no indication of divorce.

LAUGHLIN posted by Bob Masters on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am looking for information about the family of William Laughlin (b1820,d1876) , married to Isabella (Robinson?), with at least three children, William Henry (d1896?), George, and Matthew (b1851, d1886). Family burial plot at Mt. Moriah Cemetary, PHiladelphia.
William may have been the son of one of two Irish Immigrant brothers, George & William Laughlin.
Son William Henry Laughlin married Jane (Jennie) Miller, and had three children, Mary (b1878), Isabella (b1890), and Thomas (b1892). Lived in Clearview area, and attended Clearview Methodist Episcopal Church, where a stained glass window has his name on it.

MCCULLOUGH, SMITH posted by Houston Hodges on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Jane Smith, b. Philadelphia 1722, m John McCULLOUGH 1743 in Philadelphia; they were parents of Margaret Elizabeth McCULLOUGH, b. Lancaster Co. PA 1747. Who were Jane's parents? William and Jane ?? SMITH? Any other children in addition to Margaret Elizabeth?
Will be glad to exchange information.

BUNKER, SAUNDERS posted by Jim Miller on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Looking for pointers to any published history of the Blockley Church, Philadelphia. My ggrandfather, Rev. William Talbot BUNKER was pastor 1847 - 1863. His second wife Sarah (Sallie) SAUNDERS was buried in church cemetery and later moved to Zion Cemetery.

DUBINSHALL, JUVENAL, JUVINALL posted by lenn Rutz on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I would like to correspond with others who have connection to the surname JUVENAL/JUVINALL/DUBINSHALL, prior to 1830.

MCDERMOTT posted by William McDermott Thornhill on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

My great grandfather, John McDermott, is supposed to have come to Philadelphia from Co. Donegal Ireland somewhere between 1850 and 1864. His family consisted of his wife, Hannah, my grandfather, Patrick Scott Michael, sisters, Mary, Kathleen and Eileen. Additional children were born in Pa. I believe he later moved to Bucks County. I have been unable to establish when and by what mean he used to come to this country. Are there any records in the area that will give me a clue?

MORGAN posted by Peggy Johnston on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am looking for information on a Benjamin Morgan who was a merchant in Philadelphia prior to 1800. The information that I do have is he was granted some land in Coshocton Cty Oh along with Chandler Price. I know what my Great great great grandfather was named Benjamin Morgan who lived in Perry Cty Oh and came from PA. After looking at the census records for the Northwest Territory from 1790 to 1810 there was only one Benjamin Morgan in OH. I believe that the Benjamin Morgan from Philadelphia could be the same as my GGGgrand father or at least his father.
Any help from the people of Philadelphia county would be nice.

CONNOR, TODD posted by Jane Smithenry Klotz on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Searching for the parents of Maurice Albert Todd b. 16 Mar. 1849 in Philadelphia to newly immigrated Irish-Catholic parents of whom first names are unknown. Believed the Sr. Todd died approximately 1880. Maurice migrated to Chicago ab. 1886.

BIRNEY, BIRNIE, BURNEY posted by Scott T. Kraus on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Interested in info on this name in Philadelphia and Montgomery Co. PA. My ancestor, William Birnie (at naturalization), later Burney (census & probate), was born abt 1783, in (prob. Northern) Ireland. Came to Philadelphia by 1810. His mother's name was Sarah Jane. Many others with this surname in Philadelphia, but don't know connection yet. Seek to correspond with others researching this name.

EAKINS posted by Ellen W. Roberts on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

THOMAS EAKINS born 1844 in Philadelphia, died 1916. He was a famous American artist. My great Grandmother's maiden name was JANE HILL EAKINS. I am looking for information on how they were related. Please help!

PRATT posted by W. Boy on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am looking for information about the Pratt Food Company, Philadelphia, PA.

CUMPTON, FINK posted by Lee P. Sauer on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Seeking parents of blacksmith-farmer James Coleman Fink, born July 20, 1813,in Pa. (perhaps Philadelphia). Married Mary Ann Cumpton (or Compton), born 1814 in Pa. Fink may be Germanization of English Finch or Finck (Supposedly family had shipping business which dealt with England; during wartime, England confiscated ships and gave family promisory note to pay for loss; family had note until mid-1940s). James and Mary Ann moved to Adams Co., Ohio, probably around 1835, then to Grant Co., Ind., in 1864. Five children: Sarah A. (b. 1840), Martha J.(b. 1842), William F. (b. 1848), Joseph R. (b. 1855), and Alexander W. (b. 1857).

GRAUCH, GRAW, GROW, HANSELL, SHELLER, STUBBLEBINE, TUTTLE posted by David P. Grow on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I'm looking for information on both the Grow/Graw family of Philadelphia and Lower Merion, PA and the Grauch family of Frankford, Philadelphia which later migrated to Lower Merion. Both families originated in Wurttemburg, Germany and settled in the Philadelphia area. Looking for fellow researchers or descendants. Also looking for Tuttle, Stubblebine, Hansell, Sheller families from the Philadelphia area. Shellers evidently owned land where the Philadelphia airport now sits.

STEINKONIG, STONEKING posted by Donald J. Stoneking on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Looking for Jacob Steinkonig, came to America in 1747, arriving in Philadelphia, 1st wife was Maria Barbara Schenkels, she died 1747 just after arrival, married S Ali Quipa, a Seneca Indian, in 1748, Would like to know where he resided. He had children who migrated to Greene County Pennsylvania, and then to Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Iowa. Some time after his arrival to America he anglizied to Stoneking. He is my Great Great Great Great Grandfather. He is from Prussia, Rheinhold-Pfalz Germany and Holland. He arrived on the ship Bilander Vernon via Rotterdam and Leith Scotland.

KING posted by Sondra Bower on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am looking for information on the parents of PHILLIP KING JR. born 1748 in Philadelphia Co.PA.

FOX posted by Karen Mullian on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Seeking parents and children of Joseph Fox, b. March 9, 1786 Edgmont Twp., Chester (Delaware) County, PA, d. 2/14/1873, Phila., PA, m. 1) 8/16/1810 Hannah James, 2) 8/13/1818 Priscilla Griffith, 3) 1820 Edith Hibberd.

AHN, GRIFFITH posted by Karen Mullian on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Seeking parents of Benjamin Franklin Ahn, Sr., b. Nov. 19, 1806 probably in Willistown Twp., Chester Co., PA, d. June 2, 1885 in W. Phila., PA. Married Oct. 17, 1833 in Norristown by B.F. Hancock, Esq., Lydia Yarnall Griffith, daughter of Abner and Amy (Garrett) Griffith, born Feb. 14, 1809 Willistown Twp., Chester Co., PA, d. Oct. 24, 1886, W. Phila., PA. Benjamin (known as Frank) and Lydia had 8 children: Wilmer G. Ahn, Edwin Y. Ahn, Sarah Amy Ahn, Benjamin Franklin Ahn, Jr. (d. 1841), Benjamin Franklin Ahn, Jr. (b. 1842), Geroge Garrett Ahn, Mary Rachel Ahn, and Rachel Ahn. Benjamin "Frank" and Lydia are buried a East Brandywine Baptist Church.

GAFFNEY, MULLERY posted by Marge Gaffney on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am searching for any info. on William Gaffney B. 1898 in Phila. d. 1961 in phila. married to Mary T. Mullery who was born in Pittston PA 1900 d. 1962 in Phila. Their children were: William, Joesph, Thesea, Catharine, Mary Gaffney Greer. ANY ONE with any info on these people Please E-Mail me. All the children were born in and about 1930 in Phila.

MCCALMONT posted by Eunice McCammon on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am looking for information on William McCalmont who died in 1760 in Philadelphia Co, Pa. He was married to Margaret ? and had a son named James.

ROCKEL, ROECKEL, ROKL, RUCKEL, RUCKLE, RUCKLES, RUKL posted by Kraig Ruckel on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

RUCKLE, John Sigmund 1782, Philadelphia County, PA. Seeking any information on this man who was located in "Guide to Records of the Sale of Commonwealth Property in the County of Philadelphia (1780-1798)". He is listed as a tobacconist. Common spelling variations of this surname include ROCKEL, RUCKEL, RUKL, ROKL, ROECKEL, and RUCKLES.

EGGERT, FUNK, GROGAN, GUNTHER, HAHN posted by Lori Eggert on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Looking interested in Johannes (John)HAHN b Aug 1841 Marienweiher, Bavaria (son of Nickolas HAHN and Elizabeth GUNTHER), who imm. late 1867 to Phila (he died 1914 and was buried in St. Peter's RC Cem). He was a brass-worker then opened hardware stores. Married Rosina FUNK b 1852 Schechingen, Weurtt. (died abt 1888) Children Lizzie b 1872, Annie b 1873, Christianna b 1875 (married Lessing EGGERT), John b 1876, Bernhard b 1878, Joseph 1881. Joseph's wife Cecilia GROGAN b PA their children Joseph b 1907, Cecilia 1908, Marie 1910 poss. others. Many years at 1635 Germantown Ave. Interested in any one connected to these lines.

BROPHY, GERETY, HEFFRON, QUINN, USHER posted by Lori Eggert on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

James HEFFRON b Schuylkill Co PA 1853 w Catharine moved to Phila. circa 1890. Children: Agnes (Katie)1879(married William USHER), Margaret 1882, Stephan 1878, William 1881, Bernard 1886 (married Marie BROPHY), David 1890, Lawrence 1891. Joseph BROPHY b 1873 Kilkenny Co. Ire. and Margaret O'DONNELL parents of Marie BROPHY b 1900. Interested in anyone connected with any of these lines.

MCTAGGART posted by Peter Cunicelli on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I'm looking for any information about Mary MCTAGGART. She emmigrated here from Ireland in the early to mid 1800s. I know very little. I know that she married John EGGLES and had 5 children: Alice, Mary (Mayme), Elizabeth, Harry and John. Elizabeth is my great-grandmother and she married D. Franklin NEWTON. Any information anyone can give me or think they may know I'd appreciate it!

FINNINGER posted by Warren Taylor on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Any records of the Finninger Family from Germantown PA.?

TARPY posted by Tom Tarpy on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Looking for info on a Michael Tarpy. Born in Taum, County Galway Ireland approx 1846. Arrived in Phila approx 1848. Became US citizen at age 18 on Nov 4, 1864. Shows up in Mc Ewen, TN approx 1878. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

KEMPER posted by Carol A. Casner on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

KEMPER, looking for the descendants of my gr gr grandmother's brother, Louie, his wife Lucy. They lived in the city of Phila.

GOLDSMITH posted by Carol A. Casner on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

GOLDSMITH, MAX - looking for my gr gr grandmother's nephew, Max, lived in Phila. in the 1930's. He was born in Hannover, Germany about 1886.

STRAUSS posted by Carol A. Casner on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

STRAUSS, looking for the descendants of Joseph Strauss, born 1880's, his daughter Mabel (Mrs. Walter) Kreft lived in Phila. as late as 1976.

ORTZMAN posted by Carol A. Casner on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

ORTZMAN, Izaac - looking for info on my gr grandfather, lived on Samson St. until his death, late 1940-50.

COSTELLO posted by Fran Costello on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am researching the descendants of Patrick Costello who emigrated from Ireland in 1870 at age 11 and married Matilda Every (Mc Every? Mc Avery? Avery?).

HAMILTON posted by Fran Costello on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am researching the descendants of John Hamilton who emigrated to Philadelphia from Irelad in 1851. He married mary Mason in Ireland and both came to phila. He was born in 1816. Mary Mason was born in 1819. F

MCAVOY, REILLY posted by Fran Costello on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am resarching the descendants of Terence Reilly (born in Ireland in 1830) and Susan McAvoy (born in PA in 1835) who were married in Philadelphia on February 26, 1854.

MILLER, OTTINGER posted by Fran Costello on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am researching the descendants of Julius Miller (born in 1850 in Prussia) and Mary Ottinger (born on July 16, 1852 in PA) who married at the United Presbyterian Church on February 1, 1870.

MASTERSON, MCKENNA posted by Sandy Valenti on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I'm researching Frank Masterson (born in Philadelphia), who married Irene Palmer (born in Kentucky). I know of only one son, William Francis Masterson (B. 5/23/1896, D. 8/7/1934) married Margaret Mary McKenna (B. 10/27/1900, D. 11/6/1982) parents James and Mary McKenna.

CULBERTSON, ENNIS, LIESSENBERG, TARDY posted by John M. Ennis on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Researching Katherine Liessenberg who was born in Philadelphia in about 1775-1780. Married in Philadelphia to Alexis Tardy from La Rochelle, France. They then moved to Charleston, SC for a few years, then to Mobile, AL where they resided until they died, Alexis Tardy, Sr. in 1854 and Katherine Tardy in 1840.
Also researching Col. Samuel Culbertson of Culbertson's Row and his son's, Samuel, Robert, and Josiah who fought in the Revolutionary War, esp at King's Mountain.
Also looking for Ennis in 1700's in PA.

DUFF posted by Barb Huff-Duff on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I'm interested in learning whether James DUFF who was born in Philadelphia, PA, whose parents were David & Isabella DUFF...was related to Thomas DUFF, born ca 1839 Newcastle Co., DE.
According to his WI marriage registration, Thomas' parents were Thomas & Mary DUFF.
Thomas and James were married in the same county (Marquette Co.) in WI at about the same time period (1881 & 1877), so they may have been similar ages...cousins perhaps? James was a lawyer, and it seems that the Newscastle Co., DE DUFFs tended to be lawyers or judges, another aspect that suggests a possible relationship between the families. Does anyone happen to know more about these DUFF families and perhaps if and *how* they were related?

POWEL posted by Mara Harris on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am looking for ancestral information on Samuel POWEL (correctly spelled with one "L") born July 10, 1776 to Quaker Parents. He attend Philadelphia College, studied Law. He left PA and relocated in Blountsville TN where he would practice Law. He married Mary RUTLEDGE daughter of General George Rutledge in 1805. They relocated to Rogersville TN. Their daughter, Mary Elizabeth POWEL married Samuel SHAVER the famous American portrait painter. Samuel POWEL died August 2, 1841 in Rogersville. There may be some link the famous POWEL family of Philadelphia. <

MAKOWSKI posted by Joseph A Kraipovich on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am looking for information on my grandfather his name was Jan Makowski. He was born on 1/10/1890 in Russia/Poland. He married my grandmother who's maiden name was Sophia Wasinski. They were married on 1/14/1914 at ST.Stanislaus in Philadelphia Pa in Philaselphia County. Before my grandfather got married he lived at 1653 Addison ST in Philadelphia Pa. My Grandmother lived at 604 Mercer St in Philadelphia PA. My grandfather died on 11/8/1916 and is burried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Yeadon Pa. My grandfather lived at 218 Fitzwater ST in Philadelphia Pa at the time of his death. My Grandfather worked for in the Philadelphia Shipyard. Any information I can get on my Grandfather would be greatly appreciated.

JETTER, YETTER posted by Bruce Starner Yetter on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Several Yetter/Jetters arrived in Phil in mid 1700 anone of which maybe father of my oldest known Samuel Yetter. Samuel was Sgt in Capt Easterlys Phil militia in 1777. Found in tax lists for New Hanover Twsp in early 1780s. He married Maria Yocum in Feb 1780. Seeking any pre 1780 info on Samuel.

CANTRELL, WESTMORELAND posted by Rex J. Cantrell on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Trying to confirm birth in Philadelphia PA in 1765 of John Cantrell married Mary Westmoreland b. 1770 d. 1847 in Lauderdale County Ala. Think John's father was either John or Richard. Any information re: Cantrells in Philadelphia GREATLY appreciated...I'm stuck!

LOZOWSKI, NOWAK, WEISE posted by Laine W. Melton on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am trying to locate information on these people. My grandparents, Harry J. WEISE, Sr. and Maryann (NOWAK) WEISE, were born and raised in Philadelphia. My grandfather was born on 12/18/1895 and my grandmother was born on 7/10/1898.
My grandfather, Peter LOZOWSKI, was born in Poland in 1877.

LETTELIER posted by Carol Church on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Searching for information about William Lettelier enumerated in the 1820 census Moyamemsing Twp Philadelphia Co. Was probably related to all Letteliers of Philadelphia. Would appreciate information on any of this surname.

FOW, MEYER posted by Cyndi Tisdell on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Looking for any information on a Francis Patrick Meyer b. around 1910 in Pa.( I think in Phila.) Lived in Camden for some time in the 1940's. Had a son Francis Patrick Jr. at Cooper Hospital. He lived at 787 Line St, Camden. It was listed on Francis Jr. Birth Cert. that Francis Sr. worked as a Pipefitter for Sun Oil Co. He married Ella Pastel Fow. Any info at all would be a great find. I have been looking for a long time.
Thank You in advance for any help.

QUIGLEY, SMITH posted by Carolyn Morasch on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am looking for any info on Henry SMITH who died in 1985-6. He married a QUIGLEY 7-22-71. They had 2 sons that I know of Charles Elizah and George. I believe George went to live with Sarah or Sadie QUIGLEY in Philidelphia when Henry died. Charles (my gr gr grandfather) went to live with Layton and Rachel CURTIS in Ks. I am looking for as much info as I can find on the SMITHS and QUIGLEYS. I believe Henry Smith was from England. Thank you for any possible help or info. Or even point me in the right direction.

FREEBURN, IRWIN posted by John W. Irwin on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am looking for the birthplace and parents of my GGGF, Samuel IRWIN who was born at June 9, 1762, probably in eastern PA. Samuel married Catharine (sic) FREEBURN, daughter of Hill FREEBURN and Martha Glyn (Glenn?) and ended up in Middle Paxton twp, Dauphin county where he farmed until his death in 1821. Hill FREEBURN and Martha Glyn were married in Philadelphia in 1768. Hill FREEBURN died in Halifax, PA.

LYNCH posted by Russell C. Baker, Jr. on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

My great-great grandfather was married in Philadelphia on September 12, 1848. His bride's name was Ann or Annie. His name was Cornelius Lynch. He was born in County Donegal, Ireland in 1825 and emigrated to the U.S. through the Port of Philadelphia during the period 1845-48. He was a Roman Catholic and I assume the marriage took place in a Catholic Church but don't know which one. he moved to Yazoo City, MS shortly after his marriage. <

ARBUCKLE, BOOTH, NORRIS, TRIPP posted by Susan Mann on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am looking for the ancestors of Joseph Booth, son of Isaac Booth (who was born near Philadelphia) and Leah Arbuckle (who was born in Washington Co., PA on January 24, 1798). Isaac and Leah are reported to be in Harrison Co., OH just prior to 1835. He had two sons, Joseph and James. Joseph was married to Agnes Workman.
Also, I am looking for Joseph N. Tripp, son of Joseph Tripp (born in Pennsylvania in 1801) and Susan Norris (who's parents are reported to be among the earlier settlers of Pennsylvania). The elder Joseph Tripp's father came from England to Pennsylvania in the Late 1700's. Joseph N. Tripp married Hannah Booth (who's father was the above mentioned Joseph Booth) in Carroll Co., Oh.

ANDREW, CLINTON, LITTLE, MCDOWELL, WILLIAM posted by Jeffrey Clinton on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

These men appear on a list in the "History Of Chester County" of "officers of the two Associate Regiments of Chester County" which was commissioned on Feb 8, 1747-48. I am most interested in finding the parentage of any of these men and also their line of decendants. I believe these men came to Chester County by way of Cape Cod and Ulster County, New York. I believe they came from Ireland on the ship "George and Anne" with Charles CLINTON who is father to George and James CLINTON of Revolutionary War fame and grandfather to Dewitt CLINTON of New York political fame. This is based on like names found on the ship's list described in Charles CLINTON's journal. I would like to substantiate this with any additional information or records about these three men. If substantiated this may well be the long-sought link connecting many of the CLINTONs in Pennsylvania with those of the famous New York branch.

GLEAVE, NEWBURN posted by Marilyn Kucera on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Searching information on the marriage of David NEWBOURNE to Esther GLEAVE 2nd mo 7th day 1730. According to Buckingham Monthly Meeting records David Newbourne requested a certificate to Providence Monthly Meeting in order to marry Esther Gleave. Does anyone know if there are records for Providence MM; presumed to be in Philadelphia County. I can find no record of this marriage actually taking place. Any help greatly appreciated.

FRIES posted by Cindy H. Casey on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

FRIES, Hezekiah Pikney "Pink"- born abt 1818 and worked for Frances Fries Woolmill in Salem, NC. After the Civil War went to Philadelphia and married. He found employment in the woolen mills in Phil. He was also a stationary(?) engineer at an institution in Norristown, PA. Seeking ANY info about FRIES....we've lost him!

GUNSHANNON, GUNSHENAN, POWOLLOTT posted by Thomas F. Gunshannon Sr. on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am looking for information on ROSE GUNSHENAN & THOMAS POWOLLOTT. They are the parents of a son born oct. 1926 in St, Joseph's hosp. he had a family, and they never married he also never supported the child. Rose married a man named Angelo De Renzi in 1938. The child was put into the Catholic Children's Bureau. I would also like to connect to anyone who came from the Catholic Children's Bureau.

MARKWARD, MARQUARD posted by Scot Reed on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am researching the MARKWARD/MARQUARD family that lived in the Philadelphia area from at least c.1850 - 1920. Specifically, I'm looking for information about the ancestors and descendents of George R. Markward (1855-1924) and his wife Mary J. (1857-1919). They lived in Philadelphia; at various times George was a painter, a milkman, and a policeman. They had four children: William H. (1878-1947), George T. (1880-?), Frank S. (1882-1945), and Susan R. (1883-?). William was a nationally recognized basketball coach at Catholic High in Philadelphia. I have found numerous other Markwards in the census indexes in Philadelphia, and I am still trying to connect them. I'd like to talk to anyone who is interested in the Markward family. Thanks!

GIBSON posted by Nancy Montgomery on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am interested in a family by the name of GIBSON that lived at 1638 Pearl Street in Phil., PA in 1881.John GIBSON, 64, labourer,MArgaret GIBSON ,55, Keeping house,James 31, Labour, Samuel 17, erand boy in store, Margaret, 18,Elizabeth , 30, wife of James GIBSON. All of the above were born in Ireland. The grandchildren were Maggie,6, Annie,4, John 2, James m. 7 mos.
James GIBSON owned a tavern in Hatboro, Bucks County, in about 1940.

ENTWISTLE posted by Nancy Montgomery on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am interested in a family by the name of Entwistle. Father, Cornelius b. 1842, Turton Lanc. England. Wife, Mary Jane Dixon b. 28 Jan 1839, England. The Children were: Ada b. 3 Sept. 1877, Eng., Clara b. 29 Dec 1867, Eng, James William b.1870, Eng., Rhoda b. 19 July 1873, Phila.PA, MAry b. 4 Oct 1875, Phila, PA, Charlotte b. Jan 1878, Phila. PA, Samuel MAr 1881, Phila PA. The family came to US about 1872. Cornelius was a carpenter and lived to be 92.Charlotte married Frank Eltonhead. Mary (my grandmother) married John Frederick Davies. Clara married Austin Jones. Rhoda married Manus McGlinchy.

DAVIES posted by Nancy Montgomery on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am interested in a family by the name of DAVIES. Father was John Davies b. 1838, Lanc ,Eng. Mother was Jane Wedlake ,b. 1839, Somerset, England. Came to the US in 1881 with their children: John Frederick, b.1871, James Henry b. 22 Dec 1872, Stockport, Lanc, England,Florence Annie b. 5 May 1874, Stockport, Lanc, England. and Ada Maria b. 28 Aug 1878, Cheadle, Cheshire, England. John Frederick was a builder. He built the wing on the Rhobeth Meth Church . He was a mason and in the First City Troop. John Frederick is my Grandfather. <

LOHMAN, LOHMANN, LONG, ZEH posted by Erin Endicott on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am interested in any information on either of these two families.Rose Zeh married John H Long and they had a son named Nelson Edwin Long (my Great Grandfather). In 1909 Nelson married Jennie E. Lohmann at Arch St Methodist Church.
I would appreciate any information. Thank you.

ADAMS, BARTHOLOMEW, COOLEY posted by Sue Steenberg-McDeid on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Seeking information on DR. GEORGE R. BARTHOLOMEW and wf. ROSANNA COOLEY. He was son of JOHN and LYDIA CLEAVER BARTHOLOMEW of Chester Co. and she was daughter of WM H. and REBECCA HYDE COOLEY. Any information appreciated. Also seeking information on JOSEPHINE ADAMS of Philadelphia, first wife of GEORGE ROBERT OTTO BARTHOLOMEW, son of George R. and Rosanna.

HOLGATE, RINKER, SCHEETZ, SCHUTZ, SHEITZ, STURGIS posted by Dorothy Holgate on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I would appreciate any infomation on the following families: Matthew HOLGATE, who arrived Philadelphia on 31 Aug 1685, with his daughter Mary, m. Sarah STURGIS, dau. of Anthony STURGIS. They had son Matthew HOLGATE who was b. in Philadelphia, and died there 1770. This Matthew m. Mary ( ? ) and had son William who d. Germantown, Phila Co, ca 1815. William m. Susanna RINKER, da. of Jacob RINKER. Susanna (RINKER) HOLGATE d. Germantown, 13 Sept 1807. William and Susanna HOLGATE had son Jacob HOLGATE, b. 10 June 1767, who m. 9 Oct 1791, in Phila, Elizabeth SHEITZ, da. of Jacob SCHUTZ of Germantown.
I have the direct line on these families; however, I do not have names of siblings in most cases, and need further documentation and the name of Matthew (2) HOLGATE's wife. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

BARNDOLLAR, BERGENTHALER, BERNDOLLAR, LIPS, SHEITZ, SHITZ, SHUTZ posted by Dorothy Holgate on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I would appreciate any info on the following families: Michael SHUTZ who lived Germantown, where his will was recorded 1748/49, m. ca 1733 Julianna LIPS. They had son Jacob SHITZ, b. Feb 1739, who m. Anna Elizabeth BERGENTHALER/BERNDOLLAR, who was baptized 10 June 1745 at St. Michael's, da. of Daniel BERGENTHALER and Anna Margaretha ( ? ). Jacob and Anna Elizabeth (BERGENTHALER) SHUTZ, had da. Elizabeth SHEITZ who m. 9 Oct 1791, Jacob HOLGATE,who was b. 10 June 1767. Any further info on this family would be greatly appreciated.

CONBOY, HACKETT posted by Jim Conboy on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am looking for information regarding C.P. Hackett and his wife Florence Conboy Hackett. Florence was born in Chicago circa 1886. Her parents were Cornelius Conboy (born Susquehanna County Pa in 1859 died in Chicago 1924 and Katherine Murphy Conboy died in Chicago in 1925). In 1924 the Hacketts lived in Philadelphia.

MCCUTCHEON posted by Mary Matheas on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Murrell McCUTCHEON b: 12/12/1900 in Western Pa. Wash. Co. Burgettstown, Pa. Died in Phila, Pa in July 1972. Need info on if he was Married and had children. AM in Ohio and cannot travel. Would really like a copy of obit as I cannot find one locally. Thank you.

COX, GOLDSMITH, PEPPER posted by Lillian Cox on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Parents (or any info) regarding...
William J. Cox (b. 1876, Pa., salesman in the meat packing industry, married at least two times (second marriage, 1908, to: Martha Whitecar Bailey; their children: William J. Jr. (b. 1909), Andrew Jackson (b. 1910), Ethel Elizabeth (b. 1911-14, Ruth Jesse b. 1915), owned home (as of 1920 census) at 1520 N. 25th St., Phila.). Probably died in 1947.
Thomas Pepper (b. 1838, Delaware, messenger, married: Eliza Whitecar of Pa., started a family in Philadelphia, children: Mary and Joseph).
Henry Goldsmith (b. 1807, Pa., paper hanger, wife: Mary b. 1809, Pa., children: John, Mary Ann (married to: Samuel W. Bailey), Hannah, Martha, Catherine.

MCGUIGAN, MCKEON, MCLAUGHLIN, SULLIVAN posted by Mary V. Rhodes on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Patrick MCGUIGAN (born 2/1871/died 1901) in Philadelphia, married Lynda SULLIVAN, she died in 1895. They had one daughter (my grandmother) Mae Veronica MCGUIGAN born 1895 in Philadelphia, died 1936. Patrick was the son of John MCGUIGAN from Mayo Co., Ireland born abt.1837 and died in 1903. John MCGUIGAN married Sarah MCKEON, born 1840/died 1905. Other children were Mary, Margaret, John, Sallie (married MCLAUGHLIN), Francis, William and Joseph. All the children were born in Philadelphia. Looking for any information on the MCGUIGAN'S, MCKEON'S and SULLIVANS. In 1900 they lived on Tasker St.

ESCHENBACH posted by Judy Weber on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Looking for anyone with information on Andrew Eschenbach of Philadelphia, Northern Liberties, a Tanner who resided there in 1770 according to the Will of Andreas Eschenbach of Colebrookdale, Berks County, Pa. His mother was Catharina Muntz.
Andreas Eschenbach (father) was a Moravian Missionary who came to the USA on the ship Friendship which arrived in Philadelphia, Pa. in September 1740. He had a brother John Eschenbach who was a Yeomen and lived in the Northern Liberties in 1770.

AHERN posted by Frank G. Ahern on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am trying to find information about John P. Ahern, my grandfather. I have very little information to go on however, this is what I know:
Born: 1883 Philadelphia Married: Elizibeth Gallagher (1900-03?) Children: Marie 06/21/1904 02/1981 William 04/30/1907 12/1978 Francis 08/07/1910 02/1982 

Divorced Elizibeth and remarried >1920. He raised a second family in the Philadelphia area. Their address at the time of my father's birth (Francis) was 2404 Warnock Street. His occupation at the time was listed as "Packer" on the birth certificate. Marie, William and my father are all deceased. My father refused to discuss anything related to his father so I have nothing else to go on. I know he died in the 1960-1970's time frame and was buried in the Phila area. I would like to determine when he died, and the name of his parents, did they emmigrate from Ireland, etc?

DWELLE posted by Kenyatta D. Berry on Tuesday, October 15, 1996

I am looking for information on John H.F. Dwelle a black baptist preacher in Philadelphia around 1910. He graduated from Lincoln University in Lancaster around 1900 and resided in Philadelphia. I would appreciate any help that you might provide.

GAUL, THOMPSON posted by Janet Loftus on Tuesday, October 29, 1996

I am looking for Harry T. Gaul. He was born June 1860. He married Maggie from Scotland They had Jennette, who married Robert Taylor, Joseph, Robert J, George G. and Harry T, who married Mary Ann Thompson.
I am also looking for Frederick R. Thompson. He was born in Philadelphia in August 1850. He married Matilda McNeill. He worked for the streets dept of Philadlephia. He was reported killed in an on the job accident between 1904 and 1910. However, I cannot find any proof.

DEWEY, MORTON posted by Carolyn Rozelle on Wednesday, October 30, 1996

Seeking the connection of Daniel MORTON to John MORTON, signer of the United States Constitution, as well as the parents of Daniel's wife Charlotte DEWEY both said to have been born in Philadelphia ca. 1820s or thereabout. Family story states that they were related To John Morton, signer.


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