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Queries, October - December 2000



Any information pertaining to Johann Christian/Martin Sackreiter, landed at Philadelphia in 1731 from the ship Brittania.  Other recently found information shows that a "Doctor Sackreiter" was mentioned in Germantown papers by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg 1773-1774.  Evidence in New Hanover Twp. Tax Records, 1785-1810 show a Christian Sackreiter/Sackryder, Doctor, from 1785-1789. Same person?? I need to make other connections. 

1 Oct 2000, Louise Garcia, 


Would like to connect with descendants of the following families from Phila., 1830's to 1900 timeframe of families; Robert & Susannah SHISLER LAFFERTY, Thomas & Sarah COX LOWER, Godfrey & Mary MEYERS SHISLER, John & Sarah & Enoch WILSON, Mathias & Emily & Mary LOUDERBACK, most of these families from "The Neck", S. Phila.

12 Oct 2000, Chris Barnes,


I'm searching for any information on Tho Van Stan who died in Philadelphia around 1898. He came from Ireland and was I think a sailor. He left behind at least two daughters who are buried in Ballyseedy Churchyard, County Kerry, Ireland.

10 Oct 2000, Vivian McCallum,


I would like to exchange information on the family of Albert RAPP m: Lydia ENGARD, no dates.  In 1944 this family lived on Marston St. in Philadelphia. 

5 Oct 2000, Sue Patrello,


Researching MCCALLA family that were in the Philadelphia and Montgomery Co area 1730-1850, including James, Wm, Robert & Johns.

2 Oct 2000, Hal McCawley,


I am researching the following surnames in Philadelphia SCHULTE, LEE, SHAW, RUMP, HACKETT, RAW, SMITH LEOPOLD, BAGLEY, DAVIS.

1 Oct 2000, Marge Turcotte,


Looking for a Robert Moffit who came from Ireland to Philadelphia in 1828 and died there on July 10,1869. His sister Elizabeth married a James Armstrong both died in 1849 within 3 months of each other in the Philadelphia. I have most of the info on their parents and the other 7 siblings who most went to Cedar co. IA. Would like hear from anyone associated with this family.

24 Oct 2000, Robbie Decker,


James James immigrated to Pennepac, PA from Wales, removed to Newcastle, PA (now DE) in 1703, and removed to SC in November 1735.  His wife was Sara Milcher; their son was Phillip James born 1701.  This is not the James James whose will was filed in 1708.  I will exchange all the information I have on this line.

20 Oct 2000, Betty Storrs,


I would like to correspond with anyone with the surnames of Dorf, Penwell and Reaver from the 1700's to 1900's in the Philadelphia, PA area.

20 Oct 2000, Joyce Penwell Althoff,


Seek information about an AKINS family who had a daughter Hester born 2-11-1887 that married a Robert T. INGHAM  1910-1913.

17 Oct 2000, Chris. Barnes,


Seeking information regarding Christian Wagner (b. 1808 Germ) and his wife, Frederica, (b. 1805, Germ.), and their children: Christopher (b. 1827 Germ), William (b. 1832, US), Catherine (US), Joseph (b 1840, US), Charles H. (US), Edward (b. 1841, US), Theodore (b. 1843, US), John F (b. 1848, US).   

16 Oct 2000, William Wagner,


I am seeking information on Kate (Catharina) Stolz, b 1848, Berks County, PA, parents Michael and Christiana Stolz, married to Joseph Ashbridge of Philadelphia.  I would like to share information with other descendants of these people.

5 Nov 2000, John E Stolz,


Looking for William P. M. BRAUN who was living in Philadelphia in 1910.    He had a servant in the household named Frieda BORCHERT 

4 Nov 2000, Debbie Lewis,


Searching for the family of an ELIZABETH GASSINGER b. ca. 1920, Philadelphia.  She married JACK ASHBURN ca. 1945.  They had 4 children.    The last one Mary was born in Muncie, Indiana.

2 Nov 2000, Phyllis Leedom,


Seeking information on the family of Johann Nicholas Seidel and maria Barbara Geiger B. CA 1719  in New Hanover Twp, Philadelphia Co., PA...especially interested in marriage for their daughter Anna Elizabeth b. 14 Apr 1745 bpt. 19 May 1745 Tappe Lutheran Church. 

1 Nov 2000, Linda B. Meyers,


Seeking information on Louisa Benedict who married Uriah Lewis in Philadelphia July 1856; also Lois Benedict Lewis married in Philadelphia abt 1920. Will exchange information with anyone with information on this family.

30 Oct 2000, Shirley Mains,


Searching for information on son of Elizabeth Thompson Ballantyne, he was born early 1940s in Philadelphia. Named possibly David. Elizabeth was married to Andrew Ballantyne ( undersigned's uncle ) at the time. Family has extensive genealogy to share. 

15 Nov 2000, Bob Ballantyne


Richard Hirst of Philadelphia 1/2 owner of Hirst-Roger Co. located on Allegheny Ave. near Kensington Ave. about 1900.  Member of the Phila. Chamber of Commerce at the beginning of its organization.  One of the original promoters of theKensington Trust Co.    Information on the Carpet company or the person appreciated. 

14 Nov 2000, Barbara Roberts Okes,


Anyone searching the family of Casper & Susanna BURGER GLOECKNER who arrived in Phila. 1740? A daughter Maria Magdalena married George HOFFNER in 1772. I expect Maria's birth to be c. 1750's. Looking for GLOECKNER siblings/data.

14 Nov 2000, Chris Barnes,


My grandfather William MCDONALD  born in Ireland place and date unknown.  Married to Mary MYER, he was a glassblower for the gas co. and lived on Bellgrave, believe he died in 1933.  Children were John William, Frank, Mary, Eugene, Gertrude, possibly more. 

11 Nov 2000, Eileen McDonald Brandli, 


I am searching my ancestors.  I have just found out my grand fathers brother Joseph McCaughey, lived and passed away in Philadelphia.    Anyone having  information on his family, parents etc would be greatly appreciated.  I do know he had brothers; my grandfather who was David Matthew and John six brothers altogether. There were sisters but how many is not known.    I have been told the parents were John and Elizabeth McCaughey. They originally came from Ireland around 1886. It is believed Joseph had a son Joseph.

10 Nov 2000, Tina Brownsweiger, 


Trying to find info on gg grandfather John P. Schoettle (or Schoettler) on the Philadelphia City Directories between 1875 and 1879. He had a son born Jan 1880 in Philadelphia.

10 Nov 2000, Harry Schoettle,


Any information on these Philadelphia families would be appreciated.

16 Nov 2000, Betty Greenwood,


I'm searching for relatives of  James F. Phelan and his wife Julia Phelan nee McCarthy.  According to the 1920 census, James was born in Ireland in 1882, emigrated to Philadelphia in 1902 and was naturalized in 1906.  Julia, daughter of Charlie McCarthy and Ellen White, was born in Ireland in 1884 and emigrated in 1902.  They married in Philadelphia.  In 1920 they resided at 2743 N. 25th Street.  Prior to this they resided at 2630 N. Myrtlewood.  James and Julia had the following children: Robert-born 1921, died July 22, 1929; James-born February, 1929, died October 21, 1929;    Joseph-born 1911; Madeline-born 1913: Daniel-born after 1920; Lillian C. - born after 1920.  Either Madeline or Lillian married Clement Kowski (I believe it was Clement as he was born in 1921) and resided at 2032 Oakmont Street where Mrs. Kowski still resides.  James F. Phelan died Jan. 21, 1957 and Julia died Sept. 16, 1949.  They are buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. 

17 Nov 2000, Regina Negrycz,


Rosina Barbara Stengel born Phila. Aug. 9, 1861 died Phila. Oct. 1899 buried Bridesburg Presbyterian. Confirmed March 25, 1877 St. James German Lutheran 3rd & Columbia Ave. Phila. Married William Theodore Miller Oct. 2, 1884 St. John's German Lutheran 500 Wharton St. Phila. A Frederich Stengel is also listed on Marriage Cert. Had one son Clarence Frank Miller born 1891. Living in Bridesburg at that time. Rosina may have lived 1703 N. Bodine St. and been a twin to Elizabeth & had brother John-Fred & Emanuel sister Amelia. 

17 Nov 2000, Jeff Miller, JEFFDMIL@AOL.COM


I am searching for the descendants of Hannah Holloway b. 1747 m. Aaron Hall, 2 Apr 1767, Christ Church Philadelphia.  Their children were: John, Absalom, Moses, (b. 12 Feb 1778 d. 17 Nov 1834 Washington Co), Aaron, Thomas, Rachel, Hannah, Leah, Mary Hall.  Moses m. Mary Tarr 06 Sep 1805.  Their children were Charlotte Hall and William Hall, b. 15 Jul 1816 Canonsburgh, Washington, Co.  He m. Catherine Baker,  b. MD. 

19 Nov 2000, Jan Jordan Lokensgard,


In 1800 John and Sarah "Sallie" SMITH POLLOCK came to America from Northern Ireland settling in western Pennsylvania.  Two of their adult sons, James and William POLLOCK, had come to the United States before the rest of the family and settled in Philadelphia.  Family tradition says that they died before the rest of the family came to America. It is said that James POLLOCK died during a yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia in the late 1790's.  William was thought to have drowned in the Schuylkill River near Philadelphia in the late 1790's. I'm wondering if there might be any information available concerning the deaths of these two men.  Is anyone aware of lists of the deceased during the yellow fever epidemics at the time? A strange side to all of this are the notes I received from a woman who was researching the Pollock family back in the 1920s.  She believed that William Pollock did not die but married a woman named Mitchie.  When I found this I was dumbfounded and have always wondered how this one person could have had information that conflicted with all the other family data/traditions.

19 Nov 2000, Bill Sowers, 


Looking for information on Emma P. Rose married 4 Aug 1868 in Philadelphia to William Winnemore, Jr. Emma's middle name possibly Parsley.

21 Nov 2000, Bob Ballantyne,


Looking for descendents of Christian Johnson, lived in Philadelphia early 1900s and brother of my grandfather Landis Ferree Johnson, both born Lancaster County and moved to Philadelphia late 1800s with father William Hamer Johnson and mother Elizabeth Burkey Johnson. 

21 Nov 2000, Bob Ballantyne,


Looking for information on John McManus and Laura Ball.  John McManus, b. abt. 1872 in Ireland.  Immigrated to US and married Laura Ball, b. abt 1876 PA(?).  Resided Philadelphia.  John was a tool and die maker.  They had fifteen children some of whom were Agnes, b. 1897, Laura, abt 1901, Annie, abt 1903, Thomas abt 1905, James abt 1907, Sarah (Sally) 1909, Mary, Joseph, John, and Veronica.  All children probably born at home as Philadelphia County has no record of any.

23 Nov 2000, Linda May,


I'm looking for information on Anton Schweiss and his brother Joseph Schweiss (one lived in Conshohocken .. the other in Philadelphia).  Anton was married to Freida Kuehfuhs, they had five children .. Frederick, Joan, Elizabeth, Frances, and Carol Ann. Joseph was married  Tony and Joes parents were Fredrick and Elizabety Schweiss, from the St George, Minnesota area. I am willing to exchange information with anyone related to these individuals.

21 Nov 2000, Dick Schweiss, 


Richard CARLETON married Margaret JONES 5-30-1778  (Vol.II pg. 178--Gen. Society of Pa.)  in Philadelphia. 1st born son James 1779. Who  were  the rest of his siblings?

23 Nov 2000, Patri Carlton,


My great-grandfather, Dr. Bernard J. Murray, was a physician/druggist who had a practice in the Germantown section of Phila. from 1883-1933.  He was the father of 11 children and the husband of Elizabeth MCMAHON Murray.  If you are descended from this family, I would be happy to hear from you.

24 Nov 2000, J. F. Devenney,


I am searching for information on Dr. John Follett FARRINGTON who may have attended The University of Philadelphia Medical School in Philadelphia County, PA     Is it possible to access a list of early medical students and graduates circa 1830?  Any info appreciated.

24 Nov 2000, Paul Fitch,


Michael OCONNELL m Mary CURRAN in Philidelphia circa 1867 or so. They lived at 1701 Titan Street. They had at least one son, William Henry Oconnell, who became a Christian Brother circa 1894. They may have had other children called Margaret M and Maurice T. Michael was a seaman who served in the US Navy on the USS Potomac at Philidelphia. He was discharged from the Navy in 1867 and evidently stayed in Philly. From 1894 to around 1920 Mary lived in Philly and is probably buried there. Michael progably died around 1894 or so.

25 Nov 2000, Maura Conry,


John Wilson Cuthbert, b. 1806, in Northern Liberties, Pa. is from a Cuthbert Bible record.  He married Sarah Ann Kochersperger at Gray's Ferry I believe in Passyunk.  John was a teacher in the Phila. school system, we think in 1836's, until 1881 when he died.  John & Sarah had a John, Henry, George, and others, I'm in a hurry.  Are there any relatives left down any of these lines?  I've connected with one cousin but would like to correspond with more so we can stir the pot.  I'm looking for old Cuthbert Bible records if they exist.  Do you know the name of John Wilson Cuthbert's father? 

26 Nov 2000, Shelley Cuthbert,


My ggf JOHN CONRAD HORST lived in Philadelphia 1889  until he died at age 60 April 1895. His sons were HARRY DIETRICH HORST, JOHN AUGUST HORST,CONRAD HARRY HORST, WILLIAM HORST  and daughters were LILLIAN HORST (married ARTHUR WIEGAND) and IDA HORST (married EDWARD J. DONNELLY). 

28 Nov 2000, Richard Gotchel,


Andrew SUMMERS (1742 - 1806) and his wife, Hannah CONYERS or MEYERS (1742 - 1819) lived and died in Philadelphia and are buried along with other SUMMERS in St. Peter's Churchyard, just inside the gate on Pine Street in Philadelphia. I have many many of their descendants but nothing on their origins or parents. I would also like to know their relationships with the other SUMMERS buried with them.

28 Nov 2000, Linda Summers Lamirand,

DEAN, STUCK       

Jacob Dean married Charlotte Stuck ca 1855.  There is a Jacob Dean in the 1860 Philadelphia Co. census index, 23rd Ward Philadelphia, Page 769.  I would like to know if this is my Jacob Dean.

28 Nov 2000, Kim Waller,


John Wilson Cuthbert was born in Northern Liberties, Pa. (outside Phila. but later became part of city in 1854) in 1806.  He had a brother, William, born 1809, who also lived in Phila.  John Wilson Cuthbert was a school teacher in the Phila. school system but I don't know what he taught.  I would like to know anything about his bro. William and sisters and also his parents names.    John W. Cuthbert has been our brick wall for over 30 years of research and I'm not going to give up just yet.  I hope anyone who is withholding information feels real guilty because he is my ancestor too!!  I do not want to possess whatever proof you have, just maybe a chance to get a copy so I can join the D.A.R.!  

28 Nov 2000, Shelley J. Cuthbert,


Sweet family.  Searching for John Sweet born 1848.

29 Nov 2000, Christine Forker,


My ggGrandfather Patrick Carroll came to Philadelphia from County Cork, Ireland according to family tradition. City Directory listings for him begin by 1856. He was buried with his two wives and several others in 1899 at Old Cathedral Cemetery. A letter from 1865 mentions cousins named Keefe, Edmund Lynch, David Walsh (who was originally buried at old Cathedral
Cemetery with the Carrolls) and a brother, John who had recently a daughter Mary. The letter was addressed to his brother Coleman. Anyone with a link please contact me. 

30 Nov 2000, Timothy P. Carroll,


We are looking for our family members with the last name Montre. We have found that a Xavier Montre was married in PA and have also found Exavia Montre supposedly listed in the PA census 117-1890.  But that is all we can find. Does anyone know of this man and his family?

1 Dec 2000, Valerie Landon,


Jacob Huber was born in PA about 1797 and Mary Ann Caldwell in 1805 also in PA.  They were married at St Michael's Lutheran Church in Germantown in 1826.    There were 9 children that I know of: Elizabeth, Charlotte P., Sarah, Morgiana R., Jacob G., Margaretta, John Y., Maria L. & Henry.  Jacob was a grocer in the Kensington area all his adult life and died in 1868.  I am looking for any info on Jacob & Mary Ann's siblings or parents. Happy to share what I have.

2 Dec 2000, Tia Sidey,  


A family story has it that JERUSHA POWELL (b. 1840 +/-  Hempstead, Long Island, NY) was a fortune huntress and con artist.  She evidently went to Philly and entered polite society via family connections (One of the Long Island Powells, you know).  She convinced a young man that she was as wealthy as he was and they married only to discover that she was indeed as wealthy as he was because he was a fortune hunter too!  Well, the story goes that they pooled what little they had and ended up "owning half of Philadelphia."  I'm not 100% sure that Jerusha Powell was the young lady's name so if anyone else has a story similar to this, I'd love to hear from you.

08 Dec 2000, Margaret Malloy,


Does anyone know of a Jan Cornell who went to Dutchess County, New York in the middle of the 18th Century?  For years I have been researching my ancestor, John  Connell, who married Lucretia Wright in Fishkill, New York, 21 Sep. 1755.  I have recently found two sources which suggest that he may really be Jan Cornel of Philadelphia

8 Dec 2000, Jack Peyrouse,

MARTIN, MCKAY, FARRELL                                                           

Peter Martin, married to Mary Farrell, arrived in Philadelphia in 1890. Mary's brother John came with them.  They lived in Manayunk area and had seven sons-James, J,Vincent, Charles, Richard, Thomas, Joseph and Paul. Peter died young and the boys were raised in foster care.       Patrick McKay married Charlotte Durning in Govan, Scotland in the mid 1880s and arrived in Philadelphia soon after.   They had nine or ten children who were raised in foster care when Charlotte died in 1902.Charlotte may have had at least one brother who also came to Philadelphia.  

08 Dec 2000, Edith Craner,


I am looking for any information on the following siblings who lived in Philadelphia, PA as of 1936.  They were all born in Schuylkill Co., PA.  I am interested in Harvey O. Webber (b.ABT 1882), Ida L. (Webber) Hummel (b.June 27, 1883), and George W. Webber (b.November 5, 1897).

9 Dec 2000, Gregory Phillips II,


I am looking for information on Albert N. and Laura M. (Webber) Brommer.  Albert was born November 14, 1879 in Schuylkill Co., PA and Laura was born December 26, 1881 in Schuylkill Co., PA.  They were married January 18, 1902 in Schuylkill Co., PA and sometime after 1904 moved to Philadelphia, PA.  Laura died before 1938, but Albert was still living there as of 1946. 

9 Dec 2000, Gregory Phillips II,


I'm looking for ancestry of Nathan Zimmerman b abt 1790, married Catherine Schugart 12/27/1812 in Germantown Pa. Son John b 1814 in Phil, son Jacob b 1819 in Fredricksburg Ma, son Jonathan b 1825 ma, daughter Catherine b 1830 in Harrison Co Indiana, son Nathan b 1835 in Ind.

12 Dec 2000, Paul Zimmerman,


Richard THOMAS, 1782-1842. Need obit, burial location, or anything else for this person who died 20 Dec 1842 at Philadelphia, PA. He was a "Ship's Carpenter" in the US Navy from 1812-42 and served aboard both the Constitution and Constellation.

12 Dec 2000, David Hart,


1860 Federal Census has a SIMON MCMAHAN listed for Philadelphia County, PA, 9W, Philadelphia Twp. on page 137.  If anyone has information on Simon, I'd appreciate it if you would please contact me.

16 Dec 2000, Mary McMahon,


Samuel Moore and wife Margery Glass who emitgrated from County Tyrone, Ireland to Philadelphia, PA in the year 1853. Samuel was born April 1802 and Margery was born Jun 1796. Three years later they moved to Hocking Co, OH.

16 Dec 2000, Kyle M. Condon,


Searching for information on my GGGG Grandparents, Samual BLAKEY and Elizibeth STACKHOUSE. Samuel, probably the son of Joshua BLAKEY and Sarah (maiden name unknown,) was born in Bucks County, Pa on April 20, 1765. Elizibeth STACKHOUSE born April 26, 1772 possibly in Philidelphia County, was the daughter of Benjamin STACKHOUSE and Susannah (maiden name unknown.) Elizibeth first married Mathew WALKER about 1790 and Mathew died on October 18, 1793 in the Philidelphia during the yellow fever epidemic. Sometime after 1793, Elizibeth married Samual. They had a least one daughter, Ann Eliza BLAKEY born March 20, 1802, who married Jacob J. BRIGGS in Bucks County on September 7, 1826. Samual died sometime between 1813 (his father's will) and 1842 when Elizibeth left Bucks County with her daugher for Ohio. Elizibeth died on March 11, 1851 in Miami County, Ohio. Have a substantial amount of information on the descendents of Samaul and Elizibeth to share.

24 Dec 2000, Martin Stewart,


I have some photos taken c. 1925-1930 of Ida Rebecca ANDREWS, known as "Becca." She was born about 1905-1910, attended Watts De Peyster (girls) School in NY in the early 1920s, and was a friend of my mother. Becca was from the Oxford Circle area of Philadelphia, PA, married and had a daughter, but I do not know Becca's married name. I would like to send these photos to the family, if I can find them.

25 Dec 2000, Susan Meganzack, 


Trying to locate anyone who may be researching the William and Cynthia Dora Kester Webster family from Philadelphia, PA.In the 1890's, William and Cynthia, along with their children, William Jr. and Dora E., were living at 3226 Woodland Ave., West Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.  Would like to locate when Cynthia Kester Webster died. 

26 Dec 2000, David C. Kester,


Need info on a John Dietrick and Catherine Frey, they arrived abt.1734. They had land recorded in 1738.  Need any baptism and birth  record for any children they had. In 1740 they had land recorded in Bucks Co. Pa. 

26 Dec 2000, Keith Fry,


I am looking for information on Joseph L. Dutton resided in Pine Ward in 1860 (from census).  His wife, Susan ?, was listed as born in New Jersey. He had another son, Joseph Lamplier Dutton, Jr., who married Sarah Ann Steele July 1, 1835. They migrated to FL. Sarah Ann was born at Lewistown, Delaware, Jan. 12, 1815.

27 Dec 2000, Caroline Cooper,


I am looking for any information available on parents, siblings of George Helmer (other spellings Helmore, Heilmer) born approximately 1795 in Pennsylvania, possibly in Philadelphia County.

27 Dec 2000, Kenneth Helmer,


Jacob Lyle born 1799 Dublin Twp. married Elizabeth born 1798 Philadelphia (don't have surname). Children Jacob A. b 1840, Sarah J. b 1832. Also Samuel G. b 1819.

28 Dec 2000, Frances Martos,


Does anyone familiar with Philadelphia know of a coffin making company owned by a Kennedy family on 7th and Mandering Avenue in Philadelphia, probably in the late 1930' - 1940's?  There was a daughter named Rosemary Kennedy.  Her family owned the business. 

23 Dec 2000, Claudia Schuman,


Searching for information on Joe McGlynn born 1879 in Co Longford,Ireland. He emigrated to Philadelphia before 1901 Irish Census. He married (name unknown) and had two daughters,Helen and Josephine. Believed to have died about 1929/30.    I have a photograph of the family taken in a Schuck studio in Philadelphia probably in the nineteen twenties.I would like to exchange information with his descendants or anyone with information on this family.

31 Dec 2000, Brian Wray,


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