Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Queries, July - September 2000



David L. Anderson.  I am looking for any information on hisparental background. He was born in Philadelphia in 1845, died in at 83 years old in 1928. He was a close friend of John Wanamaker and also worked for him. He was also a director of the Union League in Philadelphia. I am his great grandson and am trying to trace his background. Any information will help.

5 Jul 2000, Ronald W. German,


My ancestor, Edwin Dewey SHARP, married Myrtle DALBEY, in 1920 in Philadelphia.  They had two children, Isabel and Edwin (aka Buddy).  I would like information on either of the children or their descendants.

4 Jul 2000, Pat Corcoran,


Lokadia or Katherine Steinke 32, married to Johann Drescher 42, one son Leon, 8yrs old on 1910 Philadelphia census living on Orianna St, all Germans emigrated through Canada. Believe sibling relationship to Eda Sawatsky Steinke (died in Delaware in 1930's, age 70's) and Wilhelm Steinke (died in Winnipeg 1920's, age 60's).    Parents were Wilhelm and Flora Kaliss Steinke.

8 Jul 2000, Wendy Black, 


Seeking information re Raymond C. Fleming, born c 1904; died 1925 in Philadelphia.

7 Jul 2000, James T. Dawson,


Looking for links to Bertha Hansen (b.1851 Denmark, immigrated to NY 1871) and her husbands ____ LUNDEGAARD and August (?) CHRISTIANSEN.  Families settled in Philadelphia in 1870's, residing at "Witte n Venango" in 1890. With Lundegaard, Bertha had 3 children: Johanna, Lawrence, & Theodore.  After Lundegaard died, she remarried to Christiansen and had 3 more children: Amanda, Cornelius, & Elizabeth (my grandmother, b. 1890).  Bertha died in 1925.

07 Jul 2000, Lisa Traylor,


Looking for parents of John Wollaver who married Catherine App,1812, at St. Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church,6th & Race Sts. John, born ca.1791 was a shipwright and resided in Kensington at Bedford & Marlborough Sts. Catherine born ci.1791, died 1847, buried at Odd Fellows, 23rd & Diamond. John, died 1861, buried at Odd Fellows. Had 7 children, 5 baptized at Old Reformed, 4th & Race and last 2 at 1st Pres. Church of Kensington, Girard Ave. 

5 Jul 2000, James Wollaver,


I am looking for any information on the Beninghove family who resided in Philadelphia County in 1820.  The 1820 Census shows Catherine and Elizabeth Beninghove but I have been unable to uncover any other information.  I am searching for marriage, birth info, death info, children, sibling, general history, etc.

5 Jul 2000, Randy Beninghove,


I am looking for information on a distant cousin, John McGuire came up to Syracuse, NY from his home in Philadelphia to visit my great grandfather. The date was 4-1-1950. He left a couple of pictures...his wife was Anna, youngest daughter was Anna (age 33) also, married to someone named Harry. Oldest daughter was Pat (age 35)?  Someone had a daughter Pat and she was 1 year old.  Someone's address was 3203 F. McMichaels St.Philadelphia 29 PA.  

4 Jul 2000, Anne Ruggeri,


Searching for information about wife and children of Raymond Woodson. Raymond was born on 4 August 1892 in Rochester, Beaver County, PA.  He died on 2 January 1953 in Philadelphia PA at which time he was married and living at 627 Lombard Street, Philadelphia, PA.  He is buried in Beverly National Cemetery in Beverly, NJ.       

2 Jul 2000, Douglas Jones,


In search of family of GEORGE E. BLAKE, especially the descendants of GEORGE A. H. BLAKE, who served in the U.S. Army during the Mexican War.  He was born in Philadelphia in early 1800's and, I believe, died there in late 1800's.

12 Jul 2000, Maria B. Brown,


Looking for relatives of George W. Saylor and wife, Catherine O'Brien, who lived on Judson Street in Philadelphia in early 1900's. Possibility that his father's name was also George W. Saylor of 2626 Aramingo St. in 1890 who served in the Civil War in th 147th Infantry, Co. A.

9 Jul 2000, Marge Devonshire,


I am trying to obtain information about my great grandfather, William HAMILL. He died in Philadelphia in 1899. He was from Donegal, Ireland, and came to the US in 1863. His wife was Mary (Duffy?). Their children were Elizabeth, Mary, Henry (b. Ireland, Jan 1860), Bernard (Barney, b. Ireland, Jan 1`862) and James P. (b. Philadelphia, 15 Dec 1868). At some point before 1890 they lived in Ohio (Massilon?). William owned a saloon somewhere on Cumberland. The 1890 City Directory lists them at 2436 Gaul, so I'd guess the bar would've been fairly close to that.   

11 Jul 2000, Ed Stephan,


Looking for PALMER, VARICK (or VARECK), and WALTON.  Male PALMER living in Chester Co. late 1700's, then his son Thomas PALMER b.early 1800's in Philadelphia (?) - served in the BlackHawk war in Ill., died of typhoid fever. Thomas married ? VARICK (of Dutch heritage,they supposedly came over with Wm Penn).  Their daughter of unknown name, follows our line. She had siblings, Washington Palmer, Charles Palmer and Mary Palmer who married ? Mulligan.  All resided in Philadelphia , early to late 1800's. The daughter with unknown name married Thomas Walton of Philadelphia.  They moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and died of cholera in 1849 leaving six children behind. 

10 Jul 2000, Diane Land,


I am looking for information on Thomas Keaton b. 1785-Maryland and Rebecca Young b. 1790-Delaware (some records show PA).  Records state they were married in Philadelphia, probably abt 1807.  First child William Thomas b. 21 Mar 1809, Philadelphia, PA.

11 Jul 2000, Sherri Fabert,


Looking for information on John C. Clugh b 1865 in Shippensburg, PA. Married Sarah Martin b abt 1873. Sarah died 9/6/1923 at her home in Philadelphia from injuries received from a fall at her home three months prior. She was survived by three daughters at home, as well as her husband John. The daughters names were not given.    I have no death date for John, and no burial locations given. Would gladly exchange information with any descendants.

18 Jul 2000,  Stacey Falkner,


Aaron B. Burton was a contractor and bridgebuilder who lived in Philadelphia in the 1860's and 1870's. I would like to locate descendants of his family to compare family histories as I believe this man was a brother of my ggrandfather, Henry B. Burton. Henry B. Burton was born about 1814 in England and immigrated to the US sometime before 1857 when his first child was born in Brooklyn, NY.

17 Jul 2000, Jan Jones,


I am looking to confirm the marriage of William H. Pratt to Anne Tartt (Tarit)  which occurred in Philadelphia on or around October 8, 1838 by a Rev. John Clark in the  ?? Andrews Church. Can anyone help me or direct me to another source?

17 Jul 2000, Don Pratt, 


I have been trying to find out some info about Edward George Byrne who is my great grandfather.  It's like he never existed.  He came from Ireland sometime before 1896 and married Mary Bass who was from Penn.    They had 3 children, Edward George, 6/23/1895, Robert, 12/15/07 and Frances Eugenia.  Mary died around 1922 and Edward moved in with his daughter at some point after she married John Mooseberger.  He was a postal worker and also a postmaster of either Fox Chase or Upper Darby.  I'm told he died in the early 1950's (before 1956) in Fox Chase.    I would like to try and find out where in Ireland he came from but I need his parents names.  This would probably be in an obituary or naturalization papers but so far I've found nothing.  

15 Jul 2000, B. Bagley,


My ancestor John Engle b 1803 Bavaria, arrived Phila. about 1830.  Married Margaret Becker 1833 Salem G. Ref. Church.  Children-Charles, Jacob (m.Emma Snyder) John, George, Pennella, Sarah,. John d 1880, his wife Margaret d. 1883.  Both buried Odd Fellows Cem., Phila.  Later re-interred Lawnview Cemetery, Rockledge.

7 Jul 2000, Joyce M. Haas,


Looking for any information on Conrad Brown who lived at 12th & Mellon around 1880's.  He had several daughters.

17 Jul 2000, Jan Perez,


Seeking information on Patrick Tully , possibly born in Philadelphia, 1873, lived in New York City, 1900, father of Ambrose Kearns, born March, 1900, New York    City to Patrick Tully and Kate Kearns.

17 Jul 2000, Margaret Warne,


Joseph Szewczak and Anastasia (Anna) Krolikowska (born around 1887) came to Philadelphia from Poland, probably Warsaw.  They had two sons, Adam and Rudolph (born 1913) and two daughters, Catherine and Hedwig (Ida).  They belonged to St. Laurentius and St. Peter's parishes in Philadelphia and at one time lived at 327 Culbert St. and 1102 N. 4th Street.  They owned a grocery store somewhere in Philadelphia.  I cannot find them in any of the Philadelphia census records.  Joseph died approximately 1941-1942.  Rudolph married my mother, Rosemary Baird around 1942 and they had two sons and a daughter, Joseph born 1943, married to Eileen Gerger of Philadelphia; Rudolph born 1944, married to Lou Anne ? of Lebanon, PA; and Anne Marie (Angie), born 1947, married to Dennis Ellena of Philadelphia and NJ.  We lived on Wakefield Street in Germantown and belonged to St. Francis of Assisi Parish. Catherine Szewczak married William Lawler and had a son, William, approximately 1955.  I know there were many relatives in Philadelphia and Chester, PA area but have lost touch.  Would like information on the Szewczak and Krolikowska background for family genealogical purposes. 

18 Jul 2000, Betty Obst,


Rosemary Campbell came to Philadelphia 1912-1914 from County Armagh, Ireland.  Daughter of Joseph Campbell and Mary Fox; siblings included Sarah Jane, Maryanne, Katherine, Alice, George, Mima and Joseph.  Rosemary lived with her sister, Sarah and her brother-in-law Ed Moss, on Newkirk St.  She later worked for a wealthy family and while they were vacationing in Rhode Island, she met my grandfather, William Marion Baird, US Army, from Campbell Co., TN.  They married probably around 1918.  They lived in PA, TN and KY until they returned to Philadelphia around 1925 at which time they lived in Corpus Christie and St. Columbus parishes.  They had 5 children, Rosemary, William, Mary Elizabeth, Joseph and Theresa.  Rosemary died at the age of 33 around 1929 and the four eldest children were placed in the care of the Catholic Children's Bureau of Philadelphia.  The youngest was raised by an Uncle George Fox and his wife Frances.  Looking for information on Rosemary Campbell, particularly date and place of marriage, date and ship from Ireland.

18 Jul 2000, Betty Obst,


Looking for information on Obst ancestors of the Obst family who lived on Tacoma St., in Germantown, Philadelphia in early 1900's to 1990's.  Fred Obst born 1911 in Atlanta, GA to Ferdinand Obst (of NY) and Anna Mc Closkey (of NJ); Fred was married to Theresa Martini around 1930, in Philadelphia.  Fred's siblings included Alfred, Pete (married to Pearl McCurdy and then to Thelma?), Charles (married to Jane Martini), Richard (married to Betty ?) and Mary Anne (married to Smallburger who moved to NJ).  Theresa Obst born 1913 in Philadelphia to Mary Lawrence and Charles Martini; lived in Olney section of Philadelphia.  Her siblings included William, Charles, Margaret, Fan, Lawrence (Bud), Jane and Judy plus several others who died young.  Theresa's grandparents were John Lawrence of Sweden and Jane Reilly of Ireland.  Fred and Theresa had 4 children, all born and raised in Germantown, Jane, Charles, Fred and William.  All belonged to St. Francis of Assisi Parish.

18 Jul 2000, Betty Obst,


Looking for information on Horning family who owned a brewery in Philadelphia, probably in the 1930's or 1940's.  Any information on this family or the brewery (which was later sold to Schmidt's brewery) will be appreciated.

18 Jul 2000, Betty S. Obst,


Looking for information on FRANK FERDINAND FEELY married to ANN FRANCES TEES.  Both are buried at Hillside Cemetery in Roslyn, PA. He died in 1943 and she died in 1956.

17 Jul 2000, Ann Huggins Feely,


Abigail Tees, born 1827 died 12/13/07 buried in Hillside Cemetery in Rosyln, PA.  Trying to locate her husband's name as well as her maiden name. Also Charles Tees, what was his wife's name and his children, he was born 1859 and is buried at Hillside Cemetary in Rosyln, PA. 

17 Jul 2000, Ann Huggins Feely,


I am looking for names and dates of descendants of John Holme 1706-1775 and wife Jane Morgan 1710-1795 of Philadelphia.  There children were Abel, Martha, Enoch, Hannah, John, Priscilla, and Thomas.  I am looking for spouses and offspring of these 7 children. 

17 Jul 2000, Karen Kotlarchik,


Jacob Winnemore, born August 1862 in PA, and his wife Annie, born August 1860 in Ireland, were living in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, in 1920.    Their children were Granville, Joseph and Walter.  Trying to trace ancestors and descendents of the family.

16 Jul 2000, Kathie Groll,


Jacob M. Winnemore, born December 1846, Philadelphia and his wife Hannah, born January 1847, were living in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County in 1910.    Their children were Mary, Jessie, Eva and Jacob.  I'm trying to trace descendents and ancestors of Jacob and Hannah and their children.

16 Jul 2000, Kathie Groll,


Dawson, Robert m. Mary Duhadway, son James (5/28/1831) m Rebecca (?) about 1851.  Rebecca died 1894, James remarried 1895 Henrietta (?).  James died 1907.

16 Jul 2000, Linda Eichhorn Burke,


My ancestor was Michael J. McCloskey who lived at 1347 Palethorp Street in May of 1896.  He was a policeman and was married to Emma A. (Murray?). One of  their children was Charles Edward.

15 Jul 2000, Lola McCloskey,


My gggrandmother,Elizabeth Ross Raser Fenton,is said to be a cousin of Betsy Ross, nee, Elizabeth Griscom.  Am looking for verification.

14 Jul 2000, Tom Jones,


Seeking info on Nicholas A. Kalck and\or his parents. What little I know about him\them was secured from Nicks OHIO marriage license when he became my grandmother's 3rd husband. Pertinent details from license include: Mother Emily Glenser; Father Albert C. Kalck; Occupation: accountant; age shown on marriage application was 56 making birth year about 1877. His place of birth is stated as Philadelphia, PA.      Wife's name by 3 marriages was: (#1) Minnie Eleanor Wood Berner; (#2) Minnie Eleanor Wood Clark (aka as Hermine Clark); and (#3) Hermine Kalck. Lived in Cleveland OH while married from date of marriage, 09-23-1933 to 10-30-1941, date Hermine died.  Nicholas may have moved to Willoughby, OH after Hermine's death.  Posted to OHIO sites; because of Philly connection\birthplace, posting to your site also. 

14 Jul 2000, John Beck, 


My ancestor James DIXON  was running a shipping business from Philadelphia in 1855. He emigrated from Co. Wexford, Ireland in 1848 with his brother John DIXON spending about 2 years on the West coast. While in Philadelphia he was stricken with "bilious fever" and small pox (1855) and was helped out by Mrs. "MAGUIRE" (perhaps spelled McGuire) and her sister,  Mrs. DIAMOND (possibly a relation by marriage).. He was also working out of New York.   He probably arrived in Philadelpha after 1850 and he left in late 1855.  Mrs. DIAMOND was still living in Philadelphia in 1882.

14 Jul 2000, Chris Zayas,


I am looking for the maiden name of the wife of Benedict Dorsey, Jr., a Quaker merchant in Philadelphia c. 1795.  Her first name may be Peggy.

13 Jul 2000,Diane Wenger,


Searching for marriage for Nettie SINCLAIR, dau of Wilson and Annetta/Antonette GRIFFIN DENBEIGH SINCLAIR, b Sept 1887 CO and in Bristol, Philadelphia Co PA ca 1910.  Photo of her taken there is in cardboard frame embossed with "Shafers Bristol PA."  According to her mother's obit in 1914, Nettie was living at that time.  She was probably living with other SINCLAIR relatives for at least part of the time 1908-1910; Wilson SINCLAIR was b Philadelphia area 1847.  Have photos and other family member info to exchange, including all 7 half-siblings.

15 Jul 2000, Nancie L. Willey,


My Great grandmother was Rachel C. Shindel Spohn. She lived with her son William G. Spohn when she died in Baltimore. Her parents were Jeremiah and Annie Baxter Shindel. She was the widow of Charles F. Spohn. Her other children were Catherine,wife of David Chambers of Dover,Pa. Anna, wife of Norman Caswell, Columbia. Elsie, wife of Harry K. Peters, Lancaster. Richard E., Lancaster. Laura, wife of Milton Mulligan, Harrisburg. Charles F., Lancaster. and William with whom she had lived, in Baltimore, Maryland. Her sisters and brothers were Mrs. Amos Hoover ,Lancaster; George Shindel, Conestoga, Pa. and Oliver Shindel, West Chester, Pa. She was born Dec. 8,1876, and was 82 when she died, so she died abt. 1958. Any information would be appreciated. I am looking for any further information on her father and his ancestors.

12 Jul 2000, Donna Gordner,


My grandfather, Frank, used all three last names during his life.  He was born in Phil. about 1895 to Jewish immigrants from Russia, Benjamin and Bessie.  His older brother was Nathan (yes, Nathan Nathans), and younger brothers were Morris (aka Shea aka Moshe) and Irving (aka Isidore). There were other siblings, up to 5.  Frank married first Sadie, whose parents lived in NY, and had Dorothy, and a son whose name I don't know. Then about 1932 he married Agnes, also from Phil., and had my mother Conne, known as 'Honey'. Any connections?

20 Jul 2000, Diane Schwertfeger,


I am searching for resources/information/news articles/pictures on following ancestors:  George Jones Percival, Inventor/Chemist/Civil War Surgeon on Monitor and friend/colleague of Thomas Edison. His son George, II was civil engineer on Ridge Ave loop sections of Broad St Subway system.  Also, Isaac Achuff, old Stetson Hat Factory/American Stores (born 1839) and Lewis R. Achuff (born circa 1813 in Phila) stone masons for bridges/structures built in Fairmont Park. Also, Thomas John Madden, ironworker at old Adams Foundry near Girard Ave who hauled William Penn's hat to City Hall by horse carriage.

23 Jul 2000, Douglas Achuff,


My ancestor Elizabeth Schrader b. 24 Jul 1810 in Philadelphia and d. 29 Jan 1892 in Millersburg, Pa. She m. Isaac Kepner. Who are her parents?

24 Jul 2000, Richard Kemp,


I'm searching for brothers William and Gideon Buton who lived in Philadelphia ca.1850.  William was married to Susan and 8 children.  Gideon was the rector at St. Peters.  Ring any bells?

24 Jul 2000, Andy O'Neil,


Seeking information regarding Thomas F. Eaton, born approximately 1808, England, settled Philadelphia and married ???.  Had 2 sons, Thomas H. and William Negley Eaton.  My gr.grandfather was William N. Eaton who relocated to Va. during Civil War and settled there until his death.  Brother Thomas H. Eaton attended his funeral 1902 and local newspaper stated he was from Phoenixville, Pa.  Thomas H. was born 1837(Phila) and married to Margaret N. approx 1866.  William N. was born 1839 (Phila) and died Portsmouth, Va. 1902.

2 Jul 2000, Bertie Winn Campbell,


Rosemary Anne Campbell came to Philadelphia, PA 1912-1914 from County Armagh, Ireland.  Lived with her sister Sarah Campbell who later married Ed Moss who worked at the Frankford Arsenal; lived on Newkirk St. Rosemary worked for a wealthy family and while they were vacationing in Rhode Island, she met my grandfather, William Marion Baird, who was in the Army and stationed in Rhode Island.  He was born in Campbell Co., TN.  They married and had five children in PA, TN and KY.  They returned to Philadelphia around 1925 and lived in Corpus Christie and St. Columbus parishes.    Rosemary died in 1929 and the four eldest children, Rosemary, William, Mary Elizabeth and Joseph, were placed with the Catholic Children's Bureau of Philadelphia.  The youngest child, Theresa, was taken in by an Uncle, George Fox and his wife Frances.  Interested in any information, especially marriage date and place, name of ship from Ireland and date, place of burial for Rosemary.

18 Jul 2000, Betty Obst,


I am searching for any connections/info  on my GF Henry Dillon, b. April 17 1869 and GM Bridget Emma Fay nee McCormick, b. April 15 1867.  They lived in Kensington at 1809 E. Sargeant St.  Bridget had a daughter from previous marriage Elizabeth Fay born 1898.  They had 2 sons together, James Edward in 1907 & Michael Thomas in 1909. Henry was a carpenter/cabinet maker who worked at Kensington & Sergeant Sts. at the PTC Car Barn, he also at one time owned his own contracting business.

19 Jul 2000, Bud Dillon,


Am looking for information on a Johan Peter Zimmerman aka Peter that arrived in Philadelphia on the Patience in 1749. Believe he moved to Montgomery Co and married in 1755 to Anna Maria Mackesin.

23 Jul 2000, G. W. Zimmerman,


Searching for information on Rev. Alexander Howie who arrived in Philadelphia in 1730-31. He is listed in Gerald Fothergil's "A List of Emigrant Ministers to America, 1790-1811." London. Stock, 1904. Would like any information on Rev. Howie. 

25 Jul 2000, Barbara Howey Parks,


My ancestors Jacob Smith and Mary Preston were married in the Old Swedes Church in Philadelphia Jan. 25, 1784.  Jacob Smith was a tailor in Germantown in 1811-1813, but removed from there to Philadelphia, where he is listed as living at 278 So. 4th Street.  Jacob and his wife Mary had three known children:  William Henry, Jacob Preston, and Sarah.  William Henry Smith, my ancestor moved to Tompkins Co., NY;  Jacob Preston Smith was a printer in Philadelphia, and Sarah married William Williams and remained in Philadelphia.  I am trying to find the ancestors of Jacob Smith, who died Oct. 3, 1827, and his wife Mary Preston Smith, who died Nov. 7, 1837.

27 Jul 2000, Laurel F. Dearborn,


I am trying to trace the descendants of John Gill, born in York, England in 1753 and a cordwainer or shoemaker. He "many years ago went to Philadelphia in North America and is supposed to be dead" according to the will of  his mother Frances Gill, dated 1800. His wife may have been called Frances. 

12 Aug 2000, Andrew Gill,


Looking for Benjamin Hoffman's death certificate.  He was born about 1819 in PA. He died April 15 or 18, 1890 in Philadelphia.  Was married to Mary Bellame.

30 Jul 2000,Christine W. Taylor,


Peter Thomas Sailor, b.1741 in Philadelpha. d. in Va. married Mary Holloway in 1764. Seeking any information about Peter Thomas Sailors' parents. Any Sailor information would be welcome. 

2 Aug 2000, Beth Rasmussen,


Researching Lewis Stempfle who was working as a Barber in the City of Philadelphia according to the 1890 City Directory.  Hoping to find any information on him.

3 Aug 2000, Peggy Stempfly,


Interested in any Wible that lived in Philadelphia after 1800.  Several variant spellings.  Some or most of the family came from New Jersey.

25 Jul 2000, Roberta Daymon,


I'm interested in any information on the William ALLEN family.  My father, William Henry, was born in 1897 to William Henry ALLEN (b. Feb 1857) and Mary BURNS (b. 1862, d. 1929).  According to Census records he was the only child that survived of 5 children born to Mary.  He had several aunts and uncles. His grandfather was William S.(Samual?) ALLEN born possibly in February of 1827 in Pennsylvania.  Willaim S. was married to Elizabeth and they had six children listed in the 1880 census; William H. (b. 1856), Elizabeth (b. 1857), Theodore (b. 1860), Charles S. (b. 1862), Clara F. (b. 1865) and George D. (b. 1869). The father of William S. was born in New Jersey. Elizabeth was born in 1838 in Pennsylvania and her father was born in Virginia while her mother was born in Massachusetts.  

27 Jul 2000, Mike Allen,


I am looking for information confirming the dates or any other information for Samuel DeWees of Phil, son of Cornelius, grandson of Gerrit and Sytie. I would also appreciate any information about Samuel's son John & family, as well as John's son John Jacob & family.

31 Jul 2000, Kyle Hassler,


Henry Mullen, AKA Bernard Mullen b. Co Derry, Ireland, d. Phila 6 Jul 1883, age given variously 52 or 63.  Buried at New Cathedral Cemetery.  Susan McNulty buried in same grave 28 May 189, age 43, possibly Henry's sister.  Bernard O'Mullen d. 11 Mar 1900, buried at Holy Cross Cemetery.  His wife Mary died 9 Apr 1915, address 1812 S. Front St.  They had a bar, several houses, two daughters: Susan m. Anthony E. DeLess, Jr. and Alice m. a Kane.  In a grave associated with the family are John McAnulty died before or around 1901, age 48, and Thomas Enright buried 10 Sep, age 21, and John Enright buried 12 Aug 1942, age 78.  I am seeking more info about these people.

3 Aug 2000, Dan Mullan,   


Mary Ann JOHNSTON died 18 January 1854 and was buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Philadelphia. Is there a published list of this cemetery's transcriptions anywhere? Were all those interred removed to Lawnview and  Mount Peace? Does anyone have lists of those cemeteries? I would be glad to share information on this family with anyone interested in this family.

4 Aug 2000, Patrice Thompson,


Abraham and Blandina Dorland/Durling lived in Oxford Twp, Philadelphia Co prior to 1785.  He served as a Pvt in the 9th Regiment and is referred to in the Minutes of the Provincal Council, Phila Ap 16, 1785, Col Rec XIV. 408. Children were: William, Armintha, George, Mercy and Ann.    They were probably from the Bucks Co Area and prior to that Staten Island.  His father was Jan Dorland son of Lambert Janse Dorland. Abraham was born in Staten Island in 1725 and died in Philadelphia in 1785.  I am trying to determine where Oxford Twp is today.  Also was his's wife's surname Woggelum.  Am interested in any information on this family. There was also an Abraham Woglom who married Catharine Miers 18 April 1799 in Philadelphia and wonder if this might be Blandina's brother. 

4 Aug 2000, Judy Cassidy,


Am searching for information on the families of Louis Schulze; Augustus, Sebastion, and Michael Heim, and Charles Kappler all of the Bridesburg Section of Philadelphia, PA.  Louis Schulze lived at 4642 E. Thompson Street.  He arrived in the Philadelphia are prior to 1900 and married Mary Anna Heim Nov. 17, 1908 at All Saints Church or St. Dominic's in Bridesburg.  He and his wife are buried in this cemetery. 

4 Aug 2000, Judy Cassidy,


Trying to identify Blandina, the wife of John Dorland's son Abraham.    John Dorland was from Staten Island NY, moving to Bucks Co PA and the the Abington section of todays Montgomery Co, but at that time Philadelphia County.  Abraham was born in 1725 and married Blandina in 1754.  He died in 1785.  Was she the daughter of Jan Woglom III and Sarah Bennet. Her aunt, sister of Jan, was also a Blandina Woglom, who married Simon Simonsen whose 1731 will was of Abington, Philadelphia County, PA.    The trustee was Benjamin Corson, and a witness was John Dorland. 

4 Aug 2000, Judy Cassidy,


Grandfather was Frank Yeslevitz, born c1895 in Phil. to Bentsion Yoselevich and his wife Rifka-Pesya Chaletsky, both from Ukraine. Older brothers were Nathan and Morris (aka Shea), and younger brother was Irving. Nathan became Nathan Nathans, married Kate, and had Bernard, David, and Ruth. Bernard had 3 boys, David had 2 girls, and Ruth had 3 girls.  Morris and Irving married but I do not know of any children. Frank married first Sadie, whose parents lived Lower East Side NY. They had Dorothy, and a son whose name I do not know. Dorothy maybe was born about 1914, and married young, about 1931.    Sadie died at a young age, and Frank remarried Agnes about 1931. They had only one daughter, Constance. Frank died Sep 21, 1946, maybe in New Jersey, and was buried in Phil. Most of the family lived in Phil. and it's areas until at least the late 1940's. Wanting a connection.

5 Aug 2000, David Schwertfeger,


I am trying to get any info on a Samuel Frank Nozer married to Eva Burychka (born 1984 in Poland) in Philadelphia PA between 1914 and 1920 or so.  The family stayed in the Phil area but Samuel must have died around 1920.  They had three kids in Phil. Mary Nozer Bitinas b. 1915, Andrew Charles Nozer b. 1917, and Ann Nozer b. about 1919.  Eva later remarried to last name Kosak but he must have died shortly there after.  She stayed in Phil for many years.  Later she moved to Gloucester (Camden?) NJ where she died in 1961. 

6 Aug 2000, Diane Adrian,


I am seeking information on my great-grandfather, Charles Earle Fiss b. July 3, 1884 in Philadelphia, PA d. May 15, 1969, Washington County, Springdale, AR.    He was married 3 times (1) Sara Fratt (Philadelphia, PA) (2) Nell Irene Galloway (Kansas City, MO) (3) Charline Taylor (Springdale, AR).  He was the son of Charles Patterson Fiss and Hettie Longfellow Close.  I am seeking information on any siblings Charles may have had.  I am also in need of information pertaining to his parents. 

6 Aug 2000, Julie Bahr-Kostelac,


I am pursuant of information concerning the following people who lived in Philadelphia from c1900-1960: Charles Quay, William Quay, George and Claire Gabell, Charles and Ida (Quay) Locke, Katherine (Quay) and Michael Murphy.   From what I've been able to research, they moved often throughout Philadelphia and eventually settled in Philadelphia County near Bala Cynwood. 

6 Aug 2000, Charles Ott,


Searching for information on Ella Walker who resided at 2911 Alter in 1929 and 1930. Would like to correspond with any family members and/or anyone knowing about her. 

6 Aug 2000, Karen Sutter,


My grandfather, Michael Manyx, his brother Patrick and a third brother (John???) emigrated from County Clare Ireland to Philadelphia in the 1850's.    Michael and Patrick located in Illinois.   The third brother remained in the east.   There is a Mary Manyx listed on the 1860 Philadelphia Census.  She may have been an aunt.  Michael was born May 1, 1846 and Patrick was born in 1839. I am looking for information or descendants of the third brother and of Mary Manyx.

6 Aug 2000, Mary Manyx Goodson,


Joseph Bernard Donohue.  I am looking for any information on his parental background.  He was born in Philadelphia on 11 November 1915 and died in Trevose, Pennsylvania on 23 November 1975.  He was the youngest of 9 children, I believe were named John, William, Abe, Margaret, Mary, Celestine, Agnus and Emil. 

6 Aug 2000, Janet Ebner,


Robert Domokos.   I am his neice and am looking for any information about his military life.  He was born in Philadelphia on 2 October 1915 and died 22 October 1989.  As a young man he lied about his age and joined the Army.  When discharged, he quickly enlisted with the Marines where he spent 30+ years.  His wife was Nadya.  He lived with his wife in Eddystone, they had no children.  He had a sister Mary who moved to Cincinnatti as a teanager and spent the rest of her life there.  His half sisters Helen (married Joseph B. Donohue) and Anna (married James C. Ryan) moved to Trevose and Feasterville not long after they married. 

6 Aug 2000, Janet Ebner,


JAMES C. RYAN JR.  (middle name Cone)  My uncle was born on 22 October 1907 and died in December 1972.  I believe he might have been born somewhere in Texas, but then lived in Philadelphia where he met Anna Domokos (born and raised in Philadelphia) who became his wife.  After they were married a few years they moved to Feasterville where they lived out their lives.  Anna had a son, John Sullivan from a previous marriage, but James and Anna had no children of their own.    I am looking for information about his family and life.  Growing up he told me some interesting and funny stories about his life (his middle name was cockroach!) so I am not quite sure what to go on.  I have a certificate from the Philadelphia Council of Defense for distinguished civilian service during World War 2. 

6 Aug 2000, Janet Ebner,


Andrew Davis and Rachel Price were married in Philadelphia, Pa. in 1788.    Does anyone have access to this marriage record to see if it states parents'names or other information?  I would also like to know the names of their children.

6 Aug 2000, Cathy Juujarvi,


A Balthas and Abraham BREITENBUCHER are listed in the 1765 census for Philadelphia City. I know nothing more about them, but BREITENBUCHER is a family name that I am very interested in. I have never done research in Philadelphia or for a date earlier than about 1830.  Any info on these families would be appreciated.

11 Aug 2000, Lynne Schneider,


I am trying to find information on Andrew Davis who married Elizabeth Price in 1788.  Does anyone know if this family had children, particularly an Andrew Jr. born in Waxhaw NC and if they later moved to TN? 

11 Aug 2000, Cathy Juujarvi,


John Patterson Massey 1832-1899, Rachel J. Kirkpatrick 1836-1903, Children: Ida, Eugene Arthur, Benjamin Frank, John Patterson Jr., Harry, Murices.  Lived 3232 Lancaster Street in 1880; 104 N. 35th Street in 1900.  They were a rail road family.  Ida was a school teacher and nurse. 

12 Aug 2000, Mark F.Massey Jr.,


Looking for information on Thomas Henry COOK b.1896 Phildelphia, PA. died  c1934 . He was the son of  Thomas Henry COOK and Fanny SERSON, both from  Ireland. 

13 Aug 2000, Kathleen Cook McNulty,


I am looking for any information about John Truey and his wife, Nancy Sharkey.  They were both born in Ireland, probably in the early 1800's.  Their daughter, Mary T. Truey, was born in Philadelphia, PA on May 12, 1855.  I believe they also had a daughter named Anna.  The family eventually moved to Illinois.

16 Aug 2000, Janelle Hall-Skank,


I am looking for the background on Ezekiel Moulton.  Believed to be born in Philadelphia ca 1802.  He would have had a son Ezekiel Columbus Moulton.  I believe he was married to Rebecca Ann Bailey. 

8 Aug 2000, Ernie Moulton,


Seeking information on Richard Tilton.    Married 1st wife abt 1777.  2nd. wife Nancy Lum April 5, 1790.  Have been told they married in Christ Church, Philadelphia.  Any information would be helpful. 

11 Aug 2000, Melissa Hayes,


Looking for info. on my grandfather Angelo MoroscoorMorasco  born in Italy came to Philly in the late 1800's. Lived at 529 Rittenhouse St., Germantown. Was married to Maria Rosario Fortunato had a second wife Mary ?.  He had 9 children.   Died in the early 1940's was in his middle 90's.  I'm led to believe he was buried in Holy Sepluchre cemetery. 

13 Aug 2000, Rose Heyer,


Researching for any info on the Wardons etc of Phila.  My 4th ggrandfather Joseph Wardon left Phila in 1800 with his family and removed to Haldimand Cty., Ontario, Canada. He may have returned in the 1820s with or without any of his children. I don't have a wife for him but I do have at least 3 children: Joseph, Michael and William all born in PA 1790s. I read somewhere that there is a Joseph Wardon son of  Joseph buried 24 June 1759 at Christ Church Cemetery. Does anyone have anything on this family? 

15 Aug 2000, Elizabeth Robbins,


Searching for JOSEPH MILESKI,last known to be living in Philadelphia in 1956.

17 Aug 2000, Bill Phillips,                      


I am looking for information on the family of George Harman who is listed in the Philadelphia Co. census in 1790, 1800 and 1810.  One of the George Harman families listed in the 1800 census are listed as free persons of color. 

18 Aug 2000, Robin Scott,


I am looking for a Charlotte Hibler that married an Albert Morton and had two children.

18 Aug 2000, Wenda Hibbler,


Searching for ancestry/siblings/children of Catherine O'Boyle and John Cairnes/Karns,Kains.  At one time (possibly mid-1940's they lived at 3912 N 13th Street, Philadelphia.  They may have had a son, Joseph, born ca. early 1900s.

18 August 2000, Donna Dobbelaere,


Looking for ancestry, siblings, birth/marriage/death dates and places of John TRUITT, born ca. 1870, possibly Dover, Delaware, and Gertrude DEAN, born ca. 1875, possibly England or Philadelphia.  They married ca. 1900 in Philadelphia and had 2 daughters: Elizabeth TRUITT, born 8 Oct. 1902, Philadelphia, and Gertrude TRUITT, born 26 June 1904, Philadelphia.  John TRUITT may have had 4 sisters and Gertrude DEAN may have had 5 sisters: Martha DEAN x ___Wearers; Rachel/Rae DEAN x ___Haydricks/Hadricks; Bertha DEAN x Charlie Brown; Bessie DEAN; and Lilly DEAN.  John TRUITT probably died ca.1930 in Philadelphia and Gertrude DEAN-TRUITT died ca. 1947 in Philadelphia.

18 August 2000, Donna Dobbelaere,


Samuel Trupe (originally Troup) is listed on the 1900 Pa. census as living in Philadelphia County. I believe that Samuel died in this area sometime before the 1910 census. He was born August, 1836 and his spouse was Eliza, born October 1841 in Pa. Eliza's parents were born in England; their surname unknown. I'm searching for siblings and any information on Samuel and Eliza.  

18 Aug 2000, Elizabeth Trupe,


Looking for any connections to the above surnames. RANGNOW comes from a family with thirteen children who came to Philly about 1870. All RANGNOW's in the US are related to this one family & I am writing a book about the RANGNOW clan as my mother was a RANGNOW. My grandfather was Robert Alfred HARRISON who came from England and married my grandmother Agnes PLAYFORD. Her father was William PLAYFORD who is supposed to have had two wives and many children. I need information on any of their descendents. The last is George F. OSCHMAN who was my greatgrandfather. He too had two wives and I need info on the descendents. All lived in Philadelphia. 

18 Aug 2000, Tom Harrison,


I am seeking information about my ancestor William Welch (Welsh).    I have seen references to a Willaim and Susannah Welch in the index for the Founding Families of Philadelphia.  Does anyone know about this family? 

19 Aug 2000, Nancy Welch,

BROWN, BANKHEAD                                               

Looking for info on Maltier Fitzlow Brown clam and oyster shucker on old Dock St. Phila. turn of the century he had brothers named Lambert and Cooper, later moved to NJ where he married Lillie May Horner. Also Robert Bankhead who married Agnes Knight. Robert was from County Antrim Northern Ireland.  Agnes was from Philadelphia and had a sister Annie Knight.  

20 Aug 2000, John Bankhead,


I am trying to see if anyone in Phildelphia may have some info on 2 brothers that imigrated from Germany: Adam PABST arrived Nov. 8/1752 and John PABST arrived Sept. 28/1753.  I am seeking to find info on thses 2 brothers and their families.  All I know is that Adam PABST married Eva Maria HAMM. According to my records Eva Maria HAMM was born in Philadelphia.

20 Aug 2000, John Poaps,


In Feb 1919 Mary M Bairman was living in Philidelphia according to Chester County Documents on the estate of her mother.  She was born March 31, 1865 in Lancaster, PA.  I don't think she ever married.  I do not have access to the City Directory's of that period  nor do I have any information on her after 1919.  I would like to find out when she died and/or what happend to her.     

21 Aug 2000, Tom Allison,


Seeking information on my GGGG Grandparents, Charles Casper Rosenbaum of Coblenz, Germany and Christinia Hunter of Holland.  They arrived in Philadelphia and had nine children before settling in Indiana.  I am seeking any information on them, and in particualr one of their sons, John Rosenbaum. 1827-1900.

22 Aug 2000, G. Rosenbaum,


I am looking for information on the O'Connor family who made their home in the Philadelphia area. Father was Bart, mother was Catherine (Cassie) McCool.    The last on the family Marian died on 28 May 2000. Would also like a copy of her death notice.

22 Aug 2000,    Madeline Reed,


In Philadelphia County, Valentine Bloomer and Julianna Brooks were married by Rev. Samuel Beck in 1832. These folk are listed as references on the petition for civil war pension by the widow Julianna: Charles Wilkenson, Nathan Halbert, B.Walton, Mordaci Tomlinson, and Emma Smith. They lived in Philadelphia County also.

22 Aug 2000, Julie Maltby,


Giovanni Fulginiti from Calabria born 1857. Wife Maria Melchiori. Children Teresa and Joseph. They were born in Town of Montauro, in the province of Catanzaro, in the region of Calabria, Italy. Joseph was a barber and lived in Phila., Pa. area until around 1920/21. He was in the U.S. Navy. Had four children, three girls and one boy. Moved to South America and the son became a doctor. His wife Elsie was living with thier son in the 1977's. Teresa came to the United States with her mother and brother, Joseph. I believed they arrived in the port of NY from Naples in 1899. She and her husband, Paolo Mercurio, and their children moved to Boston, MA about 1914/15 and stayed about 3 years. They then returned to Philadelphia. Suspect that they stayed with or near Paolo's brothers, Domenic and Leo in the Boston area.

23 Aug 2000, Peg Mercurio,


My 2nd great-grandfather, Alexander J. Wolfington, was a carriagesmith who had his own business known as Alexander Wolfington & Sons.  The family business survived and is known as Wolfington Bus Body Co. today.  Alexander allegedly was born in Nova Scotia and moved to Philadelphia after the Civil War.  I am interested in learning what connection, if any, the Wolfington family from the Manayunk area may have been to my great-great grandfather. 

23 Aug 2000, Lorraine Devenney, 


Looking for information on a George Reck.  He supposedly was president of  a Philidelphia College, probably in early 1800's.  He had 2 daughters, Sarah & Rebecca Reck.  Sarah married an Ebenezer Schoonover in Elkins, VA/WV area in 1810.  Rebecca maried Benjamin Schoonover Jr. around 1811, but do not know where., thinking it was this county.

23 Aug 2000, Danyan Collins,


My 5x grandparents, Duncan and Jean (Jane?) LEECH lived in Phila., 18th - early 19th c.     Their children were Edward, Daniel, Robert, John (wife  Mary) and Jean (Jane?). They had a granddaughter, Margaret.  Jean m. Peter BERRY 6 May 1796. I  wish to hear from descendants or interested researchers.

26 Aug 2000, Ivan Leech, 


I am interested in finding Christian Lutz who is named as the administrator of Peter Tasher/Dasher's estate 1741, Philadelphia County.  I am thinking Christian may have located in Northampton County.  In 1741 he is married to widow of Peter Dasher - Anna Margarette Dasher Lutz (Unknown maiden name).  Christian Snider is also named as admin.  Other names Jordan, Moura, mowrer, Yorty, Moore, Sears, Siers, Ditlow, Fluck, Fluke. 

27 Aug 2000, Janice Dasher,


Seek information about any Pillar or Pellar know in Philadelphia County around 1685 to 1750.  This family intermarried with the Wood and Burley families and were Quakers.  Any information would be most appreciated.

27 Aug 2000, Jon K. Holcombe,


I am looking for information on my Grandfather, Thomas Henry Kessler Schwartz.  Thomas was born abt. 1889 in Philadelphia I believe.  He married Mary Emma Lillian Riley on June 15, 1910.  She went by the name Lillian.  I don't know anything about Thomas' parents, except his Fathers name is supposed to be Thomas also.  Marys' parents were Charles Riley and Mary Ann Maltby, both born in England.  Lillian had a brother Charles Edward Riley and a sister Marion Riley.    Thomas and Lillian had two children, Lillian, born in 1911 and Thomas Kessler, born in 1919. My Grandfather died in 1924.  I am looking for anyone with a connection to my family or who may have come across information that can help.   

27 Aug 2000, Larry Schwartz,


My grandfather, Michael Manyx, his brother Patrick and    third brother whose name was John, I believe, emigrated to Philadlphia in the 1850's.  Michael and Patrick located in Illinois and John remained in the east.   I am searching for descendants of John Manyx.   Michael was born May 01, 1846 and Patrick was born in 1939.  There is a Mary Manyx listed in the 1860 Philadelphia census.   She was 16, but she may have been an aunt to the 3 brothers.  They came from County Clare, Ireland.

27 Aug 2000, Mary Goodson,


I'm looking for information on a Harry J. Gallagher possible birth dates are Aug.2 1879,Aug.13 date of death Nov. 2 1936 he was a Philadelphia police officer. He was also married to Mary E. Gallagher (1st),Sarah A. Jennings (2nd). He lived at 2841 North Street. If anyone has any information please contact me.

29 Aug 2000, Barbara Crowley, 


Looking for information on Marie Anderson and Robert St. Dennis who were married June 1929 in The Little Church Around the Corner.  A daughter was born to them October 24, 1930 named Gertrude Anderson St. Dennis. Robert Dennis deserted his wife and daughter and Gertrude was put    in Foster Care with Children's Bureau Dec. 13, 1930 and later adopted.  Also would like address of  The Little Church Around the Corner.

30 Aug 2000, J. Dinnel,


I am seeking information on my great-grandfather, Charles Earle Fiss b. July 3, 1884 in Philadelphia, PA d. May 15, 1969, Washington County, Springdale, AR. He was married 3 times (1) Sara Fratt (Philadelphia, PA) (2) Nell Irene Galloway (Kansas City, MO) (3) Charline Taylor (Springdale, AR). He was the son of Charles Patterson Fiss and Hettie Longfellow Close. I don't know if Charles had siblings and I don't have information on his parents. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

2 Sep 2000, Julie Bahr-Kostelac,


Looking for the Kohler family that lived on Van Dyke Street. Walter Kohler married Mary and the children were Winfield Walter born Aug. 23, 1889; Mary; Anna married Sam Stuart; Julius had son Edward and daughter Helen; Ida married Mr. Haerble; and Catherine Kohler.  Winfield Walter Kohler married Mabel Elizabeth Wolfe June 14th? 

2 Sep 2000, Christine Forker,


1785 Petter Fergeers with the 6th Company 2nd Battalion with Lt. Col. James Read of Philadelphia. Is this Read, Reed, or Reid?  Peter Forger in 1793 Militia is in Sussex County NJ.  Need information about the military operations as to what is it and how to find Fergeers in Philadelphia. Where to write or email for more information?  Patrick Farquhar FORKER is in Washington County 1800 over the age of 45 with son John Forker later of Venango.  Need any Philadelphia connections.

2 Sep 2000, Christine Forker,


Archibald Douglass married an Elizabeth and had a daughter Elizabeth, born 1712 and John, a son, born Dec 28, 1715.  In March 27, 1736 an Archibald Douglas with wife Ann had sons Thomas and John who lived one day.  Who is this DOUGLASS family; is it one in the same with two generations.  Is it Archibald Douglas in Kent County Delaware 1709 witness of Reynear Willliams and on 29 Feb 1727 Yeoman Administer of William Molleston?

2 Sep 2000, Christine Forker,


My greatgrandmother was Mary Anne Donnelly McDevitt from Co. Tyrone, Ireland.  A widow of James McDevitt,  she came to Philadelphia with her children, some of whom were Mike, Pete, Joseph, Daniel(killed in WW I) and possibly others.  Don't know the date but am guessing 1907-1913.  Address during WWI was 2537 W Harold St., North Philadelphia.  My grandfather was Joseph and after the war he later changed his name to John J. Murphy (don't know why).  Any connections out there?

6 Sep 2000, Pat Murphy Learnard,


Searching for Josiah N/M Crane and Prudence Bates in Germantown, Phil. Co., PA in the time frame of 1814-1840. They had 6 children born there John William b. 1826, Mary Eliza b. 1830, Henry D. b. 1833, Benjamin b. 1835, Geo. W. b. 1837 and Martin V. b. 1839.

7 Sep 2000, Barbara Crane Shearman,


Thomas A. Daly b.28 May 1871 Philadelphia d. 4 Oct 1948 Philadelphia a poet, author and columnist. Father: John Anthony  Mother: Anne Victoria Duckett  I am looking for any family names of his ancestors on his fathers side, in fact any information.

7 Sept 2000, Ellen Daly MacAlpin,


I am interested in tracing my Thatcher family roots in Philadelphia. I believe that there were Thatchers living in or around the Torresdale section of Philadelphia in the early 1800's. My G,G, grandmother was married at All Saints Episcopal Church in Torresdale, but the church does not give the name of her mother or father in their records. She married John B. Stevens of Byberry in 1826. 

8 Sep 2000, Norma Stilwell,


I am looking for information about my gg grandfather, John Horatio WILLIAMS and my gg grandmother, Margaretta CUNNINGHAM.  They were married some time around 1850 in Philadelphia.  They had three children, Mary Elizabeth, Robert Henry, and another son, supposedly named for his father John H. Williams.  Margaretta WILLIAMS died in childbirth or shortly there after.  And my great grandfather Robert H. WILLIAMS was supposedly raised by an aunt.  John H. WILLIAMS    and two of the children, Mary Elizabeth and Robert H., eventually moved to Texas.  The other son supposedly remained in Pennsylvania.  They belonged to the Episcopal Church.  If anyone has any connection or can point me in the direction to obtain more in formation, I would really appreciate it. 

26 Aug 2000, Carol Crockett,


In the 1720's and 1730's, there are numerous references in the Pennsylvania Gazette of arrivals and departures at the Port of Philadelphia of a brigantine ship named the Pennswood, Captain Thomas Brally, master.  On 5 February 1733 one Thomas Brawley was interred in the burial grounds of Christ Church in Philadelphia and references to Capt. Thomas Brally cease to be published in the Pennsylvania Gazette at this time.  There are numerous other references to persons bearing the name Brally, Brawley, Bralley, etc. in and around Philadelphia up until the 1760's.  In an issue of the Pennsylvania Gazette bearing the date 12 February 1761, there is a reference to one John Bralley, for whom an unclaimed letter was being held at the Philadelphia Post Office.  My ancestor, John Bralley, appears on the Virginia frontier in 1769.  I am extremely interested in learning more about Capt. John Brally and his life in the City of Philadelphia of the 1720's and 1730's, and establishing a connection between these men.  Can anyone reading this direct me to sources for data from this time period, such as muster rolls, city directories, etc.?   

9 Sep 2000, Russ Bralley,


Looking for information on Richard & Mary Gregg, arrived in Phila. from Ireland approx. 1845. Parents of Patrick, James and Jane.  Patrick married Marry Kelly April 15, 1866, Our Mother of Sorrows Church, 48th & Westminister Ave.  They had three children, James, John & Daniel. Daniel d. Aug. 1870, buired with mother Mary, d.Feb. 1871, buried in Catheral Cemetery 48th & Lancaster Ave.

10 Sep 2000, Doll Bryan, Doll


Looking for relatives of my grandfather, Antonio DiClemento.  His father was Peter and his mother was Anna.  They lived in the Mount Airy section of Philadelphia in the early 1900's.  The family name was changed from DiClemento to Clemente and finally to Clements.  Antonio married a woman named Maria who died in 1933 and she is buried in Holy Sepluchere Cemetery.

11 Sept. 2000, Donna Kennedy,


Annie and Joseph Galblum.  I am trying to find where my grandparents are buried.  They lived on Germantown Ave. and I think there were several cemeteries in that area.  I think my Grandmother died in about 1952-54.   My grandfather probably died in the late 20's.  Anyone with information on this family please contact me.

11 Sep 2000, Ann Souza,


I am searching for information about my g-grandfather, John PEACE.  He was born in England about 1822-3 and applied for citizenship as a resident of Philadelphia in 1851. On 2 July 1863, he enlisted in the 42nd Infantry Militia as a resident of Berks County.  He had at least two children, John A. and Grace (my grandmother). His disapproval of her marriage led to a break in the family relationship.  My mother remembered hearing about his dying--probably in the 1890s--in Philadelphia. 

15 Sep 2000, Grace M. Seitzer,


Searching for information on ancestors my GGG Grandparents. Jacob J BRIGGS born October 4, 1804 in Newtown, Bucks County, Pa. His father was John BRIGGS and his mother Mary VANDEGRIFT. His grandparents were John BRIGGS and Letitia BUCKMAN. On Sept 7, 1826, Jacob married Ann Eliza BLAKEY. Ann born March 20, 1802 in Bucks County. Ann's parents were Samuel BLAKEY and Elizibeth STACKHOUSE. Elizibeth's first husband, Mathew WALKER, died in Philadelphia Countyin 1793 of yellow fever. Strong possiblily that the BLAKEY and STACKHOUSE families were Quakers belonging to Middletown Meeting House. Around 1841, Jacob and Ann left Pa and went to Champaign County, Ohio where they lived the rest of their lives. Eight children were born in Buck's County - Samuel Blakey BRIGGS, Mary E, George W, Amanda M, Letitia W, William H, Joseph, and Rachel C. Rosa Elma BRIGGS the only child born in Ohio. Have much on their descendents to share.

16 Sep 2000, Martin Stewart,


Would like to hear from any searching these names.

16 Sep 2000, Jean Gilliam,


Looking for any information on James Richard McNeil who was born in Philadelphia abt 1870 and died in Portsmouth, Va. in 1922.    His mother was Sarah Batson, of that area, and father was James McNeil.  He was a policeman and insurance salesman.

24 Sep 2000,  Kevin Sanders,


My gggrandfather was Joseph Augenstein b 1831. He was born in Germany and possibly immigrated first to Phila., Pa. He was in Owensboro, Daviess Co. Ky when he died. Trying to find a link.

16 Sep 2000, Anna Higgins,


Searching the Family line of George Washington Till, organ builder, piano builder, musicial.  born NYC prior to Civil War, moved to Philadelphia sometime before 1880.  Married Mary (Myers?).  Children include George Washington Jr., Ralph, Harry, Helen, Adelaide, Wilbur, Edwin. 

18 Sep 2000, Faith L. Smith,


My ancester, William McQuilkin, born about 18l3, was a pewterer in Philadelphia from 1839-1853, with a shop on 200 block of N. Second Street.  He married Mary Ellis.  I am looking for information on his marriage date and possibly his place of birth in Ireland. 

28 Sep 2000, Mary Gaul,


My ggrandmother Mary McGREGOR, born 1 JUN 1845, Philadelphia, PA married a William SNOW Jr in Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Apparently married in 1858 in Cape Breton. Looking for parents and siblings of Mary McGregor. Any information gladly received. Will share what I have which is very little on the McGregor side but lots on the SNOW side.

29 Sep 2000, Donald Snow,


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