Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Queries, April - June 2001



Jesse Lame was supposedly born at 16th and Pine in Philadelphia in 1800. Would like to hear from anyone with information on this family.

1 Apr 2001, Harold Lame,


My ancester Anna Mary McBrearty born Ireland 3-1-1908, lived and died in fishtown,PA 1982. Father- Dennis died in St.Anne church, Mother -Anna Mary Gallegher. Married Charles Martin. Would like to exhange information with other descendents or anyone with information on family.

3 Apr 2001, Sylvia Chase-Meadows,


I am searching for any information on Captain William Vicary (variously spelled Vickery, Vickry, Vickroy) who was a Philadelphia sea captain.    Born about 1771 and married Mary Gossler of Columbia, Pa. Oral history says that his last voyage was in 1803 on the ship "Liberty".

4 Apr 2001, Roger Applegate,


I am looking for any information about the merchant trading company named "Keen & Stillwell" that existed in Philadelphia before 1806.  The principal owner was William Jonas Keen who married Sarah Somers, daughter of Richard Somers of Great Egg Harbor, NJ. sometime in the 1790's. Sarah is the sister of Tripoli war hero, Richard Somers.  

4 Apr 2001, Roger Applegate,


Searching for an obituary or any other information on Mary E. WAY, she died in Philadelphia 10-15-1888.  Mary was born in Chester Co., Pa., may have lived with one of her children in Philadelphia. 

4 Apr 2001, Marilyn Kucera,


Searching for any McMenamins from County Tyrone who emigrated late 1800 to Phila. some men worked for Baldwin Locomotive works on 19th St. Philip, Patrick, Owen, Hugh, Edward.

4 Apr 2001, Kay McMenamin Davey,


I am looking for information concerning a possible relationship between the philanthropist Stephen GIRARD (b. abt 1755 in Philadelphia) and Thomas Cushing BARCLAY, also of Philadelphia. Were they related or were they friends?

4 Apr 2001, Dr. J.L.Nelson,


I am researching a baseball player named William Setley, son of Victor Setley. They lived in Philadelphia around 1865-1890. William was born in 1859 in Camden,NJ and in a interview said he played on 15 baseball diamonds near Bergdoll Brewery on a team called the Park Sparrows. I can't find him or that team in Philly microfilm. His ancestors have helped me in my research, but haven't come up with anything either about this time period.

6 Apr 2001, Tony Kissel,


I'm Looking for Imformation on the James Martin Family, early 1900's; wife, Mary Ann Lawlor, lived 1400 blk. Hancock St. &  2500 blk. Waterloo St. in Phila.  They had 7 children: Mary (born Aug.1891), Andrew, George, Elizabeth, Sarah, Lucy, and Rosie.  I believe James & Mary were imagrants from Dublin, Ireland and settled in Phila, Pa.  Also, it's believed that Mary Lawlor Martin died between 1910-1920.

6 Apr 2001, Deborah Veight,


My ancestors are Tumine and Nineltoroski, also known as Albert Tumine and his wife Mary Ann Nineltoroski. They lived at 2812 Leffevre Street, Bridesburg, PA in the early 1930's to the 1980's. Albert was born in 1908 and died in 1959. Mary Ann was born in 1919 and died in 1984. They had two daughters, Patricia & Janis. I would like to exchange information with other descendants or anyone with information on this family.

7 Apr 2001, Ginger Eckert,


Seeking siblings and descendants of John Flanagan, who came to the US from Ireland 18 Jun 1798 and to Pennsylvania 14 Apr 1802, and received his citizenship at the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia 13 Oct 1808.  John Flanagan's descendant, Marshall H. Williamson (d. St. Louis, MO about 1936), married my relative Mary Etta (or Marietta) Cullen (b. 1861 Sangamon County, IL, d. 1951 St. Louis, MO).  I believe that Marshall Williamson was from IL and that his father was Marion Williamson.  I have some information about John Flanagan that I will be happy to share.     

11 Apr 2001, Lynn McMahon Davis,


Looking for info on Conrad Wile, born 1 July 1769 in Phil. He may have married Elizabeth Keyser. He had a son, Benjamin F. Wile, born 1804 in Phila. who married Rebecca _____. There is a reference to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Conrad Wile, who married Henry Hamman in Phila. in 1827.  Also looking for birth record and marriage record of Benjamin F. Wile. Benjamin left Phila. for Dutchess Co., NY in 1829.

12 Apr 2001, Steven Wile Ward,


I an searching for information on the parents and siblings of my grandmother , Elizabeth Johnston, born 1872, in Philadelphia.  In 1890, she married Daniel mills. They had two children, Walter and Dorothy. Both died in the late 20's. Daniel Mills was listed in the Philadelphia 1890 directory as a reporter. He died about 1895,reportedly in a railroad accident. After Daniel's death,Elizabeth married Robert W Snyder. I don't know the date of her death. Apparently, at one time , the family attended Ashbourne Presbyterian Church at the corner of Stratford and Spring Av. in what was then Melrose Park. Also, among my father's scribbled notes, I found a reference to an Uncle Harry Johnston and an Aunt Anna.

12 Apr 2001, Alfred L Marcum Jr,


Searching for information about William Hare and Bertha Hauschild.    Their daughter, Ethel Hare, was born in Phildephia on Jan. 20, 1896.  I believe they also had a son named James Hare.  Bertha's parents were William and Anna S. Hauschild.  Any information would be helpful. 

4 Apr 2001, Judith Sontheroad,


I am searching for more definitive information on my ancestor, Philipp Jakob (Philip Jacob) WACK who arrived in Philadelphia from Germany in 1752.  He was the half brother of John George WACK who arrived in Philadelphia from Germany in 1748.  The name of the ship he arrived on, his parents, his age and any of his children's names would be most helpful.

18 Apr 2001, Joan Sharma,


Robert McKNIGHT (1813 - 1876) , wife Annie Finley McKnight(1827-1903).  Both Irish immigrants before 1858. Children Margaret, John, Robert and McCloudall born in Phila.  Robert Jr married Lizzie WALTERS( daughter of Thomas Walters and Jane RENDELL) 4Sep1889.    Looking for someone to share info about these families.

20 Apr 2001, Barbara Tew,


Seeking info. on gr. grandparents.  James DORAN lived in Germantown in 1880.  Mary MCCAULEY lived in Nicetown in 1880.  They were married at St. Vincent de Paul on June 13, 1880.  Mary's parent's were Peter MCCAULEY and Rose MCEVOY.  James' were John Doran and Mary SCULLION.

20 Apr 2001, Barbara Beckstrom,


Seeking information about Robert Barr (b. Ireland) and wife Annie.    Believe they lived in Philadelphia around 1880. Children were: Thomas, Joseph, Robert, and 6 girls. Thomas died during the civil war in Indiana. 

20 Apr 2001, J. Richardson,


Looking for any descendants of John Callow b 13 May 1845 at Bermondsey, London.  Emigrated to the US from Liverpool in September 1869.    Believed to have settled in PA, possibly Philadelphia.

21 April 2001, Roger Callow,


Looking for info on a W.T. Fry, Manufacturer, 128 Arch St. Phila.  Time period when there? Mid 1800s? Cabinet maker/Furniture maker?

20 Apr 2001, David Gustin,


Looking for information on Walter Mills, born Philadelphia in 1891; father Daniel Mills, mother Elizabeth Johnston. Walter died in the 20s . He had two children, Robert and Janet. Robert apparently died in the late 20s or early 30s. Janet died in the 80s.Also, Harry Johnston and wife Anna. I believe that Harry was  the brother of Elizabeth. In 1924, they lived at 5745 Wister St. in the Germantown section of Philadelphia.

22 Apr 2001, Alfred L. Marcum,


Looking for ancestors of Henry Fell Wildasin(n) and Mary Jane Kaler married 11/27/1858. They had at least one known child, Homer E. Wildasinn who married Sarah Jane Hahn. Homer and Sarah had two children, boy and girl, the boys name was Clarence Kaler Wildasinn born 1896 in Plattsburg, Ohio.

24 Apr 2001, Sally Wildasinn Ward,


I am seeking any information on the family of John Scotton who married Ruth Evans. They were Quakers in the Philadelphia area between 1770 and 1824. Their children were: Priscilla, Sarah, Ann, Jane, Stephen,Robert,Ruth, and John. Particularly interested in where they may have emigrated . Will exchange info.

24 Apr 2001, LaVonne Oertel,   


I am looking for info on a great-great uncle and his family.  Augustus (Gus) JENKINS b. 5 Oct 1894 in MD, d. 26 Aug 1959 in Philadelphia, m. Martha RENWICK b. 21 April 1894 in Philadelphia, d.March 1970 in Philadelphia. Earl JENKINS, son of Gus and Martha JENKINS, b. 11 Sept 1916 in Philadelphia, d. 18 Feb 1998 in Glenside, Montgomery PA, m. Ora EstelleLAYNE b. 16 Oct 1928.  Paul JENKINS, son of Gus and Martha JENKINS, b. 10 Sept 1925 in Philadelphia, d. July 1986 in Philadelphia, m. Bernice Anthony b. 17 Feb 1927, d. 8 Apr 1990. I am trying to determine if I have the right family and if the info is correct.

24 Apr 2001, Sharon Farrell,


Looking for any info on Chavanne family of  Phila., Pa.    Charles Edward  Chavanne m. Josephine Schaeffer  abt. 1880.    Children were Florence, Margaret, Jennie, Josephine, Cecilia, Irene, Catherine, and Charles, Jr.  Family moved from Phila. about 1900, to New Jersey.   Great grandfather, Flarence m. to Jane Taggert.  Are there any Chavanne's out there?   

25 Apr 2001, Dee Horay,


Am searching for my ggrandparents: My grandmother was Elva Mays b. 1877 d. 1974, grandfather Joseph Mays d 1926. They lived on Camac Street in Philadelphia 1915 - ? and for awhile in Newark N.J. where my mother was born in 1914. Elva's parents were James Hogg and Eliza Castle who lived in Phila all their adult lives. James was from England and Eliza from France.  They may have met on the ship from Europe. They had 11 children and my grandmother was the youngest.    Joseph's father was Henry Mays and mother's name was Margaret (t).  They may have lived in Camden, N.J or been married there, but later lived in Philadelphia. 

26 Apr 2001, Patricia A. Gilman,


Genttner, Charles Frederic was born 04 Nov 1881 in Philadelphia, PA. He was estranged from his parents, Charles Gemttmer (1856-1924) and Fredericka Schultheiss (1857-1940). His only sibling, Emma, was born 15 March 1887 in Philadelphia, PA. Charles Frederic had a daughter named Agnes. He may have died about 1945. I can provide information on Emma's descendants.

27 Apr 2001, Bart McIlroy,


I'm searching for Robert Russell who went to Montgomery Co, Pa in 1745 with sons William & James.

28 Apr 2001, Shirley C. Ryan,


I would like to exchange information with others who also descendants of the Large family of Lancashire, England.  I am a descendant of Daniel Large, born about 1781 in Lancashire, England.    He married Mary Morehouse in 1802, and the family emigrated to Philadelphia in 1807, and there Daniel was a machinist for many years.   His children included: Elizabeth Large, Horatio Large, Daniel Large, Christopher Large, William Large, Ann Large, and Ellen Large.

29 Apr 2001,Earl Patterson,


Looking for any info about these families who mainly lived in the frankford area.  Micael Brogan lived 1835-1874 and was the stablemaster at the Frankford Arsenal during the Civil War.

29 Apr 2001, Richard Marquart,


I would like to contact descendants of Bank S. Carver, b June 14,1865 and died in Philadelphia in the early 1940s. He was my great uncle.

4 May 2001, LouAnn Beatty,


Looking for information on the family of Robert Mills, born 4/15/1931, son of Everett Mills and Bertha Cramer, who lived at 2704 Peach Terrace, Philadelphia in August 1946.  

4 May 2001, Karen O'Neill,


Information on grandparents, JOHN HENRY DONOHUE and KATHRYN (CATHRYN) MC BRIDE.  They were born about 1871 in Pennsylvania.  Dad told me his mother died in a house fire in Phila., probably 1922.  We don't know what happened to John Henry.

7 May 2001, Janet Ebner,


I am hoping, for purposes of academic research, to locate descendents of Elizabeth Otis and William Allen Dunn. Elizabeth was born in New York state in 1888, educated in Philadelphia, and married William A. Dunn (birthplace, etc. unknown) shortly before 1917. The couple went to China for some years, where Mr. Dunn worked in the office of the architect, Elliott Hazzard, but they were back in Philadelphia by 1920. Elizabeth Otis Dunn was an artist.

6 May 2001, Catherine MacKenzie,


Looking to validate the circumstances regarding the death of John Wesley HURLBURT  in Philadelphia, 25 July 1845, at Burn's Court-7th Bel Shippen.  On this date, according to tradition,  he got into an argument with a man named Jake SHAW, who struck him in the head with a mallet and killed him.  Hurlburt was a boot and shoe maker in the city.  He was married to, but separated from Fanny Gibson.    Together they had 4 sons; three of which were named Alanson Platt, Samuel W. and William H. 

6 May 2001, Cindy Foster,


John Meehan, Patrick Connor or John Connor lived in Philadelphia, l940 South Street in late l800's to around 1930.  Need any info on these peoplel especially the time time they came over.

7 May 2001, W. Klohman,


Landholders of Philadelphia County 1734 list John Deemer.  Who are his parents, siblings, and children?  Does he have a daughter Catherine Elizabeth Deemer who marries Frederick Rohrer in 1766? LT. C james READ with the 6th Company 2nd Battalion 1785 from Philadelphia.  Who is he?  Need parents, siblings, and children.  Does he have a son born 1799 named John L Reid? 

8 May 2001, ChristineForker,


Looking for the burial sites and information on Civil War Veterans of the 81st Pa, who were living in Phila. after the war, James McKinley - d. 11-12-28, John Patton, Peter Dougherty, Spencer Bonsall, John Haney, Joseph Eshenbrenner, and any other 81st Vet.

8 May 2001, Ted Dombroski,


Seeking descendants of Severin Weingartner, b. 24 Mar 1832 in Pfaffenrot, Baden, Germany.  Severin emigrated to Philadelphia in 1852.  Had 3 children:  John Henry (b. 1859), Joseph (b. 1871) and Agnes (b. 1876).  John's son, Clyde (b. 1894), had one son, John Howard Weingartner (b. 1918).  Joseph had two children:  Eugenie (b. 1906) and Joseph Jr. (b. 1907).  My great-great-grandfather, Engelbert Weingartner, was Severin's brother and I would like to share information about our common ancestry.

9 May 2001, Terry Ratcliff,


My greatgrandfather was Alexander Gilmore.  He married Anne Birney at Philadelphia 4/18/1894.  My understanding is that they were born in Ireland but emigrated to the US.  My assumption is they came with their parents and settled in the Phila. area.  They produced several children Bridget, Ellen, Katie and Patrick Alexander who all moved to Baltimore Maryland.  I am looking for my greatgreatgrandparents and or any kin of Alexander and Anne.  My grandmother Ellen Gilmore, married John Earl DeVaughn about 1920 and they resided in Maryland.    Upon their divorce my grandmother Ellen remarried to James Diamond and moved to Norrisville Pa. She resided there until about 1981 when she died.  I would love any information on their relatives from Pa.

10 May 2001, Cindie Pollock,


Searching for information and/or descendants of Moody Belknap. Born August 14, 1825 inSouth Barnston, Quebec. Died October 28, 1872 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Supposedly was killed in a Train wreck. Would also like to know location of internment.

9 May 2001, O. K. Belknap,


I am looking for information on my grandfather William Russell born May 3, l893 in Palmyra, New York.  His parents were Philip and Catherine Russell of the Netherlands.  William applied for a social security card in 1937 when he was working for C.O. Struse & Sons at 11 Shurs Lane in Philadelphia.  William was previously married to Geraldine Lane of Newark, New York.  He may have remarried and had another family.  

10 May 2001, Gail Russell Parrish,


Looking for information on the family of George Figenshu and Sophia Bubb.  George was a barber in Philadelphia with a shop at 2216 Race or Market Street in the 1880's.  Also on George's father Lawrence (Lorenz) Fiegenschuh who
came to Philadelphia from Alsace, France around 1848.   

11 May 2001, Alexis Reynolds Schultz,


Looking for information of any kind  for Joseph Snow, in Philadelphia co 1800 census, Southwark Twp.  Interested in anyinformation on any Snow in Pa. 

12 May 2001, Margaret McGinnis,


Seeking info on Captain Edward Wallington (1775-1831) on Ship MARY from Londonderry, Ireland to Philadelphia in 1811 and 1812 with possibly indentured persons. He lived at 9 Queen St near the dock area in Philadelphia, had wife Catherine and dau Marianne. 

12 May 2001, Sophie Fisher,


I am looking for info on the family of Katie (Catherine) Barth who died in 1892.  I believe the family attended St Mary of the Assumption Church in Manyunk. 

12 May 2001, Karen Dingley,


I am looking for any info on Levi Hallman, born in Nov. 1860 in Philadelphia.

12 May 2001, Karen Dingley,


I am looking for info on a Lucena Taylor. She had a daughter who's married name was Rodenhausen. 

12 May 2001, Karen Dingley,


We are searching for any information on Harry Roland Nicholson b. about 1880 in Phila.

13 May 2001, Russ Buhite, 


Joseph JOHNSON and Pleasant VANBLUNK lived in Southwark about 1800.    When did they die, where buried?  

13 May 2001, Jeanne Holder,


I am looking for information about my great-great grandfather, Richard Marriner Cooper.  He was probably born about 1825-1830.  He married Hanna Stevens.  Their dau. Emma Rebecca m. my great-grandfather, Charles Eldred, around 1881.  Emma was born 1854.  Supposedly, Richard Cooper served in the Civil War, but I have no evidence. 

14 May 2001, Jack D. White,


Hi, I am searching for any information on the brennans, especially my grandparents Patrick and Margaret Brennan who are buried in Holy Cross Cemetary in Yeadon.  I can't seem to find them in the registry . My mother Julia and her siblings were born in Shamokin then moved to West Philly I beleive near Spring Garden at least my mother was christened in St. Agatha's parish so I am assuming they lived in West Philly. 

15 May 2001, Margie Endy,


My ancestor Richard H. Boyer was born in Philadelphia in 1792.  Also seeking infomation on his wife, Rachel Frew, born in 1798 in Philadelphia.   They were married in Ohio in 1816.

16 May 2001, Joy Roach Janke,


I am looking for my greatgrandpa Van Buren McCray born in Feb 1835 in Pa and have to find him so I could find his mother & father.  

17 May 2001, Harold McCray,


I am looking for information on William Henry Faunce married Eliza Tackman Aug.1870. They had a son named Milton Brooks Faunce. I believe they lived on Master Street.

17 May 2001, Pat Lewis,


Robert Robertson Orr born in Ireland, m. Unknown, son Amos m. Sarah Unk., son Robert b. Philadelphia, Pa. Jan. 27, 1815 m. Margrett McCalease(McCleese?) May 2, 1833. Six children all born Pa.. Mary E., Charles T., Margaret A., Emma Rachel, Sarah Laverne, Robert Robertson. More if might fit some of your history.

21 May 2001, Don Wayne Orr,


Searching for information on Antonio Pasquino or Pasquini, his wife Lena and their two daughters.   Antonio Pasquino emigrated to USA (Canonsburgh ?) from Italy exactly from Granozzo con Monticello.  He had a restaurant. I would like to exchange information with their descendants or anyone with information on this family.  Tks v.m. and regards from Italy

22 May 2001, Maria Luisa Martelli,


Looking for Harry Wynnfield of Philadelphia. He lived there in 1900. My mother Elizabeth Wynnfield was born there in 1912. they lived on Marion St. for awhile. 

22 May 2001, Martha Turner,


I am looking for ANY relatives or person that may know a family member associated with Ducztro Kobylanska/Koblansk/Koblanski.  He lived at 3 James Street in 1907.  He arrived in the US in 1905 aboard the SS Amerika from Hamburg Germany.  He listed his place of residence in Europe as Slobodka/Slobidka Austria (Now the Ukraine).  This man was the sponsor for my grandfather Wasyl Samczak, who arrived in 1907.  Any information on ANY family members, please contact me. 

23 May 2001, Pam Krause,


Loelda Tookenbill b abt 1835 Philadephia, gg grandmother. I would like any information on this family.

24 May 2001, Joline Bergmeier


I would like any information you have on William Frampton I know he came to the U.S.with William penn he was a Quaker he was married in Rhode Island and died in Philadelphia.

25 May 2001, Tonie Elloitt,


My great grandfather EDWARD BYRNE  married MARY BASS  in 1894 in Philadelphia.  I have learned that his mother,   BRIDGET BYRNE, was killed sometime in 1889.  She apparently got her foot caught in a train track and was hit by the train.  His brothers were EDMUND, WILLIAM,  JOSEPH AND THOMAS.  His sisters were ANN  & MARGARET. MARGARET married a man by the name of    WHALEN.   Their father's name was also EDWARD and as I understand it was born in England which shocked the whole family as we were under the impression the family was from Ireland.  Is there some way that Bridget's death might have appeared in a newspaper in Philadelphia?   Any info on these families?

25 May 2001, Bonnie Hope,


My great grandparents-Thomas Golden and Roseanne Mcgoldrick migrated from Cty Cavan Ireland  with there parents to Philly in about 1847-I am searching for their parents--my grandparents left  philly in abt 1860 but my grandfather Thomas Jr returned to Philly in 1888 with his wife and children-My aunt Margaret was born in Philly in 1889-My grandmother said at that time there was a large number of Golden Family relitives in Philly--I am up against a brick wall on identyfing my great grandparents.

25 May 2001, John E. Golden,


Looking for any family of Joseph WHITE who was said to have been born in Philly, Pa ca 1777. Later in life he became a preacher and married twice. Believe maybe his father was also a preacher. He was said to have been in the Carolinas ca 1802-04 and was in Tennessee in Jefferson co in 1806 and in Morgan co  Tenn. by 1812.

25 May 2001, Jo Davis,


Seeking info on an Andrew J. COLLIER. He married Lucy R. HUTCHINSON in 1861 in Henrico County, Virginia. Marriage register states he was born in Philadelphia about 1840 and his parents were Joseph and Ann COLLIER.

25 May 2001, Gary Lester,

ROBINSON, MACMORRIS                

My gfather's parents were William Robinson and EllaMae MacMorris, born 1874 and 1873 respectively.  Am interested in any info on either of their sibs or parents.

27 May 2001, Ron Stephans,


We are looking for information on Harry Nicholson who we believe fought in the Spanish American War and was a Rough Rider.  Lived in and near Philadelphia at turn of century.

27 May 2001, Pat Buhite,


Joseph KEMP GIBSON born 1810 Chester Co. to Thomas and Lydia KEMP GIBSON, died 1844 Philadelphia.  Lived on Spring Garden St. Was his wife's surname BACHE?  Children were Emma born 1833 married a SNIFFEN and lived first in NY and then returned to Philadelphia with a son Matthew, Franklin Bache born 1835 who married Mary CALVERT and lived in Lycoming Co., PA, and Mary E. born 1842 who married a PIPER and lived in Wilmington, DE. 

28 May 2001,  Barbara Stabley,


Seeking information on Jane Lee COLLUM, died 22 June 1892 Philadelphia, widow of Dr. William F. COLLUM (d. 1870 IN).   According to her death certificate, she was buried in Woodlands Cemetery.  

28 May 2001, Paula Radwanski,


Looking for info regarding Frederick Schaffer (also spelled Schaeffer) and wife, Elizabeth Baker. Frederick fought in the Civil War supposedly with the 73rd Volunteers. They married in 1855. Their children were Elizabeth (our relative), Margaret, William, Emma, Erich, Susana and Frederick. Elizabeth Baker's father was Jacob Baker. His parents were Michael and Susanna Baker. Anything additional including military information would be helpful.

28 May 2001, Lydia Kearney,


Seek birthplace, parents and siblings of Cornelius Cassidy born 1825 in Ireland.  Emigrated to America late 1840's.  Naturalized 1852 died in Philadelphia 14 Feb. 1898.  Married Catherine Starr St. Patrick's Church, Phila. 13 Nov. 1858. Catherine and Cornelius had seven children.  Seek birthplace, parents, siblings and descendants of Catherine Starr Cassidy born May 1831 in Ireland.    Catherine died in Philadelphia 30 May 1914.

27 May 2001, Mary P. Koerwer,


Seek birthplace, parents, siblings and descendants of Henry A. Pope born 18 April 1857, died 9 Feb 1935.  Henry married Mary Elizabeth Halley, 14 Nov 1880 in Annunciation Catholic Church, Philadelphia.  Mary Elizabeth and Henry had seven children.  Seek parents, siblings, descendants of Mary Elizabeth Halley born Philadelphia Aug. 1863.  Mary Elizabeth died in Philadelphia 15 Feb. 1897.

27 May 2001, Mary P. Koerwer,


Looking to connect with family of Harry NIEMANN m Helen McGRAW 1931 in Taylor area of Scranton, PA. Helen b  1907 was daughter of Patrick McGRAW and Bridget SULLIVAN both born 1860-1870 in Taylor. 

29 May 2001, Walton J. Sullivan,  


My great grandparents, Samuel Langham of Philadelphia and Rachel Wilde of Philadelphia or Salem, NJ, were married and resided in Philadelphia.  Since their first child was born in 1869-70, I am hoping that their is a record of their marriage in 1868-69.  Samuel was born in 1824 in Capthorpe, Leicestershire, England and Rachel was born in 1834 in England.
I believe Rachel was his third wife. They were the parents of five children. 

29 May 2001, Ruth M. Joslyn,


Need any info on my father-Richard John McKnight Dob 1/19/1925 in Phila.  His father-Samuel Kerns/Kearns McKnight.  Samuel married Margaret Pyne possibly in phila.  Margaret had a brother named Richard Pyne.    Samuel and Margaret also had two daughters, Margaret and Doris.   Margaret married Charles Lyons/Lions and  they both have died.  Doris never married and is still living but is in poor health.

30 May 2001, George J. McKnight,


Need ANY information on family of Charles Clark LAWTON, born September 14, 1876 in Philadelphia. Father: William J. LAWTON.  Mother: "Nettie" CLARK.

31 May 2001, Wes Reeder,


Does anyone have any info on theses WOLFE families:  Edward William Wolfe, b. June 24, 1839 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, d.August 30, 1905 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Wife, Theodosia Sarah Colvert, b. November 02, 1852 in PA, d. 1946 in PA.  Their children: Harriett, Lea Bown, Adelaide, Stanley Francis. 

1 Jun 2001, Stan Ingram,


Walter FRIES, born 11-29-1897 in Luxemberg, Ger, immigrated with parents Charles and Anna HEINBACH FRIES to Philadelphia early 1900s.  In 1911 the family was living at 1522 Cherry St., Philadelphia.  Walter married Mary PREBISH and at the time of his death 12-3-55, they lived at 5519 Saybrook Ave, Philadelphia.  He's buried at Mt. Moriah Cemetery.  Charles and Anna moved to Montgomery Co., where he owned several farms. 

2 Jun 2001, Barbara Stabley,


Frederick HELMER b 1816 Wuerttemberg, Ger, immigrated by 1843 and lived in Philadelphia.  His daughter Lydia, b 1847 married Joseph KURTZ b 1845 in Ger., whose family immigrated in 1849 and also lived in Philadelphia.  They each later moved to Lycoming Co., PA and married there.  Lydia had a brother George HELMER, b 1857 PA, who married Kate CORNWALL  and in 1910 they were living at 1322 Crease St., Philadelphia.    Joseph's sister Caroline KURTZ married a PFLUGFELTER. Nothing further known.  Both Frederick HELMER and  a John PFLUGFELTER were found only in the 1860 census in Philadelphia, but all these families had family members in Philadelphia into at least the early 1900s.

2 June 2001, Barbara Stabley,


I am very interested in finding more about William Hurry, the man credited with ringing the Liberty Bell in 1776.

3 Jun 2001, Dean Thomson,


I am desperately trying to find the decendants of HEINRICH WILHELM AUGUST BOKER born 25 Feb 1874 in the village of Wachenhausen in Lower Saxony Germany and possibly emigrated in 1896. His family has been to the village many years
ago to search Church records, but nobody knows where they came from or what their name was. I have been searching for over 13 years!! now and hope this will be the way to find them. Any help would be highly appreciated as I live
in Germany and hope I will finally get a result of my long search.

2 Jun 2001, Heike Mackie,


I am looking for someone to look up a death certificate for me.  My uncles name was Edmund Byrne.  He was born 1/26/1878 and died in Philadelphia Jan./1963.  His soc. sec. # was 187-32-8066.  In 1957 he lived at 2402 N. Douglas St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

2 Jun 2001, Bonnie Byrne Hope,


Looking for any information regarding Thomas Martell and his wife Jane who reportedly moved to Philadelphia from Halifax Nova Scotia between June and October of 1753.  Thomas Martell was a Stocking Weaver and Linen Merchant.

4 June 2001, Ron Martell,


Searching for the descendants of  Giuseppe (Joseph), wife Giuseppina (Josephine), who had a first son Vincenzo (Vincent). The first address given was North 6th St  in Philadelphia in 1923 when mother and son arrived from Italy.    Know that other siblings were born in USA but have no other details.

5 Jun 2001, Aldo D'Ambrosio,


Interested in hearing from others with the same names in their line.

9 Jun 2001, Roberta Daymon,


Looking for parents, brothers, sisters of Joseph R. Norbury, born February 6, 1817, married Mary A. Weidner April 5, 1840, died April 27, 1890 in Roxborough, Philadelphia, PA. Interred in Leverington Cemetery, Roxborough, Philadelphia, PA.

11 June 2001, Julia Benson,  


Benjamin Franklin Rogers (b. abt 1806)  was married on April 30, 1829, at the
Presbyterian Church of Frankford.   He was from Pennsylvania.  His bride was
Margaret Kirkwood from Scotland (b. abt 1810).  She died and was buried at
the same church on July 25, 1854.  I seek information about their ancestors.

11 June 2001, Bob Rogers,


Philip Crofton arrived in Philadelphia from Ireland on August 9, 1852, on the
City of Glasgow.  He was 24 years old.  He married Emily Burnell, from
England, in about 1859, and they remained in Philadelphia all their lives.  
Emily was about the same age as Philip.  I seek information about their
ancestors and places of origin.

11 June 2001, Bob Rogers,


William Thomas Dautrich was born March 14, 1901 in Manhattan, New York City, NY.  On May 10, 1922, he married Elizabeth Crofton in Philadelphia.  He died on August 9, 1963 in Philadelphia.  I seek information about the places of
origin, birth dates and ancestors of his father, William Dautrich, and his mother born Anna Elizabeth Updike.

11 June 2001, Bob Rogers,


Elizabeth (Lizzie) Keile was born December 26, 1874 in Philadelphia.  On
March 12, 1890 she married Edwin Crofton.  I seek information about her
father, Thomas Keile and her mother, name unknown.  I believe both of her
parents were from Ireland and emigrated to Philadelphia.

11 June 2001, Bob Rogers,


My ggrandfather, David McWard, and his siblings immigrated from Donegal County Ireland to Philadelphia in the 1860s.  David and his brother, Robert, went on to Illinois.  One brother and one sister remained in Philadelphia.  I have photos taken at  Philadelphia studios.  Their parents were Richard and Eliza McWard.  Do you have any record of the McWard family in Philadelphia? 

12 Jun 2001, Wanda Salsman,


 I am looking for descendents of Robert John Scott born 9-11-1948 Phila. PA Mother: Kathleen Joseph born Phila. Sept 21 1926 daughter of Kenneth Edward Joseph, sister of Edward Kenneth Joseph. Father John Scott Born Phila. date unknown.  Believe his fathers name to be Stewart or Stuart Scott. Sister Mabel?  All Scott family except for John were born in Ireland perhaps county Cork.

12 Jun 2001, Bob Scott,


Searching for info on my 5th Great Grand Parents Benjamin WARNER and Sarah ELY and their children.  Benjamin b. 11-4-1736 in Blockley Twp., Phila. County, PA.  Sarah b. 11-11-1737 in Solebury Twp., Bucks County.  Married 3-22-1758 at Buckingham Monthly Meeting, Bucks County.    Family relocated to Harford County, MD circa 1771 and relocated again to Lycoming County, PA in 1786 in Lycoming County.  Benjamin remarried 12-5-1798 to Sarah DAVIS.  Benjamin married a 3rd time to Ellen HOLLAND sometime before his death on 3-13-1813.  Children of Benjamin Warner and Sarah Ely include: Mary Warner who married James HAYHURST, Martha Warner who married Jacob FORWOOD, Michael Warner who married Joan RICHARD, Sarah Warner who married David HAYHURST, Joseph Warner who married Sarah CARPENTER, Benjamin Warner who married Deborah KITELY, Rachel Warner (died at age 12). 

13 Jun 2001, Martin Stewart,


My husband's gg-grandparents were Charles Wesley Matson (1834-aft. 1917) and Sarah Ellen McNamee (1843-aft. 1914).  Known children are Charles Wesley Jr, Ellwood, Samuel, Howard, Taylor and Sarah Ellen.  They were living on Race Street 1880's through 1917.  I would like to exchange information with others researching this family.

13 Jun 2001, Suzanne Collins Matson,


I am looking for descendents of Robert John Scott born 9-11-1948 Phila. PA.  Mother: Kathleen Joseph born Phila. Sept 21 1926 daughter of Kenneth Edward Joseph, sister of Edward Kenneth Joseph.  Father John Scott Born Phila. date unknown.  Believe his fathers name to be Stewart or Stuart Scott. Sister Mabel?  All Scott family except for John were born in Ireland perhaps county Cork.

10 Jun 2001, Robert John Scott,


I need to find some kind of birth record or any other information for Philip ECKARDT born in Norristown PA on July 23, 1759.  His parents/grandparents(?) apparently came from Germany in either 1753 or 1703 (I can't confirm those dates).  Also looking for any other information on ECKARDT's around the same time period.

14 Jun 2001, Sheri Anderson,


Searching for info on ggrdparents, James J. Dowling & Kathryn Pierce Dowling.  My grdmother, Gertrude Dowling, was b. in Phila. In 1897.  I believe James & Kathryn owned a small grocery store &lived over a pretzel factory.  Kathryn died from burns as a result of cleaning clothes w/gasoline.  If you have a connection, please contact me.

13 Jun 2001, Suzanne Bordelon,


My maternal grandfather, William Ewart Bottomley, was born in Philadelphia in about 1883, while his parents were visiting from England. His mother's name was Susie. I don't know the surname. If you have any information on the name of
his father or his mother's surname.

14 Jun 2001, Barbara Kaye,


I am looking for information on Mary T. Shields who married Charles Albert Diehl then later on moved to Blair County.  Any information on either name or family members would be appreciated. 

14 Jun 2001, Don Feathers,


Trying to find information on my John A. TAYLOR and wife _____LEWIS (I think her given name is Rebecca K.); md. before 1828 in Philadelphia, where dau, Mary E. LEWIS  was b. 6 Jul 1828; John was a stone-cutter by trade; wealthy family; attended the Presbyterian Church; after 1840 moved and died in Northumberland, PA.

17 Jun 2001,Celia Johnson,


My GGG grandfather Henry Bartlett was born in Philadelphia in abt 1814.  He moved to Pike/Dale Geneva County, AL before 1840.    Henry married Penelope McDaniel in Jan. 1846.  They had 2 children Mary b-Nov. 1846 and John b-1848. Any information on Henry's family would be greatly appreciated.

17 Jun 2001, Carol Bartlett Dana,


William Harris, my GGrandfather, was born in either 1846 or 1847 in PA, place unknown. On his Tombstone it has the inscription of Company C, 109th PA Volunteers.  The information that I have states that during the Civil War the 109th was recruited from the Philadelphia area.    I am trying to determine if all recruits for the Regiment were from the Philadelphia area or if they had volunteers from other areas of the state.  I want to find out if my GGrandfather was originally from the Philadelphia area. He died in Westmoreland County PA (Western PA) in 1905.  Does anyone have information on Company C, 109th. or any information on William Harris.

19 Jun 2001, Charles E. Harris, 


Looking for ancestors of    Elizabeth Ann Reiter (she went by Ann). She was born in 1783. Grandmother was Nancy Phipps. Was there an Albert Reiter?   Are there any Phipps  in Philadelphia Co. Pa.? Need  Ann Reiter's  parents and siblings names

20 Jun 2001, Ceil Force,


My seventh GreatGrandfather Robert Longshore came to Philadelphia about 1682, he was the Chief Surveyor for William Penn.  He was married to Margaret Petersdaughter Cock.  I discovered that you have a Longshore Ave in Philadelphia which seems to be a sizeable street.  I would like to know how & when this Ave. was named Longshore and any other information about Robert Longshore.

21 Jun 2001, Peggy Longshore Vonk,


Looking for descendants or persons with knowledge of:  Tamizine BLAND, residing in Philadelphia from 1905 to 1919; Hannah J. BLAND, residing in Philly in 1905; Eliza BLAND AMMERMAN, residing in Philly in 1919; Albert H. AMMERMAN, residing in Philly in 1919; and George E. BLAND, residing in Philly in 1945.  All are descended from the Bland family of Howard Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania.  The original Bland ancestor was born in Germany circa 1800 and may have anglicized his name from BLINDor BLINDT.  

24 Jun 2001, Linda S. Matthews,


Any descendants of the Charles B. Young,  Need her name, could be Rebecca Luttrell or Burnham, she was from Kentucky, I believe. Lived in Philadelphia in the mid 1920's. Don't know for how long.

27 Jun 2001, Bette Beem,


This family name is famous a printerīs family having some of the best typefaces available. Also a SAUR (unknown) was the printer of the first German Language bible printed in the USA.    Samuel SOWER, born 20 March 1767 in Germantown, died 12 October 1820, son of Christopher SAUER, Jr.  We are searching for a Samuel SOWER, b. 2 March 1817, died 13 August 1904 whom we believe was the son of this Samuel SOWER of same name. Our further information has our Samuel SOWER, b. 1817 marrying a Elizabeth BOWMAN (Baughman) b. 8 May 1817 on 3 Feb. 1841 in Floyd County, Virginia, and having a daughter Mary SOWER.     

28 Jun 2001, Thomas Roth,


Looking for geneaology of Augustes Daix, born Maryland 1835, living and raising family in Philadelphia 1880, father born France. Wife Emily, born PA. 

29 Jun 2001, Robert Ballantyne,


Looking for the parents of John Schermerhorn and Ann Kinney/Kenney who were married in Philadelphia on January 30 or 31, 1827.  They later resided in Rome, Oneida County, NY.  This marriage is according to John's, War of 1812, pension papers.

29 Jun 2001, Cheryl Dorfner,


I am looking for information on James John Bates born 1863 in Wales UK. He emigrated to America early 1887 landed New York,September 1887 he married a Maggie Mc Auliffe, Brooklyn, Kings county, they had 4 children according to
1900 census, May b July 1888,Walter b Dec. 1889, Libbie b Dec 1891, Maud b Feb 1893.Sometime between 1900 and 1920 I believe they moved to Philadelphia.  James John is my gt grandfather I would like any information for family history, and if possible to get in touch with any descendants.

30 Jun 2001, Jim Jones,


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