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Old Queries (Feb 2004 - July 2004)

Surnames: COX
Researcher: Carole
Date Posted: 28 July 2004

Looking for information on a Captain James Cox, born Feb. 22, 1798 in Philadelphia. He died on July 12, 1865. I don't know what he was a captain of. He married Elizabeth Pope on Aug. 8, 1822 in Philly. She was born in 1798 and died Jan. 19, 1882 in Southwark, PA. Capt. James Cox belonged to the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the United States Lodge, No. 34 of the I.O. of O.F. He resided at Paul Street, above Sixth, Southwark. I would like to know something about Southwark in the 1800s.

They had several children:
Elizabeth cox, born 3/1/1823, died March 3, 1823
Elnor Cox, b. March 7, 1824; d. Feb. 28, 1827
Anna Elizabeth Cox b. March 2, 1830, d. Sept. 22, 1893
Joseph Cox b. July 7, 1832, d. June 20, 1862
George R. Cox b. Dec. 29, 1836, d. Jan. 30, 1904

Capt. James funeral was held at the residence of his son-in-law, John Dunn, No. 130 South 17th St. Phila.

Any information that could be found on any of the above individuals would be greatly appreciated. I have found the above data through a family Bible.

Thank you.

Researcher: William Robert Hagerty, Sr.
Date Posted: 25 July 2004

I am looking for my Grandmother Eleanor Gertrude Krewson she married William Henry Hagerty about 1921. She was in St. Thomas during 1922 when my father was born. She died 16-18 months from the date of the birth of her second son He was born March 16, 1923. I have not been able to find her birth record or death record. I know she was a resident of Philadelphia because her son my uncle said so. He is now in his 80's but had some information on his mother and her side of the family even though she died when he was young. I have my father birth record and her last name is spelled incorrectly. Kursin my uncle said it was spelled Krewson. If anyone can give me information on her I would be grateful. I have been over to the city looking in newspaper of the time for her death record but have not found anything out yet because it takes so much time to get to city and then I only have short time to do research. I have been to the Historical society but they were not able to help because her information is too new. Since the search period is so broad I cannot afford to pay 40 dollar a year for each year search at records center on Market Street can you post the information please. I live in South Jersey.

Thank you

Surnames: KIRWAN
Researcher: Annare
Date Posted: 23 July 2004

Looking for info on James/Agnes Shaw Kirwan family of Kensington. James was from Ireland; Agnes from S. Phila. Had four children: John, Theresa, Agnes and Daniel Kirwan. John married Marie Ganley of Fairmount section. Can anyone help me?

Researcher: SIDNEY B. SALINGER, Jr.
Date Posted: 23 July 2004

Searching for information on the family of my grandmother, AMANDA FROHSIN, born in 1867, probably in Philadelphia. She was married in Philadelphia on December 25, 1888, to my grandfather, Louis ROSENBAUM, and lived all of her married life in Kalamazoo, Michigan until her death in 1944. Her marriage certificate was witnessed by her brother, JONAS Frohsin, and by Samuel SNELLENBURG. (Amanda's second brother, SAMUEL Frohsin, was married to Louella Snellenburg...believed to be the sister of Samuel Snellenburg.) Amanda was the daughter of LOUIS FROHSIN (born in Germany; probably came to America and married here) and HELENE NEUSTADT. Nothing further is known of this family or descendants...other than of Amanda's descendants, and that Samuel and Louella had a son, Joseph. There is a fairly large family of Frohsins currently living in the U.S., mostly in the Georgia and Alabama; I have been in contact with many of then. Most or all of them seem to be related to one another...however, we have not been able to establish a connection with my family. That family's contemporary ancestor to my great-grandfather, Louis Frohsin, was a Solomon Frohsin, who was born in Brakel, Germany He had three sons, Isaac ("Ike"), born in 1865 (who came to the U.S. in 1887, and is known to have honeymooned in Philadelphia); Abe (who went into the wholesale liquor business in Philadelphia); and Jonas (who went into the mercantile business in Atlanta). The coincidences of the name Jonas in the same generation, the Germany and Philadelphia connections, similar occupations, known membership in the same Philadelphia synagogue, and the concurrence of dates strongly suggest a relationship - perhaps that my great-grandfather, Louis Frohsin, and the progenitor of the current U.S. family, Solomon Frohsin, were brothers or first cousins. However, we have been unable to ascertain that. Any assistance or information available toward the "closing of the loop" will be greatly appreciated...both by myself and my maternal relatives, and by the current Frohsin family.

Researcher: Dorothy
Date Posted: 21 July 2004

I am looking for information on Charles August Scheffter and Maria Magdalena Schrich. They were both from Germany. Married in Philadelphia in 1854. They had the following children:

Will Scheffter - 1856 Changed his name to John Alva Straub probably between 1875 and 1885. Was in the Calvary in California. Some documentation on John Alva lists his dob as 1852.
Emma Scheffter - 1860 (I believe)
Mary Scheffter - 1858
Joe Scheffter -1862
Callie Scheffter - 1864
Caroline and Amiel Scheffter - 1866

Scheffters resided in Philadelphia and all the children were born there.

August was from Germany and came to the US in 1851 on the ship Elizabeth and arrived in New York on 10/29/1851. Born in 1822 and died in 1894. Maria was from Raidwengen, Schwarzwald, Germany. She was born in 1833. Do not know when she died. Eith Mary or Emma married a John Knox. Not for sure whose husband John was. I would appreciate any help anyone could give me.

Surnames: EICH
Researcher: Scott
Date Posted: 21 July 2004

Could someone look-up JACOB EICH on the Germans to America CD. He was born on Apr. 2, 1815, and came from "Prussia". His wife was Anna-Maria, b. Jan. 10, 1825. They came into Philadelphia approx. Nov. 1848.


Surnames: ARKLAND
Researcher: Amy Lathrop
Date Posted: 21 July 2004

I am seeking the identity of Barbara Arkland who married John Rowland at St. Paul's P.E. in Philadelphia on June 6, 1793.

Who were her parents? Where did they live? I am very interested to know because I am researching the Arkland surname.

Thanks in advance,

Surnames: GUYER
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 20 July 2004

Looking for information on Charles F. Guyer who lived on 65 Shapnack in the 1890 City Directory.

Surnames: CUNNANE
Researcher: Bill Abbott
Date Posted: 20 July 2004

Looking for info on John Cunnane and Julia A. Butler Cunnane residing in Philadelphia 1880 - 1910. Had three children James V. Born 1878, John B. Born 1877, and Joseph F. Born 1883

Surnames: GRIERSON
Researcher: David A. Grierson
Date Posted: 18 July 2004

I am looking for someone who has records for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the years beginning from August 28th, 1811 through 1815. My primary goal is to see if anyone has TAX Records or City Directories for those years for the following surname, and variations which are usually associated with this man:

John Grierson (aka Grearson) arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 28th, 1811, on board ship: BELLONA.

He might be found as: Grayson, Greyerson, Grayerson, Grieson, GREARSON, Grierson, Greirson, Greerson, Grearson, Greierson.

I am grateful for all inquiries.

Researcher: Rita
Date Posted: 15 July 2004

Looking for the address of 212 George St. back in 1901...the on-line reverse addr. does not have this addr. (I left off the St. like they said) Just wanted to know if there were other Keifner or Daly's still at that address or if anyone knew of any in the area. thanks,

Surnames: WILLARD
Researcher: Sandy
Date Posted: 14 July 2004

I am searching for my father's baby sister. My father and this sister were the youngest of 7 children and the two of them were placed into some sort of Adoption agency. My aunts name was ELEANOR FLORENCE WILLARD, birthdate May 30,1902. She was baptized at St James, Church of Kingsessing, Philadelphia, Pa. Sometime between 1904 and 1909 she was in the orphanage. My dad was hired out to work on farms at that time...i believe Eleanor was too young to hire out. If any of this information seems familiar to you OR you have names of Orphanages that took children and "loaned" them out to work on farms, would you please contact me.... thank you very much for ANY information.

Surnames: DUFFY
Researcher: Greg Duffy
Date Posted: 14 July 2004

I was wondering if you would have any info on a Patrick Duffy died around 1887-88 from philadelphia lived at 2625 south street. buried at old cathedral with his wife Margaret Murray Duffy. Any info would be great thanks in advance for your help

Researcher: Nancy
Date Posted: 14 July 2004

I am looking for information on Joseph Tekoraitis. He had a daughter born March 9th 1905. They lived in South Philadelphia. His wife (name unknown ) died during child birth. The Judeikis family raised his daughter Frances. Mr. Tekoraitis went back to his homeland of Lithuania. Frances stayed with the Judeikis family. I believe they lived on or near the three hundred block of Wharton street.

Thank You

Researcher: Jane
Date Posted: 9 July 2004

Is there a "Cannonsburg" ward or section of Philadelphia? Carrie J. Hadermann's obituary (1931) stated she was born in Cannonsburg, PA, in 1835. Unknown if she was in Washington County, Cannonsburg, or if she were born in Philadelphia. Any suggestions or comments?

Surnames: PARADIS
Researcher: Richard L. Fortin
Date Posted: 8 July 2004

Looking for any and all information on Joseph N. Paradis who was born in Washington, DC, the son of Napoleon Paradis and Emma Gagne from Lowell, Mass, he emigrated to Philadelphia and married a Margaret ???

They both show up in the 1930 Federal Census Joseph born in 1883 is 46 and Margaret born in 1887 is 42. Looking for marriage date and death dates since neither show up in the SSNDI.

Researcher: G.W. Zimmerman
Date Posted: 8 July 2004

Is it possible to obtain a copy of an Oath of Allegience for a person that arrived in Philadelphia on Sep. 19, 1749. If so, where do I write and what is the cost?


Surnames: WARE
Researcher: Jacqueline Q. Scott
Date Posted: 8 July 2004

Grandfather James E. Scott b. 1850 NJ in 1880 Census Phila, wife Jane Edmends Jones b. 8-14-1847 [Wales not NJ] as Census had it. d'ter Edith 9/12ths years born in August 1879. Alexander Scott, William E. J. Scott (our father) born 3 Jan 1885, and though he worked on family tree, did not show his father's birthday -- all we know is his father died before he was born at the Monroe Street house (shown in City Directory 1884 Oct.) of a stone carver's accident -- would there be any newspaper article on accident? Or obituary? He was buried at Mt. Moriah Cemetery on Kingsessing Avenue. Also Nana Scott died in 1933 buried same cemetery -- hard to get records. Cousin remembers it being slushy when he went to Philadelphia with his mother in 1933 -- he was born in 1921, so was a boy.

Appreciate any help,

Surnames: WARE
Researcher: Marilyn
Date Posted: 8 July 2004

I am searching for Charles Ware. He was born about 1812 in ?????? He is in Luzerne County, PA on the 1840 census. He was married to Caroline Wagner also of PA. In 1850 they were in IL. Then the rest of his family are in IA in 1860 but Charles is not with them. Does Anybody know where my Charles Ware came from. One person told me that there was a huge fire in Philadelphia and a Ware family was involved. She said all of them died except one person and he had a son named Charles.

Surnames: GALLO
Researcher: Sam May
Date Posted: 8 July 2004

I am trying to find information on my maternal grandparents who lived and died in Philadelphia.

They came in through Ellis Island from Sicily, Italy in the early 1900s

Angelo Gallo and Rose Russo (Gallo)


Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 8 July 2004

I am looking for information on Gottleib Vollmer. I know he was a German immigrant who had a furniture business in Philadelphia. I have a dresser and bed made by him. Do you have any further info on him? Thank you.

Researcher: Donna Mireles
Date Posted: 8 July 2004

Dad's mother's maiden name was Elizabeth Frances Glinnett. She was born in Pennsylvania in May 1893 and per the census, Grandma's parents were both born in Germany. I have no record of their first names. Her father, a tailor, was struck and killed by lightning. Grandma's widowed mother married a man with the surname Lang, had a daughter named Anna in December 1900 and then died early in 1902. Grandma, older sister Pauline and half-sister Anna went to live with unknown relatives. I would appreciate any help you can give me. I can't find anyone with this surname anywhere.

On Dad's father's side of the family, we would like to learn more about the great grandparents who lived in the Germantown area of Philadelphia about 1900. John Brown was born December 1847 and emigrated from England to US 1869. He married Anna or Annie Lee about 1870. She was born December 1850 and emigrated from Ireland about 1867. We believe she was widowed about 1907. We would really like to know how they came to the US and why.

Thank you for any help you can give,

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 8 July 2004

I found Michael Delaney and wife Ann (McNamara) Delaney living with their children John, Michael, Peter, Catherine and Mary in Germantown on the 1850 census. Later found death (accident) notice in the Public Ledger, issue Nov.5, 1866, for Michael Delaney, killed in an explosion in Germantown. Found Ann Delaney living with her married daughter Catherine Mulloy on the 1870 census, then an obituary for Ann from a Germantown newspaper stating death on February 25, 1880 at 85 years of age. Obit said formerly of Athy, County Kildare, Ireland. Burial record found for Ann at Old Cathedral Cemetery. I am descended from son John (1830-1906), who was my I have only information of John's line. Does anyone out there know of any descendants of this family?

Surnames: HUNTER
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 5 July 2004

I am trying to find information regarding my Grandmother, Margaret Hunter b 24.04.1891 in Philadelphia County. I do not have a lot of information only that her Mothers name was Mary Ann, my Grandmothers father worked on the telegraph poles and fell and was killed, there was also a son Robert who died very young. My G-Gradmother re-married ? Cromer and they left the USA for a new start in Wales, unfortunately Cromer jumped ship when it docked in Ireland and was never heard of again. My G-Grandmother and Grandmother finished the journey on their own. I do not know which part of Philadelphia County my Grandmother was born in but it was just outside Philadelphia itself because they used to go shopping, and did all the shopping for the journey there.

Surnames: BADMAN
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 5 July 2004

I'm looking for an obituary of my grandfather John Howard Badman. I don't know what year he died but he would be approximately 95 years old. He lived in Philadelphia and I would like to know where he is buried. Can you help? Thank you.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 5 July 2004

I'm trying to locate a Catholic Church which is located between Washington Ave. going south. All the information I have is: It faces the Delaware River, if's flat faces, it 3 doors, 1 large door in the center and 2 small doors, above each door are large windows. the building is painted either white of tan with brown trim. It has a rothiron fence going around it which also has a parking lot. there is a Cathloic school on the same block It has a small bell tower which is located in the front of the church. it appears to be localed on a oneway street. going south. I'd appreciate any information you could give me. Thank You

Surnames: POTTER
Researcher: Glenda
Date Posted: 2 July 2004

If anyone is looking for informaton on the Potter Family of 1913 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, I might be able to help. Major Henry Clay Potter and his wife Emily Potter lived there and were very wealthy. I have a hand-written geneaology book tracing the family back to Ipswich in the 1600s. It has tons of family history and information. The personal papers and letters and diaries belonged to Mathilde Potter and I purchased everything at a flea market in California. Fascinating reading! I'd also love to have a photo of the house at 1913 Spruce Street. It looks (according to Map Quest) to still be standing.


Surnames: BURNS(E)
Researcher: Joe Porter
Date Posted: 27 June 2004

Iím looking for information about my great aunt Bridgit Burns who left Glasgow and I believe married a Mr Haddock. I donít know if they married in Scotland or in Philadelphia USA.

I donít have any dates but they would have left Glasgow around late 1890-1910. She had sisters; Esther (my gran, married Robert Porter), Elisabeth Ann(New Zealand), Mary Ann who went to Canada (Phil Crossan son),Isobella and a brother Willie John Burns

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 26 June 2004

I am searching for any photographs or family history of William Satterthwaite, wife Ann Radford, Howard, Sr. Howard, Jr and wife Ada Rumford. or Russell Satterthwait(e) of Philadelphia, PA

Researcher: Marcia Selsor
Date Posted: 26 June 2004

Nicholas Selser, Seltzer rec'd a land warrant in 1754 for 100 acres in Montgomery Square. In 1774 he was the constable of Gwynedd. His will was proved Oct. 20, in 1795. His wife was Mary.

He lists several sons and daughters as his heirs but does not list their names with these exceptions:

Henry son and co-executor
Carl Schlater son-in-law
Grand daughter is Rachel daughter of Bernard Beaver and son, John, got an extra 20 pounds.
testators were
John Evans and__adio Evans, Jr.
At the buying of the estate there were more Seltzers buying articles

I am seraching for the verified names of the sons and daughters.
Thank you.

Researcher: Alice Yellock
Date Posted: 22 June 2004

I am trying to gather information for my Family Reunion which will be held here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the weekend of July 9-11. I need information pertaining to the children of William Wesley Crawford ("WW") and Daisy Bowie, his first wife, and Mamie Leola Ellison, his second wife, (my grandmother). I will list the names of the 15 children, and the names in bold indicate information that I am still seeking.

Children of WW and Daisy Bowie
Archibald Oct. 10, 1907 to Oct. 11, 1972
General DOB: ?? DOD:??
Wm. Wesley, Jr. Nov. 30, 1912 to July 3, 1981
Robert Sept. 26, 1915 to DOD: ??
Robena Sept. 26, 1915 to Nov. 2, 1991 (twins)

Children of WW and Mamie Leola Ellison
Mary Frances July 29, 1919 to August 9, 1992
Novella December 24, 1920 to Oct. 29, 1998
Calvin DOB: ?? [1919] to Aug. 18, 1961
Ernest July 17, 1922 to May 2, 1999
James DOB: ?? DOD: ??
Curtis DOB: ?? DOD: ?? [died at age 16 during WWII on Navy ship]
Irene DOB: ?? DOD: ??
Evelyn February 1, 1930 to August 30, 1990
John Albert January 25, ?? [1934] LIVING
Charles Jan. 25, 1936 to February 26, 2003

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 22 June 2004

I am seeking information on the following people: William Wallace B 1872 Ireland (we belive) and Sarah Jane Wallace (nee Harkins) b 1874 in Ireland we belive. They resided at 5638 Broomall Ave Phila..Sarah died in May 1957 and William unkn. They had 3 siblings Thomas,Mary L and William in that order.These are my grandparents and father. All deceased. Also need info on Hrry Senneff b1889 and Anna Senneff b 1891. Any and all in for nation is appreciated.. Oh, all of these people resided in Phila or Penna.

Thank you

Surnames: MURZYN
Researcher: Melissa
Date Posted: 22 June 2004

Need to find obituary for Two people:

Stanislaw Murzyn, died July 13th, 1911 and was buried July 18th, in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia.

John Murzyn, born Dec. 18, 1882 and died Jan 31, 1970 also in Phila. Any help you can give in finding an obit for these two would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Gracie
Date Posted: 22 June 2004

I am doing some family genealogy and was wondering if you could help me find a book. It is on my great great grandparents. Edwin Dilworth Woolley. The book is called the Utah Woolley Family. I have asked all of my living relatives and they don't have it. I can go to the history library and get it, but it has to many pages to copy. It is by Preston W. Parkinson.

Thanks for your help.

Researcher: Eileen Bailey
Date Posted: 22 June 2004

I have been trying to research my mother's family history for many years. Her father's name was Frank Fitzgerald, age 34 in 1915, address 2106 Avalon St., Phila., PA. Was employed as an engraver.
Her mother's name was Katherine Gorman, age 22 in 1915. Was a housewife. Katherine died at a young age, but, again I know nothing of when and how and where she died.

My mother was born on September 3, 1915 at the Lying-in Charity Hospital in Phila.

We do know that her parents had other children; in particular a daughter named Catherine or Katherine. That is all we know of her.

I would greatly appreciate any information regarding Catherine or Katherine and any other children born: birth date, death, where lived, etc. etc.

My mother was a mystery until her death two years ago.

Thank you,

Surnames: SANDLER
Researcher: Hilary Steward
Date Posted: 22 June 2004

I am searching for information on my grandfather, Joseph Sandler. I believe his father placed him in an orphanage in Pottstown sometime around 1910. He was born July 4, 1896 in Russia and emigrated to the US in 1905. How can I check records?

Surnames: PIPPETT
Researcher: Allie (Pippett) Truesdell
Date Posted: 13 June 2004

I am interested in anything that you may have on the "Pippett" surname. We think we came into this country in the late 1500's/early 1600's through NJ. I can legitamately trace our family back to Philadelphia through the 1880 US Census. Benjamin Hope Pippett (b. 1832 d.9FEB1902...Married Mary Ann Reynolds and had 6 children - one being my Great Grandfather Thomas Benjamin or Benjamin Thomas Pippett (has been recorded both ways). Benjamin Hope's father was also Benjamin (d. 1869...married Hope Morris 1823). We think he had a second marriage in 1840 to Marguret Wells.

If you have any information at all on the Pippett surname I would appreciate any help at all. Thank you.

Surnames: HALL
Researcher: John F. Hall
Date Posted: 13 June 2004

I am looking for any information on my father John Hall or John Thomas Hall and his family.Father and Mother's name unknown.He was born in Philadelphia PA, on January 9,1881 or 1882.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Researcher: Frank R. Mayberry Jr.
Date Posted: 13 June 2004

I am searching for information of my MAYBERRY surname which may be spelled phonetically i.e. Mayburry, Maburry etc.

My ggggrandpa "Justinian Mayberry" was married to Mary Ann Houser/Hauser and they lived in Frederick, Frederick Co., MD. Justinian died on Aug 20, 1834. Mary Ann died on April 29, 1855 both are buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in that City.

They had 10 or 11 children, one of which was my gggrandpa Israel Mayberry born May 9, 1794 married Catherine Hass dau of Peter Hass and Mary Baer of Romney, Hampshire Co., Va(WV). They had five children named as follows: Mary age 21; Thomas age 19; Peter J. age 17; Francis age 16; Sarah Ann age 13. These ages was found on court documents (wills) and 1850 Census of Hampshire Co., Va(WV). Catherine Hass wife of Israel Mayberry died prior to the 1850 Census, I have not found any information on her demise, only a record where they (Catherine and my gggrandpa Israel were married on March 27, 1827 - found on County records that asurvived the Civil War as Hampshire County city of Romney changed hands 56 times during the Civil War). I have found all the children of Israel and Catherine except "Thomas Mayberry" age 19 on the 1850 Census of Hampshire County, Va. I have found a Thomas Mayberry on the Jackson Co., Mo. Census of 1870 living in the household of Marion McMurtrey with three other McMurtrey children. Thomas Mayberry would fit the description of my missing Thomas but, I have no idea what happened to him, as no one has acknowledged being aware of his existance. His bro and two sisters shows up living on either side of that county about the same time, two sisters moved from Hampshire County, Va to Lafayette Co., Mo., sometime around 1866, his brother (my ggrandpa Francis aka Frank) moved from Port Gibson, Claiborne Co., Ms. at about the same time in 1866 or soon after. My ggrandpa aka Frank disappeared there after the 1870 Census of Cass County, Mo., sometime around or after 1872 as he had a dau born in Sep 1872 and his wife remarried to a D. N. McGill on Dec 18, 1878 in Harrisonville, Cass Co., Mo. Later sometime around 1880 shows up in Marlow, Stephens County, Indian Territory (OK). She was employed as a pioneer school teacher in that place. Their (Frank's dau Mary E. Mayberry married Thomas Worley and Emily Susan Married George W. Beck). Emily Susan is buried in the Marlow City Cemetery, in Marlow, Ok. Their brother who had been in the area since the 1870's had become a large cattle rancher and dealer in large herds of cattle. He was killed on May 14, 1895 while roping a wild range steer, the steer jerking his horse over on top of him crushing him and demolishing the saddle. He is buried in the Hickory Community Cemetery in NE part of Murray County, Indian Territory (OK). Just about 18 miles SE of exit 55 on Interstate Highway 35 south of Okla City, Ok.

My grandpa's name was Henry H. Mayberry who as at about 14 years old rode the Chishlom Trail as a Cowboy on the Trail Drives of South Texas Cattle drives up the Chishlom Trail. My dad was 8 years old when he was killed, dad was born on Oct 12, 1887 at Healdton, Carter Co., Indian Territory (OK). My father also named Frank Richard Mayberry died and was buried in the Fort Gibson, Cherokee County, Oklahoma National Cemetery, he was a WWI Veteran serving in the 144th Infantry in France in 1918. He died on Feb 27, 1973 at age 85. He was a farmer and cattle rancher most of his life. Anyone, having information on this family please contact me as I have a few missing links.


Surnames: WILSON
Researcher: Peter Wilson Halliday
Date Posted: 12 June 2004

My grandmother Rebecca Wilson was born in Philadelphia 1872/3, parents Robert and Elizabeth (formerly Ralston) Wilson. Rebecca eventually came to Glasgow in the UK, married John Halliday there, moved to Belfast, then eventually back to Glasgow. I do not know if her parent's origins were in the US, or the UK. I do not know if her parents came to the UK with her.

Anyone have any information?


Researcher: Sandi Link Rhoads
Date Posted: 11 June 2004

Edward Link was married to Anna and maybe he was married before. He had 5 children Jos., John, Frank, Marie and Andrew. My Father is the son of Frank Link and his wife Barbara Kuhnle. They had two other children, Caroline the oldest, and Arthur that was the youngest. Arthur committed suicide in his teens. My father was born in 1922. I have very little information on the Link family. I know my grandmother's family were the Kuhnle's. Her father was Jacob Kuhnle and her mother was Caroline Ettinger. Caroline died in 1901 and Jacob who had 6 children, married again to get a mother for his children, at least that is what I was told.

Please if anyone knows anything about these families please let me know.

Thank you,

Surnames: FRATRIK
Researcher: Karen Fratrik Earls
Date Posted: 11 June 2004

I am trying to find the date of death or newspaper article about the death of Anna Fratrik. She was about 4 years old when she died around 1914 or 1915. She was playing with matches, my grandfather John Fratrik was also burned in this fire, he was about 2 years old. This happened in/around Philadelphia. I do not have any other info. Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Surnames: CRAS/KRAUS
Researcher: Barbara Lynch
Date Posted: 11 June 2004

I am looking for any and all information on a Mary Ann Cras (Kraus?) that was born on November 24, 1886 in Antwerp, Belgium where her father owned a cigar factory according to family history. I have no clue as to when she came over here but do know that her parents were Lewis and Mary Ann (maiden name unknown). If anyone has any clue or information - it would be greatly appreciated as my father's cousin and I have hit dead ends...........she did marry James Lynch in the early 1900s and then she died on November 16, 1973.

Researcher: Halina Kuzniewska
Date Posted: 11 June 2004

I ask about help. I look for about born 29 October 1909 in Philadelphia young girl information. Young girl's name then Annie or Anna. She be bore the most probably in St. Vincent's Hospital in Philadelphia.

I look for information about her brother and sister, true parents. Can you me help in searches? I will be grateful for every advice.

With respect

Researcher: Glenn F. Sappington
Date Posted: 11 June 2004

I am trying to locate the burial site of "Sappington" Holy Cross Cemetery, Philadelphia and St. Peters Church, 3rd & Pine Strs, Phil'a

Do you have any records of the name Sappington.


Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 5 June 2004

My G-Mother Laura V. Waltman, B Apr 2 1874, in Philadelphia. Marred Harry W. Jones, B 12-6-1860 in MD/VA (were not know), I believe married in Philadelphia. They later moved to NJ. I am seeking marriage info, date and DOB of thier first born son George, born 1894. Laura V. Waltman's father John H. and Mother Virginia ( last name unknow). Found in 1880 census. Any help greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Joanne Burke
Date Posted: 5 June 2004

I'm looking for my great great grandparents that came to the Philadelphia are in 1845 from Lincolnshire, England. Their names were William Jackson and Hannah Cooper. They had four children when they came, two of them were James, born 1937 and William, b. 1838 Can you help me find them on the ship records or tell me how to go about doing this? Thank you so much for your help.

Surnames: GULDEN
Researcher: Robert Shive
Date Posted: 5 June 2004

Salome was an older sister of my g-grandfather Henry Gulden. She is in the 1880 Philadelphia census as a servant in the boarding house of Anna Hoffman on Jasper Street. I am interested in finding out when Salome died and where she is buried. Information from one internet source has her dying in 1883, but I would like to get separate confirmation of this.

Surnames: WARE
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 5 June 2004

I am searching for a Charles Ware that was born about 1812. He came to IL in 1850. If anybody has Wares please contact me.

Surnames: O'BRYON
Researcher: Gina Sammis
Date Posted: 5 June 2004

William O'Bryon born about 1816 Philadelphia, PA
Died 1891 Michigan
Married Mary Ann Purser

Surnames: MAMMELE
Researcher: Ethel Dougherty
Date Posted: 11 May 2004

I am looking for ANY connection to the Mammele family of Phila. Particularly William Mammele who married Marjorie(Margery) Gallagher who was born about 1851 and died 9/5/1916. He was living at time of her death. Also interested in anyone with surname Mammele as we are trying to connect some family ties.

Thanks very much,

Surnames: WARE
Researcher: Marilyn
Date Posted: 7 May 2004

I am searching for a Charles Ware that was in PA in 1840. Does anybody have any information of Charles Ware?

Surnames: FAZEKAS/Brennan
Researcher: Jan Chozen Bays
Date Posted: 9 May 2004

At a neighbor's garage clean up I picked up a box of lovely old family photos left by a former tenant. A few documents mention a Miss Julie Fazekas who lived and taught school in Philadelphia in the 1920's. I think she might have married a man named Brennan. I would like to find someone in the family who would appreciate these photos.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 3 May 2004

Still looking for information on a Clara Formei Vilfer. She resided on Coal Street with her family. Daughter Emma Vilfer Marushok. Need info on her burial place. Also came from France. Was born & lived in Lilli, France between 1850-1892. Any help appreciated.

Researcher: Cheryl
Date Posted: 1 May 2004

Can anyone tell me if there was a Cumberland borough or town in this county around 1840-1841? Also, did Roxborough exist in this same time frame?

Surnames: DOLAN
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 30 April 2004

Patrick J Dolan died on January 15, 1915 and came from Croghan Roscommon Ireland. Married to either Alice or Margaret and had a daughter of either of those names. Looking for descendants.

Surnames: FREESTON
Researcher: Ron Freeston
Date Posted: 26 April 2004

Information required on Freeston family in P.A.., Namely William E Freeston age 16 in 1880, Arther Freeston age 14 in 1880, both born in England and living with their step-mother, Ruth Anna Freeston mn Jones. who was born in P.A. Their father beleived to be deceased in U.S.A. Any info greatfully received.

Surnames: GLASS
Researcher: Karen
Date Posted: 25 April 2004

Martin Glass and wife Barbara arrived in Phila in 1740's and moved to New Hanover which was part of Phila county at that time but is now in Montgomery County. Their children were all baptized and confirmed there. Andrew, George, Martin. They then moved to Robeson Twp. , Berks Co.

I'm either a 6th great grandaughter of Andrew or George but I have no idea who they married or exactly their children . Only that according to the census they all had children at the same time.

Thank you,

Researcher: Trish Elliott-Kashima
Date Posted: 25 April 2004

I am searching for information on Jennie Jorgensen, whow as born ca 1885, probably in Stavanger Norway, came to American via Ellis Island in 1904, and came to Philadelphia PA, as a seamstress per the Ellis Island records. She is also shown as a neice of Marie Balkwill (who was ae 35) in those same records. Jennie (according to the family story) became a swimmer in the Olympics. Is there any record of this in the Philadelphia records of that time?????She could have married by then, but we have no idea to whom. Her brother was Ingolf Rasin Jorgensen who was born 1886 in Stavanger and came to America, supposedly going to his cousin Lauritz Sandrup in Philadelphia in 1905. Ingolf changed his name to John Racine, and came to Los Angeles, marrying Mabel Agnes Lindstrom there in 1920. We have no information on Jennie, and would like to know more, and perhaps even find some descendants. Thanks,

Researcher: Carole Hare
Date Posted: 25 April 2004

Searching for the parents and death date of ELLA L. JONES STRONG. ELLA was born in Philadelphia ca. 1855. ELLA L. JONES married HARRY G. STRONG in 1873 and had 2 daughters, ANNETTA and HARRIET and she died before 1880 census. I can find no record of her birth or death. The son of HARRIET said his mother told him she had relatives in Delaware County named JONES. HARRY married again to ELLA PINE. Any clue will help. I have a lot on the STRONG family and will be happy to share.

Researcher: Margot Flaks
Date Posted: 25 April 2004

I am doing research for the history committee of the Lower Merion Civic Association, and I am currently researching Isaac Hazlehurst who was a large land holder in the township 1860s through the 1770s. I think he was the same Isaac Hazlehurst who was a city solicitor in Philadelphia and who also ran for governor of Pa. in 1856. I am most eager to obtain an obituary which could provide some of the personal details of his life. Any information or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Surnames: ROSS
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 25 April 2004

I am interested in finding any information known about a John Ross, who owned a bakery in the "Fishtown" area of Philadelphia. He was married to a Mary Wilkinson. The children's name I know are: Emily Ross (later Ridgway); Tillie (maybe Matilda) Ross; another daughter, and a son who died when he fell off a buggy and hit his head on a cobblestone street. The children are all deceased, and they would be in the 100 years old range if living, so I am assuming John and Mary would have been born circa 1880.

Thanks for any information you may have.

Researcher: Alberta N. Daciuk
Date Posted: 25 April 2004

My grandmother's name is Amanda Dailey Cronmiller/nee Plotcher born Feb. 18, 1884. Died Oct 20,1918. She had four children. Anna, Gertrude, William & Benjamin. Benjamin died when I was very small. My father William died in Aug 9,1980. Her father Samuel Plotcher was born 1842. I'm trying to find out when she was married,because the church is now closed. The stones in Palmer Street Cemetery are gone. It is in Fishtown in Philadelphia,Pa. She married George W. Cronmiller. born Sept.9,1871. I can't find out where he was born. I know Amanda was born in Philadelphia,Pa.

Sarah Plotcher/nee Harrison & Samuel Plotcher was her mother & father. William Cornmiller & Mary Mc Coy is his father & mother. I have this from his death certificate.

I am trying very hard. I would appreciate any help

Thank you,

Researcher: Zelda
Date Posted: 24 April 2004

Need to confirm that Henry CAPEHART/KEPHERT was the son of Hendrich Gebhardt and that his son was John CAPEHART/KEPHERT. Henry was born 1756 Bristol Twp., Philadelphia, County, PA or Bensalem, Bucks, Pa or Frankford, Philadelphia, PA. This information came from 3 different sources. His son John CAPEHART/KEPHERT was born 29 Dec 1783 Bucks Co., PA and died 21 Jul 1858 Bucks Co., PA ?? John was the father of my husband's great, great grandfather, Andrew CAPEHART born 26 Jul 1807 Philadelphia, PA.

Thank you,

Surnames: FAUST
Researcher: Connie
Date Posted: 23 April 2004

I have been searching so long to find the biological parents of Charley Endy FAUST who was my daughter Valerie Faust's grandfather. Charley was born July 12, 188 and his parents were killed in a wagon accident in 1891.He and his baby sister were left orphans and adopted to two different families. I'm pretty sure this was in Schuylkill County. Charley died in March, 1984.

I have wondered if Endy was his biological parents' surname. I am a member of the Yorikshire Posts and I have posted my request but cannot get help on this matter.

Charley married Bendina Braun/Brown about 1915-16 and they first had a daughter, named Lillian who died at the age of five years. My late husband was born on December 14, 1925 in Idaho.

Bendina was born in Madison Wisconsin.

I'd appreciate any help or advice. Thank you,

Surnames: NESSLER
Researcher: Doris Betty
Date Posted: 23 April 2004

Trying to locate the family home in Philadelphia for Lorenz(Lawrence)&Caroline NESSLER, my great-grandparents. They came frm germany in the 1850's settling in PA.. This would have been in the 1860's & the address I do have is 121 Poplar St., Philadelphia, PA.. Does anyone know if this house is still standing? Can anyone research this for me? I have a picture of the "family home" but do not know if they rented or owned. Could you e-mail me if you have any suggestions on how one would go about finding out more information?

Certainly appreciate your advise. Thanks

Surnames: JACKSON
Researcher: Doris Jackson Lafferty
Date Posted: 22 April 2004

I am trying to find the exact death date Grt. Grandfather William Jackson Born c.1801-1815 due to the answers to the census takers. Ward 3 Southwark. His wife Amy c 1806 1850 census shows one Jackson {John A. B. 1848] other children listed "Calhoun" believe were Amys from a former marriage. Pension file Civil war varifies this. William was on the 1860-70 censuses but not on the 1880 as was his wife.

Thanks for any help or suggestions

Surnames: WENDELL
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 22 April 2004

Seeking information on Rev. Rufus Wendell. Was in the Philadelphia are in the late 1800's. Was involved in Advent Christian Church and later one of those instrumental in brancing off into the Jehovah Witness. Had a wife Charity and a son and daughter. Died in Philadelphia in 1898.

Surnames: LAND
Researcher: Otto K. Land
Date Posted: 22 April 2004

Requesting assistance in finding offical records of the port of entry for my G-G-Grandfather and his relatives. I do have a copy of a port of entry for him John Edward LAND but not for his family wife: Lucy Jane LAND and children: William; Joseph; Harriet; Mary Ann; David; Robert; Hannah., and Ann. The entry card I have shows John entering on the 15th of August 1849 on the ship Wyoming. I have checked all CD's an can not find the remaining family any help would be most appreciated. I want to thank everyone in advance for your consideration. Have a great day. Otto K. Land

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 22 April 2004

I am seeking information on William Satterthwait, his son Howard Satterthwiat, Sr., his son Howard Satterthwait, Jr. and his son Russell Howard Satterthwait.

William came to Philadelphia mid 1800's, lived at 11th & Fairmount along with family.

Seeking any living decendants also. Looking for photographs of any of the above and/or their wives and children.

Surnames: McCLURE
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 22 April 2004

I am searching for information about Samuel McClure who emigrated to philadelphia who married a Janet/Jenet Graham. I have his date of birth as born 1736 --Belfast Ireland, married 1771, died 1788. Any info on this family --please email me.

Thank you!

Researcher: James Allen Rogers
Date Posted: 16 April 2004

Searching ancestry and families of Henry ALLEN (b 1843 PA) and his sister Susan ALLEN (b 1837 PA). Henry was a blacksmith who lived many years at Pt. Pleasant, Bucks County, PA, and died there in 1917. He married first Emeline HILL, and had a son Henry (Harry) b 1868. He had other kids with his second wife, Annie Margaret HILL, who died there in 1919. Susan married Michael HOLDSWORTH ca 1861, and lived many years in the 22nd Ward of Phladelphia. He was English, and a "warper" in a woolen mill. Children were: Mary, William, Henry, Joseph, George, Leonard, Annie, and Elizabeth. In 1917 Susan was reportedly living in Washington D.C. 1920 census shows her with granddaughter Margretta McCREA in Lower Merion Twp., Montgomery County, PA, in the household of Clement J. McCrea. Thanks

Researcher: Lane Kronmiller
Date Posted: 16 April 2004

Iím looking for any information about my father, NORMAN KRONMILLER. Primarily interested in his baseball playing. Norman was born in 1910 and lived most of his younger days in the Philadelphia/Roxboro area. I know he played semi-pro baseball and was on various church teams and played for industrial leagues, probably during the period of 1927 Ė 1940.

Researcher: Jessica
Date Posted: 16 April 2004

I had a question that I was hoping you might know the answer. Do you know if the Philadelphia City Archive takes requests? Can I send them the names of the ancestors I am looking for and they will send me a copy of any record they find or is it a place where you have to physically go to to do research?

I didn't see any form or cost information on the Archive web site. So if you know could you let me know.

Thanks so much.

Researcher: Terry
Date Posted: 16 April 2004

Would anyone have any info on the following:

Home for Orphans of Odd Fellows of Pennsylvania North East corner of Ogontz Ave and Chelten Ave Ward 42.

My maternal grandmother wound up there because her father had died between 1910-1920 and her mother had to go out to work.


Surnames: WARE
Researcher: Marilyn
Date Posted: 16 April 2004

I am searching for a Charles Ware. He was in Willkes Barre in 1841 and married Caroline Wagner there. Somebody told me that there was a house fire in Philadelphia of a Ware family and only one man lived through it and he had a son named Charles Ware. My Charles Ware is listed as 38 years old and a cabinetmaker on the 1850 census in IL. Any help would be appreciated.

Surnames: McCLURE
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 10 April 2004

James McClure arrived at Philadelphia, May 9, 1838 from Ireland. Looking for passenger list info, name of ship and any other details.

Researcher: Daniel Titus
Date Posted: 10 April 2004

I am sending this information to get it posted on your query board. I am looking for information on the marriage of John Titus and Elizabeth Duffield. Elizabeth Duffield lived in the Philadelphia area and was born there in 1741. She would have married about 1760 +/- 3 years. John Titus was from the Carlisle - Frankstown area where his parents, Peter Titus and Mary Williams Titus lived. During this period of time this area was known as the frontier and at times when the Indians where on the rampage many of the settlers journeyed to the Philadelphia for safety. Possibly at one of those times John met Elizabeth and they eventually married or possibly the Duffield family moved to the Carlisle - Frankstown area. Any help anyone can provide on Elizabeth Duffield and John Titus would be appreciated.


Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 9 April 2004

Do you have information about Johan Arvil Roos'en from Bjorneberg, Finland? Born April 13, 1866 in Bjorneberg. Departed Bremen on June 8, 1893 on H.H. Meier. Married Anna Greeta Hourlain- when? She was from Snolo, Finland? Became citizen November 12, 1894, County of Philadelphia. Family moved sometime to Christopher St,. New York City. Son John William babtized in New York 1901-02? Johan- lost at sea? Merchant Marine? When? Where? Ship? Anna- Died? Buried? John William (deceased) worked on New York Coffee Exchange and lived at 659 41st St. Brooklyn. Member Gloria Dei Evangelical Lutheran, Brooklyn. His brother Al (deceased) in Snug Harbor. Looking for anything related from Finland, Pennsylvania, New York City, Brooklyn.

Surnames: MANNERS
Researcher: Kathy A. Freeman
Date Posted: 8 April 2004

Richard and Mary (McCarthy) Manners. Daughters name was Virginia Sophia Manners b. July 18, 1923 and died March 9, 1990. Do not have any dates on Richard or Mary. Or if they had other children.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 8 April 2004

Any info on Henry Chas. Sindlinger and wife Julia Scholz, Philadelphia County,Philadelphia,Pa. circa late 1800s-early 1900s.

Thank you very much,

Surnames: WARE
Researcher: Marilyn
Date Posted: 8 April 2004

My ancestor was Charles Ware. He was in PA in 1840 and don't know much about him. He was married to Caroline Wagner and in IL on the 1850 Census. In 1850 he was listed as a Cabinetmaker and age 38. I have had some information that he may have come from Philadelphia before moving to Willkes Barre, PA.

Any help with Charles Ware would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: HENRY
Researcher: Maureen Enstice
Date Posted: 8 April 2004

I am looking for information on a John Henry, a 1930s Philadelphia boxing champion. Any leads would be great. Thank you.

Surnames: BINKER
Researcher: Eric Husted Binker
Date Posted: 6 April 2004

Adam Binker and John Binker (probably brothers) came to Philadelphia (from Germany) in around 1795. I am trying to locate info on them, their wives and children. Any help would be appreciated. I have never done genealogical research before, so I am open to all suggestions. My permanent home is in Tucson, AZ, but for now I am working in Baltimore, MD , so I am closer to where I can do some research.

Surnames: MAYO
Researcher: Sandra
Date Posted: 6 April 2004

I live in England....Charles Mayo and family lived in Pottstown, Pa from 1871 onwards. he was employed as a barber and at least one of his sons (William) also became a barber there. I wonder if someone has any trade directories for that time and could check family for me?

Researcher: Judi
Date Posted: 4 April 2004

Am looking for info on Dr. c.j. schneider and wife mary(kelly)schneider they resided where his office was 1930 north seventh st.,phila. He died 08/18/26. Had 4 children,Mary,charles,william,and katherine. Anyone have any knowledge on their history would be appreciated.

Researcher: Rosemary BuShea
Date Posted: 4 April 2004

I have a copy of a 1773 document found in the Weaver homestead in Catawba County, NC, excerpt as follows:

"Know all men by these present, that Jacob Weber of Gwynedd Township in the County of Philadelphia, in the Province of Pensylvania (sp), Weaver, am Held and firmly bound unto Christina Emrigh of the same place, widow and relict(?) of Peter Emrigh deceased. . ." dated July 3 " . . in the thirteenth year of His Majesty's Reign, Annoque Domini 1773" Witnessed by Henry Conrad of Worcester Township and Humphrey Jones of Gwynedd Township

Jacob's children lived in Lincoln County, the part which became Catawba County, from the late 1700s on. One was a school teacher, and one of them is reported to be the first potter in the county. They are my ancestors and any info would be most appreciated. I have been unable to find anything on this Christina Emrigh or the connection.

Surnames: WARE
Researcher: Marilyn
Date Posted: 4 April 2004

I am searching for Charles Ware. He was in Willkes Barre PA in 1840 and married with children. He doesn't seem to appear on any earlier census in the US. Could he have immigrated? He is in IL in 1850 and he married Caroline Wagner. Caroline Wagner was the daughter of John Wagner and Mary A Jackson.


Surnames: POWERS
Researcher: Mary Teresa Redican
Date Posted: 3 April 2004

I am looking for relatives of Benjamin Powers, the son of William Powers and Catherine Macdonald, who was born in Philadelphia in 1902. His siblings were William, Marion Finn, Grant, and George. Catherine died in 1906 and William married again and had two additional children, Francis and Evelyn. William Powers was involved in the real estate business and died in 1936.

In the 1930 Census, Benjamin is shown married to a Helen along with a daughter Helen under the age of 1. It is believed that Benjamin lived in the Philadelphia area. Any information available on Benjamin and his descendants would be welcome in order to complete a genealogy project.

Researcher: Mary Teresa Redican
Date Posted: 3 April 2004

Looking for information on a Mary Louise Finn born in March of 1920 in Philadelphia. She is possibly the daughter of Marion Powers and James Joseph Finn of Walnut Street in Philadelphia. After Marion's death, Joseph married again and continued living at 5408 Walnut Street. Joseph and his second wife had a daughter Elizabeth born ca 1923. Any assistance would be appreciated in locating any descendants as part of a genealogy project.

Joseph's father was John C. Finn and Marion's father was William Powers. They grew up in the parish of Our Lady of Sorrows.

Researcher: Sheilah
Date Posted: 3 April 2004

Looking for any information on a John Bartlet and Ann Bushard who were married in Swede's Church on Aug 23, 1770. Family may have moved to Lancaster Co. PA (Hempfield Township) prior to 1790.

Any leads greatly appreciated.. Thank you..

Researcher: Lois
Date Posted: 3 April 2004

I recently found out that my ancestor Alexander Patten (on) had a sister placing an ad in the Boston Pilot in May of 1857 asking for his whereabouts. She knew he was last known to be in Poughkeepsie, NY in 1851. (This is true.) She stated her name only as Matilda. Her maiden name would have been Patten but I don't know if she was married at this time.

She did state that she could be contacted at No. 908 Clinton Street, above 9th, Philadelphia PA. She also stated that Alexander was from Ballyconnelly, Townland, Parish Tully (also know as Tullyaughnish) I believe Matilda had recently come to the states and may have been staying with family while seeking out her brother. Any further information would be most helpful.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 29 March 2004

Born about 1870 married clarence elmer smith 2 children sydney and Irene louise.

Surnames: BREEN
Researcher: Mary Nelson
Date Posted: 28 March 2004

I am looking for any information on Frances Ruth Breen, who was born on 10 or 15 Aug 1910 in Philadelphia, PA. Her parents are Joseph and Ginnie Breen. She was married twice, her second husband was Jimmy (James) Callaway. She died in Colorado Springs, CO. Her last name has also been said to be Lewis, but I think that Breen is her actual surname. I would love any information that anyone has on her. The family history library here in Salt Lake City, UT doesn't have very many records from Philadelphia, so I'm having problems locating her in any records. I would love any help. Thanks!

Surnames: McENTIRE
Researcher: Ann Maxted
Date Posted: 26 March 2004

I am hoping you can lead me in the right direction. I am trying to get birth information on my great great grandfather John Zechariah McEntire bor 18 jan 1818 in Philadelphia, PA. I have no information on his parents or siblings, but would really like to find that information. Where can I look for a birth record of this year? Thanks for your help.

Surnames: MOLLISON
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 26 March 2004

I am trying to help my grandad,who's sister moved from brechin in scotland to washington d.c in the 1920's to be a maid in a rich folks home,her name was jessie mollison she then went on to marry a man,who's surname was wallis.i understand that she died in the 90's but she left a family in washington who own a hospital,my grandad would like to get in contact with them to find how she died,if you could help us it would be fantastic. Thank you

Surnames: MARSH
Researcher: Barbara Hoehn
Date Posted: 26 March 2004

Looking for information on this Marsh family in Philadephia, PA. James R. Marsh b. abt. 1856, PA, possible son of Richard Marsh, b. England who lived in Philadephia....

My James R. Marsh (above) married Cassie Emeline Davis abt. 1885 (may have been James second marriage).....James and Cassie are listed in the 1900 & 1910 Baltimore Co census with son Alfred. family obit notes obit sent to Philadephia paper.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: GEIGER
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 26 March 2004

I looking for information on William Henry Geiger Jr, B/M. he was married in Philadelphia. Pa. to a unknown lady and fathered twin boys. between 1936-65

Surnames: PAULEY
Researcher: Sharon
Date Posted: 25 March 2004

I'm trying to find a death record for my GG grandparents; JAMES PAULEY { Paulley } b. abt. 1836 / 40 Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, died, 18 December 1894 ; he came to Philadelphia via NY in about 1858. James married MARY ANN CRAWFORD b. abt. 1838 Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, died 27 December 1912. I know James Pauley is buried at Mt. Moriah cemetery in Philadelphia, I'm almost certain Mary Ann may be also.

I have tried to contact the cemetery but to no avail. I also heard it was not in great shape and in need of TLC.

I'm hoping that maybe, there might be info on both Mary Ann and James death records that might lead me to information on their parents.

I found some notes that might suggest Mary Ann's mother may have been Ellen Livingston, {possible a second marriage for Ellen }. This info I'm still working on.

Any help that I may get will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Researcher: Pattee
Date Posted: 20 March 2004

I have a Jacob Cook and Susannah Road(s) who had Jesse and Emily Cook. Jacob was born in Valley Forge and served in the Continental Line with Washington during the Valley Forge Winter encampment of Jan 1777. Jesse was born in Merion Twp. and Jesse married Hannah Davis, daughter of Robert Davis of Delaware. Jesse and Hannah had William and Susannah Cook. William was also born in Valley Forge.

I am trying to find any trace of them in records for Philadelphia County. They were said to be Quaker but were kicked out of the church when Jacob and later Jesse became involved in the Revolution.

I would like to locate where they are buried, any record of their owning land, wills, deeds, or notes. I only have family papers. We have copies of both of their marriage certificates which were done by J.P. (Justice of the Peace I assume) in Philadelphia Co.

I am trying to show a connection between Jesse and Jacob, so a will would be great. I cannot seem to find anyone with any trace of them.

Any help appreciated. I am in CA.

Researcher: Richard Phillips
Date Posted: 19 March 2004

Searching for 2 Thomas Phillips'. 1. m. Rebecca Wells abt 1725 possibly @ Abington MM. This Thomas d. @ Solebury, Bucks Co., Jan 1748/49. 2. may have m. Mercy Jefferson widow of Edward who came on Penn's ship The Mary in 1682. These folks may be the parents of Thomas #1. Any info on other Phillips who may connect to those in Bucks Co. would be greatfully received!

Surnames: BURKETT
Researcher: Merian Burkett Ownby
Date Posted: 18 March 2004

I am trying to find information on my great grandfather Thomas Walter Burkett. He would have been born March 4, 1883 or 1884. He died in Louisiana in 1918. I know that his mother, Addie A. Burkett, lived in Germantown in & before 1918. I don't know how long after. I cannot find any other info on her. I found a James A. & Adeline A. on the 1880 census & a baptism record for Margaret with those parents in 1888 at Christ Church & St. Peter. It seems that all of these people may be the right ones. I know that my great grandfather had a sister. I hope that you can help me. Thank you for your time!!

Surnames: COLEY RICE
Researcher: Beverly Floyd-Abdullah
Date Posted: 18 March 2004

Looking for the obituary for Coley Rice died in Philadelphia on May 27, 1990. Any help would be appreciated.

Researcher: Diane Horne
Date Posted: 18 March 2004

I am looking for the death of my grandfather, whom died in 1933 of suicide in the Roxborough area of Philadelphia. I have been looking for years for some kind of article. Thanks for any help you have.

Surnames: HUTCHINS
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 15 March 2004

Benjamin Hutchins born 1780 I believe in West Indies.Father of Ashton , rev. Benjamin , Jennett and Elizabeth - I do not know wifes name -. ancestors were scotch Irish - some names connected to family were , Hutcherson - which I believe is the same as Hutchins- Mc Cartney , Watson , Emmet, Page . I know they lived in the fairmont area as the daughter , Jennet my gr. gr. grandmother and Daniel Berry my gr. gr. grandfather were married in the St. Matthews Church in Francisville . (episcopal) - In the 1810 census they lived in the Northern Liberties area and then in the 1920 in the Kensington area. . I believe their children worshipped in the Frankford, Holmesburg areas. thank You!

Researcher: Sandi Rhoads
Date Posted: 12 March 2004

I am looking for info on these particular families, Link and Kuhnle. Edward Link was born in 1863. Frank Link was born in 1890. On the cencus forms I have found Edward says his parents came from Bavaria and he was born in Phila.

My father Frank was born in 1922 am looking for information on Frank Link,and his father Edward Link. Edward was my greatgrandfather. I do not know anything about this family. My father is Frank Link, his father was Frank Link and Frank's father was Edward. I have hardly no information on these people. I know Edward was married to Anna, but the age of the children and the several cencus's I have found do not match the ages of the children. My father thinks Edward was married before Anna. If so that would make sense of the ages of the children.The last address for Frank fthat I found was on Lawrence Street in Philadelphia. I do know Edward's family was Catholic.

Edward's son Frank married Barbara Kuhnle, Her father was Jacob Kuhnle and mother was Caroline(a) Ettinger. They were both immigrants from Germany.I have some brothers and sisters for both families but I know next to nothing about their parents Jacob Kuhnle came from Germany.His birth date was 1866. Carolina's was 1870. Barbara their daughter was born in 1891.She marrird Frank Link in 1914.IMy father Frank was born in Philadelphia in 1922.

If anyone can help with any information it would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you.

Researcher: Alice E. Wolf Simpson
Date Posted: 12 March 2004

Can anyone help me?

I need a death record of a William Pyffer/Pifer, any spelling. According to letters I have from older family members he died before his last child was born, which was 28 March1869 in Germantown, twp., Philadelphia, CO. Philadelphia PA.,so should be within 8 or 9 before that. Philadelphia City Archives has old records1860 to 1915. He may have been a Veterans in the Civil War. Born about 1816 and lived in Germantown.

Thank you most kindly,

Surnames: PYFFER
Researcher: Alice E. Wolf Simpson
Date Posted: 12 March 2004

Would someone be kind enough to read a micro film of the Pubic Ledger Newspaper, Philadelphia, PA. My fourth g.gramdmother is mentioned listed for the 9/28/1875 issue. BARBARA PYFFER. I know it is available at the Historical Society, and probably other societies.

I will of course pay for copies,etc. I live in Oregon, a small town,

Thank You.

Researcher: Julie Hayes
Date Posted: 7 March 2004

1. Book: "Colonial Families of Philadelphia" by John W. Jordan, pages 1188 and 1189 - would love to find these on the Internet.

2. LONGMIREs who emigrated to Philadelphia, US from Nottingham, UK in the 1800s. (1) Nathaniel LONGMIRE b 1781, arr 1829. Wife Elizabeth. Children: Francis, Jemima m HJ Brooke, Emmanuel, Nathaniel and another daughter (name not known) (2) Nathaniel LONGMIRE b 1800, arr 1847. Wife Charlotte died UK. Children: Emma/Emily, Charles and Thomasin. Married again in US? Second wife Elizabeth. Children: Nathaniel, William and Anna. Son Charles b 1830, arr 1854.

Would very much appreciate any help or advice, many thanks, Julie from Australia.

Surnames: McCLINTOCK
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 7 March 2004

am looking for death record of matthew mcclintock who died in the city of philadelphia between 1911 and 1920. he was living with a family named weisee

Surnames: McGRATH
Researcher: Kathleen Paton
Date Posted: 6 March 2004

Am looking for information on a John McGrath (originally from New York City) whose last known residence was 1025 Spring Garden Street (April 1921) where he was a roomer. He was a gambler and moved around often. My grandmother (his sister) traveled to Philadelphia in 1922 and spoke to the police who said that he may have been murdered because of money he owed.

I assume a police report was made and wonder if there would be a record of it, but donít know how to go about getting it. Would appreciate any information.

Thank you

Researcher: Margaret J. Buza
Date Posted: 6 March 2004

My Grandparents, Adam and Sophie Schweitzer lived in Philadelphia until about 1917 from 1906. My mother was baptized at St. Alphonsus Church, Philadelphia, PA on the 16th of February 1910 with a sponsor name of Mary Gegeis. The Rev. Josph Hensbach was the priest. My grandmothers name is listed as Sophia Djursic. The family moved to Detroit and Adam died in 1943, Sophie in 1964 and my mother Katherine Schweitzer Juresich died in Mesa, AZ on 3-06-2000. They had a son Frederick born 1905 in Dalj, Austria/Hungary, a daughter, Marie born 4-19-1907, Valentine Vladmir born in 1911, Rose born in 1913, and Sophie born in 1915. I would appreciate any help on this as I do not know my Great Grandparents names except for Teresa Schweitzer and Andrew Djursic and Elizabeth Postic.

Researcher: Duane Lamers
Date Posted: 5 March 2004

Does Old Swedes Church have any baptism registries? From its marriage registry I know that one William Siddens married Jeane Carr in 1766. I am trying to determine whether they are parents of my ancestor James Siddens, born in 1777 at Philadelphia. James had brothers William and Joseph.

Surnames: NICOLA
Researcher: John Briggs
Date Posted: 5 March 2004

I am trying to find the burial location of General Lewis Nicola. He died in Alexandria, Virginia on Aug 9th 1807. I believe he was brought back to Philadelphia for burial.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 5 March 2004

Does anybody have a list of all orphanges with their address in the city/county of Philadelphia in 1900 to 1910.

Thank you

Researcher: Evelyn
Date Posted: 28 February 2004

I am trying to locate grave of my great grandfather name Raphael Martin born in Germany 1832 died Philadelphia PA August 1885 and a Nancy Faith born in Ireland around 1817 married to a John Faith Nancy died between 1870 -1880 in Philadelphia also any help would be greatly appreciated

Researcher: Mary
Date Posted: 28 February 2004

I am looking for information on my grandfather Enos Boyer Leidy.He was born in Philadelphia in 1893. He married Verna Baugher, they had four daughters, Irene, Virginia, Mildred and Verna. he served in the army during ww1 with the 257th co c.a.c. he came home from Europe on the ship the Edellyn. Thank you

Surnames: PRYORS
Researcher: Pat
Date Posted: 28 February 2004

I just found my greatgrandparents--Michael and Margaret (McManus) Pryor from Ireland--in the 1860 census. They lived in the 14th ward. I would be interested in any information about that area of Philadelphia. By the 1870 census they were living in Branchdale in Schuykill county. Thanks...

Surnames: TURNER
Researcher: Roy Turner
Date Posted: 27 February 2004

My ancestors were in New Haven, CT. from the founding of the city. One of them, Isaac III (Mercy Potter) had a son, Abraham, in 1734. My record shows that Abraham was born in Bristol, PA. Everything else shows in NHC. My record also shows when they left NHC for Great Barrington, MA. Do you see anything here that makes sense?

Surnames: RILEY
Researcher: XXXXX
Date Posted: 27 February 2004

I'm trying to find some information on the Riley brothers. Father Charles born in NY, 1932 / Mother Emma Riley born in Pa, 1944 / Crissay E. Riley born in Pa, 1862 / Laura S. Riley born Pa., 1963 / Charles H. Riley born Pa., 1865 / Andrew J. Riley born Pa., 1867 / Seth S. Riley born Pa., 1868 / Frederick A. Riley born Pa., 1874 / Marvin Riley born in Pa., 1875 / Russell Riley born Pa., 1878.

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