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Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 27 February 2004

Samuel Henry WUNDER was the son of George WUNDER and Ann VANAKEN. I believe I have the connection correctly though it is not well documented. George WUNDER would be my 3rd great grandfather. I am 76 years old, living in Arkansas, and am not able to go to Philadelphia to prove the connection. I hope one of you researchers would help me with sources for the children of George WUNDER. Especially I need information on the birth of Samuel [Henry] WUNDER who was born in Germantown, Philadelphia and died in Cincinnati, Ohio. I welcome any corrections or additions to the information below. I will be happy to share my informantion on the second generation and beyond.

First Generation
1. George WUNDER, son of Unknown and Unknown, was born on 4 Nov 1757 in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and died on 6 Nov 1825, at age 68.
Noted events in his life were:
* He signed a will on 16 Feb 1808 in Germantown, City Of Philadelphia, PA. Witness to will of BUTCHER, JOSHUA. Germantown, City of Phila. February 16, 1808. March 21, 1808. 2.265.
* He worked as a Victualler in 1825 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
George Wunder, victualler, Germantown road n 4th.
George married Ann VANAKEN, daughter of William VAN AKEN and Mary (Gorges) GORGAS, about 1784 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ann was born about 1764 and died in 1840, about age 76.

Children from this marriage were:
+ 2 M i. George W. WUNDER was born on 27 Sep 1786 in Germantown, Philadelphia County, PA, died on 27 Jan 1866 in Illinois, at age 79, and was buried in Newark-Millington Cemetery, Newark, Illinois. George married Francis STEPHENSON (b. 17 Feb 1787, d. 2 Feb 1875).
+ 3 M ii. William WUNDER, Sr. was born on 3 May 1782, died on 1 May 1852, at age 69, and was buried in Phillipsburg. William married Catharine GORGAS (b. Abt 1778, d. 14 Oct 1832) on 17 May 1803 in German Reformed Church, Germantown, Philadelphia, PA.
+ 4 M iii. Jacob WUNDER.
+ 5 M iv. Samuel Henry WUNDER was born on 27 Mar 1788 in Pennsylvania, died on 31 Oct 1856 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, at age 68, and was buried on 2 Nov 1856 in Wesleyan Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. Samuel married Sarah WARTMAN. Samuel next married Catherine "Kitty" WARTMAN (b. 19 Aug 1795, d. 21 Jun 1873) about 1816.
+ 6 F v. Ann Rea WUNDER.
+ 7 F vi. Catherine M. WUNDER. Catherine married Carl HESSER (b. 1 Mar 1790) in 1809.
Second Generation
2. George W. WUNDER was born on 27 Sep 1786 in Germantown, Philadelphia County, PA, died on 27 Jan 1866 in Illinois, at age 79, and was buried in Newark-Millington Cemetery, Newark, Illinois. Noted events in his life were: * He appeared on the Big Grove Township census in 1860 in Kendall County, Illinois. George 74 M PA born Sep 27, 1786. William's father? George married Francis STEPHENSON. Francis was born on 17 Feb 1787 in Pennsylvania, died on 2 Feb 1875 in Sycamore, Dekalb County, Illinois, at age 87, and was buried in Newark-Millington Cemetery, Newark, Illinois. Other names for Francis were Frances STEPHENSON, and Frances STEVENSON. Noted events in her life were: * She appeared on the Big Grove Township census in 1870 in Kendall County, Illinois. Wunder, Frances, 83, F, W, PA [1787] Mother of William S. Wunder * Death: Death Notice, 11 Feb 1875, Sandwich, Dekalb, Illinois. At the home of her grandson, George R. Wallace, Tuesday evening February 2, Mrs Frances Stephenson Wunder, aged 88 years. * Her obituary was published in the Kendall County Record on 11 Feb 1875 in Yorkville, Illinois.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 8 M i. William S. WUNDER was born in 1806 in Pennsylvania and died on 6 Jan 1885 in Newark, Kendall County, Illinois, at age 79. William married Mercy Ann CUTHBERT (b. 1812, d. 22 Dec 1885) in 1832 in Germantown, Pennsylvania.

+ 9 M ii. Paul Van Aiken WUNDER was born on 10 Aug 1815 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, died on 22 Jul 1891 in Newark, Kendall County, Illinois, at age 75, and was buried in Millington-Newark Cemetery, Millington, ! Kendall County, Illinois (Block 5, Row 5). Paul married Barbara Ann RITTENHOUSE (b. 14 Jan 1819, d. 17 Jun 1900) in 1840 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

3. William WUNDER, Sr. was born on 3 May 1782, died on 1 May 1852, at age 69, and was buried in Phillipsburg. Noted events in his life were: * He signed a marriage contract. * He signed a will 29 Apr 1818, probated 13 Aug 1825 in Philadelphia City Hall. * He worked as a Butcher of animals. William married Catharine GORGAS, daughter of Jacob GORGAS and Catherine HORTER, on 17 May 1803 in German Reformed Church, Germantown, Philadelphia, PA. Catharine was born about 1778, died on 14 Oct 1832, about age 54, and was buried in Phillipsburg. Another name for Catharine was Catharine GORGAS.

Noted events in her life were:

* She worked as a Schoolteacher in Musgrave Street Near Slocum, Philadelphia.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 10 F i. Ann WUNDER was born on 2 Apr 1804 in Philadelphia, PA (Not Proven).

+ 11 M ii. George E. WUNDER was born on 29 Mar 1807 in Kutztown, Berks, Pennsylvania.

+ 12 M iii. Samuel George WUNDER was born on 29 Mar 1809 in Kutztown, Berks, Pennsylvania.

+ 13 M iv. Jacob WUNDER was born on 31 Jul 1811 in Kutztown, Berks, Pennsylvania. Jacob married Catherine.

+ 14 M v. William WUNDER, Jr. was born on 26 Aug 1814 and was buried on 15 Oct 1888 in Ivy Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia. William married Hannah BROOKS (b. 7 Sep 1814, d. 7 May 1889) on 25 Dec 1834 in St. Michael's Evangelical Church, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

+ 15 F vi. Mary Ann WUNDER was born on 23 Jan 1818 and died on 3 Dec 1850, at age 32. Mary married Henry WAPLE.

4. Jacob WUNDER.

Noted events in his life were:

* He worked as a Victualler Germantown road n 4th in 1825 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wunder, Jacob, victualler Germantown road n 4th

5. Samuel Henry WUNDER was born on 27 Mar 1788 in Pennsylvania, died on 31 Oct 1856 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, at age 68, and was buried on 2 Nov 1856 in Wesleyan Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. Noted events in his life were: * He served in the military. Served In Pennsylvania During The War Of 1812 * He worked as a Victualler in 1825 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wunder Samuel, victualler Baker's court * He had a residence in 1832 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. He moved to Cincinnati in 1832. * He appeared on the census in 1850 in Hamilton County, Millcreek Twp, Ohio. Samuel Wunder, 62, M, Butcher, PA Samuel married Sarah WARTMAN, daughter of WARTMAN and Unknown.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 16 M i. Vanaken WUNDER was born on 11 Feb 1811 in Pennsylvania, died on 24 Sep 1874 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, at age 63, and was buried on 27 Sep 1874 in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. Vanaken married Elizabeth "Eliza" Mary BARGER (b. 1816-1817, d. 2 Aug 1905) on 28 Oct 1835.

+ 17 M ii. Daniel Edward WUNDER was born on 12 Oct 1812 in Pennsylvania, died on 15 Sep 1883 in 61 Marshall Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio, at age 70, and was buried on 18 Sep 1883 in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. Daniel married Lucinda Emeline (Lucy) BYINGTON (b. 1811-1815, d. 27 Dec 1891). Samuel next married Catherine "Kitty" WARTMAN, daughter of William WARTMAN and Elizabeth, about 1816. Catherine was born on 19 Aug 1795 in Pennsylvania, died on 21 Jun 1873 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, at age 77, and was buried on 24 Jun 1873 in Wesleyan Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio.

Noted events in her life were:

* She appeared on the census in 1850 in Hamilton County, Millcreek Twp, Ohio. Catherine Wunder, 55, F, PA * She appeared on the census in 1870 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. Wunder, Catherine, 74, F, W, At Home, Ohio In census with son, Samuel Wunder

Children from this marriage were:

+ 18 F i. Catherine WUNDER was born in 1826 in Pennsylvania, died on 2 Sep 1870 in Avondale, OH, at age 44, and was buried on 4 Sep 1870 in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. Catherine married Richard BERESFORD (b. 28 Jan 1823, d. 4 Feb 1902) on 18 Sep 1845.

+ 19 M ii. Edward W. WUNDER was born in 1828 in Pennsylvania, died on 9 Jul 1912 in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, at age 84, and was buried on 11 Jul 1912 in Rogers Cemetery, Benton County, Arkansas. Edward married Caroline C. STOKES (b. 30 Jun 1830, d. 29 Sep 1880) about 1848. Edward next married Harriet A. SHOOK. Edward next married Mary A. FISHER (b. 21 Dec 1829, d. 19 May 1910).

+ 20 M iii. William Wartman WUNDER was born in 1830 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, died on 23 Mar 1898 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, at age 68, and was buried on 25 Mar 1898 in Wesleyan Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. William married Mary Louise "Emma" DOWDLE (b. 8 Jan 1834, d. 15 Oct 1915) on 20 Mar 1853.

+ 21 F iv. Susanna WUNDER was born on 9 Feb 1835 in Ohio, died on 8 Oct 1911 in Greenville, Darke County, Ohio, at age 76, and was buried on 10 Oct 1911 in Greenville Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio. Susanna married Rev. John Wilson CASSATT (b. 18 Apr 1828, d. 4 Feb 1899) on 23 Dec 1857 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio.

+ 22 M v. Samuel WUNDER was born on 7 Jul 1839 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, died on 12 Mar 1904 in 1640 Pullan Ave, Cincinnati, OH, at age 64, and was buried on 14 Mar 1904 in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. Samuel married Lydia Ann BOYD (b. 16 Apr 1841, d. 19 Aug 1934) on 29 Nov 1860 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. 6. Ann Rea WUNDER. 7. Catherine M. WUNDER. Catherine married Carl HESSER in 1809. Carl was born on 1 Mar 1790. Another name for Carl was Charles HESSER.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 23 M i. George HESSER.

+ 24 F ii. Eliza HESSER.

+ 25 F iii. Ann HESSER.

+ 26 F iv. Rebecca HESSER was born in 1820. Rebecca married Thomas WAGNER, Sr. on 24 Dec 1838.

Researcher: Carole Holsing
Date Posted: 23 February 2004

Trying to find a link to Richard Staunton, b. 1862..Ireland(Castlebar?). He emigrated to the states in 1907...RMSaxonia from Queenstown.Port of entry was Boston Mass. Spouse was Isabella Lavers. Possible address in Philadelphia....1536 Cambert or Rambert Street. Later moved to Pittsburgh Pa. Appreciate any help. Thanks.

Researcher: Rita Blue
Date Posted: 22 February 2004

I am trying to find out where my great grandmother is buried... she lived in bridesburg ( phila. Pa. ) & I was told she might possibly be in Holy redeemer cemetary in bridesburg..her name was Magdalena Goralczyk... her husband was Halbertus Goralczyk...can you point me in the right direction as how to go about locating her.... thanks......

Surnames: CLARK
Researcher: Charles F. Clark
Date Posted: 19 February 2004

I ran into your family website by searching for two of my family names, Charles French Clark and Henry Clay Clark. They were both doctors who received their degrees from U. of Penn. as your site indicates. Also, Henry Clay is the son of Charles French as my family history relates which matches the brief summaries on your site. Do you know where I can go to research these people more thoroughly? I am Charles French Clark II and my oldest brother is Henry Clay Clark II. We have their U. of Penn diplomas and my brother has a certificate of appreciation for participating in the Civil War that was given to his namesake. Can you point me in the right direction for more information on our namesakes? In particular, I am trying to determine where my middle name, French, came from.

Thank you,

Researcher: Simon Brooke
Date Posted: 19 February 2004

I am looking for family of Samuel, Hyman, and Max Lebrowitz, 3 brothers who immigrated to Philadelphia around the 1880's. My family thinks that Barney Lebrowitz aka Battling Levinsky, born 1891, was the son of one of these brothers. I am told that the name was originally Labovitch but they changed it at some stage. The family believe that my great-great grandfather, Barnet/Barney Levy who lived in Leeds, England, was a brother to these 3 brothers.

Surnames: CONARD
Researcher: Mary Louise Conard-Giles
Date Posted: 19 February 2004

I'm looking for my G.G.Grandpa & G.G.Grandma John & Ann/Anna Falk/Falulk-Conard!! They were born,married & had 5 son's in Pa. back in the early 1800's! Their son's names are; Jackson, Timothy, Joshua, Samuel & John P.! They later moved to Ohio where my G.G.Grandpa passed away & G.G.Grandma came to Iowa with al 5 son's! Can you help me? I want to find them so much plus their parent's & all their siblings!!

Researcher: Judy Rudat
Date Posted: 16 February 2004

I am searching for any information on my grandmother, Ethel Wilkinson Parker, married to John Weldon Parker prior to 1920, died early in 1920's. I am also searching for any information on my grandfather, John Weldon Parker. I am told he was a decendant of John Wesley McCloskey(born 1840) and Mary Otis McCloskey(descedant of a Gen. Otis of Revolutionary War era) Also information about a second wife of John Weldon Parker.

Thank you

Researcher: Joanne Vaughn
Date Posted: 16 February 2004

I'm looking for information on William J Schaeffer,his wife Ethel {Vangiles} & his mother Christiana {aka Anna} Schaeffer..They were located in the 32nd ward of Philadelphia City in 1920 census and in the 42nd ward in the 1930 census..

Looking for death dates and burial places...

Can anyone help me?

Surnames: HALE
Researcher: Kathy
Date Posted: 16 February 2004

(1) Looking for information on William F. Hale who died in Baltimore, MD May, 1923. Will mentions Mount Vernon Cemetery in Philadelphia.

(2) Looking for information on other Hale families that may have migrated to Maryland during the 1800's.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Kathy
Date Posted: 12 February 2004

Looking for information on Doctor William H. L. Hale of Philadelphia, PA. He died there on August 7th 1922.

Thank you.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 12 February 2004

My great grandfather appears in an indes of the Philadelphia Immigration Declarations the Country of Allegiance Noted as Great Britain, the Court QS and the date 9-6-1855; What are the next steps in terms of seeing what other information may be available. (ie is there somewhere I can write; is there a fee etc etc.

Thanks So Much

Researcher: Lou Plank
Date Posted: 12 February 2004

Have info on the Ristine family starting in Philadelphia in 1804 (John Jacob Ristine & Hannah Super). Would enjoy exchanging info on this family and also the Super family (I have very little on the Super family).


Researcher: Don Matson
Date Posted: 10 February 2004

Looking for siblings, parents, ancestry of Phebe/Phoebe Evans b. 1/24/1756 possibly in Tredyffrin Twp., Chester Co.,Pa., married 1/31/1776 in 1st Presby. Church, Phila., Pa. to George Priest. They lived partly in Upper Merion Twp., Phila. Co.,Pa. & Tredyffrin Twp., Chester Co.,Pa. in 1779-1785

Tax Lists for those counties.

She died 11/2/1806, but have no idea where she & George would have been buried.

Have wondered if she had a sister Mary Evans who was married on same day & church as Phebe/Phoebe, to Zachariah Davis.

On those early tax lists in Tredyffrin Twp. Chester Co.,Pa. were also living a Josiah, Joshua, Jonathan, & Joel Evans. Could they have been related?


Researcher: Rene Breadner
Date Posted: 09 February 2004

Am trying to find some information on a relative of mine. His name was Dr. Harry Dewitt Lees. He died Nov 5, 1962 and I presume it was in Philadelphia. Harry was a doctor at the University of Pennsylvania working in Public Health and Preventative Medicine. His wife was the former Mary "Willie" Pruitt. Would appreciate any information at all.

Surnames: SHIVE
Researcher: Bob Shive
Date Posted: 08 February 2004

Am seeking a death date and place of burial for Ester Shive. She appears at age 92 in the 1900 Census living at 1608 N. 8th Street in the household of her son-in-law Levi Clymer. Also in the household were granddaughter Adeline Clymer and Levi's third wife Jane. Levi was a stove maker by trade. He moved from Philadelphia to Quakertown in the 1840's. Adeline was his daughter by his first wife Mary Shive, who died about 1865. After a second wife died, Levi remarried yet again and moved back to Philadelphia. Ester (sometime called Hester as well) was born in 1808 to Maria Kerney and Jacob Shive/Sheib. She was baptized at the Tohickon Reformed Church in Bucks County. In 1829, she married third cousin Enos Shive. Enos died in the 1870's in Lehigh County. Apparently both Ester and Levi died between 1900 and 1910 because neither are listed in the 1910 census.

Surnames: PYLE/DAVIS
Researcher: Michelle R. Bartorelli
Date Posted: 08 February 2004

I am searching for the marriage data for William F.Pyle and Florence Susan Davis m. in Phila. PA in the late 1800s, early 1900s.

I am also searching for the death cert. for Sarah Baker Pyle b. 1844 in Kent, DE and d. 1/9/1889 Phila. PA

Thanks so much!

Researcher: Nellie Sparrow
Date Posted: 07 February 2004

Searching for information on my Wilson ancestors. William Wilson was born in 1746 in or around Philadelphia, Pa. He married Mary Jane Hughes in 1773. Last known location was Warren Co., N.J. near Uniontown in 1828. His son, Thomas Hayes Wilson was born 1790 in Philadelphia, Pa. Thomas married three times: Catherine White, Rachel Snyder, & Harriet Justice. Known children from the Catherine White marriage were: Charles Huff, and Mary Ann. Known child from the Rachel Snyder marriage, was Augustus, who lived in Muncie, PA. Known children of his last marriage to Harriet Justice (my line) were: William W., (my line), Issac Towers, Thomas Justice, and John Leonard. Harriet Justice wa born in 1827, died? I believe she is buried in Laural Hill Cemetery. William W. married Lovisa Peterson - family moved to Middletown Del. where many of these Wilsons are buried. If anyone has information on this Wilson line, please Email me.


Surnames: VISICK
Researcher: Ramona
Date Posted: 07 February 2004

James and Ann VISICK: lived in Philadelphia 1910- 1912(?) with daughter Myrtle. They had originally had arrived from Cornwall in 1868 (to New York), then(1871) to Mt.Carmel, Pa. 1910 they moved to Phila. (are on the 1900 Census, City Directory(1910, 1912). No information after that.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 07 February 2004

Am looking for information on my grandparents who lived in Philadelphia. My grandfather owned a funeral home at 11th and Federal in the 30's. His name was Joseph Perri. My other grandfather's name was Lucas Marchiano and he was a police officer in Phila also. They also lived next door to the funeral home. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Jeri
Date Posted: 06 February 2004

I am looking for information on my grgr grandparents Sarah McKatchen born 1844 in Philadelphia and Harry McGowan. Don't know where to go in Philadelphia to get birth certificates. My great grandmother Barbara McGowan was born there in 1856. Any help would be appreciated.

Surnames: LAUGHLIN
Researcher: Jane Williams
Date Posted: 06 February 2004

Looking for a death date or any info on Edward Reed Laughlin who died between Oct. 1908 and Apr. 1910 in either Philadelphia or NJ, possibly Princeton. He was married to Mary (May) Willson Laughlin who was living in Phila. in 1910.

Surnames: MORRISON
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 03 February 2004

Seeking Pennsylvania-Delaware records for JAMES MORRISON b. 1697 Scotland, extant Philadelphia 1728, "merchant," second wife Jane Johnston, eldest son Neill, migrated to North Carolina ca. 1757. Suggestions for PA record resources appreciated. Desire to find place of origin in UK.

Researcher: Don Fellows
Date Posted: 02 February 2004

I am searching for ancestors of both Johan Bartholomew and Dorothy Endt who were married in Germantown, Philadelphia, PA in 1730. I believe Johan was the son of Jacob Bartholomew of Holland and that Johan was born in Rotterdam Nov 17, 1710 and came to America on the ship William and Sarah arriving Sep 18, 1727.Dorothy's parents were Johan Theobald Endt and Sibilla (?). He came from Berne Switzerland on the ship Pennsylvania Merchant 9/18/1733 from Rotterdam. Any information as to the ancestors of these people would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Rich Bishop
Date Posted: 31 January 2004

My ancestor is Anna M. Dougherty. She married my paternal grandfather in the early 1922 at Elkton, MD. He was Roy Goff Bishop from So. Jersey - Millville and Atlantic City. They divorced in 1927 while she was staying in Philadelphia with "her brothers" Thomas or Eugene Brady.

They had one infant son, my father John Wesley Bishop, on 25 August 1923. She stated her age at that time as 25yrs old, and place of birth as Philadelphia. This was from the birth certificate.

Are you interested in sharing info?


Researcher: Shirley
Date Posted: 31 January 2004

Are the any kind of marriage records for 1753 that occurred in Philadelphia, Pa? The note says Pennsylvania Marriages to 1810, Vol. I, Marriage record of the German Reformed Church, Philadelphis, 1748-1802. Any information would be appreciated.

Surnames: GREEN
Researcher: Judith
Date Posted: 31 January 2004

I am trying to find the descendents of John George GREEN. John was born in South Africa in May 1850, travelled to Australia as a baby. He went to the States in his teens. He died Philadelphia 28 Apr 1874. He was married with several children.

Surnames: FOX
Researcher: Barb
Date Posted: 31 January 2004

My problem is finding the family of John G Fox b 1804 and died 26 Feb 1889 in Philadelphia. He married Almira Tompkins first in 1829. They were on the 1850 census for Columbia Lancaster co and she died after that and before 1852 when he remarried.

One of their sons was Freeman Tompkins Fox b 1838 d 30 nov 1882 in Allentown PA who married Mary Ellen Brown 16 apr 1876 in Philadelphia. I do not know who her parents were.

I am assisting a friend with her DAR application and we have a dead end on Almira Tompins parents all the books show Enos Tompkins and Sarah Condit but no PROOFS of this, so I thought we would try the ancestors of John G Fox born abt 1804 and died 1882. If anyone has this Fox line I would appreciate it. I have heard there are some Fox books around but so far nothing.


Researcher:George B. (Harrison) York
Date Posted: 31 January 2004

Descendents of William HARRISON, born Philadelphia, 1810, died Jacksonville, IL, 1879, son-in-law to Elijah ALLISON, born PA, 1774, died Jacksonville, IL, 1872 are seeking leads to any information regarding these individuals and their antecedents. William married Mary ALLISON, in Cincinnati in 1833, the couple then went immediately to Jacksonville. Mary was born Adams Co, OH, 1813 and died Jacksonville, December, 1900.

Thank you,

Date Posted: 29 January 2004

My grandfather came to Philadelphia in 1904. His name was Joseph Staszkiewicz Komarnicki. Have not been able to find a listing for him. When I find other people of that name I usually find someone named Matkowski near by. I know that one of my grandfathers relatives married a Michael Matkowski and moved to Canada. Is any of this familiar to anyone else.


Surnames: DIXON
Researcher: Ted Dombroski
Date Posted: 27 January 2004

I am looking for information, especially the burial site, for Dr. William C. Dixon. I believe he was born about 1840. He served as an Assistant Surgeon for the 81st Pa. during the Civil War. I believe I found him in the 1880 Census living in Philadelphia, and in the 1890 Directory. I am researching the men of the 81st Pa. and compiling their burial sites. Any help, or information would be greatly appreciated.

Date Posted: 27 January 2004

My grandparents came to Philadelphia in the early 1900s. On her Ellis Island papers my grandmother, Anna Karpilka/Korbilka says she is going to 123 Bainbridge st in Philadelphia. Ten years later some other relatives (Matkowski) say they are going to the same place. Does anyone know what or where this address was. Was it a boarding house, private residence?

Thank you for any help,

Surnames: PAGE/PEASE
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 26 January 2004

I am looking for my Grandmother her maiden name was Anna marie Page . She married Arthur Reed Pease in 1928-29 She was born Nov.2,1907 she died Jan.28,1945 the funeral home that handle this was mulligans in Phila, when I called them they said that they lost all the records for 1945 in a flood how can I find out where she is buried.

Surnames: LADD
Researcher: M. Ladd
Date Posted: 26 January 2004

Researching a Ladd line that has been traced to Phildelphia via the 1930 census. The line is as follows: William Ladd (Head), Rosa Ladd (wife of head), and Thomas Ladd (son of head). William Ladd worked for the Philadelphia Electric Company. I request someone who could search the city directories from 1920 thru 1930 to determine when this line came to Philadelphia and when it left. I would also like to varify the families address if possible.

Researcher: Linda
Date Posted: 26 January 2004

Where can I find City Directories for "Frankford" (Philadelphia) for years between 1910 thru 1915?

Appreciate any directions or locations you know of.

Researcher: Pat Maryanski
Date Posted: 26 January 2004

I have an original photo of my grandmother taken when she was a little girl in the 1800's. It has the name "Yarnall Eighth and Spring Garden Sts., Phla. Pa., printed at the bottom. Can I get any history on this photo studio? Thank You,

Researcher: Hennrietta
Date Posted: 26 January 2004

Know he was a bottler in the 1890's at 315 South Fifth. Would like to find out where he was laid to rest, with him and my great great grandmother

Researcher: John
Date Posted: 26 January 2004

I am looking for any info re subject. Beleived to have arrived Penn in 1740s and later moved to NC. I am not sure if he was married at the time but if so his wifes name was Anna. His family was made up of two sons,Valentine and Marten and a daughter Barbara and I do not know if any of these arrived with him or was borned here in the states. There are a number of arrivals with this name but I have been unable to tie one with a wife named Anna.

Thanks for any help you may have

Surnames: LOHR
Researcher: Ed Lohr
Date Posted: 25 January 2004

William Lohr arrived in America with wife Jenny Hilgers, and son William Otto, in 1852 settling in Philadelphia in 1857. William died in the Civil War in 1864. William Otto married Ellen Conway in 1873, they had six children. 1Annie married Patrick Cuff, 2William never married, 3Helen married Henry Gliesberg, 4Josephine married Francis Rocks, 5Edward married Laura Clauser, and 6Otto married Elizabeth Leonard. They lived in the Spring Garden and Northern Liberties sections of the city. Ellen Conway's sister Sarah, married Andrew Cassidy. Anyone finding a connection please contact me.

Surnames: McCUNNEY
Researcher: xxxx
Date Posted: 18 January 2004

Richard McCunney arrived in Philadelphia in 1832. He married Bridget Kearney September 12, 1835. They had eight children: Michael 1836 - 1854, Richard Ignatius 1840 m. Margaret Grace, Maria Anna (Nan) 1842 - 1899, Frances 1844 - 1906 m. Dr. Michael O'Hara, Robert 1849 - 1889 m. Catherine ?, John Hughes 1851 - 1911 m. Emma ?, Sarah (Sallie) 1852 - 1933 m. Francis(Frank Moore), and Margaret 1854 - ?? m. Thomas Dooner and John J. Gasslein. Richard's brother, Patrick also came to Philadelphia. Patrick was the father of John and Harry (both undertakers in Philadelphia) and Mary McCunney Shillingsburg.

Surnames: HENRY
Researcher: Stacey Henry
Date Posted: 18 January 2004

Am desperately trying to find information on the children of German (Germanus) T. Henry (b. May 1884 in Bally, PA, d. unknown) and Cecilia (nicknamed 'Dorothy') Fieler (Imm. from Austria 1899, b. 1885 d. abt. 1978), who lived in Philadelphia, 40th Ward, vicinity of 70th-85th & Buist or Dicks Aves. around 1911-1940. I know of Francis and Mary (Marion), who were ages 4 and 3 at the time of the 1910 Bethlehem, PA census, and who are confirmed per my father (and Francis and his wife Blanche lived at 8401 Dicks Ave. in the 1930 Phila., PA census) ... now trying to find any record of my grandfather, Archibald (also known as Arthur) Lambert Henry, who would have been born to German and Cecilia after the 1910 census, in '11. Archibald married Mabel Walther, my grandmother, around 1933-34 in Media, PA, and my father was born to them in Phila. in 1935; Arch died in October, 1936, in a horrible car crash. I've been searching various 1920 and '30 census records for Northampton, Berks Co! ., and Philadelphia Co., but so far to no avail - it's my understanding that Arch lived with an unknown Phila. family, possibly on 8522 Dicks Ave., when very young... perhaps as a result of divorce? No luck on Philadelphia obits, either, or Most Blessed Sacrament Church in Bally. I need to confirm that Archibald was indeed German and Cecilia's son to finish the Christian Henrich Sr. (1718-1798) line on our family's tree. (Christian Sr.1, Philip Adam2, Philip Adam Jr.3, Charles K.4, Francis5, German6, Archibald7)Does anyone have this Philadelphia family in their tree, and can confirm this? Or does anyone remember this family? (Mary (Marion) married a Jim Walker; Cecilia (Dorothy) supposedly owned a dress shop.) Help!

Thank you!

Researcher: xxxx
Date Posted: 17 January 2004


Researcher: Steve Schmidt
Date Posted: 15 January 2004

Searching for the family of Harry Bidding Turner/Travis. Both surnames have been used. Born 1885 in Philadelphia. Father's name is listed as Thomas and mother's name is listed as Martha. Parents may be from England or Scotland.

Researcher: Susan Roberts
Date Posted: 15 January 2004

I have just found ancestors on the 1830 census in Frankport, Philadelphia County, PA.

Frankport does not seem to exist. The 1790 census does not have Frankport.

Do you know anything about Frankport?

Thank You,

Surnames: KENNY
Researcher: Jerry Dwyer
Date Posted: 14 January 2004

My ggrandfather Joseph Kenny arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Tuscorora from Liverpool on March 21, 1849. He was 16 years old. On the ship were three other Kennys: Bessie, age 40; Thomas, age 12; and Mary Ann, age 17. Joseph was naturalized in Philadelphia in 1854 and left for the West Coast soon afterwards. I believe the rest of the family stayed in Philadelphia. Looking for Joseph's birthplace in Ireland and more info on this family.

Researcher: Betsy Wink
Date Posted: 12 January 2004

I am researching my husband's grandmother who was in an Orphanage in Philadelphia sometime between 1911 and 1920. Are there any databases or listings for the occupants of the Orphanages? I am not sure where this avenue will lead but feel the need to try. I have been able to trace her back to the age of 8. She was adopted and later in a foster home.

Any info that anyone might have would be greatly appreciated!

Surnames: MORANZ
Researcher: Tom O'Brien
Date Posted: 6 January 2004

I have just recently learned of my connection to the Moranz family in Philadelphia. I have known for some time that one of my Great Aunts, Mary Scherer had married a Paul Moranz, on 2 May 1893 in Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, Indiana. Mary Scherer was born in Lawrenceburg on 6 June 1869.

By the time of the 1900 census they were living in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. Then by the 1910 census they are living in Philadelphia where other members of Paul's family are also living. The household includes a sister in law, Angelica, and a niece, Angelica (her daughter?) both born in Pennsylvania. I know Angelica was not related to Mary Scherer so I suspect that she may have been the wife of one of Paul's younger brothers, either John or Mathew. I don't find either of them in the 1910 census.

Here is what I have been able to construct from census information starting in 1880.

John Moranz b. Sep. 1843 in Germany is married to Mary Anna ? b. June 1840 in Germany. Mary Anna appears to have died between 1900 and 1910.

Their children are:
Paul, b. Dec. 1868 in Germany
Anna, b. 1870 in Germany
John, b. 1872 in Pennsylvania
Rudolph, b. Aug 1874 in Pennsylvania
Joseph F., b. June 1876 in Pennsylvania
Mathias "Mathew", b. Jan 1880 in Pennsylvania
Gertrude, b. Sept 1881 in Pennsylvania
Mary, b. Feb. 1887 in Pennsylvania
Paul Moranz and Mary Scherer had the following children:

Florence, b. Jan 1895 in Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Paul Carl, b. 24 Mar 1897 in Lawrenceburg, Indiana (doesn't appear in the 1900 census)
Helen, b. 24 Feb 1901 in Cincinnati, Ohio
Edward, b. 10 July 1904 in Pennsylvania
Gertrude, b. abt 1908 in Pennsylvania

Rudolph and his wife Beatrice, b. Sept 1876 in Ireland had the following children:

Rudolph, b. Oct 1899 in Pennsylvania
Norman, b. 1902 in Pennsylvania
Vincent, b. 1904 in Pennsylvania
Beatrice, b. 1906 in Pennsylvania
Rosaline, b. 1909 in Pennsylvania

Joseph F. and his wife Eva, b. May 1876 in Germany had the following children:

John, b. 21 April 1902 in Pennsylvania
Elmer, b. 1906 in Pennsylvania

Surnames: GIBBONS
Researcher: Lee Kaplan
Date Posted: 5 January 2004

Family records indicate Thomas Lawrence Gibbons (my ggg grandfather) emigrated to the US from Manchester England sometime before 1850? and married Mary Ellen FALL or FINN circa 1850 in Philadelpha. He was a gunsmith and I can't find him on ships arriving Phil. that era (either too early or too late). His son, John Henry Gibbons, was born Nov 28, 1953 in Lancaster Penn (can't find record of his birth eith). Later I found him in St. Louis in 1859 until he died, 1899. I also can't find (so far) Mary Ellen under either Fall or Finn. Any suggestions on where I might start to look for their marriage?

Surnames: WEBSTER
Researcher: Jim Webster
Date Posted: 5 January 2004


Researcher: Bess
Date Posted: 5 January 2004

I'm looking for the William D. Paul family of Philadelphia. 1880 Census Jane Paul, widow, born St. John's, Newfoundland has two sons: William Paul age 21, printer and Samuel age 17, gas fitter. William Paul marries Mary Ann Churchill daughter of Ezra Churchill, merchant of Portugal Cove, Nfld., in 1886 in Nfld. Mary Ann's sisters are Amelia (Millie) who m. John D. Martin of St. John's; Lydia (no information); Matilda m. an 'Unknown' Curtis; Tryphena who m. Eli Benson, carpenter of St. John's Nfld., (Eli dies age 36 in St. John's), and Tryphena may have moved to Manitoba, Canada. 1910 Philadelphia Census has William born 1859; wife Mary b. Nfld. in 1866, and their son Ezra Paul, b. 1897 in Nfld.(age l3 in 1910). Also in the household is Matilda Curtis, sister-in-law of William's, born 1858 Nfld. William's brother Samuel, b. 1863, is also listed in the 1910 census with wife Mary b. 1866. The above sister's step-mother was Sarah Ann Moulton, b. 1848 in Pouch Cove, Nfld., and Sarah Ann's first husband was a James Gillett of Exploits-Burnt Island, Nfld. Sarah Ann was my ggrandmother, and she married Ezra Churchill 1869/70. Her only child by her first marriage was a James Gillett, born Dec. 25, 1868 in Pouch Cove and James was my grandfather. If anyone knows of this Paul family I would appreciate hearing from you.

Surnames: SMITH
Researcher: M.E. Lewis
Date Posted: 3 January 2004

My husbands mother Evelyn Smith died when he was two years old and I am trying to get any information that we can obtain on her,. Her name was Evelyn Smith and she lived in Aleghaney Pa possibly on Molinar Street I think it to be located in Bethel Park during 1920. We beleive that she could have at some time been in an orphan asylum or lived with different families. There is a possibility that she may have had a sister. A woman by the name of Jackie/Olevia Ash (Jackson) at some point raised her for several years. Evelyn was born in May 1913-1915, She married a man by the name of Jack Levis/Jack Lewis or Joseph Lewis and later moved to W VA. Two children were born of the marriage. Joseph Lewis and Josephine Lewis. Evelyn Died in Feb of 1933. We would be most grateful for any information concerning this woman or information as to where we might obtain it.

Surnames: LEES
Researcher: Ruth Clark
Date Posted: 2 January 2004

The 1870 Philadelphia County census shows family James and Sarah Lees with children Ranfield, Benjamin, and daughter Mary with her husband Washington Kent and children Sallie and Albert. I am searching for information on another son who was out of the house by 1870, Henry Lees. Henry was born in England in 1842. Trying to verify marriage to Elizabeth ? Any information on this family would be very much appreciated.

Surnames: FRISTROM
Researcher: Barbara
Date Posted: 2 January 2004

Searching for any information on my Grandfather, Ernest Fristrom B. Oct. 1869 Sweden. Immigrated to US 1887, naturalized in Philadelphia. M. Parsie Grothen in Chicago, Ill. Found in Cook County, Chicago, Ill. in 1900 census, and City Directory 1905. Left family before 1910, where-abouts unknown. He was a pianist and at one time played the organ at the Moody Church in Chicago. Thank you. Barbara

Researcher: Bruce Starner Yetter
Date Posted: 1 January 2004

Samuel YETTER B. abt 1756 served in Captain Geo. Esterly's Third Company of the First Class, Philadelphia Militia now in the service of the United States, commanded by Colonel Wm. Bradford, Esq.; Billingsport, July 12, 1777; Lists SAMUEL YETTER SGT. appointed June 25, 1777.

Married St Michael & Zion Church, Philadelphia PA, rec'd from Philadephia Historical Society 8/20/95 Pg 276, starts January 1780. several items dated Feb-April then numerous Feb entries leading to suspect these were performed by a Circuit Minister. Record follows: Feb. 12, By Lisence dated February 12th, 1780 Samuel Yetter of Pottsgrove and Mary Elizabeth Yocum of Gross Town in the county of Phil.

New Hanover Tax lists 1780-1783 then around Oley 1794, then Catawissa 1800s

Surnames: WEBSTER
Researcher: Jim Webster
Date Posted: 1 January 2004

I have been trying to trace my roots. I know there is a Charles Webster (b 1840), and a Nelson Webster buried in William Penn Cemetary (Somerton). Am trying to establish their link and any ancestors further back.. Charles Websters, son Joseph Y. Webster (b 1871) at a grave in Newtown, PA cemetary has a GAR insignia on a plackard on a stake in the ground installed by some organization. It also has a star on it. I have no idea what it means. My father, before he passed away three years ago, was extremly interested in the genealogy of his Webster ancestry, insisting we had a relative who fought in the civil war and one who fought in the Revolution. So now I have the bug, it is just that I am not any good at it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Surnames: Bishop Benjamin Franklin Hamilton
Researcher: Marietta Landherr
Date Posted: 22 December 2003

This article is excerpted from Gideon G. Yoder's "The Oldest Living American Mennonite Congregations of Central Kansas," an unpublished Master's thesis, Department of Church History, Phillips University, Enid, OK, May 1948, Provided by Russel Yoder (Kansas City, KS), son of Gideon Yoder.

The third Bishop to serve the four oldest living American Mennonite congregations of Central Kansas was B.F. Hamilton. He was born on July 4, 1825 in Philadelphia, PA. His father was Franklin Hamilton, who was a nephew of Alexander Hamilton, and a personal friend of George Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Hamilton were members of the German Reformed church.

I am trying to verify if this information is correct. There is another account of his life listed on the same page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Natalie Burrows
Date Posted: 22 December 2003

I am seeking information about the Davis and Hamor families who lived in Philadelphia County (later Montgomery County) and subsequently moved to Berks County and Northumberland County.

The earliest ancestors I can confirm are Thomas David/Davis died 1752 in Cumru, Berks, and his wife, Elizabeth, who died in 1760 in Cumru. All evidence points to earlier residences in Amity, Gwynedd and Merion townships.

I am also seeking information about the Hamor family that intermarried with the Davises in Northumberland County. The Hamors originally came from the Providence area. The ones I am following are: Abraham Hamor married Martha Bateman/Battman at Old Swedes Church, Philadelphia in 1756.

Adam Hamor, son of Abraham, married Elizabeth Britton in 1782, also at Old Swedes Church, Philadelphia. Their children were Nathan, Joel, Amos, Mary, Allen, Rachel, George Washington, Margaret and Elizabeth (married to Joseph Davis of the Cumru line).

I can provide more information about the succeeding generations but am most interested in the earlier lines. Thanks so much.

Researcher: Olga
Date Posted: 22 December 2003

Does anyone know if records for this church exist? They had a "new" burying ground on Sassafras (Race) Street around 1800. Any info welcome.

Surnames: MILLER
Researcher: Charles Miller
Date Posted: 22 December 2003

Peter Miller was born in 1832 in Vollmaringen Germany. He is shown living in Philadelphia with his wife Louisa and children in the 1880 census. He is my gggrandfather, and I would appreciate any information on his family.

Researcher: Margaret Marshall
Date Posted: 18 December 2003

I am looking for information on the family RIMBEY, RIMBY, RIMBEE. Peter RIMBEE of Trappe, Upper Providence, Montgomery County had children born in the 1700s. William Burris RIMBEY was born in Philadelphia in 1810. There was an Uriah RIMBEY born in 1799 and another Uriah RIMBEY born earlier than that.

Is there any place that I could find obituaries or cemetery readings?

Surnames: LUMB
Researcher: Eleo Carson
Date Posted: 18 December 2003

I am searching for the familiies of two brothers Rev Robert Frank Matthias (born 1933) and Donald Walter Matthias (born 1936). They were both born in Philadelphia. Robert married Dorothy Kulman and had three children Karen, Mark and Paul. Donald married Sandra Snyder and had three children Kimberly, Kristin and Scott. They are my 2nd cousins as Robert and Donald's grandmother Maude married Somers Wright in 1906 and lived in Philadelphia. Her maiden name was Lumb and she was my grandfather's sister. I would love to hear from any of the family. I know that Robert Matthias was a pastor but I don't know which church - presumably a church in the environs of Philadelphia. Many thanks

Surnames: CRAWFORD
Researcher: Cindy Andre
Date Posted: 18 December 2003

I am trying to find any information I can on James Henry Crawford and his wife Catherine Hornibrook Crawford. They both died in Oct 1918 during the Spanish Influenza outbreak. I have tried everywhere, and wondering if anyone has access to any of these records.


Researcher: Dan McIntyre
Date Posted: 11 December 2003

Is it possible for you to check the index for the marriage of Edwin Howgate and Catherine Ann Brehaney (Moore) in 1900-1901? She was married three times - the last was Howgate. They lived on N.3rd St., Philadelphia. I have checked and found them in the 1900,1920, and 1930 federal census living at the N. 3rd. Street address. She is my Great grandmother.


Surnames: GRAY
Researcher: Andy Gray - FROM AYRSHIRE SCOTLAND
Date Posted: 2 December 2003


Surnames: PEARCE
Researcher: Marla Fitzsimmons
Date Posted: 2 December 2003

Searching for any information on Hollingsworth Pearce; b. 9/6/1878 Middlesex, England d. 8/5/1936, and his family. He was an engraver for the Philadelphia Mint. His wife was Amy Lawrence Smith m. 1/11/1904, she was born in Canada.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 2 December 2003

I'm looking to find out how I can get info maybe via the internet on a will drawn up in 1936 in the Orphans Court of Philadelphia as I'm hoping it may have addresses of the rest of the family in it. I have the letter sent to my father at the time but it only gives names of the family no addresses. I'd be grateful for any help at all. Thanks.

Surnames: BLACK
Researcher: Roger
Date Posted: 30 November 2003

Looking for family from mid 1800's. Susan Taylor Black daughter of Furman Black jr. Also Moses Rogers capt. of first steamhip to cross the Atlantic, USS Savannah. His family lived in Philly. His daughter Sarah Ann Rogers married Furman Black jr. 20 feb. 1821. One of their children Susan Taylor Black married a William Fuller in Philly. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Researcher: Marilyn Ayers
Date Posted: 30 November 2003

William Hale b. about 1843 in Germany. Served in Revolutionary War in PA. Son, William Hale, b. 1783 married Nancy Redman and moved to Claiborne Co. TN. In PA 1783 muster roles there is a William Hale in the same regiment with several Redmans. Is this the same William who fought in the Rev. War? Who was Nancy Redman's parents?

Surnames: KELLER
Researcher: Margo Villanova
Date Posted: 30 November 2003

Matilda Keller. She was an illustrator of religious books and also did portraits around 1940 and 1950. She had polio as a child and never married. She lived in Philadelphia center city area.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 21 November 2003

I am researching the Lowry/Stewart family in Philadelphia, Pa. Elizabeth Lowry married Charles Stewart probably in the 1827-1829 range. Their children were Margaret, James, Isabelle, Paul H. Charles, Joseph and George. The children were born between 1829-1853. I have no knowledge of these children other than most of the boys were probably involved in the weaving industry. Charles and Elizabeth are last found in the 1870 Philly census. I presume they passed away before 1880. Elizabeth Lowry Stewart was one of three children of James Lowry and Isabelle Perry. James came over from Ireland in the early 1800's. Elizabeth's siblings were Margaret (never married) and James Jr. I have found Margaret in the 1880 census, but have no record of James Jr. I would love to find someone connected to this family and exchange information.

Researcher: Jim
Date Posted: 21 November 2003

In my gr. grandfathers obit, in 1896, members from the Thomas Davis Club were invited to attend the funeral. This was an Irish club and I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of it? He lived in South Phila..

Researcher: Patricia M. Lynn
Date Posted: 20 November 2003

I'm looking to inquire if anyone can tell me where West Chester Normal is or was located.

Thank you.

Surnames: HEGAN
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 20 November 2003

Mary HEGAN married Andrew Murry July 23, 1786, Third Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. Who were her parents? Siblings?

Researcher: Judy North
Date Posted: 16 November

I have a question regarding a former Governor of the state of PA. I have found the name of ROBERT MORRIS, but know nothing more about him other than he was the governor of the state around the time the Constitution was written. I'd like to know his full name and DOB, his wife's name and any other data that might help me determine if he belongs to my MORRIS line. Any/all help would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: NANCY G.HOY
Researcher: N.C. Libby
Date Posted: 16 November

I am looking also for a death notice or obituary for a Nancy G. Hoy, widow of Thomas H. Hoy. She died December 16, 1915 in Sharon Hill, Pa. and is buried in Mt. Moriah. They didn't have any children that I know of, but she did have a daughter by the name of Eliza Jane Johnson, who died in 1924 in Frankford. Thank you.

Surnames: Thomas H. HOY
Researcher: N.C. Libby
Date Posted: 16 November

I am looking for an obituary or a death notice for a Thomas H. Hoy, b. March 15, 1845 and died March 26, 1906 in Sharon Hill, Pa. He is buried in Mt. Moriah, that I know. I would appreciate any more information on this man.

Researcher: John Nicholson
Date Posted: 14 November

I would like to inquire about an ancestor of mine who arrived in Philadelphia ca.1740. It could be a year or perhaps two on either side. The only information I have states that he arrived with his family. I do not believe he was the head of the family, but a child or young man. His name has come down to me as Jonathan Nicholson. No information on middlle name, if any, or on any other family member or where they sailed from. Any information or direction would be most welcome. Thank you.

Surnames: EVANS
Researcher: Lem Evans
Date Posted: 14 November

My GGGrandfather was Lemuel Evans born in Philadelphia, Philadelphia on August 3, 1776. I am seeking information about his parents. His father was Samuel Evans born about 1756. His mother may have been Nancy Clough. His father served in the Revolutionary War.

Surnames: HOFFEE
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 09 November

I'm looking for information on John HOFFEE on the 1830 Census in Philadelphia Co. 1st Ward N. Liberties. He had a very young daughter. I'm looking for a Charlotte HOFFEE that was born in PA around 1829. She may also be called Caroline. This woman married Lewis or Louis Fisher before 1863 and both were from Germany--probably Hanover. They came to Indiana and had several children between 1862 and 1872.

Researcher: Gayle Putt
Date Posted: 09 November

Seeking information regarding the family of Emil Rothengatter of Baden. The family is found on the 1880 census for Philadelphia. I am most interested in daugther Hilda, then age 1 month old. I believe she eventually married Otto Reum of Cincinnati. Trying to connect this Hilda to the Hilda in our tree.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 08 November

I am searching for information about the children of Louis FRIENFELD who married Elizabeth PEARSON. Their children were Somers, born in 1883 and Bertha May, born in 1887, both born in Frankford.

I do not know when or where Louis and Elizabeth were married. I have no more information about their children.

Surnames: FOX
Researcher: Lisa Kishoni
Date Posted: 05 November

I am looking for my uncle's family. My uncle's name was James A. ("Jimo") Fox. He played softball with the Fishtown A.C. He passed away in 1996, I believe. Trying to find his surviving kids, etc. to re-establish contact with my mom, Helen Fox Johnson, who will be 70 this year. They lived in Fishtown on Sepviva Street in the 40s and 50s. Thanks.

Researcher: Tommie Cassels Major
Date Posted: 02 November

Doing research on Cassels/Cassel. Believe John Cassels/Castles d. 1816 Jasper Co, GA was born/married in PA. He married Christian Greathouse or Groethaus daughter of Jacob Greathouse/Groethaus and Christianity Van Nuys who married in Lancaster Co. PA. Jacob d. early 1800's Columbia Co, GA. Any help appreciated.

Surnames: GRAY
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 02 November

Known that in early 1900's John Gray and James Gray were put in a Catholic Orphange in Philadelphia - John Survived- James about age 4 died in orphange - Would like more info about James - Orphange name etc. Where he is buried- We know all about John from that point forward - He lived on Torresdale Ave the rest of his life He was my great Uncle. We need their father's name from the death certificate- We know he left the 2 boys there and then went to Canada till he came back for John after James died. Just don't know his name wife's name was Eliza.

Researcher: Joseph DeWeese
Date Posted: 31 October 2003

I am looking for any information on my ancestors who initially settled in Germantown, Old Philadelphia, PA. The first is Garrett Hendricks DeWees who came from Amsterdam, Holland. He was born in 1641 and died in Germantown in 1701. His following three generations remained in Germantown until his great-grandson, William DeWeese (note spelling change) migrated to Montgomery Co., VA.

I am a rank novice at genealogy so any information you can provide will be helpful.


Researcher: Diane (Donohue) Bent
Date Posted: 29 October 2003

My father's half-brother William Caperton Radabaugh died abt. 20/ Dec./1947. I have not been able to find an obituary or death record., He was born 30/ Apr. / 1886 in Spencer,Roane Co. W Va. Parents Peter Radabaugh and Cornelia A. Edmonds out of wedlock.

Cornelia later married my Grandfather John Adam DONOHUE. , in Millwood Jackson Co. W Va. I do not have any information ,which cemetery he is buried in. I have lost the address he resided at,and I do remember Manayunk in the address.His wife was Cecilia Ellen but he referred to her as Nellie. His address at time of death was Philadelphia Pa.

Surnames: McCARA
Researcher: Carol
Date Posted: 28 October 2003

Family lore, via my grandfather MacMillan, has it that his mother's (probably his grandmother's) people moved to Philadelphia from Scotland in the 1700's . He claimed that there was still a place called McCara's Corner named for them in Philadelphia. They moved to Nova Scotia before the Revolutionary War, loving this country but unwilling to fight the British.

Would love to check all of this out--any sugestions?

Surnames: BERGER
Researcher: Hazel Pflueger
Date Posted: 22 October 2003

I am seeking information on JOHANNES BERGER, who came to Philadelphia from near Baden Germany in the early 1750s. He had a young son and daughter, Jacob and Catherine. I believe that he is the John Berger who is on the tax lists in Upper Salford (now Montgomery Co., PA) in 1769 and 1779. His son Jacob was known to live at John Kreiders forge in Upper Salford and his dauther, Catheine, married John's brother, Daniel Kreider. The father of Daniel was Michael Kreider who lived in Hatfield. Both Jacob and Daniel and their families settled in Pittsylvania Co.,VA in the late 1770s and mid 1880s, respectively. Thanks for any information.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 22 October 2003

The family bible of Henry and Sarah (Booth) Lancaster entitled The Holy Bible, Old and New Testaments, was printed in Philadelphia by M. Carey, 191 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA in 1814. Is there anyplace I can get a copy of the family information?

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 22 October 2003

Looking For Information on Augustus Weisgarber. Born 1868 from Chambersburg Pa

Looking for his interment and any history on where he ended up

Surnames: DOLAN
Researcher: Andy Dolan
Date Posted: 22 October 2003

Patrick Dolan was born in Croghan Roscommon Ireland of Andrew Dolan and Anne Tansey. He emigrated to Philadelphia where he married and had a daughter. I do not know the name of either.

He died about 1914, possibly in a coupling accident suggesting that he might have been a railroad worker.

Any information about him or his descendants would be appreciated. He is my great uncle. His brother, Peter, was my grandfather.

Researcher: Doris Bracken
Date Posted: 18 October 2003

I am looking for info on a William Middleton, this is what I know and believe to be true he sailed from Scotland sometime in the late 1700 hundreds met a women named Catherine Shields on ship and married not sure when or where they eventually settled in Lancaster county pa where ason James was born in 1777. Have exausted all my leads in Clearfield county but can not come up with anything do you know anyother places I could search. Thanks

Researcher: Raoul
Date Posted: 15 October 2003

I'm looking for information on grandfather who I was told lived in Pennsylvania, My grandfather John Alfred Henry Boardman (Bordman) was born in August of 1865. The information I have gives his mother as Sarah and father as William, I am not sure that this is correct. If there is anyone there who would do a lookup on birth records I would appreciate any and all help. Thanks

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 15 October 2003

Researching Craven and Mabrey families from Homesburg,Pa. William Mabrey, father of Charles, moved to Hardin County, Ohio. Charles was married to Sarah Craven. She was born 1841.

Surnames: JORDAN
Researcher: Judy
Date Posted: 14 October 2003

Am searching for a young lady, Leona Jordan, who was supposed to be have a Philadelphia debutante around 1882-83 who married Enos Seeds and came out West to live on a ranch--amazing story and there is no pictures of her UNLESS there is a newspaper account somewhere of her arrival in society. Does anyone have an idea where I can look?

Best wishes from Lubbock,Texas

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