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Old Queries (Oct 2002 - Jan 2003

Surnames: HEIST
Researcher: Norma
Date Posted: 04 January 2003

I am looking for information about Edith HEIST. Maiden name unknown. Married to George HEIST. She died about 1932. She lived at mt airey st in germantown area She may have died of heart disease or TB I have no other information I believe she was a Philadelphia girl and know she had a sister She may have been catholic Thank you

Researcher: Lyndon Gabriel
Date Posted: 04 January 2003

I recently found out that my gggrandfather James Hughey Mellinger graduated from the Philadelphia School of Medicine. I am guessing that he graduated sometime around 1870 since the census shows he is living in Philadelphia at that time.

Do you know who I could contact to find out if any records of his schooling exist????

Thank you

Surnames: PHILLIPS
Researcher: Richard Phillips
Date Posted: 04 January 2003

Searching for 2 Thomas Phillips'. 1. m. Rebecca Wells abt 1725 possibly @ Abington MM. This Thomas d. @ Solebury, Bucks Co., Jan 1748/49. 2. may have m. Mercy Jefferson widow of Edward who came on Penn's ship The Mary in 1682. These folks may be the parents of Thomas #1. Any info on other Phillips who may connect to those in Bucks Co. would be greatfully received!

Surnames: KELLY
Researcher: Tim Kelly
Date Posted: 31 December 2002

John A. Kelly was born circa1861 in Drogheda, Ireland in the County of Louth. John was 21 when he married Margaret (Maggie) Joseph Marrey b.circa 1863. Maggie was born in a different part of Drogheda but both knew each other as children. At the time of his marriage John was a member of the Fenian Society. John's family made fine womens shoes and boots to order. The port of entry was Philladelphia. He stayed with his Uncle Frank Kelly on Market Street. Maggie followed about a year later. The couple moved to Brooklyn NewYork in 1890 where Michael Kelly Sr.* was born. Children of John and Maggie were Will, John, Michele Nacrose*, Agnes, Margarette, Kevin, Emmitt,?, ?. Any connections?

Surnames: HARRISON
Researcher: Walter Fleet
Date Posted: 29 December 2002

Frederick G. HARRISON, b. in Saint John, NB in 1883, m Evelyn or Eveline Evans in Cambridge, MA in 1903. The couple moved to Philadelphia. Fred appears to have died between 1920 and 1924. I need anything on Fred and Evelyn and any possible children.
Thank you for your help.

Researcher: Curt Curtis
Date Posted: 28 December 2002

Per family history my maternal g-g-grandfather and g-g-grandmother, John DOWELL and Mary FULTON both born about 1830/1 in PA. I find two John DOWELL's and one Mary FULTON in the listing of 1850 Philadelphia County PA census. Can anyone tell me if this could be the right ones, or anything about them I could use. They are both in the 1860 Scott County IA census. Was there any mass migration wet in the 1850's? I would appreciate any help I can get.

Researcher: Richard S. Friend
Date Posted: 22 December 2002

FRIEND,STEWART. I am looking for any information on Samuel FRIEND, one of the sons of John FRIEND and Catherine or Pennsylvania. Samuel FRIEND was born in Ohio in either 1824/1824 and married Jane STEWART on 12 June 1849. Samuel and Jane (STEWART) FRIEND were my GG Grandparents. Please, if you have any information on my ancestors, please contact me.

Surnames: Schoenfeld/Wyman
Researcher: Jane Skrandies-Martin
Date Posted: 22 December 2002

I am trying to find my half-sister who is the daughter of the 1st marriage of my late father CURT R. WYMAN to Dorothy Schoenfeld on 28th January 1939 in the Holy Spirit Church in Philadelphia.

Dorothy Wyman, nee Schoenfeld, was born 11th January 1905 and died in April 1983, 19142 Philadelphia, P.A. Curt R. Wyman was born on 28th January 1909, in St.Johann, Saarland, Germany (original name before 7th July 1936, Weinmann)

I know they did have a daughter born around 1944 in P.A.

Unfortunately, I am not sure about my half-sister's first name, it maybe Mary.

As far as I know she is now married in PA and has at least 2 children from a first marriage to a doctor in the Domincan Republic.

Is there anyway I can get hold of her?

Surnames: SEEDS
Researcher: Judy Womack
Date Posted: 19 December 2002

Looking for any info/family of THOMAS M. SEEDS, a hatmaker shown in the 1870 and 1880 census for Philadephia. His wife was VIRGINIA CAVANNA SEEDS, children AUGUSTUS, MARY E., ENOS L., JACOB, ADELAIDE, JOHN A., and THOMAS M. Two sons, ENOS and THOMAS, came out to the plains of Texas and established a ranch before returning to Philadelphia @1900. ENOS was a bridge building contractor until his death on January 28, 1944. Would appreciate any help.

Researcher: Lola M. Weber
Date Posted: 19 December 2002

Joseph Swearingen b abt 1778 PA married about 1804 Jemima Taylore of Delaware County, PA. One son, Joseph Cloud Swearingen, was born 30 April 1808. Although records found indicate that Joseph was in Philadelphia and we know that he died there, I haven't found any other kind of record in Philadelphia (city or county) for him. City directories do not list him in the city so I am looking at the county. Where might the tax records for 1801-1809 be located? What newspapers were available for the county in 1809? Any help appreciated.

Surnames: HEIST
Researcher: Norma
Date Posted: 10 December 2002

I am looking for edith heist who was married to george heist . Edith was counted in the 1930 census in eaglesville TB sanatorium in monygomery township . Pa She died in1932 or 1933 living in the germantown Philadelphia area . Does anyone know how to lookup the philadelphia obits in those years? I live in Va. now . Thankyou

Researcher: Robert Diehl
Date Posted: 19 December 2002

How does one find a Philadelphia obituary for the year 1818?
Thank you for considering my question.

Surnames: CAREY
Researcher: Steve Carey
Date Posted: 18 December 2002

I a looking for information about William Grant Carey b. October 8, 1865 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our family word of mouth is that they may have also lived in Bucks County Pennsylvania before moving to Cass County Michigan around 1889. Census information states that Williams father and mother were born in Pennsylvania and his obituary states that in 1939 he was survived by two brothers still living in Pennsylvania.

William Grant Carey born Ocotober 8, 1865 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania married Loretta Wortinger (b. November 1864 in Indiana) in St. Joseph County Michigan. Loretta's father George Wortinger was born in Indiana and her mother Mary Potts was born in Pennsylvania. Family word of mouth tells that both William and Loretta worked at times as writers on local newspapers. Lived in Idaho in 1939.

The 1880 census for Union County Pa, Hartley Township lists the John Carey family. All of the dates, ages, and the place is consistant with family records. John Carey is 50, Mary his wife is 40, William is 15, Adam is 13, Theodore is 11.

Surnames: HUGHES
Researcher: Judy
Date Posted: 14 December 2002

Looking for Philadelphia obituary of my great-grandfather Michael Hughes, died March 9, 1899. Residence at time of death was 4509 Parrish St., Philadelphia. Surviving spouse was Jane Donnelly Hughes and children Mary Agnes, James, Catharine/Katie, and Rose. Please email information if found.
Thank you,

Researcher: Linda Murphy
Date Posted: 14 December 2002

A family by the name of Zeundel came from Germany, landing in the USA in 1854 from the ship Saxony with Christopher 34, Elizabeth 29, tailors: William age 9, Ferdinand age 6, infant girl 6 months and servant girl 17. The infant girl was Mary C. Zeundel anglicized to Zindel. Christopher and Catherine Elizabeth BURHANNA were both born and married in Germany - came to USA from Hessian, Germany. They started a tailor shop in Philadelphia. Mary C., born 1853, died 1943 married Albert BEHR born 1852, died 1923. Amelia (Emily) Behr a twin child of Albert and Mary Behr was my grandmother. Amelia (Emily) Behr married Howard S. Walter who died in 1922. She remarried William KLEMMECK in 1923. William KLEMMECK was born July 31, 1869 in Prussia, 90 min. from Berlin, Germany. He came to the USA about 1878. William KLEMMECK died Dec. 10, 1939 in Collingswood, NJ. William was a wealthy business man from Philadelphia during the early 1900's but lost most of his wealth during the depression. He settled in Collingswood, NJ, his summer home, about the time that he and Amelia married. My mother Ruth Ethel Klemmeck was born July 31, 1926, died March 14, 1986. I am looking for information about the ZINDEL, BEHR and KLEMMECK family. I have two old family photos that I can email you if it would help.
Many thanks,

Surnames: DRYBURGH
Researcher: Lois Broomell
Date Posted: 7 December 2002

My g/g/grandmother was Mary Ann Dryburgh. Her death certificate lists her address as 2209 Adams Street, 31st Ward. Can anyone tell me what district the address was located in?

Researcher: Jim Piechorowski
Date Posted: 5 December 2002

I am looking for information on Mary Janowiak Chrzanowski and her sister Antoinette Janowiak Rodgers who was related to Gregory George Janowiak in South Bend In and living in Philadelphia upon his death in 1931 ...
Any connection with your line will be appreciated

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 5 December 2002

I am researching my family history. I understand that I have relatives buried at St. Dennis cemetery. I am looking for John J. Brogan III died 9-27-1928, John J. Brogan died 2-23-1924, Sara Gallagher died 12-28-1941, Mary (May) Brogan died 6-1-1913. Also I am looking for the records for Andrew & Catherine Brogan, who were the parents of John J. Brogan born 7-3-1858 in Montoursville, PA. They both came to the US from Ireland before 1855, probably in the 1840's. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: COPY OF WILL?
Researcher: Mary Ann
Date Posted: 5 December 2002

Could you tell me where I might send for a copy of a will for a person who died in Philadelphia? Thank you.

Researcher: Robert Wagner
Date Posted: 5 December 2002

My family left Philadelphia for Cincinnati in about 1832. I'm looking for possible records for Samuel Henry Wunder born March 27, 1788. His wife Catherine Wartman born August 19, 1795. Samuel Henry Wunder should be the son of George Wunder and Anne Vanakin. Also children Vanaken Wunder, born Feb 11, 1811 and his brother Daniel Edward Wunder, born Oct 12, 1812. William Wartman Wunder, born about 1830 and his brother Edward Wunder, born about 1828. Vanaken and Daniel Wunder's parents were listed as Samuel and Sarah on death records in Ohio. The Children of Samuel Wunder and Catherine Wartman that were born in Pennsylvania were Catherine, born 1827, Edward, born 1828 and William Wartman Wunder, born 1830. Catherine Wartman had a brother named William Wartman, born about 1809. Samuel Henry Wunder served in the war of 1812 and was related to the Rittenhouse and Gorgas families of Philadelphia. Early parts of this family lived in the Germantown area. Also there was a George Wartman with the family in 1850, born in either 1831 or 37. They were Lutheran by religious faith. Any help with this family would be greatly appreciated

Surnames: WRIGHT
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 5 December 2002


Researcher: JOhn Sweet
Date Posted: 1 December 2002

My name is John Sweet, I used to live in NJ, but I live in Florida now. While living in NJ I came across and old bible with names and birth dates. The bible is dated 1855.
On the inside cover there is a name and part of the address written in pencil.
John Dolhancey
Madison Ave. Philadelphia, Pa.

I am having a hard time trying to find the Dolhancey name anywhere. If you can help or at least get me looking in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

Surnames: BELLAK
Researcher: Bob
Date Posted: 1 December 2002

Looking for the name Andrew Bellak in the Philadelphia directory for the years 1911-1915. My g-grandmother Anna Beganyi came to the U.S. in 1901 and married a man named Andrew Bellak. They settled in Philadelphia in 1901 or 1902. Andrew and Anna had four children--Anna(1902), Katherine(1905), Mary (1906), and Agnes (1909). In the midst of all of this, they brought my grandmother Elizabeth to the U.S. from Slovak Hungary in late 1904.
In 1906, Anna's mother (also named Elizabeth) came to the U.S. and apparently moved in with Andrew and Anna. The family appears in the Philadelphia directory until 1909 at 3928 N. Fairhill. They then show up in 1910 at 4350 Orianna (also in the 1910 Census). But it is without my grandmother or elder Elizabeth, who apparently have moved out for whatever reason. Andrew and Anna are not indexed anywhere that I can find in the 1920 Census. I believe it probable that they both died between 1910 and 1920, and I am trying to get some handle on when. Katherine Bellak was in an orphange for the 1920 census, and Mary Bellak seems to have been adopted by one Nicholas Sargent and his wife Sophie. Any information is appreciated. I am especially interested in whether there are any legal or social services documents relating how Katherine came to be in the orphange.

Surnames: KOLB
Researcher: Debby
Date Posted: 1 December 2002

am looking for information on my grandparents obituaries - John L. Kolb and Mabel Hannah Kolb (Alexandra). They each died within the last 10 years. Do you have information or can you lead me in a helpful direction? Thanks so much,

Surnames: GABEL
Researcher: Robert Noyes
Date Posted: 1 December 2002

I am looking for a Gabel family from Philadelphia. Jacob Gabel and his 2 sons Alfred N. Gabel and John C. Gabel. John was born October 25, 1829 in Philadelphia and was married to Margaret A. also from Pennsylvania. Thank you.

Surnames: JAMES T. ALLEN
Researcher: Lucy
Date Posted: 29 November 2002

I am a high school student, and I have a project in my AP history class in which we chose a random gravestone from woodland cemetery and have to find out all we can about the person we chose. I am looking for information about the Allen family, specifically James T Allen, who lived from 1820-1897 on 40th & Chestnut St, or his brother George W Allen, who was a prominent candy manufacturer in Philadelphia. Information about any of his relations would also be great. Thank you.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 29 November 2002

I am starting to track my relatives in Pennsylvania. The only document that I have is a marriage license dated January 20 1904. The names are Harry R. Stein and Katherine E. Strauch. The wedding at Wilmerding Tennd. The license was isued by the Clerk of the Orphans Court of Allegheny Co. Pennsylvania. I would appreciate any and all information about these two (Straaauch & Stein) and/or the Orphans' Court.

Surnames: JOHNSON
Researcher: Mary Ellen
Date Posted: 27 November 2002

am looking for birth records for William Johnson, born October 10, 1814, and Sarah Johnson, born November 1817. Likely parents are Archibald and Catharine Johnson. Thanks for your help!

Surnames: DUTTON
Researcher: Janice Smith
Date Posted: 27 November 2002

I am looking for any information on George S. Dutton born circa 1857 in Germantown. Married to Emily. P. They appear to have only one son Richard leroy Dutton who married Ada then married Anna Welsh. They moved to Pottstown where their son Richard Leroy Dutton was born in 1916.

Researcher: Larry M. Hitner
Date Posted: 27 November 2002

I note in the abstract of Philadelphia County Wills 177-1781 that there is a will that I would like to see. It is probably not on the web. How can I go about obtaining a copy?
Also, I would like information on a divorce in the late 1700s in Philadelphia.
Thank you.

Researcher: Edin C. Merryman
Date Posted: 27 November 2002

I am looking for information on the family of Samuel and Sidney {Jones} Merryman said to have lived in Philadelphia ca 1880. Sidney married first to an unknown Jenkins had a daughter Emma Jenkins. She and Samuel had George H., Grace, Richard {One source says Samuel Richard}, Blanche and Chester Laban.

Surnames: BOLDEZAR
Researcher: Mary Boldizar Jacko
Date Posted: 24 November 2002

I have reason to believe that my grandparents arrived in the United States from what is now Slovakia during the early 1900s (probably 1908). Their names were John (Johann) and Anna Boldezar (Boldizar). Their son, my father, John Boldezar, arrived with them. Since my father was only 4 years old at the time, he did not have the recollection of arriving. They returned to Slovakia in approximately 1912. I did try looking them up in the Ellis Island Glossary but was not successful. I do know that they lived in Philadelphia during those years, and perhaps there is family still there. Can you help me. Thank you for your efforts.

Surnames: ADAMS
Researcher: Lynne Sanders
Date Posted: 24 November 2002

My grandfather was George Washington Adams born 22 Feb 1896 and died 28 July 1944 his father was Thomas Adams and Anna Bermiester (I think this is the spelling) George was born in PA then the family moved to New Jersey (At least that what I was told) . I know George lived in German town in the 1940s. He married Henrietta Constable daughter of Shepard Constable. George worked at Bartram's gardens in the early 1940s and died there. I do not know any other names of George's brothers and/or sisters.

Surnames: TALLEY
Researcher: Russell Talley
Date Posted: 24 November 2002

My Great Great granddad was Nelson Talley Born in 1833 in Philadelphia. He married Angeline Webb of Putman County, Indiana. I would like to find who his father and mother were and where they come from.

Surnames: 4360 ORIANNA STREET
Researcher: Bob Shive
Date Posted: 21 November 2002

I am seeking the Enumeration district for 4360 Orianna Street in the 1910 census. It is in the general area near Hunting Park, just slightly south of Roosevelt Blvd.

Surnames: HARTLEY
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 21 November 2002

Looking for any family connections to the following Hartley ancestors:
1850 census, page 347; Cheltenham township, Montgomery County, PA
William Hartley, 47, Farmer, born in PA (5-1-1803 - 4-27-1857)
Jane, 49, born in PA (9-16-1800 - 4-6-1869)
Marshall, 19, born in PA (10-17-1830 - 10-19-1907)

Anna, 14, born in PA 1840 (not found)

1830 census, page 420; Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County, PA
William Hartly (sp)
Males: 1 (20-30); Females: 1 (20-30)
1830 census, page 139; Unincorporated northern liberties of Philadelphia County, PA
Michael Hartly (sp) (8-15-1771 - 12-10-1830)
Males: 1 < 5; 1 (10-15); 1 (15-20); 1 (20-30); 1 (50-60)
Females: 1 (10-15); 2 (20-30); 1 (50-60) (Mary Rowland 7-15-1772 - 11-1-1830)

1820 (not found)

1810 census, page 1064; Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County, PA
Michael Hartley
Males: 1 <10; 1 (10-16); 1 (26-45)
Females: 1 <10; 1 (16-26); 1 (26-45)

1800 census, page 495; Lower Dublin Township, Philadelphia County, PA
Michael Hartley
Males: 1 < 10; 1 (26-45)
Females: 1 < 10; 1 (26-45)

First US census 1790 (not found)

Recorded by Dave Seyfert, gggg grandson of Michael Hartley, 9-27-02 ce

Surnames: CURRY
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 21 November 2002

I am lookin for a couple who supposedly passed in 1984 or 1985, last name Curry, can you help me please?

Researcher: Rebecca
Date Posted: 21 November 2002

I am looking for marriage records from ST. LUKAS CHURCH in Philadelphia in 1899 pastored by M. F. Dumstrey.

My Philadelphia surnames are: Newcomb, Leibrick, Handschuh, Wrigley, Jewett, Junginger, Oland, Shevel
Thank you,

Surnames: WOLD
Researcher: Bill
Date Posted: 17 November 2002

Hi wondering if you can help me, I am searching for more info on Mrs Anna Maria Wold, who died Nov. 12th 1930 at 4233 farhill st, in Phila. she was married to a David wold, who died before her, they had a son Daniel who was born about 1865, in Dauphin co as they were also. Anna Maria is buried at Northwood cem. but ot her husband David ( born abt 1847) who died before her. prior to moving to her sons home, where she died, they lived at 2027 gerritt st, in Phila. may be where David died??? her obit only mentioned Evangelical Presbyterian and C. churches ??? need to find records for these churches to follow up and see if I can find David Wolf!!! thank you,

Surnames: HOY
Researcher: N C Libby
Date Posted: 14 November 2002

A Thomas Hoy is listed in the 1880 Census as hotelkeeper and his wife is listed as Nancy. She is listed again in the 1910 Miracode Index. Our family always understood he owned a bar; whatever it was, he did well at it as his mausoleum is as large as the Taj Mahal. They lived in Ward 26 on Duncannon Street. Neither is listed in 1890 Census or 1900 Census. This has always been a missing link in our family. I would appreciate any new sources, directions or information on these people. Her maiden name was Gilmore. Thank you.

Researcher: Brooke Fry
Date Posted: 14 November 2002

I am trying to find out whether this is my Jackson line:
Phoebe TOWNSEND m. William JACKSON; issue - William JACKSON, Jr., b. 1800 Philadelphia, PA. Hope to find descendants to verify the line. Thanks.

Researcher: Shirley Rogers
Date Posted: 14 November 2002

I am looking for help in the following families. Michael O'NEIL who married Sarah A BICKER abt 1855.

Their son William H O"NEIL who married Ann Eliza EARL 6Jan 1872. I am looking for any information on their parents and any siblings that any of them may have.

Researcher: Rosalie Fuller
Date Posted: 14 November 2002

I am trying to find anyone who might know something about these families. John Quigley from Northern Ireland married Johanna O'Kane also from Northern Ireland. Not sure if married here or there. Lived in Philadelphia area, 4 children Charles James,first child and born 1885, John, Edward and Mary. When John Quigley died, Johanna, whose name was Americanized at some point to Jane Kane, married Thomas Scanlon, also of Ireland. The had at least 4 more children, Helen, Thomas, Jean, Elizabeth. Jane was a seamstress, sewing for the ladies of Philly. James Quigley left home by time he was 13, soon followed by others, as step father did not like the Quigley children. That was the story passed down, and very little else. Would love to find out where John and Jane were buried in Philly, and anything else.

Surnames: DAVIDSON
Researcher: Louis Ruf
Date Posted: 11 November 2002

Looking for John and Lyda (Oliver) Davidson who lived in Philadelphia between 1900 and 1915. Lyda was a schoolteacher in Philadelphia and was residing there in 1909. She died in Pittsburgh in 1915 and was buried in Parkersburg WV. What happened to John? He must have died before 1915 as he is not listed in her obituary. Were they married in Philadelphia?

Researcher: Rose Carbonell
Date Posted: 7 November 2002

I have been researching my family tree for about 1 1/2 years now. Mostly on the internet, with a few family stories. I have found my paternal grandmother's family (I have even been in contact with some distant cousins). But I have been able to find nothing on my paternal grandfather. I knew that his name was John W. Hendricks. I wasn't sure what the W stood for, my uncle's name was John Wilbur so I would search for John Wilbur Hendricks. Recently I did a search for a group of names that are in my father's family and I happened across this web page:

I knew my dad was from Philadelphia. I have found this information now, a couple of places, all referencing the same source. I e-mailed a couple of the people that had this information, but none could tell me who John Wesley Hendricks married. (one person did e-mail me a scanned copy of page 4 of A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of the SWARTLEY FAMILY: of Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Pa.

According to the book, John L (John Wesley's father) lived at 1638 Sydenham Street, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.

My grandmother's name was Reba Scott. (her parents were Margaret Bell Croman and James Whitfield Scott).

Please, if there is any help you can provide, or even some guidance where I could find this information, without having to pay a subscription to, or one of the other paid genealogy sites.

Thank you in advance for any consideration you can give me.

Surnames: HAZELL
Researcher: Cheryl Hazell
Date Posted: 7 November 2002

I'm looking for information on my great-great-grandfather, Henry George Hazell. I know that he was living at 1019 South Street in 1914. Is that address still there? What type of building is on that spot today? He would have been in his 80s around that time. I can't find him on a census. He may have gone under the name Henry George. Henry was born on the island of St Vincent in the West Indies.

Surnames: TITUS
Researcher: Pat Miller
Date Posted: 7 November 2002

My search for Titus has led me to this county. I found wills in Philly Co. and was wondering where to get them. They are between 1750 and 1800. I am especially interested in Samuel Titus that had a son Abram, or Abraham. Thank you.

Surnames: BROWN
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 7 November 2002

I am trying to find out who Irene Brown was married to. She was born 1902 in Louisville, KY and died 1975 in Philadelphia, PA. Thanks much!!!

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 7 November 2002

Does anypne know who now owns potters field,this is where they buried people who had no money and no one to buy them,the potters field is privately owned,cannot find owner, thank you

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 7 November 2002

I am researching two families. One is Laverty and the other is Hertter. The time would be late 1700's to 1800. Thank you,

Surnames: KEPPLER
Researcher: Marcy Feltenberger
Date Posted: 7 November 2002

I am endeavoring to find out how to obtain a death certificate for my late uncle - John Karl Keppler who died on 15 Nov 1936 in Philadelphia. His wife was Alta Lois Keppler. I do not know when he was born but she was born in 1899 so I am presuming he was born around that time also. She died in 1978 in Oklahoma so her death certificate I already have. Thank you in advance for your time.

Researcher: Dan Hendricks
Date Posted: 7 November 2002

I am looking for information on a Peter Heinrichs who arrived in Philadelphia, on the Ship Phoenix, on Sept. 30, 1754. I can not find any information on him until he marries Maria Magadelena Guthin on October 6, 1761 in Lancaster County. He anglicized his name to Henry, however, I do not know the date he began using that name. Any and all information would greatly be appreciated. Thanks,

Researcher: David Moore
Date Posted: 7 November 2002

I am looking for info on a shotgun made by Palmetto Arms Co. in Philadelhpia Pa. or page me @ 252-695-4122. Thank you

Surnames: ALLPRESS
Researcher: Bob Allpress
Date Posted: 4 November 2002

Looking for ship information on William Allpress' (father & son) who reportedly came to America from England and landed in Philadelphia around May 1854.

Surnames: DONNELLY
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 4 November 2002

I am searching for information on my g-gfather Michael Donnelly. Unknown when he arrived in Philadelphia from Ireland. His spouse is Annie Donohue. Don't know where they married. They had at least two sons, Michael J. Donnelly born in Ireland in 1875 (8?) and my gfather Peter J. Donnelly born in Philadelphia in 1885. Peter eventually moved to Chicago where he died in 1933. Any info on this family would be great.

Researcher: Diane
Date Posted: 4 November 2002

Nicholas and Adam GREINER came with the FAATZ family to Philadelphia 1802 from Frankfort-on-the-Main, GER. After residing here for several years they all moved on to Wayne Co., PA to begin a glass factory. Possibly they worked in any glass industry in Philadelphia before they migrated. I am interested in any members of these 2 families.

Researcher: R.A. Randall
Date Posted: 30 October 2002

I am looking for any records of McGuire or McGuire Births , Deaths, Land Grants, Ship records , Marriages and births for the name McGuire or Maguire. We have traced our family to 1790 Tennessee and then to Missouri. I believe they travled with the Odell's as some McGuire's married Odell's in Missouri and I have traced that name to Philly. Where I have seen a record of one Sarah Jane McGuire married one Allen Odell in the early 1800's. I am told that Sarah Jane's Grandfather came to the US from County Fermanagh, Ireland. Was Philly really ther biggest port of origin for ships in the mid to late 1700's ? Any help would be greatly appreciated, so Thank You So much in advance for your help,

Surnames: HAGLE
Researcher: L.S. Pack
Date Posted: 30 October 2002

Am looking for parentage of HENRY HAGLE b 1730 Germany/Prussia, d Phila.,PA, md HANNAH CHRISTINA MINER b c 1732 Philadelphia,PA. He came to PA c 1744, had chn= HENRY, JASPER, FRANCIS, HANNAH. Thank you for any help.

Surnames: KERMEUR
Researcher: Vianney Martin
Date Posted: 30 October 2002

My name is Vianney MARTIN and I send you this message from France.

Thanks to some genealogical research, I’ve found out that my great-great-grandmother Anne-Marie KERMEUR (born in Saint-Servan, Britanny, in 1854) emigrated from France to the United States in the early 20th century.

As I saw on her Ellis Island file, she arrived in America on January 16 1909 to join her sister Eugénie KERMEUR who already lived in the States (1128, Spruce street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania).

You can imagine there are many things I would like to know about my ancestor. Whether she found a job in Philadelphia, got married there (she was divorced), died there, what her sister’s job was, etc.

The problem is that Philadelphia is a bit far from France. Could you give me a hand with my research? Could somebody living in Philadelphia have a look in the City’s archives for me?

As far as I’m concerned, I would be quite happy to help somebody with French ancestors (especially in the North of France where I live).

Thank you in advance.

Surnames: HARTLEY
Researcher: MHB
Date Posted: 26 October 2002

Richard M. Hartley, Esq of Phil. in 1880's. I am seeking any information about Richard M. Hartley, an Attorney of Philadelphia co., Pa. He was in the 1880 census as, Richard M. Hartley, "conveyancer", age 35, born in Pa., father b NJ, mother b Pa. His wife was Clara P. , age 31, b Pa., father b Wurtemburg & mother b Prussia. In this census they had 2 children, Carrie, age 10 & Daisy age 7. Clara's mother was in the household, Caroline Weylnan, age 70, b Prussia. Any information on his parents, siblings, parents siblings, his grandparents, etc would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Surnames: GAMMON
Researcher: Gayla
Date Posted: 26 October 2002

On researching my family tree, I discovered that My Great-grandfather, George Edwin Gammon, owned a jewelry/clock store in Philadelphia, from 1917-1929. It was located at 2546 North Front Street. I am trying to find a picture of his store, I contacted the libraries in Philly, to see if they knew where one could be found, but have gotten a reply from them. Also, my father and his brother and sisters were born ,and lived at 3142 North 7th Street, also in Philly. Would you know of anywhere I can possibly find pictures of these two addresses? Any ideas you can give would be appreciated. Thank you for your time,

Surnames: SEEDS
Researcher: Judy Womack
Date Posted: 24 October 2002

Looking for family and info for ENOS and LEONA P. SEEDS married in Philadelphia @1884. They came to the South Plains ofTexas and were pioneer settlers and land developers before moving back to Philadelphia sometime after 1900. He became a bridge building contractor before his death in 1944. Would appreciate any help.

Surnames: KESTER
Researcher: Dave Kester
Date Posted: 24 October 2002

I am looking for the grave (or any other information) re my Uncle Gordon Kester. He lived in Philadelphia in the Forties and died and was buried there in 1954 or 1956 when he was about 50 years of age. His wife's name was Gertrude (last name unknown) and they had one child, a daughter named Virginia, born in 1943. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Linda
Date Posted: 24 October 2002

My great uncle was listed in the 1920 Philadelphia census as a machinist and worked for a company or industry by the name of (unsure of the spelling) Brill Center or maybe Bull Carton...something similar to this. Can't quite make it out. Hoping that maybe someone would recognize a name from this era that may be similar. Thank you.

Researcher: Bob Parsons
Date Posted: 24 October 2002

I found reference to Filby's Philadelaphia Naturalizations book. Do you know who to contact for a look up of a person supposed to immigrate in 1855 to Philadelphia.
Any help or direction to another source would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: GORMAN
Researcher: Elsie
Date Posted: 24 October 2002

I am seeking information on Stephen Gorman could have been O Gorman , he came from Ireland during the potato famine, he and a brother stowed way on a cattle boat and came to Phil. Pa, don't know the brothers name, his mothers maiden name was Patton but don't know her first name, he had at least one son named John S. Gorman who wound up in Crockett Co tn, this being my great grandfather. Who did Stephen Marry? how many childern did he have besides from g grandpa, any info would be a big help

Surnames: CRONIN
Researcher: Betty C.
Date Posted: 24 October 2002

Pa State Archives, item 66 lists Stephen Cronan of City of Phila, in 4th BN, Commander Capt John Cornish, called Aug 10, 1780 - served his Tour. Information found in Gen. Ret. Bk. No 1, p 217 and Military Accts A (6) 1, p 314.

Michael Cronin served in Patton;s Regiment of Continental Troups, May, June and July 1777 - Are they related? I have found no county for Michael but was in PA/DE Reg. If anyone has any information on the Cronan/Cronin family in the Rev. War, please contact me.

Researcher: Rosalie Fuller
Date Posted: 21 October 2002

I am researching these two familes in the Philadelphia area. Today I was given document of birth of one child. Town is listed as Chester Pa. Is that a part of Philiadelphia, separate city, and if so do you know what county that would be? Thanks for your help,

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 19 October 2002

I am looking for the parents and siblings of Edward BRADLEY born in Norristown, PA about 1842 and his wife Hannah MCGLINLEY born in PA about 1848. They had five children, John, Sarah, Mary, Margaret, Frank and Edward all born between 1869 and 1888. They lived in Manayunk, PA. Edward was in the Civil War between 1862 and 1866; during 1864 a prisoner at Andersonville. Edward died in 1894 and Hannah in 1901. Both are buried at St. John the Baptist Cemetery in Manayunk.

Researcher: Michele Kemp Shockley
Date Posted: 19 October 2002

Looking for information regarding the family of grandmother Helen Mary Hore (Hare) Sullivan Caputo and her brothers James and Martin. Their father MARTIN EDWARD HORE (Hare) was born Abt. 1866 in Dublin or Tipperally Ireland, and died Abt. 1935. He married ELLEN ? (MARIE MURPHY). She was born Abt. 1865 in Dublin or Tipperally Ireland. Children of MARTIN HORE (Hare) and ELLEN MURPHY) are: JAMES HORE, b Abt. 1896, HELEN MARY (MARIE) HORE (Hare), b. October 07, 1905, Pennsylvania; d. February 12, 1954, Philadelphia, PA. And MARTIN FRANCES HORE, b. 1908, Pennsylvania; d. 1970. I found the family in the 1910 Census Philadelphia County Philadelphia- they owned a boarding house/hotel maybe a bar in Philadelphia. Both Martin and Ellen migrated from Ireland, I'm assuming before first son was born (1896). HELEN MARY (Marie) Hore (Hare) married a Sullivan, left him and took up residence with Pasquale Caputo. According to my mother-in-law, MaryRose Caputo Shockley, her parents, Pasquale and Helen inherited the Philadelphia Bar and Rooming House and ran it for a number of years.

Surnames: GIFFORD
Researcher: Arlene H. Hull
Date Posted: 19 October 2002

I am searching for any information on the family of Eleanor Gifford, born on May 5, 1914. She had one brother, Elliott Temple Gifford who was in the US Navy during WWII and was killed while serving on a ship in the Atlantic. Thank you for any help

Surnames: WHELAN
Researcher: Judy Dalluge
Date Posted: 19 October 2002

Looking for information on:
Thomas & Margaret Whelan who lived on 1529 Corbot in the 1858 Philadelphia Directory. But 1861, he was deceased.

Researcher: Norma Rigby
Date Posted: 13 October 2002

Cousins in Oldham England looking for descendants of Mary, Bernard, Francis PATTERSON and others living at 2112 or 2106 Lippincott St Philadephia in 1920 Census. Family lost touch after WW2.

Surnames: DAVIS
Researcher: Sam B. Lawson
Date Posted: 13 October 2002

Can anyone help me with a James DAVIS born about 1761 and died 10 September, 1850, in Fayette Co.,Pa. He married to Keziah PHILLIPS, a daughter of Samuel PHILLIPS and Keziah ABRAHAM.

Our James DAVIS was definitely in the Chester County area of Pennsylvania. I have court records and a witness in this Fayette County, Pa. land case states that James DAVIS was living in the Valley Forge area of Pennsylvania when General Washington wintered his troops there during the Revolutionary War. James was "living with an uncle"... This would have been in the winter of 1777-1778.

James DAVIS and Keziah PHILLIPS would go on to have this family:
1. Samuel DAVIS, born 6 December, 1785. Don't know much about this man.
2. Joshua DAVIS, born 10 July, 1787 and died 20 February, 1816. He married to Catherine AMBROSE.
3. Zachariah DAVIS, born 10 January, 1789 and died 6 July, 1859. He married to Sarah PHILLIPS (1st) and secondly to Hannah DAVIS, a daughter of Meshach DAVIS (who in turn was a son of Owen DAVIS and Hannah JAMES).
4. David DAVIS, born 6 May, 1793 and died 7 February, 1882. He married (1st) to Mary "Polly" ROSS and secondly to Mary "Polly" WOODALL/WOODLE.
5. Hannah DAVIS, born 8 November, 1795 and died 6 February, 1829. She married to Samuel NIXON.
6. Keziah DAVIS, born 29 March, 1798 and died 10 November, 1831. She married to Henry SMITH, Jr., a son of Barnabus and Elizabeth SMITH.
7. Mary DAVIS, born 25 January, 1806 and died 4 August, 1871. She married to William MILLER, the son of David MILLER and Catherine GETZENDANNER.

Surnames: ANDERSON
Researcher: Annette Foster
Date Posted: 12 October 2002

I would like to post a query for John Anderson (1833-1918)b. in Manchester, migrated to the USA in 1840 & was a carpenter. His father (first name unknown) from Ireland was a bookbinder. John's father died when he was a child, but I don't know if he died in the US or in England. John's mother (first name & maiden name also unknown) reportedly from Ireland, married 4 husbands-Carr, Conner/Connor, O'Neill/O'Neal, & Anderson; she reportedly lived to the age of 105. John was the only child born to the Anderson union. John m. Margaret Mary Purcell in Philadelphia at St. James' Catholic Church on 7-13-1854 according to an affidavit signed by Patrick & John Purcell, presumably Margaret's brothers. Margaret was born in 1839 & died 1913 in KS. I have a lot of info on John & Margaret's descendants & would like to contact other branches of the Anderson/Carr/Conner/O'Neil/Purcell families.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 12 October 2002

who could look up a philadelphia, pa obit for me?

Researcher: Richard McIntyre
Date Posted: 12 October 2002

I am trying to get a copy of my great uncle's obituary as it would have appeared in the daily Philadelphia paper. His name was Edward Rutkowski and he passed away July 9, 1996.

Researcher: Jim Beidler
Date Posted: 11 October 2002

I am executive director of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania. We are beginning a partnership with MCall School, a K-8 public school in center city Philly, to bring genealogy to the schools. McCall's territory encompasses Philly's Chinatown, so about half of the student population has Asian, particularly Chinese ancestry. So I am looking for someone in the Philly area who has knowledge of Chinese and Chinese-American genealogical sources to 1) In-service GSP volunteers who would be spending time at McCall; 2) perhaps be willing to volunteer him/herself.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Jim Beidler
Executive Director
Genealogical Society of PA
215 S. Broad St., 7th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107-5325

Surnames: PRICE
Researcher: Walter Burgner
Date Posted: 11 October 2002

I'm interested in getting information on JOSHUA PRICE who is listed as a Private, in the 4th Troop, lst Calalry Regiment, lst Brigade, lst Division, Philadelphia City Militia 1812-1814. His wife's name was Gertrude, maiden name unknown and his father's name was Mathais Price who served as a Scout in the French & Indian War for twelve years. The Price family migrated down the Cumberland River and settled in Kentucky, county unknown, then down the Ohio River to the Wabash River, then to Vincennes, Indiana in 1828. Shortly thereafter, Joshua Price died and left a widow, Gertrude and several children. Any information on Joshua Price would be appreciated?

Surnames: PHILLIPS
Researcher: Philip Sturm
Date Posted: 10 October 2002

I am looking for information on a Philadelphia merchant of the early 19th century named John Phillips, wife Rebecca, also had a son William Phillips who was a merchant in Philadelphia.
Philip Sturm, Professor of History, Ohio Valley College, Vienna, WV 26105

Researcher: Elizabeth E. Chain, Ph.D., Chandler, Ariz
Date Posted: 10 October 2002

I know that John Chain or Chaine married Anne Lane abt 1740. Anne was descended from Judge Samuel Richardson, Mayor of Philadelphia and friend of Penn.
The son of John and Anne was Matthew Chain, a Revolutionary War Patriot - although I do not know whether he actually fought, I know that he was a member of the Associators and Militia. Matthew married Hannah Hamilton, and their sons (William and John) married Sarah Brode and Ann Evans, respectively. William Chain's son, also William, married Hannah Wagenzeller. I have a great deal of information on all these lines, and I would love to hear from people who are even remotely interested.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 5 October 2002

Surnames of my family supposedly landing PA aboard Ship Brothers from Rotterdam. Any info anyone?

Surnames: SHEILS
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 5 October 2002

Ladies from Derry Ireland looking for information on John Sheils and his brother Hugh. Hugh died in Philadelphia on August 18, 1915 at the age of 29. Are there any known descendants of either man.

Researcher: Melanie Robison
Date Posted: 5 October 2002

Looking for any information about a marriage betwwen Francis Thomas Addis and Elizabeth Eleanor McCann Johnson( possibly 'Americanized' from Ianopolis). They had two children together, Rebecca Viginia Addis 1919-1981, and the other passed away with no children. Would like to find parents of either of this couple. This line is very difficult for me, because Rebecca, my grandmother, is the only one with descendants. Please help if you can. Thanks

Researcher: Melanie Robison
Date Posted: 5 October 2002

Looking for marriage betwwen Alfred J Clark and Sarah Gibson, or children by them. One child born Aug. 19, 1900 in Philadelphia. His name, Francis George Clark. If any information, including parents of either, please contact me. Thanks

Researcher: Heidi
Date Posted: 5 October 2002

I'm searching for any information on my great-grandparents. Mabel CURROR born 1894- died 1975. She is the daughter of William Curror or the (scottish spelling Curran) and Amelia Gasman of SCOTLAND. Mabel worked at Whitmas Candy and married John Thomas Fleming (my G-grandfather) the Post master of Phila who died in the early 60's.
Anyone with info on the Curror's or Fleming family please email me!!!! Thank you!

Researcher: Heike Carlsson
Date Posted: 5 October 2002

Gustaf Johansson was found in the census 1920 in Philadelphia, 6721 Leeds Street.
He lived there with his wife Sarah (born Ball) and two little children, called Mary and John. It was the household of Mary´s parents, with her 4 brothers and it seems that Gustaf worked in a bakery.
Is it possible to tell me what became of Gustaf and his family and where I should search next?
I hope he is Gustaf Adolf Johansson, born 1891 first August in Vissefjärda/Sweden. “Both” are born in the same year and arrived in USA in 1911.
For more information about Gustaf Adolf Johansson, you can have a look at my website:

Surnames: ZEARFOSS
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 5 October 2002

I am seeking information on my ggg grandmother, mary magdalena zearfoss grove. She died at age 30. she was married to issac grove. I am intrested in the zearfoss name, and family.... thank you

Researcher: Walt Morrow
Date Posted: 5 October 2002

Looking for information on the family of Adam Zantzinger 1746-1798 who married Susannah Keppele Christ Church, Philadelphia and probably had three sons and eight daughters (per the 1790 Census). He was a member of the Carpenter's Company of Philadelphia circa 1786 and until he was dropped from membership due to death in 1798. Nothing is known of his children so far.
Did Susannah remarry after 1798? If so to who? Adam was the son of German immigrant Hans Paulus Zantzinger who came to Philadelphia from the Palatinate in 1732 with his wife Mary, sister Elizabeth Zantzinger wife of Michael Gross. Adam had a brother Paul Zantzinger of Lancaster who was a very prominent businessman and had a large well documented family. There was a sister Mary who married....?, and a sister Barbara who married William Morrow of Chambersburg and Pittsburg. Any information on this family particularly that of Adam"s children and Barbara Zantzinger Morrow Children would be greatly appreciated. The 1800 Census only shows Paul Zantzinger of Lancaster while the 1810/1820 Censuses show Thomas Barton Zantzinger son of Paul and Esther Barton Zantzinger. There is no evidence of Adam's children suggesting the possible three sons of Adam died early, or moved away, or had no male progeny.

Surnames: DOWNIE
Researcher: David Downie
Date Posted: 5 October 2002

I am trying to find information on my grandfather and his sister and father. My grandfather, Adam Downie, came to Phila. from Scotland in 1912...his sister Annie Lloyd was already here and married to Fred Lloyd. Adam's father, William Downie, came to the US in 1921 (DOB 1856) and I can find no record of his death... Any help would be appreciated.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 5 October 2002

Im trying to find info on great grandparents Dr. charles and mary(kelly)schneider.His offices were around 9th and diamond.they had 4 children-mary,charles,william and catherine.He graduated from Jefferson medical school died in 1936.

Surnames: MORRIS
Researcher: JJ Morris Jr.
Date Posted: 5 October 2002

My Father Joseph James Morris was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1910 plus or minus 2 years. He has sisters Marie, Margaret and Veronica.

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