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Old Queries (Mar. 2002 - July 2002)

Surnames: KING
Researcher: K. Perk
Date Posted: 27 July 2002

Looking for the burial of Robert P. King (1816-1869) At the time of his death he was President of the Mount Moriah Cemetery where I was assuming he was buried but this has proven to be not true. Know he died 1869 of typhoid fever in the city of Philadelphia . Where oh where is he buried ?

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 27 July 2002

Trying to ascertain the names of newspapers that existed between 1925 - 1930 in the Philadelphia, PA area in an effort to locate info concerning Leland Wilson Williams, who worked in Philadelphia, PA on the trolley cars during the 1920s. Believed to be married to an Italian lady who was a local performer (believed a singer), and they had one daughter who died as a young child in a tragic fire in or around Philadelphia, PA. Would like any history relating to the fire, as well as genealogical information. Child's name, when and where born, date of death, date of burial and location, etc. Would also like to know where one would find information of this nature, either on the internet or if one was to visit the Philadelphia, PA area. Thanks for whatever you may care to share. Please reply to

Researcher: Kelly Kahlau
Date Posted: 27 July 2002

I'm afraid I don't have much, which is why I need some serious help. I am looking for information on my great-great-grandparents, Robert FRIEL and Elizabeth/Sarah GLEASON. I was told by 2 relatives, that they both came from Ireland. I don't know which part of Ireland (I wish I did), nor do I know if they came separately and married here, or married there and came here together. I was told that they lived in Philadelphia, where they raised 3 children: Joseph R. Friel, Cornelius Francis Friel, and Sarah/Elizabeth Friel.

Why the 2 names for mother and daughter? According to Cornelius' death certificate, his mother was listed as Elizabeth Gleason. But my grandmother argued that her name was Sarah, and that Cornelius' sister was named Elizabeth.

I was also told that when Cornelius was young, both of his parents died, and he was sent to live with a relative of his mother's in Canada. Sarah/Elizabeth Friel grew to adulthood, and married, and that's all I know about her. Joseph R. Friel was born in Philadelphia, married there in 1929 (I do not know his brides' name), and died there December 13, 1970. Cornelius (my great-grandfather) was born October 23, 1889 in Philadelphia. At some point he moved to Illinois, where he met and married my great-grandmother, and he died in Chicago. He is buried in a Catholic Cemetery, and I seem to recall someone in my family telling me he was Catholic, and my great-grandmother wasn't.

This line has been a big dead end for me for some time, because of my family not remembering much, and having no dates on the parents. I would like to find out all I can about these ancestors of mine, and would especially love to know what part(s) of Ireland they came from. I would like to know also, when exactly Robert and Elizabeth/Sarah died, and what cemetery they're buried in. I'm pretty sure they were gone by 1900, because they're not in the 1900 census, as least not that I've found.

Researcher: Bob Shive
Date Posted: 27 July 2002

Catherine Bellak, who was a half sister to my grandmother, was enumerated in the 1920 census at the St. Joseph Female Orphan Asylum / Gonzaga House in Germantown. Can anyone tell me anything about this institution?

Surnames: HELLEN
Researcher: Katelyn Thomas
Date Posted: 27 July 2002

Looking for information on H.B. Hellen of Philadelphia. He was married to Pauline/Isophein Greenabaum/Maguire, who was born July 9, 1860 and died Feb 18, 1925. She was widowed not long after their marriage. She died at 1729 W. Norris St.

Surnames: MACY
Researcher: Susan Turner
Date Posted: 27 July 2002

My great grandfather, William H. Macy, was born in PA April 8, 1858. The only clue we have for location is from a document from the Children's Aid Society of NY that lists his birth place as Schuylkill Falls, PA. Believe this was in Philadelphia area, but cannot locate it. Does anyone know where it might have been?

Surnames: McCRYSTAL
Researcher: Carol anne McCrystal
Date Posted: 23 July 2002

My ancestors came to Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, District of Richmond. They came from Co.Tyrone,N.Ireland on 5/24/1843 on the SS Abbotsford.

William, the husband, must have come over before his wife, Ann, and their four sons. William born 6/1804, Ann born 8/1798, Charles born 3/30/1828,

James born 1836, Arthur J. born 1837, William #2 born 12/11/1839. They left Philadelphia in 1855 to come to Lee County, Illinois. Thank you for any help that you can give.

Surnames: KEARNEY
Researcher: Michael Kearney
Date Posted: 23 July 2002

My Great Great Grandfather, James Kearney, lived in Philadelphia from 1840 until the anti-catholic riots in 1844 when he went to Davenport, Iowa.

He married Julia Martin at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church on 5 October 1843. John Harrington and Bridget Moran were the whitnesses.

Does anyone have any information which could link to any of these four people? I have no information about the parents or siblings of James Kearney.

Julia died on October 10, 1844. She had a son James on September 26, 1844, born in Davenport. This child must have died as an infant because no further record of him can be found.

Surnames: 1918 Flu Epidemic
Researcher: Rich Nichols
Date Posted: 23 July 2002

Does anyone know if there is a listing of those persons who died as result of the flu epidemic of 1918 in Philadelphia? Additionally, is there a listing of delayed (flu) deaths assuming that one may have died as an unknown person and then later claimed by a relative. TIA,

Surnames: WARREN
Researcher: Rich Nichols
Date Posted: 23 July 2002

Does anyone have access to the 1908 city directory for Philadelphia and would be so kind as to look up the surname of WARREN for any listing on North Marshall Street. Most Grateful and TIA,

Surnames: CHRISMAN
Researcher: Karen Crisman
Date Posted: 23 July 2002

Does anyone have the passenger list for the ship Concord which landed in Philadelphia on Oct. 6, 1683. The leader was Francis Daniel Pastorius. I was told my ancestors (last name Crisman) came over with William Penn. The last name could have been spelled Christman or Chrisman. The earliest Crisman I have is Elisha Crisman born 1740-45. He died in another county.

Researcher: Nichole C. Santiago
Date Posted: 23 July 2002

I am seeking information on my grandparents and great-grandparents (maternal) for our family tree. My grandfather's name was William Henry Morton born 12-8-1927. I know nothing of my grandfathers parents, the exact date of his death, or the date he married my grandmother Amelia Christiana Morton (Scott maiden name). Of my grandmother Amelia C. Morton, I know her mother's name was Christiana Scott who married (I don't know my great grandfathers name) and bore 11 children. To the best of my knowledge my great-grandmother died sometime between 1985 and 1987. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: CAMPBELL
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 19 July 2002

I am looking for information on my Campbell ancestors. I know two of the brothers lmoved to Philadelphia from Virginia around 1884. Erbana L. Campbell died in Philadelphia in June 1906. He was married to Betty Martin Campbell. They had four daughters and two sons. There was also a brother whose name I believe was Fitzhugh E. Campbell. I also believe one of them had a daugher named Elizabeth who visited Fredericksburg, VA often around 1900-1910. She had a son named John. Thank you.

Researcher: Peter Taylor
Date Posted: 14 July 2002

Looking for info on these names, have info to share. Taylor came from,Swinford, Mayo and Murray from Inishbofin, Galway. Need some help from others that are researching the same family lines.I have all the names, brothers and sisters and children, are you looking too ???

Surnames: MULRONEY
Researcher: Debra E Mulroney Spencer
Date Posted: 14 July 2002

I have found lots of information on the first of our family to come to America . John A Mulroney came in 1867 from Ireland. He was naturalized in 1872[ i got that from the passenger and immigration list] I would like to get the name of the ship he came over on and what port he came into. Ellis island?? It is not listed in the Ellis Island web site.

I also would like to know how i can find out how my ancesters have died. Do I have to get a copy of death certificates of each member of my family to get this information?

Researcher: John Baker
Date Posted: 11 July 2002

I have a lithograph of the building Welch's National Circus. I think it was drawn in the 1860's. If you have access to the Philadelphia City Directory, could you look up their address. I think it was on Arch Street.

Surnames: JOHANNES
Researcher: Charles Garlet
Date Posted: 10 July 2002

Both W. B. Johannes and Peter Johannes are listed in the Philadelphia City Directories for 1850 and 1851. Peter was, also, listed the following year 1852 but not W. B. The question? Did W. B. die? Is there an obit? If so, where might I get a copy or, at least, the information it contains? Thanks for your help.

Researcher: Bruce Starner Yetter
Date Posted: 10 July 2002

Seeking birth record for Samuel Yetter b. abt 1760. Listed as Sgt. Philadelphia Militia 1777. Married Maria Elizabeth Yocum St Michaels & Zion Church 1780. Listed in tax records New Hanover Twsp 1781-1783 Later moved to Berks Cty and then Columbia County.

Researcher: Sue Ann Kullmann
Date Posted: 10 July 2002

I need help in locating a birth record for a Daniel Rose SELVANO (SELVAN) born in Phildelphia, PA on 3 OCT 1880. I have no further information on this family and would appreciate anyone that could look this birth up and send me the information. I can go no further on this line without the parent information. Thank you very much.

Surnames: KING
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 10 July 2002

Looking for the burial of Robert P. King (1816-1869) At the time of his death he was President of the Mount Moriah Cemetery where I was assuming he was buried but this has proven to be not true. Know he died 1869 of typhoid fever in the city of Philadelphia . Where oh where is he buried ?

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 4 July 2002

Am searching for information on these surnames. Have located Peter Crouding m Elisabeth Emory, 29 Dec 1796, Christ Church Philadelphia: Mary Crowden, buried Christ Church, 10 Sept 1798: Peter Crowden (Crouding ?) buried St. Peter's Churchyard, 28 Aug 1809. Have not been able to go further. Have also located a George Crowd- ing (Crouding), d. 1797 in New Castle County, Delaware. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: GOODWIN
Researcher: Helen
Date Posted: 4 July 2002

I am searching for any information on my husband's father. His name was Harry Joseph Goodwin. His father died before he was born in 1908. We think he had 3 brothers, Samuel, James and Harold. Sam lived in Camden and Harold was a priest. We have no knowledge about James. Harry died in a work related accident in September 1948 when my husband was 15. He was married to Elsie Fredericks sometime between 1930 and 1933. Harry and Elsie lived at one time in Runnemede, NJ, probably around 1936 when their second son, John Eugene, was born. My husband, Harry Joseph was born in 1933 in Philadelphia. Elsie is deceased, so there is no one to ask about this.

Researcher: D. Sjoberg
Date Posted: 4 July 2002

Looking for names of MORAN and PETROWSKI (sp) possibly located in the Oxford Circle area.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 4 July 2002

Looking for information on my grandparents.
Paternal: Tito or Titum Ianni. I believe he owned a bar or a brewery on 2nd Street in South Philadelphia. I had also heard that he donated money to help a small town in Italy. Also that he was such a music lover that he brought musicians from Italy & housed them in rental properties he owned & helped them to get started. Would be interested in knowing if any of this is true.
Maternal Jannario or Gionovario Pisano and Angela (wife). Trying to find where they came from in Italy. They lived at 732 Sears St. in Phila. in the early 1900's. I have birth & baptismal certificates for my mother in Phila but not idea where her parents came from.

Researcher: Moira
Date Posted: 29 June 2002

I am searching for my Great Grandfather's sister, Elizabeth Moses who came to the Pa area about 1900 to marry Thomas Morgan to whom she was engaged. They both came from Glamorgan South Wales and my Great Grandfather travelled out with her, his name was Thomas Wyndham Moses. Just wondered if anyone knows anything about them. Thanks very much,

Researcher: Sandi Doubleman
Date Posted: 29 June 2002

I'm researching my gggrandfather's naturalization. My info says he was naturalized in PA, in 1880. I don't know city or county, only that he came from France to work in the coal mines. His name was Florentine Pierre Joseph Dablemont -- know as Pete Doubleman. He didn't read or write. Thank you,

Surnames: WEMS
Researcher: Theresa Cleaver
Date Posted: 29 June 2002

I am looking for a Patrick Wems Irish who emigrated to Philadelphia abt 1823 . Possibly connected to the Byrne and Morgan family. Regards.

Researcher: Laura Ferguson
Date Posted: 29 June 2002

I am seeking any information on my great-grandparents, Francis A. Cooke and Cora Brearley.The only information I have is taken from their obituaries. Cora Brearley was born in Philadelphia on June 11, 1840, apparently of English parents. Francis A. Cooke was born in Liverpool October 24, 1837. He came to the U.S. in 1867, and worked for the revenue service for 2 years. He and Cora were married in Philadelphia on June 1, 1869 and moved to Kansas. I would like to find any information regarding her birth and the names of her parents and any siblings, and any records or newspaper articles regarding their marriage. This is my proverbial "brick wall", and I have had no luck finding anything on line. Thank you for any help or suggestions you may have.

Surnames: GRAKELOW
Researcher: Bill Abrams
Date Posted: 23 June 2002

I have never been able to find any other Grakelow's other than these. Can anyone help?

Descendants of William A. Grakelow
1 William A. Grakelow 1849 - b: May 23, 1849
.. +Sarah Etra Brown 1841 - 1891 b: January 13, 1841 d: October 8, 1891
2 Edith Grakelow
.... +Oscar Smith
2 Gertrude Grakelow 1874 - b: April 28, 1874 in Tower City, PA
.... +Harve Jacoby 1870 - b: December 16, 1870 in Upper Mt. Bethel, Northampton, PA
2 William A. Grakelow
2 Ralph Grakelow
2 Annie Elizabeth Grakelow 1866 - 1936 b: October 20, 1866 d: June 24, 1936 Burial: Hillside Cemetery in Roslyn, PA
.... +Yngve Davis Sisler 1867 - 1928 b: September 25, 1867 d: December 16, 1928 Burial: Hillside Cemetery in Roslyn, PA
2 Hannah Rebecca Grakelow 1869 - 1933 b: December 31, 1869 in Philadelphia PA d: July 15, 1933 in Bordentown NJ Burial: September 02, 1897
.... +Joseph Beatty Haas 1866 - 1928 b: May 4, 1866 in Philadelphia PA d: October 7, 1928 in Bordentown NJ Burial: September 02, 1897
2 Charles H. Grakelow 1879 - 1960 b: 1879 in Tower City d: 1960
2 Ella K. Grakelow 1883 -

Surnames: FLEMING
Researcher: Jim
Date Posted: 23 June 2002

Seeking any information about Raymond Fleming, born 1904 in Florida. 1920 Census shows him living in Philadelphia with his parents, Joeand Nettie Fleming and his siblings Estella, Herman, and Edward. Any leads appreciated.

Researcher: Charlie Lasch
Date Posted: 23 June 2002

Researching the following surnames in Philadelphia: Lasch, Porbacki, Penner, Damsker, Drenkhan, Widawski, Rudnicki, Gehringer, Beganov

Surnames: HOOVER
Researcher: Judy Damewood
Date Posted: 22 June 2002

Julia E. Hoover applied for a Social Security Card in Philadelphia in 1937. She was a native of Idaho and a graduate of the University of Idaho. We are not sure how long she was in Philadelphia, but believe she may have met her future husband, Gerald M. Peterson, in Philadelphia. He was a physician, and we believe he graduated from medical school in Philadelphia. By 1948 the Petersons were living in Louisville, Kentucky. Can anyone tell me if either or both of these people appear in city directories in Philadelphia in the 1930s and 1940s, and from what medical school Gerald Peterson may have graduated? Would I be able to get a marriage record from the late 30s or 40s? Thanks for any assistance.

Surnames: DOVER
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 20 June 2002

I am looking for information on the Dover family name. My GGGGrandfather Philip Dover and his wife Margarit settled in Ohio around 1799 and were to have come from Pa. The only Dover's listed before that date in Pa were from the Philadelphia area. The 1790 census does not list Philip. It has 3 families of Dover that have 11 males accounted for. Can anyone help in proving or disproving Philip's possible relationship?

Researcher: Pam
Date Posted: 20 June 2002

I am looking for information about a distant ancestor, Gustav Blittersdorf. I know that he married Mary Sahner in Clark County, Ohio in 1878. I am trying to determine if he is the same Gustav Blittersdorf who was born on July 24, 1852, possibly in Philadelphia. Here's more information:
Gustav Blittersdorf (b. 1822, m. 1847, d. 1897) -- Maria Elizabeth Knelles (b. 1826, d. 1900)
August - b. 1/17/1848
Charles - b. 10/4/1850
Gustav(e?) - b. 7/24/1852
Elizabeth - b. 10/4/1852
Adolph - b. 3/23/1856
Emma - b. 7/27/1858
William - b. 7/27/1861
Clara Katherine - b. 2/20/1863
George - b. 4/14/1865

I am descended from Adolph, and my family all lived in Philadelphia. But I'm not sure when the first Gustav (b. 1822) moved to the US from Germany, or which of his children were born in the US. At any rate, I'd really like to establish or disprove the connection and would appreciate any help you can give or any pointers you could provide. Thanks!

Researcher: Lorri
Date Posted: 20 June 2002

I am looking for any info on Margaret Gearin b. abt 1844 in Ireland, she married Henry SMITH -SCHMIDT an had abt 8 Children. They lived in South Phila.

Surnames: SEE Below
Researcher: Lorri
Date Posted: 20 June 2002


Researcher: Sharon
Date Posted: 20 June 2002

Looking for any information about George and Emma Edinger nea Hodgekin. Found Emma and children Mabel,Dorothy,William and Charles on 1920 census living in 33rd ward of the city. Can not make out handwriting of street but starts with an H and ends with ville.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 17 June 2002

Any information on this Maguire family would be appreciated.
(1) Peter J. Maguire (Apr 1861or 56 - )
bd. Apr 1861or 56, Pennsylvania
& Ellen/Eleanor/Nellie Costella (Jan 1863 or 66 - )
bd. Jan 1863 or 66, Ireland
m. 1881
| (2) Edward Joseph Maguire (13 Jul 1881 - 6 Dec 1943)
| bd. 13 Jul 1881, 1536 Mt. Holly St., ward 26
| dd. 6 Dec 1943
| & Christine Mary Marshaus (8 Jul 1883 - 27 Feb 1975)
| bd. 8 Jul 1883 | dd. 27 Feb 1975, Erie County Hosp. Penna.
| m. 25 Sep 1903
| (2) Joseph Maguire (Nov 1887or 89 - )
| bd. Nov 1887or 89, Pennsylvania
| (2) Nellie Maguire (Sep 1883 - )
| bd. Sep 1883, Phiadelphia PA
| (2) Thomas Maguire (Oct 1885 - )
| bd. Oct 1885, Pennsylvania
| (2) John A M Maguire (Dec 1890 or 92 - )
| bd. Dec 1890 or 92, Pennsylvania
| (2) Francis(Fr. Peter) Maguire (21 Feb 1892 or 94 - 12 Sep 1937)
| bd. 21 Feb 1892 or 94, Pennsylvania
| dd. 12 Sep 1937
| (2) Peter M. Maguire (Aug 1895 or 96 - )
| bd. Aug 1895 or 96, Pennsylvania
| (2) Harry/ Henry A. Maguire (Apr 1899 - 29 Mar 1955)
| bd. Apr 1899
| dd. 29 Mar 1955, VA Hospital

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 17 June 2002

Seeking info. on Jean Batiste Grelaud who married Marie L.C.D'Espaigne probably in France &fled to Santo Domingo where sons Titon and Arthur were born. In1795 they fled the slave revolt to Phila. a 3rd son John Henri was born there in 1803 & Jean Batiste died there. Marie Ran a Girls Seminary in Phila. from 1808 to ca 1850.

Surnames: MONAHAN
Researcher: Marge
Date Posted: 17 June 2002

I'm looking for relatives of Mary Rita Larsen Monahan she was born in Phila. around 1910 Her mother's maiden name was Carroll and she had a Aunt Sadie who is buried in Holy Cross Cem. She also had two half-sisters whose names we don't know. Mary Rita married Arthur Vincent Monahan around 1944 and had two children Mary Rita 1946 and Francis Vincent b. 1948. My son would like to know if Mary's two sisters are still living? Thank you

Researcher: Margie
Date Posted: 16 June 2002

Attempting to locate information on Rose (Hogan) Neeson. Her parents were John & Jane Mulholland of Bryn Mawr. Rose married a Emmett J. Hogan in 1920 and they lived somewhere in Philadelphia. I only know of the following children they may be more- Edith Hogan born 1913 - Charles Hogan born 1914 - Helen Hogan born 1915 - twins Mary & Anna Hogan born 1919. Rose was born in Ireland on 16, April 1888. Last known, Rose was at my Grandfathers funeral in Jan. 1957 (John) this was her brother. Hoping to connect with any family members if possible, I'm their cousin. Thank you

Surnames: DONNELLY
Researcher: Kathy
Date Posted: 16 June 2002

Would some nice person who has access to the Philadelphia obituaries please see if there is a listing for Frederick DONNELLY who died December 12, 1849 of hepatitis at age 37 and who was buried in Monument Cemetery. Thanks so much,

Researcher: Kathy
Date Posted: 16 June 2002

Does anyone know if the records for the Philadelphia Alms House Childrens' Asylum are available anywhere? I'm looking for information on William H. Snyder/Schneider/Snider age 10 in 1860 when he was a resident there. Does anyone have a William H. Snyder in their family lines whose parents died before 1860? Thanks so much,

Surnames: FOXHILL
Researcher: Kathy
Date Posted: 16 June 2002

Does anyone have a marriage record about 1843 for John Francis Foxhill and Sarah M. Conklin in Philadelphia? Also, does anyone have a marriage record for Charlotte Conklin and a Mr. Henry about the same time? Thanks,

Researcher: Anne Hazelwood
Date Posted: 14 June 2002

A 1921 death certificate mentions After Inquest under the cause of death. I need assistance in locating the results of the inquest so that I can order a copy. Thank you very much.

Surnames: BRAUN
Researcher: Kim Marshall
Date Posted: 14 June 2002

I'm looking for my great great-grand parents, parents. My great great-grandfather was Phillip Braun born in 1875 & died 1951 in Philadelphia. His wife was Elmira Smith born 1879 in Maryland & died 1951in Philadelphia. They had 6 children. I know they lived at 1618 10th St., Philadelphia County during the 1900 census & 2025 S. Colorado St., Philadelphia county during the 1920 census. Phillip's parents were born in Germany & mirgrated to Pennsylvania here before he was born.

Also looking for my great-grandfather's parents. My great - grandfather was Franklin Astor Thompson born in 1900 & died in 1962 both in Phildelphia, PA. He married Mabel Elmira Braun in Phildelphia.

Surnames: WENTZ
Researcher: Edward L. Wentz
Date Posted: 8 June 2002

am seeking information on Edward (Lewis?) Wentz who married my grandmother K. (Katherine) Laura Warner. She gave birth to my father Edward Louis/Lewis Wentz on Dec. 2, 1908. His father is listed on my father's birth certificate as 28 years old making his year of birth as 1880. My grandmother was listed as 22 years old.

Presumably Edward and Laura were divorced or he died because she remarried George Luby July, 1911. Search of the Phila. Archives in Dec., 2001, did not reveal a marriage license between Edward & Laura. A marriage license between Laura and George Luby was found.

Edward & Laura's names were also listed on my father's baptismal certificate dated Feb., 1909. Also listed on the certificate was Rev. Rancil or Revel Smith. Church unknown.

Any information regarding to the above would be appreciated.

Surnames: GEIGER
Researcher: Lorri
Date Posted: 8 June 2002

My father CHARLES GEIGER b. 1909 Phila, He had 3 older brothers Herman -Edward -William I am searching for info on their familys.

Researcher: Jean
Date Posted: 2 June 2002

I am searching for an obituary for my Uncle John Sosnowski. DOD , 02/2/1926.He is buried in Holy Redeemer Cemetery, so I am sure it was posted in one of the Philadelphia newspapers. Any help,or a shove in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: CHAMPION
Researcher: Ann
Date Posted: 2 June 2002

Looking for information on Thomas James Champion born 1793 in Burlington NJ. Stated he lived in Philadelphia and NJ before moving to upstate NY and Michigan. Looking for evidence of church affliation/marriage between 1810 and 1823. Possible Quaker, altho later he was an ME pastor. Perhaps minutes or records showing he married out? Thanks.

Surnames: HART
Researcher: Duane Grier
Date Posted: 31 May 2002

I am seeking information on my maternal great grandfather, Samuel Beecher Hart. I know that he lived in Philadelphia, PA in the early 1900s. He was an African-American (I believe the first) state legislator.

Any information you could provide, particularly regarding his background, would be appreciated.

Thanking you in advance,

Surnames: FLEMING
Researcher: Family Researcher
Date Posted: 31 May 2002

I'm seeking any ancestry info on my descendants who lived in the Philadelphia area up to the 1970's. My great grandfathers name is John Thomas Fleming, he was the head postmaster of Philly up to the early 50's. My great grandmother is Mable CURROR.I dont have their dates but know they died in the 60's & 70's. Also Mable remarried before her death and may have a different last name. They had 2 sons my grandfather John Curror Fleming and Billy Fleming. If anyone has any info on the Fleming or Curror family's please contact me. Thank You

Researcher: Lee Bryant
Date Posted: 31 May 2002

Abraham Obadiah Hamer/Hammer born in the year of 1720 married Martha Bateman who was born in 1735. They were married on November 4, 1756 (at Old Swede's Church [now called Gloria Dei], a National Historical Site in Philadelphia.

They lived in Chester Co., Pennsylvania and their children were: Adam, Joel, Thomas, Abraham Obadiah Jr., Nathan, Allen, Ezekiel and Noah (both died in adult years), Enos, Mary Magdalene, Ezra and five more who died when infants. Martha Bateman Hammer died during child birth in her 43rd year in 1778.

Surnames: McCLURE
Researcher: Rose
Date Posted: 29 May 2002

Am trying to find more info on Mary McClure b. abt 1780. She married John Gamble, date unknown, son of Joseph Gamble and Mary Flower. According to the 1790 census Joseph's family lived in Southwark, Phila. PA. There are 2 McClure families that lived in the same area at that time, a Janet (Jennet, Jane) McClure, widow of Samuel McClure, had a daughter Mary and a James McClure, children's names unknown. John and Mary McClure Gamble later moved near Circleville, OH. after 1804.

Researcher: Paul
Date Posted: 29 May 2002

My great grandfather's death certificate lists the place of burial as North Mount Moriah. I am trying to locate any and all information about this cemetery. It appears to be separate from Mount Moriah, which I understand is in both Philadelphia and Delaware County.

Surnames: REIMES(Rimes)
Researcher: Peggy Yale
Date Posted: 29 May 2002

I am looking for information on Lintwood Everett & Elizabeth Reimes(Rimes), both born in Philadelphia, about 1830-1850.

Researcher: Stevie Hughes
Date Posted: 29 May 2002

I am researching the ZOPHER JOHNSTON family. ZOPHER and JOHN JOHNSTON, relationship unknown, are in the 1730 Philadelphia County Tax list with a notation "settled 10 years". Zopher Johnston left Philadelphia County sometime before 1755-1760 when his son, Zopher Johnston (Jr) was born on the "Forks of Delaware", Northhampton County. Zopher Johnston (Sr) and his family migrated to Frederick County, VA sometime before 1782 when they are found in the 1782 Census. Naming paterns of this family included male names of: Zopher, John, Joseph and James. Female names included: Mary also called Polly; Martha also called Mercy; Elizabeth also called Betsy and Phebe, and Nancy. Members of this family intermarried into the Jothem Brown and Christopher Cooper family. Any information on this family would be greatfully appreciated.

Surnames: HARRIS
Researcher: Tom Smith, Professor, Pfeiffer University
Date Posted: 29 May 2002

I am doing research on jazz trombonist and Philadelphia native Willard Palmer (Bill) Harris. I am attempting to discover the names of his parents. He was born in Philadelphia October 28, 1916. Thank You,

Surnames: DONNELLY
Researcher: Fred
Date Posted: 29 May 2002

Would some nice folks who have access to Philadelphia City Directories please look at any of them between 1850 and 1890 and tell me if a Frederick Donnelly is listed and at what address? Thanks so much,

Researcher: Family Historian
Date Posted: 25 May 2002

All of these families arrived in Phiadelphia between approximately 1890 and 1910. They were originally from Russia. They lived mainly in South Philadelphia and Overbrook Park and Camden, NJ. Hirsch FRIEDMAN's family lived on Girard Avenue around 1943. If anyone has any information that I might find useful, please email me. Thank you.

Surnames: CHAUVIN
Researcher: Todd
Date Posted: 25 May 2002

Pierre Valentine? Chauvin (c1760-1821) (Peter Gevin in Crawford Co, PA.) By family traditions, Pierre came to the colonies with Marquis de Lafayette during the American Revolution and stayed in southeast PA after it was over. Seeking:
1. Are there military records of the French Soldiers service during the Revolution?
2. Need Pierre's birthdate, birthplace and parents.
3. Any record of his residence after the war until he marries Catherine Dom in Berks Co in 1785.
4. Did The Commonwealth of PA or the Continental Congress pay the French for their service?
Any assistance with any of these items will be greatly appreciated

Surnames: STOFER
Researcher: Bettie Schaibly
Date Posted: 25 May 2002

I am looking for information on JOHN STOFER, married to MARGARETTA EDWARDS. Children were: JOHN REESE, PARKER BROWNWEL, WILLIAM EDWARD. Thank you

Surnames: ADAM
Researcher: Lorelei Scarlett
Date Posted: 17 May 2002

I am looking for children of Johann Jacob Adam born in Schlaitdorf, Germany in 1720, married to Anna Kummerlin in Schlaitdorf in 1742, moved to Germantown, Pa. in 1754. He died in Germantown 24 September 1762. I am particularly looking for Jacob Friedrich Adam born 7 September 1757 in Germantown. They were members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Germany. I would also like any info available on Johann Jacob or Anna.

Surnames: DEVLIN
Researcher: Tomas J. Devlin
Date Posted: 17 May 2002

I am looking for any information or leads on Joseph Devlin married Ellen Ryan. They probably were born abt. 1850/1860.
Children (from Philadelphia, PA):
- Helen K. Devlin (b. 1884)
- Thomas A. Devlin (b. 1890)
- Charles S. Devlin (b. 1895)
- William Devlin (not sure)
- John Devlin (not sure)

Surnames: KARCHER
Researcher: Leslie
Date Posted: 11 May 2002

I am searching for a Jenny Karcher b abt 1899 and marriaed Alexander Gray Russell. Her parents may be Henry Karcher and Margaret Mills. All help is appreciated. They lived in Philadelphia.

Surnames: SUTLING
Researcher: Marion Clare
Date Posted: 11 May 2002

Query: Would someone please tell me how I go about trying to find a death certificate and will. I am trying to find NELLIE SUTLING who died about 1963. She was born in England 1878 and emigrated to Philadelphia 1894 – 1897. She is on the Philadelphia census of 1900 & 1910. but her name spelt as SUTTING and SUTLAND. Not sure where she died or the exact date of death but do know she left a will. Help please as to how to start.

Surnames: ROBINSON
Researcher: Jack Robinson
Date Posted: 10 May 2002

I have an ancestor, William Robinson, who I know was born on 6 Mar 1816 in Philadelphia Co., PA. His father's name was probably William. Does anyone have any guidance as to what resources are available in Philadelphia that may lead to his birth record/baptismal record/parentage, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: JOHNSON
Researcher: Jeanne
Date Posted: 8 May 2002

Would someone be willing to do a look-up of: Joseph JOHNSON, d. between 1836 and 1840 in Phila. (Southwark). What is date and where is he buried, spouse?

Researcher: James H. Lawrence
Date Posted: 8 May 2002

Looking for cousins with ties to any of the families listed in my email signature below. Everyone of them lived in Philadelphia at one time or another, most all their lives, beginning in 1715 with Frederick Reimer and his wife Elisabeth Weynacht in what is now Upper Frederick Township, Montgomery County. A few of my other ancestors were Caspar ca 1685-aft 1715, and son Francis Shunk ca 1710-1791, Conrad 1708-1770 and son Simon Sweitzer ca 1737-ca 1800, Johann Michael bef 1720-ca 1775 and son Charles Kugler 1754-1818, Stephen Goodman bef 1731-aft 1785, and daughter Catharine 1752-1830, Johannes Lorentz (John Lawrence) 1725-1798 son Christian 1764-1811 and grandson Michael 1797-1856, Johann Michael Hotz 1731-1783 and daughter Anna Maria (Mary) 1764-1836, Johann Martin Günzler ca 1700-aft 1761, and daughter Anna Catharine 1739-1814, William Etley ca 1807-1864, and his wife Mary Cubbler 1813-1900, Dominulus Moehrle 1746-1824, his son Johannes 1790-1854, his grandson Philip Jacob 1832-1884, James A. Marlin ca 1821-ca 1859, his son John Kidd 1848-1905, Thomas Harrop ca 1785-aft 1818, his son Thomas 1819-1867, James Evans ca 1785-aft 1819, his daughter Martha ca 1819-aft 1880, Joseph Musselman 1797-1874, his wife Elisabeth Frack or Frock, ca 1796-aft 1870, their daughter Eliza 1825-1922, and George Morgenroth ca 1819-aft 1880, his son Carl Christian 1848-1902.
Anyone with a link to any of these families are invited to contact me to trade information.

Surnames: MARSHALL
Researcher: Richard Marshall
Date Posted: 8 May 2002

Looking for Robert E Marshall, b. Dec. 1872 in Dorchester Co., Md. Moved to Philadelphia, Pa 1895 with family. Father: Robert M Marshall (d. 1872), Mother: Sarah C.( Jones) (Marshall) Wright ( d. 1907), Stepfather: Thomas W. Wright ( d. 1907), Sisters, Augusta, Ella, Laura, and Sarah Marshall. All except Robert E Marshall and sister Sarah ( unknown at present) are buried in Dorchester Co., Md. Robert is in the 1900 Philadelphia Census and in the 1902 Philadelphia City Directories as a " Milk Dealer". He can no longer be found after 1902.

Surnames: McDERMOTT
Researcher: Eileen
Date Posted: 4 May 2002

I'm looking for my ggrandmother Jane Mcdermott, she was born in Ireland in 1864. She immigated to America 1888, married Peter Calla(g)han in1889 in Phila. Pa. They had 3 children Anna, John, Thomas (my grandfather) Her parents names were Mathew McDermott and Bridget Sullivan.

Surnames: MULLANEY
Researcher: Pat
Date Posted: 4 May 2002

My Mom was born in Philadelphia in 1923. Her parents were Michael J. Mullaney and Margaret Slavin Mullaney. Brothers: James, Michael, John, Joseph and a sister, Marguerite. All are now deceased except for maybe John (Jack). Michael J. had a sister Mary who married a Hugh Reid; one daughter, Mary who married James Mooney; two children, James, Jr. and Rosemary. In 1934 James and Mary lived on Myrtlewood (?) Ave. Margaret Slavin Mullaney's parents were Bernard and Bridget McGrath Slavin. Any info would be helpful.

Researcher: Helen
Date Posted: 3 May 2002

I am homebound a great deal of the time so must rely on the internet a great deal. Am starting to do research on my BALLARD/GILBERT lines. Any help you would be able to give me would be most appreciative.
I have a few pages from the Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families from The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, Vol. I. on page 566 & 567 it states tha in 1740 a Peter and Priscilla Browne sold a 17 ft lot with house on the corner of Second and Race Street to William BALLARD, a sadler, for 100 pounds. This is in Deed Book G-1, 152: June 7, 1740, Peter Browne to William Ballard. This is my 4th great grandfather.
Can you tell me where I would write to in order to get a copy of this document and what the cost might be for each?
I would also like to get copies of the wills in Book C 1705-1714 for John Gilbert, Nov. 19, 1711, c-280, Joseph Gilbert, Oct 17, 1710, c-219, Joshua Gilbert, Oct. 1, 1711, c-256.
Thank you in advance.

Surnames: BOWEN
Researcher: Christine K. Bowen
Date Posted: 3 May 2002

I am a descendant of the Bowen's and Buck's of Bridgeton, NJ. I don't know how yet but my g-g-g-grandfather's Daniel Bowen and John Buck both in Washington County, Ohio (now Monroe County) moved there about l798-l800. There are only two branches of Bowen's really one from Maryland (Moses Bowen's family who seemed to migrate to PA then into VA) and then the NJ Bowen's - I'm sure I'm with NJ because (l) the Buck family and (2) a tombstone of Mary Bowen Rutter which states she was born l785 Bridgeton, NJ (3) a Smith Bowen was in Washington County for a brief period, applying for a license in l806 for a tavern license. Smith is truly a NJ person. The problem I'm having is that Rachel Bowen Witten (I believe a sister to Daniel), states she was born l785 in PA, thus I just don't know which of these NJ Bowen's I'm with, and as for the Buck's - since they knew the Bowen's and eventually when they reached Oh-WVA they married each other. Also the connection is the Kimble, Kemble, family of Morris County, NJ arrived PA-Ohio-into WVA area, so I'm sure my relations come out of NJ via PA.

Surnames: MILLER
Researcher: Diane Carter
Date Posted: 3 May 2002

I'm not sure where to start with this query because I have so little information to go on....Dr. Evelyn E. Miller (b. c. 1908 in Missouri - Saline, Lafayette or maybe St. Louis counties). She went into the medical profession, following her father's footsteps. Her parents were Edward Bryant Miller & Rachel Mae Everett. Dr. E.B. Miller was a country doctor who practiced in Wakita, Grant County, Oklahoma. At the time of his death in 1948, Evelyn was living and practicing medicine in Philadelphia (that according to his obit). She never married and according to family history, Evelyn committed suicide. I have no idea what year, though could have been in the 1950's or 60's. Is there a physician's directory for that era (40's) in Philadelphia? I'd like to find out a little more on this Miller relative. Thanks!

Researcher: Christine Dorval
Date Posted: 3 May 2002

Looking for any info on Blockley Almshouse in Philadelphia. Can anyone help?

Surnames: WARREN
Researcher: Patricia J. Warren
Date Posted: 28 April 2002

I am looking for any onformation related to Sidney Samuel Warren. Ellis Island records show that he emmigrated from England in 1911 as a single man and British citizen. He entered the country again in 1920 as a married, US citizen living in Philadelphia. He was born in 1879 in Portsmouth to Henry John Warren and Emily Jane Sansbury.

Surnames: LAUGHLIN
Researcher: xxxx
Date Posted: 28 April 2002

William and Isabella (Robinson) Laughlin arrived aboard "The Provincialist" 1847 from Londonderry. Family was from Bovevagh, Black Falls, and Killy Bleught, Derry, NIR. Also on board were other Laughlin's, Margaret, Mary and nancy, but I am unsure whether they were related. William and Isabella had a number of children, among them Matthew, George , and William Henry. Willaim Henry married Jane (Jennie) Miller and their children were Isabella, Thomas, and ?.

Surnames: CORNMAN
Researcher: Dick Corman
Date Posted: 28 April 2002

I am searching for the parents of Joseph Cornman. born 18, July 1806, could also be July 8, 1803 in Philadelphia County, PA. HIs parents may have been Joseph and Mary. Our Joseph, my G G Grandfather also married a "Mary" and had four children before moving to Burlington, Iowa, around 1850. Thanks

Researcher: John
Date Posted: 28 April 2002

I am trying to locate a home for unwed mothers, which was somewhere in the Philadelphia area around 1945-47 time frame. -AND- if I do find such a place, will the babies surname be that of the mothers, fathers, or a john doe???
THANK you for your time!!!

Researcher: xxxx
Date Posted: 25 April 2002

I am looking for any information or leads on Thomas Delahunty and his brothers. Thomas was a stone cutter who started a monument and tombstone business in the 1860's across the street from Laurel Hill Cemetery.

Surnames: SHARP
Researcher: John Sharp
Date Posted: 24 April 2002

I am researching the family of Charles SHARP, born abt 1780 who married Rebecca (Unknown) about 1804. Charles shows in the 1807 Philadelphia Directory at 162 Sassafras Street, and his occupation was a tailor. Son Charles SHARP was born 6 Dec 1805 and daughter Rebecca was born abt 1808. I believe they had four other children. Charles is shown in the 1830 Philadelphia census but not in the 1840 census. Son Charles married Susan Stokes and and moved to Camden, New Jersey about 1840. In about 1859, Charles was elected to the Camden City Council. He died 22 September, 1881. I'm looking for birth, marriage, and death information on both Rebecca and Charles SHARP.

Surnames: WILLSON
Researcher: Geri Buss
Date Posted: 20 April 2002

I am seeking documentation regarding Jonathan Willson who was born 8 August 1741 in Maiden Creek, Philadelphia Co., PA and died 23 September 1824 in Pine Grove, Lycoming Co., PA. He was the son of Robert Willson and Mary Lundy Willson. Robert Willson was born 1 November 1709 in Chesterfield, Burlington Co., NJ and died 22 April 1785 in Bucks Co., PA. He evidently spent the years between 1737 and 1745/46, (about 9 to 10 years) in Maiden Creek, Philadelphia County. Thanks,

Surnames: CORMAN
Researcher: Dick Corman
Date Posted: 20 April 2002

I am searching for my G G Grandfather, Joseph Corman. He was born 7-28-1806 in PA. His parenst were born in PA also. I believe in Philadelphia County. He married a Mary?? and had four children there before mving to Burlington, Iowa. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Surnames: HELPMAN
Researcher: Jean Turner
Date Posted: 19 April 2002

Searching for information on Martin Luther Helpman, born 16 July 1853 in Ohio.

Surnames: RABY
Researcher: Russ Raby
Date Posted: 19 April 2002

I'm stumped and need some help finding information on my Grandfather.He is my paternal grandfather. His name is Russell Maurice Raby. He worked as a motorman for the railroad and was born in Philadelphia, according to the best information that I have, and died in the mid 1950's. He was 33 when the 1920 census was done. They lived on Hale st. in the NE. My grandmother's name was Ethel ( Massey ) , born Phila. on June 27th 1890. Russell E. Raby, my father was born Phila., January 16th 1922. I have more information on my father's siblings , if that would help. I'm trying to get information on my grandfather's birth, and family. Please help me if you can . Thanx.....

Researcher: Ann Lewin
Date Posted: 19 April 2002

My Great Grandfather and Grandmother emitgrated from Romania to PA. Lived in Pittsburgh. Great Grandfather Daniel Zuckerman was born in Romania in 1851. Son Bernard Zuckerman was born in Philadelphia. Trying to find some clue at to ship and year emigrated. Son born in 1887. I assume ship sailed into PA. Cannot find any records of passage into either NY or PA. Sent for birth certificate of Bernard but it has been a couple of months and have not received. Main aim right now is to find passage records for Daniel and Cecelia Zuckerman. I assume it would be between 1871 and 1886. Have tried Family Life center etc but cannot find. If there is anyone out there who can it would be greatly appreciated. Eventually they ended up in CA after 1900. Can not find in either PA or CA census for 1900 or 1910. Thanks in advance for your efforts.

Surnames: FOW
Researcher: Don A. Haag, Sr.
Date Posted: 19 April 2002

My great-great-grandfather, BENJAMIN FOW, was born on November 23, 1821 in Philadelphia, PA. He married Elizabeth McCord on August 15, 1840 and they lived in Philadelphia County, North Liberties area, 11th Ward. They moved to Louisville, KY in late 1860. I am searching for information on Benjamin Fow's parents or siblings in Philadelphia.

Surnames: ABBOTT
Researcher: Dorothy Abbott Mackey
Date Posted: 15 April 2002

Susan Abbott was a nurse in St. Agnes Hospital in Philadelphia in the early 1900's. She died near Philadelphia on 12 October 1914. Where can I find out how she died and where she is buried?

Surnames: DANE
Researcher: xxxx
Date Posted: 15 April 2002

Searching for parents of John A Dane (Dains, Danes, etc.) born Pennsylvania 1826. Federal census of 1830 shows two Dane families in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania: Benjamin Dane, 1st ward, N. Liberties, page 004; and Thomas Dane, 2nd Ward N. Liberties, page 032. John A Dane married 1856 Miami County Ohio Mary A Walters. The Dains surname is frequent in southeast Ohio, but no connection to John A can be established. Thanks for any and all assistance.

Surnames: LYON/LYONS
Researcher: Linda
Date Posted: 15 April 2002

Am looking for any relatives of Luther or Burt Lyon(Lyons) they lived in Philadelphia (possibly 0n North 6th Street) around 1898. I believe my grandmother(Margaret Jenkins from Scranton) is related to them in some way. If you have any info please write, i will share my photos of the family house and Luther and Burt. Thanks,

Researcher: Susi
Date Posted: 15 April 2002

Looking for information on the Huffman (HOFFMAN) Brothers that came to US on ship together. Sent one brother back to Germany with funds raised and informed Uncle the new world would be to rough on him. Also took letters and items back to family in Germany from other people who came to US with them 1748 ish. George (?)went back about 1750 returned shortly after . They had been here about 18 mos. Written in a HISTORY BOOK of Philiadelphia. about 5 x 9 and 3 " thick. Awful description huh.

Researcher: Susi
Date Posted: 15 April 2002

I am looking for information on Mary Magdeliene Strock, m to ARMSTRONG wdwd and later ma JOHN FOLK 1700's late 1770 -68 or so. After JOHN FOLK died 1793 she moved to Cumberland Co from Berks Co. . HER marriage to John took place in PHiladelphia I read it but at time did not keep reference ..

Surnames: DUNCAN
Researcher: Robert Scott Davis
Date Posted: 15 April 2002

I am doing historical research on James W. Duncan (b. ca. 1840 Wheeling, Virginia), a Philadelphia baker from ca. 1867 to at least 1880. His wife Alice, was born in Ireland. Can you recommend any sources that could give me his date of death? Does an index to Philadelphia obituaries exist for 1880 and later? Thanks.

Researcher: xxxx
Date Posted: 15 April 2002

I have been researching my paternal grandparents for over two years now, and have met some new cousins who helped me with my grandfather's family. However, I still know very little about my grandmother, JANE RACHEL (JENNY) STARKEY. She was married to JORDAN JOSEPH DEFANT in 1914 and died in Philadelphia in 1954. She had a sister named GERTRUDE STARKEY who married my grandfather after his wife's death. I have been told that the name Starkey may have been changed during immigration, but I don't know this to be a fact, and so far, alternate spellings have not yielded a clue. Supposedly, her family came from Mahanoy City and were in coal mining. I would appreciate any help.

Surnames: NEWMAN
Researcher: Willis Newman
Date Posted: 15 April 2002

One of my relatives is Barton Newman, who, as near as I can tell, was born in Philadelphia in about 1720. I cannot trace the family any farther back than him. How an I find out who his parents, etc. were, and from where they came from?

Surnames: William F. Hart
Researcher: Traci Brown
Date Posted: 10 April 2002

I am looking for someone to do two things for me. The first being to locate a death notice/obituary for William F.Hart b. 12-16-1887, Altoona, Blair County, PA d. 1-2-1946,Philiadelphia Veteran's Hospital, Philly Pa. I am guessing that there would have been at least a posted death notice for him that day or the next couple days after her death.
Next is to go to the National Cemetery in Philly area and take a picture of his marker. I am living in Wichita Kansas so I am unable to go there personally to take this photograph. He has 3 living children yet and none of them were able to attend the funeral so the VA buried him for them in the National Cemetery. I would like to at least be able to send each of his children a picture of it for their own peace of mind. I am his great granddaughter.
Thanks so much to anyone who can offer some help and would greatly appreciate it and will reimburse for their time and trouble.

Surnames: GARRISON
Researcher: Pat French
Date Posted: 10 April 2002

I am researching my gggrandfather, Joseph Garrison. According to military records he had served in the War of 1812 and then was a rafter on the Delaware River. He lived in Delaware County, NY but rafted down to Philadelphia. In "spring of 1833" he died in a rafting accident on the Delaware River at Philadelphia." I cannot find out anything about this death other than it is listed as the time and place of his death. I am not sure if his body was ever located and if so, where he is buried. Would old Phila papers have any notice of these deaths? I understand that was a common accident in those times. Please let me know if there is any way I can find out about this. Thank you.

Surnames: CROSSEN
Researcher: Mary Woods
Date Posted: 8 April 2002

Am seeking information regarding Margaret Crossen who married Patrick Malone in 1863 in Philadelphia, PA. Would like any information available. Am trying to find out if she would be my great grandfather, Edward Crossen's sister. All i know is that he had a sister in PA who was still living as of Feb. 1910. I do not know her name. His obit says...sister in PA. Thank you.

Researcher: Jeanne Holder
Date Posted: 8 April 2002

Joseph Johnson and Pleasant (Vanblunk) Johnson lived in Southwark Dist. of Phila. Co. in 1800. Does anyone have the Gloria Dei Church records from that period of time? I do not know if he was Swedish but perhaps church records would help. Thank you.

Surnames: PITOCK
Researcher: Jean
Date Posted: 8 April 2002

Am looking for any information I can find on the name Pitock. They lived in the Jewish section of Philadelphia around 7th and Girard. Since I live in Calif. I do not know the place I would find that area in on the census either and would like help with that also. I also need to find out what ward the area of 7th and Girard are in for Pitock.

Surnames: MERRITT
Researcher: Fran M. Roen
Date Posted: 5 April 2002

My 5th great grandfather is Marmaduke Merritt b. 175? in Penn. s/o John Merritt. He was a boat builder and served in the capacity during the Revolutionary War as a Pvt. His wife was Ann Fuller. I'm looking for any information on this family line that I can find. Or ideas on where else to look for information.

Researcher: M.(Hiltner) DeVore
Date Posted: 5 April 2002

Johann Wilhelm(William) Hiltner, arrived Ship Neptune from Rotterdam at Philadelphia, Sept. 24, 1753.Any info as to where he may have gone from Philadelphia. Thanks

Researcher: Jessica Sparks
Date Posted: 5 April 2002

I have a death certificate for my great grandfather and he died in Jan6, 1909. in Philadelphia., Ward 27, 3912 Chestnut st. In the 1850 census, there is a Chestnut Ward. Is this the same ard? Thank you so much.

Surnames: WARREN
Researcher: Bobbie Nichols
Date Posted: 3 April 2002

With the 1930 census now available, I would like to find my father and his mother. I ordered the 1929 and 1930 city directories from the LDS but could not read them at all, they were too light. I am wondering if sks would do a lookup for me? I am looking for a Walter SISOM, most likely lived in the Frankford area of Philly. His stepson, my father, was William R WARREN. He may not have been living with his mother and stepfather and could be listed seperately. I need to know the address they lived at in order to search the 1930 census.

Researcher: Tawdra
Date Posted: 2 April 2002

I am searching for info on my great grandmother, Annie A. Murphy, died in Philadelphia Dec. 1905 at the age of 27. She was married to Jesse T. Thompson. Year of birth 1878--not sure of location. Any information would be very appreciated: her son is now 96 and anxious for any info about his mother who died when he was only 5 months old.

Researcher: Diana
Date Posted: 2 April 2002

I am researching Wisner and Lehmann in Philadelphia County can any one help me thanks

Surnames: PUSEY
Researcher: Kathleen Frailey Puls
Date Posted: 1 April 2002

I am searching for the death date and more of Joseph Pusey, b. June 21, 1824 in Chester, PA. He married Julia Steiner 1850 in Lancaster and had 4 children - Mary E., Sarah Frances, Alfred/Albert and Annie. Julia and 2 of the children died in the 1860's and in 1893 Joseph Pusey was living at No. 2211 North 27th St. in Philadelphia. He mentions family members in a letter dated 1893 - Albert, Sophia and Eddie Pusey. Albert Pusey was secretary at the Office of New Farmers Market on Broad St. in Philadelphia in 1893. Would like to find and descendants of this family. Thanks

Researcher: Diane
Date Posted: 29 March 2002

I am trying to find a site that will help me distinguish where specific wards and districts were in Philadelphia in the mid 1800's. Specifically , I would like to know where (what streets etc.) Spring Garden Ward 3 and 5 are as well as what the street perimeters of Northern Liberties is. They are listed on the censuses but I haven't a clue as to how to go about pinning them down. Many thanks.

Researcher: xxxx
Date Posted: 29 March 2002

I am have been looking for death records for in and around Philadelphia County. The family name is Williamson and the children were born from 1878 to 1904 to Father, Thomas Gregory Williamson, mother, Anna Morrison. I found the family in the 1900 & 1910 Philadelphia census records and can not trace them any further. Thanks for any help you may be to me.

Surnames: FIELD
Researcher: Jacqueline Sleeper Russell
Date Posted: 29 March 2002

My great grandfather was Charles J. Field, son of John and Ernestine Field. He was born in Philadelphia. (I don't have his date of birth) He married Elizabeth P. Beagary (widow of Simon Steele) 24 Sep 1859, in Camden, Camden, New Jersey. They had two children: Henry (who died in infancy) and my great grandmother, Catherine Adele Field, who married my great grandfather, Herbert John Russell of Worcester, Massachusetts. Catherine had two children: Miriam Russell (Lancaster) and my grandfather, Raymond Field Russell.
Captain Charles J. Field was killed in the Civil War on 5 Jun 1864 in Lookout Valley, TN. I wonder if anyone can help me find out more about his mother and father as I wish to take his line back as far as possible. Thanks,

Surnames: LYNCH
Researcher: xxxx
Date Posted: 29 March 2002

I am searching for the marriage record of Cornelius B. Lynch, who immigrated from County Donegal, Ireland to Philadelphia about 1846. He was married in Philadelphia in 1846-47 and moved to Blair County, PA and later to Yazoo County, MS. His spouse's given name was either Ann or Francis.He appears in the 1850 census of Blair County. He died in Mississippi in 1854.

Researcher: Grace
Date Posted: 28 March 2002

John Davis (1809 -1889) m. Margaret Rodefer (1813-1861) 1850 philadelphia census Southwark ward 2 has listed:
Joseph H. Davis, 40, house carpenter, PA
Margaret, 35
Malinda, 17
Allen, 15
George, 13
Charles, 9
William, 5
Oscar A., 3
John, 7/12
Charles Rodefer, 25, brick layer,
Margaret Reary, 17, servant, Germany

Oscar Alphonso Davis is my G.Grandfather. He went to Lackawanna/Wayne Co area, married Ella M. Sharp from Salem twp , Wayne Co. Family history has his father's name as John Davis, but is listed as Joseph H. in the 1850 census. William H. Davis(Oscar's brother) buried at Mt. Mariah Cem. philadelphia. W. H. D.'s son Andrew signed death certificate John Davis (Oscar's brother) married to Elsie? Other Names mentioned in grandmother Mildred Alice Davis' diary/journal:
Cager Weiss* died at 114 yrs of age (Oscar came to Wayne co area with Cager) Bill Moss* (friend of William H. Davis), Byron Davis,. Sammie Cassels, cousins of Davis'
Any info on any of these appreciated, and hope this helps anyone else searching for Davis/ Rodefer from Philadelphia. Thanks

Researcher: Ann Lewin
Date Posted: 28 March 2002

I am interested in info on my Great Grandfather Daniel Zuckerman who emigrated to PA from Romania. I do not know what ship he came in or if he had brothers and sisters or other family that traveled with him. Just trying to sort it out. I know he emigrated with wife Cecelie and she gave birth to a son Bernard on March 24, 1888. Would appreciate any help you can give.
Thank you,

Surnames: EDWARDS
Researcher: Dotty Dill
Date Posted: 28 March 2002

I would like a copy of a death notice that was in the Philadelphia Inquirer. The obit is for William F. Edwards and is dated Nov. 28, 1923. I would be most happy to cover copy and postage.

Surnames: ROSS in Germantown
Researcher: Ann Bergelt
Date Posted: 25 March 2002

I have had a book for a long time which is very interesting. I haven't pursued it previously, because I am really not sure it is truth or fiction.

This is called "Charley Ross, the Kidnapped Child" and is the story of a young boy named Charles Brewster Ross, who with his brother Walter, was kidnapped near their home in Germantown, PA in 1874. The father's name was Christian K. Ross.

It would be fascinating information, and I will be glad to share any of it, with someone who may know of the incident or of the family (and if anyone knows it is NOT true, I'd welcome that information as well).

Researcher: Ginger Eckert
Date Posted: 25 March 2002

I am researching my husbands grandparents. They were Albert Tumine & Mary Ann Nineltoroski-Tumine. They lived at 2812 Lefever Street, Bridesburg, PA. They had two daughters Janice & Patricia. Albert was known to be Italian & Mary Ann was Polish. They were suppose to be immigrants from Italy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Surnames: Needs OBITS Lookup Help
Researcher: Linda Mader
Date Posted: 25 March 2002

I am looking for someone who will do obit lookups for me.
Jacob Fossedahl died 5 July 1989 born 14 May 1901 last residence W Kensisngton 19134
Mary Fossedahl died February 1980 born 27 March 1891

Surnames: WATERMAN
Researcher: Sharon
Date Posted: 21 March 2002

I am searching for any information on Thomas, Humphrey, and Benoni WATERMAN. They were listed in the 1790 Census for Philadelphia County, PA. I need information on their families. Did either of the three men have a son by the name of Charles that would have moved to Jefferson County, OH? Thomas WATERMAN lived in the township of Germantown. Humphrey WATERMAN lived in the township of Loswer Dublin. Benoni WATERMAN lived in the township of (Unknown Township) Any information on these WATERMAN's would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Researcher: Grace Moses
Date Posted: 21 March 2002

I am trying to document my grandmother's research on our ancestors, and am not able to substantiate a Margaret Rawle being married to a Charles McKensie. They lived in Phialdelphia. They supposedly had children, including Daniel (b. 1784), who had a son Hugh, who had a son Robert. (b.1835) Thanks if you can help!

Surnames: FARREL
Researcher: xxxx
Date Posted: 21 March 2002

Family named Daniel Farrel, wife Katherine Powell Farrel, one daughter called Katherine also. Unsure of siblings. Lived in Phila. City. Katherine Rejessa Farrel was born on 1/28/1884. Looking for information on this family.

Surnames: COZENS
Researcher: Mary Cousins Crissman
Date Posted: 21 March 2002

I am looking for information on my paternal gggg-grandfather, John Cozens, of Philadelphia. I believe he was born in 1759, married Catharine Hetzel sometime around 1782 and died by or before 1820. After John's death, wife, Catharine, son, Frederick, and his family moved to Mercer County, PA. Thanks. Mary Cousins Crissman

Surnames: CURNING
Researcher: Phil Clark
Date Posted: 21 March 2002

I have a query for the surname of CURNING. The father my Great-great grandfather Dominic is listed in the 1880 philadelphia census as having 6 chidren. that is where the trail ends. I would like to know what happened to the Curning's & where they came from. My great grandmother Annie Curning Married Joseph Eustace sometime between 1880 -1888. any info would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: JACOBS
Researcher: Marjo Siano
Date Posted: 21 March 2002

Richard Jacobs, brother of John Jacobs, of Wales who came on the ship Welcome with Wm. Penn, lived in Perkiomen/Skippack Township. Richard b. 1700, a Quaker m. Barbara Woolrush 24 Sept, 1726, Wilmington, Delaware. Richard's will dated 6 July 1765 in Book 0 Philadelphis County. He d. 1776--she died 1787. She also had a will. Israel Jacobs was a witness to the will. He was a cousin and Rep. from PA, member of the Colonial Assembly 1770-1774.

Richard and Barbara's children were Samuel, Richard,Jr., Rehbecca m.------Shaw,Christiana m. John Cadwalader,Jr., Mary m. Jeremiah Rees, Rachel m. ------Henry, John , and Anthony b. ca 1746. He was a weaver and owned land in Horsham. Anthony m. Margaret Powel. Can anyone help on this family? Who were Margaret's parents? Does anyone know the children's names of Richard and Barbara's children.

Anthony Jacobs children were Wm. H. Jacobs b. ca 1787 in Saratoga/Washington Co., NY. Wm. m. Elizabeth McLaren, they had Clark Jacobs b. 1824 in Hartland, Niagara Co., NY. He m. Rhoda Courtney and they had Robert Irving Jacobs, my grandfather. Anthony and Marg. also had Margaret, Sarah Sally, m. Hugh Thompson, James Powel Jacobs b. 1797 m. Priscilla Clark and 2nd Sarah Darling and Samuel Lewis Jacobs. The brothers moved to Cattaraugus and Allegany counties, NY. Hoping someone can help on this Jacobs' line.

Researcher: Robin Scharff
Date Posted: 21 March 2002

I am looking for info on my great-grandfather, Charles William MCKINNEY. He was born 1882 (probably Philadelphia). He was married to Kaziah JONES abt. 1902/1903. Charles' parents were William MCKINNEY and Mary GODFREY. They had two other children, Clara and Letitia. William died and Mary married Charles HITCHENS, with whom she had a son, Samuel, in 1895.

I do not have an exact date/place of birth for Charles, nor a date/place for death and burial. He is *not* buried with Kaziah. I have no info on Charles' parents or siblings, except that Clara was still living at home in the 1910 census (she was 31 then), and that Mary had a brother named George. If anyone connects to this, please email me. This has been a brick wall for years, and I am determined to knock it down!!


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