Allen Obits from Philadelphia Newspapers 1800 - 1850

Complied by Bill Allen, Davidsonville MD

Date of Death Name, given Surname Commentary Publication
22 Jan 1840 (ill?) Allen 11, son of Benjamin Allen Philadelphia Inquirer
26 Oct 1837 (ill?) Allen 67, 3rd St, Arch St Burial Ground Philadelphia Inquirer
30 Mar 1842 Adelaide Allen infant dau of James W & Ellen Mary Martein Public Ledger
20 Jun 1845 Alice K  Allen dau Alfred & Anna A Allen, N 4th St Public Ledger
Allen female Allen 40, suicide by hanging, Darby PA Public Ledger
17 Jul 1834 Amelia Allen wid of Lewis Allen Philadelphia Inquirer
21 Oct 1848 Anna Eliza Allen dau of Alfred W & Ann A Allen Public Ledger
24 Jun 1850 Anna Francis Allen 1 yr 8 m 17 dy, only dau Alfred W & Ann A Allen 481 N 4th, Philanthropic Ground [Snowhill MD to copy] Public Ledger
31 Jan 1852 Benj  Allen 30, son of Rev. Benj Allen rector at St Pauls Public Ledger
12 Sep 1860 Benj Franklin Reves Allen 14, son of Jos & Sarah Ann Allen, Passyunk & Federal St Se Cor Public Ledger & Phila Inq
17 Apr 1850 Benjamin Allen 17 Philadelphia Inquirer
Benjamin Allen infant son of (ill?) and Eliz Pepper Philadelphia Inquirer
27 Jun 1809 Capt William Allen 72, Health Officer for Port of Phila, 112 N 8th Poulson's Daily Advertiser
20 Nov 1837 Captain James Allen 24 Public Ledger
22 Feb 1857 Charles Allen 45, brother John Allen 232 S 10th  Public Ledger
26 Jan 1843 Charles Allen 67, 145 Pine St North American
24 Sep 1850 Charles Henry Allen 13 mo 2 wk 3 dy, infant son of Franklin and Hester Allen 2 Stanley St Public Ledger
13 Aug 1841 Cyrus B Allen 31, a native of Shrewsbury Mass Philadelphia Inquirer
15 Mar 1858 Daniel Allen 59, son of Daniel J Allen Clearfield bel Frankford Public Ledger
2 Aug 1835 David  Allen Sarah J Allen wife 218 S 7th Philadelphia Inquirer
12 Apr 1820 Ebenezer Allen 40, in Kingwood NJ, Society of Friends Poulson's Daily Advertiser
25 Jun 1838 Edward C Allen 28, 307 Arch Public Ledger & Phila Inq
31 May 1860 Edwin Allen 5mo, son of late Wm E & Mary E Allen South St bel 6th, St Pauls ME Cemetery Public Ledger
15 Nov 1837 Eliza C Allen 19, In Narchez of yellow fever, dau of John and Lydia Allen, recently of Gloucester County NJ Philadelphia Inquirer
10 Jun 1842 Elizabeth Allen 31, wife of Henry North American
28 Feb 1838 Elizabeth Allen 53, consort of Samuel Allen Public Ledger
8 Mar 1857 Elizabeth Allen 23 , wf of Geo W Allen, dau Edwin D Murphy 19 N 9th Public Ledger
Elizabeth Allen 61, wid of the late John Allen North American
Elizabeth C Allen 19, in Natchez of yellow fever, daughter of Jos & Livia Allen, recently of Gloucester County NJ Public Ledger
19 Apr 1860 Elizabeth M Allen only dau of the late William & Rachel Allen 608 Arch St North American
5 Nov 1839 Emeline Allen wife of Ezekial Allen in Burlington NJ Public Ledger
15 Oct 1848 Emma  Allen 16, in Bristol PA, dau of Benjamin Allen  Public Ledger & North American
3 Jan 1856 Fanny Tarr Allen 12 yr 2 m, only dau of John & Eliz Allen, Miller St Germantown Public Ledger
9 Mar 1801 Flora Allen consort of Rev Richard Allen African Methodist Church, Negro, former VA slave, aboard the vessel Joseph Russell, burial Bethel Church Poulson's Daily Advertiser
24 Nov 1853 George F  Allen 40, druggist, eldest son of the late Rev. Benj Allen of Phila, South bel 13th Public Ledger & North American
22 Mar 1851 George W Allen 23, asst at Red Curtain 4th & Market, eldest son Ellen C Allen Bringhurst St Germantown Public Ledger
31 Aug 1820 Hannah Allen 76 yr 11 mo, wid of late Judah Allen Mannington Hill New Salem NJ, Society of Friends burial 2nd Friends Salem Poulson's Daily Advertiser
26 Mar 1843 Hannah Lied Allen 28, consort of Alex P Davis North American
23 Apr 1842 Helen Allen 37, wife of John Allen  North American
9 Mar 1852 Henry Allen at Penna Hospital, Henry Allen of Scotland, of Waterford Vt North American
26 Dec 1849 James Allen 36, James Allen Sr, from the residence of his son James Allen Chestnut bel (ill?) North American
27 Aug 1850 James Allen 34, Pastor Ebenezer ME Church, of typhoid fever Philadelphia Inquirer
James  Allen d in Natchez end of Oct, of Phila & lately Gloucester County NJ Public Ledger
8 Oct 1856 James P Allen 23, Coates ab Eleventh, oldest son of Wm M & Bulah,  North American
18 Mar 1838 Jane  Allen 74 Public Ledger
25 Dec 1841 Jane  Allen 81, nephew James Allen 216 Cherry Public Ledger
31 May 1860 Jane  Allen 72, wife of the late Walker Allen, son-in-law at 712 Hepburn, Mount Moriah Cemetery Public Ledger
8 Jul 1850 Jane  Allen 40, wife of Albert Allen, Christian & 9th Public Ledger
8 Jul 1850 Jane  Allen 40, husband of Albert Allen Se cor Christian & 9th Public Ledger
26 Sep 1835 Jedediah Allen 56, 76 S 11th, formerly of Salem NJ Philadelphia Inquirer
11 Dec 1816 John Allen clerk, Coates Alley Poulson's Daily Advertiser
7 Dec 1860 John Allen 35, 314 N 10th North American
21 Mar 1837 John  Allen 75 Philadelphia Inquirer
27 Feb 1839 John  Allen 40 or 46? Public Ledger
22 Jan 1840 John II  Allen 14, son of Benjamin Public Ledger
22 Feb 1837 John W Allen 73, printer from residence of Peter Lesley 165 pine Philadelphia Inquirer
26 Oct 1837 Joseph  Allen 67, druggist Public Ledger
9 Jul 1856 Kate Allen 2, dau G Oaks and Margaret Allen 212 Ridge Ave Public Ledger
28 Mar 1844 Kitty V Allen relict of late Samuel Allen of Phila Philadelphia Inquirer
4 Nov 1841 Lewis Allen 49, President Portuguese Jewish Congregation of Phila, 131 S 3rd bel Spruce North American
28 Feb 1815 Lewis  Allen 44, Lewis Allen Sr, merchant 244 Market St Poulson's Daily Advertiser
20 May 1850 Louis Allen 3, son of Wm S and Ellen C Allen of scarlet fever North American
26 Sep 1856 Lucinda C Allen 19 yr 4 mo, wf of Jacob Wasc (ill?), her father James Allen 321(ill?) Lombard Public Ledger
14 Feb 1858 Maggie E Allen 8, dau of the late Rev. James Allen, mother Ann W Allen 6th bel Wharton Public Ledger
13 Jun 1857 Margaret Allen 67, son RS Allen Queen St ab Shackamaxon (late Kwnsington) [Bridgeton & Salem NJ copy] Public Ledger
5 Oct 1842 Margaret E Allen 33, wife of Wm N Allen North American
2 May 1860 Maria Agnes Allen 73, relict of the late Thomas P Allen Public Ledger
2 Nov 1848 Martha  Allen 27, in New York, wife of Thomas Allen, Jones St below Schuykill. Mother Mrs Stewart 4th ab Market  Public Ledger
26 Sep 1852 Mary Allen wf of Walter S Allen Esq, Woodlands Cemetery Public Ledger
31 Dec 1850 Mary Allen infant dau Wm O & Eliz Allen North American
6 Feb 1841 Mary Allen 81 North American
10 Apr 1852 Mary Eliz Hancock Allen 13, dau Prof George Allen & Mary Allen Schuylk & 6th bel Walnut Public Ledger
22 Jul 1857 Mary Francis Allen wf Prof Wm H Allen Girard College North American
26 Jun 1845 Mary Jane Allen 11, only dau of Alfred & Anna A Allen 481 N 4th [Snowhill MD papers to copy] Philadelphia Inquirer
24 Sep 1817 Miller Allen 27, 46 N 6th Poulson's Daily Advertiser
3 Oct 1842 Miss Rebecca P Allen 42 Public Ledger
12 Oct 1801 Moses Adingsilles Allen 25, of Georgia, son of the late Moses Allen Poulson's Daily Advertiser
7 Feb 1859 Mrs ? C Allen wf Dr W M Allen, funeral from res of her father John L Hadden 162 N 9th to Wilm DE North American
31 May 1838 Mrs Ann Eliza Allen 24 North American
22 Aug 1850 Mrs Anna Allen from the residence of brother-in-law John Lair Schuykill bel 4th & Pine Public Ledger
3 Aug 1850 Mrs Atlantic Allen 84, at Morrestown NJ, from res of son Frankford Rd, Frankford Public Ledger
10 Jan 1854 Mrs Charlotte Allen 25, 446 Market St Public Ledger
10 Jun 1842 Mrs Elizabeth Allen 31 Philadelphia Inquirer
25 Apr 1842 Mrs Helen S Allen 37, wife of John Allen 429 S 2nd Philadelphia Inquirer
25 Dec 1841 Mrs Jane Allen 61 Philadelphia Inquirer
11 Feb 1854 Mrs Margaret Allen Edward St, dau Richard & Lydia Allen 2nd ab Adam Frankford, Cedar Hill Cemetery Public Ledger
8 Oct 1860 Mrs Margaret Allen wf Rev Thomas G Allen Lombard St North American
9 Nov 1848 Mrs Martha Allen 27, wife of Thomas Allen d in NY, from res of mother Mrs Stewart Jones St bel Schuykill ab Market Public Ledger
1 Jul 1855 Mrs Mary  Allen 59, widow of late Dr Charles Allen, son-in-law Charles Cronower Rittenhouse Sq  Philadelphia Inquirer
2 Feb 1810 Mrs Mary  Allen 78, wid of late Thomas Allen formerly of Boston, mother of JW Allen printer of Phila, died at Portsmouth NH  Poulson's Daily Advertiser
24 Feb 1850 Mrs Mary  Allen 59, Of Del County PA Philadelphia Inquirer
6 Sep 1841 Mrs Mary  Allen 83 yr 11 mo 6 dy Philadelphia Inquirer
30 Jun 1841 Mrs Susan Allen 69 Philadelphia Inquirer
Rebecca Allen 70, widow of Charles Allen N 3rd & Pine North American
29 Jan 1829 Rev Benjamin Allen of Phila, died aboard the brig Edward Libby from Liverpool Berks & Schuykill Journal
27 Aug 1850 Rev James Allen pastor Ebenezer ME Church Schutz St Southwark Philadelphia Inquirer
14 Jul 1851 Robert Allen resident of St Louis, formerly of Phila North American
21 Dec 1835 Robert Allen 18, son of John Allen of Cookstown County Tyrone Ireland Philadelphia Inquirer
17 Feb 1857 Sallie B Allen 4 yr 3m, youngest dau Wm H & Eliza P Allen 214 Cherry Public Ledger
1 May 1849 Samuel  Allen 38, plasterer, in Wilm DE Public Ledger
25 Oct 1848 Samuel  Allen 64, residence Nicetown Germantown Public Ledger & North American
8 Jun 1842 Samuel  Allen 35, Mount Holly NJ, late of Phila Philadelphia Inquirer
15 Mar 1860 Samuel Jr Allen 21, in Buurlington NJ, son of Samuel and Elizabeth J Allen, funeral at residence of Josiah J Allen 1320 Spring Garden North American
19 Apr 1852 Sarah Allen 34, wf of Henry Allen 32 Coates Public Ledger
24 Aug 1857 Sarah W Allen 67, wf Samuel Allen Esq Press
Apr 1838 Silvanus  Allen of Nantucket, of illness on whaling ship Richmond out of New Bedford Public Ledger
5 Mar 1846 Solomon  Allen 61, 306 Arch St Philadelphia Inquirer
16 Aug 1842 Solomon P Allen 31, near Newtown (ill?) from father's residence 306 Arch St Philadelphia Inquirer
14 May 1839 Susan Allen 54, wife of Solomon Allen 306 Arch St Philadelphia Inquirer
11 Apr 1839 Thomas Allen 24 North American
23 Nov 1858 Thomas G Allen 3, only child of Thomas B & Lucy Allen, grandfather Rev Thomas G Allen 926 Lombard Public Ledger
9 Apr 1835 Thomas J Allen 27, at Louisville KY, eldest son of Solomon Allen of Phila Philadelphia Inquirer
1-Feb-1901 Thomas T  Allen husband of Mary A Allen, 426 Mifflin, Wharton St Vault Public Ledger
5 Sep 1854 Virginia Mercy Allen 1 yr 9 m, youngest dau John B & Joannah Allen, Willa & Berkley Sts Camden NJ Public Ledger
West  Allen of Genoa, horse and wagon went over precipice Public Ledger
30 Aug 1831 William Allen from the residence of his father 30 (S?) 3rd Philadelphia Inquirer
8 Jun 1819 William Allen young man Poulson's Daily Advertiser
12 Nov 1848 William Henry  Allen 8, only son of John & Eliz N Allen, 123 N 11th Public Ledger
15 Aug 1813 William Henry  Allen Commander of the brig Argus at Mill Prison Hospital Plymouth England, eldest son of William Allen revolutionary officier Poulson's Daily Advertiser
6 Mar 1848 William N Allen 48, from the residence of his brother Joseph L Allen 34 John St bel 2nd Southwark North American
28 Jun 1844 William O Allen 7 mo, only son of Samuel and Mary Allen, Spring Garden ab 11th Philadelphia Inquirer
15 Aug 1855 Wm Allen 10 m 1 d, infant son Wm & Elizabeth Crown St bet West & Duke Kenningston Public Ledger
26 Jul 1855 Wm Allen 67, machinist, Off Fellows Cemetery Public Ledger
14 Jjan 1858 Wm Henry Allen 10 mos, son of Joseph and Maria Way. Grandfather John M Allen 1 Josephs Alley Public Ledger
6 Jan 1852 Wm Henry Allen 2, eldest son of Samuel and Hester G Allen, grandfather Mr Isaac Cummins 218 Christian bel 7th Public Ledger
20 Apr 1856 Wm L Allen 30, father Thomas M Allen NW Cor ? & Pine North American
8 Oct 1859 Wm N  Allen step father 637 Broad St North American
22 Oct 1854 Thomas Bewiter son of Wm & Rebecca Bewiter (ill?). Grandfather John M Allen No 15 11th ab Race Public Ledger
22 Nov 1859 Margaret Brant 29, wf of Theodore Brant, dau of Isabella Allen 62 Richmond (late Queen) Public Ledger
11 Jul 1855 David Allen Caldwell 11, son of David and Sarah Caldwell, SE Cor 12th & Coates, Laurel Hill Cemetery Public Ledger
14 Dec 1841 Beulah Clark 35, wife of James N Dickson Spruce ab 11th, dau Solomon Allen Philadelphia Inquirer
27 Aug 1850 Joseph  Cooper 14, from the res of Wm Allen Passyunk Rd ab Federal, Philanthropic Cemetery Public Ledger
Wm Davey 52, nephew Wm Allen Front & China Public Ledger
2 Mar 1843 John  Davy 56, from residence of his son-in-law Wm Allen 4 China St Public Ledger
Mary  Fougeray wife of AP Fougarey from the residence of her sister-in-law Mrs PW Allen 1731 Mifflin Public Ledger
19 Jan 1857 Margaret Heguman son-in-law John Allen rear 63 Apple St bt Brown & Poplar Public Ledger
13 Oct 1859 Mrs Mary  Henry 89, son-in-law Wm Allen, Allens Lane Mt Airy, Ebenezer ME Church bel Third Public Ledger
19 Nov 1845 Sarah  Hill 43, wife of John Hill 6th ab Master West Kengsington, Monument Cemetery Public Ledger
10 Feb 1846 Eliza Allen Holmes 2 yrs 11 mo, dau Edmond A Holmes Philadelphia Inquirer
10 Jun 1858 Elizabeth Allen Huhn 5, dau of John & Rachel Huhn 1341 Crown St, gr dau Wm & Eliz Allen Public Ledger
Miss TB  Jones of Chesterton MD from the residence of Wm Allen 14 Watson's Alley Public Ledger
11 Feb 1858 James Allen Knorr 5 mo 17 d, son of Samuel D and Margaret Knorr, gr parents at Harrison St Frankford Public Ledger
6 Sep 1860 John Christian Miller 1 yr 3 d, son of Christian Miller and Eliz Allen Public Ledger
8 Nov 1843 Sarah Overhill 75, wid of Mr John Overhill formerly of VA, son-in-law Rev Thos G Allen, funeral from 14 Jefferson Row Lombard ab 9th North American
5 Feb 1845 Benjamin Allen Pepper infant son of Joseph and M Elizabeth Pepper North American
29 Dec 1857 Mary Pomeroy wid of the late Ralph W Pomeroy. Son-in-law John B A Allen 1309 Chestnut St. Laurel Hill Cemetery Public Ledger
12 Aug 1859 Mrs Catherine  Torny 81, grandson Wm Allen West Phila Public Ledger

Submitted by Bill Allen